Should Arsenal fans be worried about Bellerin’s future?

Hector Bellerin has found himself on the Arsenal bench for the last two matches, leaving some fans with concerns over his future.

The Spanish international has been strongly linked with a move to one of Manchester City or Barcelona this summer, just as he was in previous transfer windows, and the speculation is building towards another long summer of rumours.

Bellerin was circulating on social media sporting a new ‘fresh’ haircut, which some rival fans used for ridicule, and he was expected to return to the starting line-up yesterday, but was overlooked.

The claim is that he is still struggling with a niggle on his ankle, but he came off the bench for both our last two outings, and how much truth in an injury hang-up is unknown.

Since switching to the 3-4-2-1 formation, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been favoured to star at right wing-back, and has impressed in the new system, and with the new lay-out looking likely to stay, Bellerin may have an uphill battle to win his place back.

Last week, Wenger claimed he had failed to return to ‘his level’ following an injury back in December, before urging him to snub joining up with the Spain Under-21 side for the upcoming tournament in Poland this summer.

Whether his request is to give the young star a rest before the new season, it could of course be twisted in the media to represent his wish to secure the maximum finances from a summer sale also, and with the Ox starring in his likely role in the new system, the speculation will continue to build.

The facts of the matter are that Bellerin is under contract until 2022, so unless our manager/owners decide he is surplus to requirements, he will be staying put.

Are you worried he may leave? Could there be talks going on behind the scenes? Or does he simply need a rest?

Pat J

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  1. Kedar Damle says:

    We can use Bellerin as LWB just like Azpilicueta used to play as LB under Jose at Chelsea for Couple of Seasons….

    1. muff diver says:

      i like idea of ox and kolasinac as wing backs. fast aggressive built

      1. Juhi McLovin says:

        What about Giroud as a CB? His Holding up play is unreal

        1. Vanpayslip is the truest/name a troll I ain't influenced says:

          According to Wenger Giroud can play any position well into his 40s

  2. bran99 says:

    OT: Wenger says Arsenal want to keep Giroud next season. I’m sure he said Arsenal, but he meant Arsene, just to make believe it’s the team that wants to keep the striker. with the new formation, OG looks like a fourth official on the pitch

  3. Pablo Picaso says:

    Bellarine needs to be more concerned of his performance on the pitch rather than his stupid hair styles.

    His future depends on who will be in charge at Barca next season as I don’t see us allowing him to join City.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Im worried not just because he could leave but because Wenger may not get a like for like replacement if he does leave

    We already need a Top LB as Gibbs and Monreal have been average this season and we also need a backup RB because jenks and debuchy will leave. We could also use another reliable CB

    And of course (as every season) we need to get a Top DM

  5. gmv8 says:

    He just hasn’t been the same since he’s got back from injury, not sure if it has anything to do with the awful haircuts, and what we should expect next from him – a Gerry Francis mullet, or possibly he’ll shave his hair off on top and have a Bob Charlton comb-over, it all points to his head not being in the right place. People say he is carrying an injury, for which he’ll need an operation, but in that case, why is he playing at all? Why doesn’t he have it now? We can cope without him, especially in the new formation. Playing like he is, no one will want him and he has signed a long term contract, so we are under no obligation to sell him.

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    No player is bigger than the club and Arsenal fc is in a far bigger worrying state to be worried about one single player ??
    Nah Seriously, It looks as if Wenger is keeping him fit to sell and use the £50 million to pay Messi his wages ?? just like Sanchez’s fee will pay for Ronaldo’s wages… Wenger wants his nearly signs reunion party to play under him, before he quits.

  7. John0711 says:

    Wenger on sky
    We want to keep Giroud

    So much for the overhaul hey,

    I’m wondering who’s soaking up all the BS
    Wenger out keep up the protests

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Lol ?? and what if that one win was in a champions league final??

      1. John0711 says:

        I would wonder who we’ve beaten

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Meanwhile, Over at Arsenal Fan TV!
    ?? Fam 119
    ?? Blud 85

    1. Abdulquadr says:


  9. my worry is no one really wants bellerin i would take ten million for him right now wenger isn’t the only problem with arsenal fans are too bellerin is a below average player but we are all delusional in thinking he is world class what does he do well speed an that about it. he is weak can’t pass no position awareness never win header really and then we blame wenger

  10. LtDan says:

    I don’t think we should be worried at all about Bellerin. To be honest, if Barcelona want to take him and improve him as a player, then no problem.

    I’ve always thought that he wasn’t one of the bigger pieces in the Arsenal jigsaw and in fact he can inhibit our game to a degree. Yes, he has bags of pace which seems his biggest asset and relies on that quite heavily. But, I don’t think he’s as accomplished as a defender either in a defensive or offensive role. It could be becuase he’s young and still learning the game to a degree.

    Nonetheless, his shortcomings can often add to Arsenal’s woes as even as pacey as he is, often is the case that the ball will be played to him on his respective wide position and he may be able to take the ball some way down the field but, as soon as he comes up against the opposition left mid or left back Bellerins number is up. He’s not confident of the kick and run i.e the old Michael Owen or he hasn’t got any tricks in his bag to sweet foot and trick his way around a player and hence continue his forward assault and get a half decent cross in the box…………well, not as often as he should be doing it. Instead, play gets held up because he gets held up and the ball goes backwards and in field, allowing the opposition to regroup in numbers in front of us.

    Now take Monreal, he can defend stoutly 90 percent of the time and also make major inroads going forward providing good link up play with players around him. He’s not worried about having the ball tight on the line and performing a give and go with Sanchez or whoever. He’s equally not worried if he has to take a man on from a standing position. In short, as a defender he’s go both defensive and offensive qualities that reap more rewards for us.

    It would be nice to see Bellerin stick around and develope at Arsenal however, I don’t see what all the fuss is about him at this present time and again….if Barcelona or Man City think that there’s something special about him or, they want to take the time to develope him into a much better player than he is now…………then his departure wouldn’t be such a loss for Arsenal at this time !

  11. Javier says:

    Mediocrity will continue to be the norm with Wenger in charge
    In a unimpressed performance Arsenal overpowered in extra time an undecided Manchester City
    Lucky Wenger
    For those who are thinking that things now

    will be different …….I dont know….

    I will wait and see…

  12. ger burke says:

    i dont think it is a question of if hector leaves, it is a question of WHEN he leaves. the guy is an intellegent young man and he sees what is going on behind the scenes at arsenal . only an utter fool would stay at our club under wenger . a fool, or , indeed, a poor player , with little chance of being paid big money for mediocre performances. good luck to hector whereever he goes , and the same to the rest of the players who leave this summer as a consequense of wengers dreadful management .these are the players that have got balls, fair play .

  13. Janssen says:

    I am not worried about Bellerin. I don’t think Wenger will stick to this 3 at the back next season and Bellerin just signed a 5-year contract. He is not going anywhere.

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