Should Arsenal fans be worried about Chelsea’s buying spree?

So, as Chelsea continue to add to their ranks it seems as though our beloved Arsenal are still stuck on just three signings so far this season, and two of them were already at the club last season and have signed permanently.

Although they cannot really be classed as ‘new signings’ there is no doubt that Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares will add to our team, and with Willian who has come from Chelsea on a free, it is clear that we do have some more talent at the Emirates ready for the new season.

We are still awaiting the confirmation that Gabriel will be our next signing this transfer window but as always, there is still the hold up. It would be nice for Gabriel and the deal for Aubameyang to be wrapped up before the start of the season though so that it would give the players time to adjust to their new teammates and new ways of living and training.

Although Chelsea now look like a force to be reckoned with going in to the new season, how sure can we be that with so much talent in their ranks they will be winning everything next season? Of course, the talent they are buying have done well for their previous clubs, which is what attracted Chelsea to them in the first place. However, as we have seen with some signings all over the Premier League, it does take some time to adjust to the new surroundings and the new pressures of playing in one of the toughest leagues in the world.

It remains to be seen how well Chelsea will do, but I do have the faith that although there is still a lot more work to do within our team, with a few more signings and the Aubameyang deal tied up just before the end of the season, we will also be a force to be reckoned with next season.

Because let’s not forget, we did beat Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool (twice) in the space of one month, and have two trophies to show for it. This also shows that no matter who adds what to their team it is all about mentality and how you turn up and play on the day.

There is no denying that the style and mentality that Arteta has brought with him has changed us already in a positive way, so just imagine what a full season of his management and tactics would do to our team.

What do you think Gooners, how much of a chance do we have next season?

Shenel Osman


  1. No cause for alarm, they also bought KEPA but he turned out negative, what of Zouma and Rudiger?

    Let just relax and support our team


      1. Silva is 35…. chillwell is meh….ziyech looks a bit light weight and could turn out to be another di maria

        1. Our fanbase really is the most optimistic in the world haha. For this season Chelsea will take time to gel but let’s be realistic, they finished 10 points above us and will definitely improve. All the youngsters will be better after a season, Kante played less than half their games and there’s no doubt that Wener, Ziyech and Havertz are all very good players who will improve them. Chilwell isn’t great but he is still better than what they previously had. Silva is past his best but again he is better than what they previously so he will improve them. You would say they should get at least 10 points more this season so the question is whether we can get more than 20 points than last season. As overly optimistic as our fanbase is, that surely is a step too far. Beyond this season Chelsea will clearly improve again with a great young squad whereas with Aubameyang, Willian, Lacazette etc we really have to do something now which is incredibly unlikely

          1. I’d say your just pessimistic bud! That’s just complete hear say lol, no one knows that Chelsea will get 10 more points, they might get the same and go further in Europe… they might have a shockingly bad run and sack lampard (it’s happened to them before) they could get bad injuries, we just dont know and could speculate observations till were blue in the face but it’s all irrelevant. And fyi I’d take our youngsters over theres anyway.

          2. Rory Johnson you have to be the most optimistic/ biased fan I’ve seen on here and that’s saying something! I love the enthusiasm and partisanship but there comes a time where you have to be realistic mate and stop deluding yourself. Of course nobody knows they will get 10 more points but you can’t argue that Havertz Werner Ziyech and even Chilwell and Silva won’t significantly improve their squad. Also, when you look at last season, Pulisic was injured for almost half of it alongside Kante and Loftus Cheek pretty much missed the whole thing. They were certainly not lucky with injuries last season. Add to that the fact that it was the first season in the premier league for Mount, James and Abraham and Giroud only played from February onwards. There’s no two ways about it that they have a much better squad this year and one that will only get better in the years to come.

            Anything is possible of course but if we look at things with the red tinted glasses off, we would have to be incredibly lucky to finish above Chelsea this season and even if we do, their squad is going to be seriously good when all the young players continue to mature going forward. They will also clearly buy a top keeper and centre back next summer so I think they can challenge for the league within a couple of years. We have an outside chance this season if they take time to gel, have a lot of injuries and we ride our luck but they are a better team plain and simple

          3. Again your just making assumptions lol, better squads dont always yield better results and there still terribly unbalanced (there defense is a shambles) but no worries pal each to their own your entitled to your opinion but please dont call me deluded based on a hypothetical assumption. That in itself is deluded👍

          4. The fact and the truth is that we have got a good teacher (arteta) but we need good players also that can implement our teachers tactics, and if arsenal we can get houssem Aouar to our team he can abetter additional player even better that party cos we lack ball players in our team ,people that can create chances and can hold the ball ,

        2. Silva is still good and chelsea’s other defenders can learn from him.. And about Ziyech being a light weight aguero is a light weight but look at him and also Kante.. I don’t think his size or build is an issue its all about the agression and the ability to play under pressure

          1. Bad examples as Aguero and kante are definitely more stocky than him, shorter but more stocky, he is way skinnier, lacks muscle, and the fact he has only played his trade in Holland till the age of 27 will not work in his favour, I’m just saying hes definitely not a guaranteed it

        3. Havertz will light up the EPL as he is without a doubt a terrific talent who is a vital element of the German national team.Thiago Silva was a great player but no longer is and the others ,while very good players, will not cause me to lose sleep.Two of the Chelsea players who really impressed me last season were Pulicic and Mason Mount and it will be interesting to see how Lampard fits them in given the expensive new arrivals.

        4. We should not be worrying about anyone but ourselves, we proved we can beat the top teams the only thing I worry about is that it seems to be only aubameyang scoring the goals, if we can add consistency and our defence holds up I can see us doing well, our coach is very good tactically and that will leave us in good stead

          1. Thomo, exactly right; Arsenal can only worry about the things it has control over, it’s transfers in and out etc. Arsenal has no control over what Chelsea does.

        5. If the greatest mid field player on planet earth drawing the greatest wages on planet earth can end up with one goal and two assists(one being a corner kick) so Kai, Ziyech are nobodies in front of him (or at least to those who support him) so nothing to get alarmed or puzzled or feel down and out. WE HAVE MESUT OZIL and they??

    2. Zouma was purchased 6 years ago for only £12 mil.. But they are indeed getting world class players.. Werner.. Ziyach.. Haverts and thiago silva are all world class players you cannot deny that.. The only question is can they find the chemistry to play together or will they be like Argentina.. World class players all over their attack but theyre average as a team

      1. Silva was world class… and honestly you cant say someone is world class when they have only played in Holland. Few good CL performances doesnt prove that either.

  2. It is hard to see how we can better Liverpool,man city,Chelsea and United. But fingers crossed it will be a he’ll of a season
    I don’t expect the 90-100 points domination this season by league winners
    I think our squad is very under rated but doesn’t lack quality
    This is as a result of bad coaching and management over the years.
    A team that has auba,laca,pepe should be as good as any. We have many talented players we just have to wait time will tell

  3. I think top four is a realistic target, obviously it’s about consistency.
    We have demonstrated that we can match the top teams , we need to maintain that and get up for the games we should always be winning.

    1. This is a simple fact well know by every team but do you think it’s easy. Maintaining consistency is not an easy task. Because at the end of the day the most consistent team wins the league

      1. We should focus on getting top 4 now the league is impossible to win for us.. Top 4 and another FA cup would be a huge success for us next season and should give us extra funds to strengthen the squad.. I believe our squad is really good in all areas except midfield.. We need a DM and a box to box and we’re good to go

    2. Aubameyang !! World class and soon to sign ..

      Tierney ! Wouldn’t swap him for any Chelsea defender , proper guy , the real deal .
      If other new signings gel in defence , they will be worried of us too !!


  4. I’m really not concerned at all by Chelsea’s transfer business so far, yes they have brought in good players on paper, but only one who has proven premier League experience. As mentioned, it takes time to adjust and replicate top form, I don’t believe the hype they are receiving, it actually looks slightly like desperation…but that’s just my opinion, I wouldn’t take any of the signings they have made, Havertz is technical but he’s going to get absolutely bullied in this league, he’s got no strength at all from what I’ve seen watching the bundesliga. I think Arsenal have much more of a clear playing style and resolute tactics so far with Arteta in charge , don’t mind at all going under the radar, media and useless pundits always write us off anyway, but that’s another article entirely lol rumours are after ceballos we are still looking at another 2 midfielders…if thats Partey and Aouar, that beats Chelsea’s transfer window by far on quality, regardless of how many they’ve brought in.

    1. This is absolutely nonsense, how can u say u will not take Ziyech, Werner, Kai in your arsenal team. Absolutely madness.

    2. Well said, the board masturbarion
      by some over Chelsea’s GREATEST
      transfer window in the history of
      the EPL is beyond nauseating.



      window is still BETTER than
      Chelshit’s imbalanced offensive
      spending spree.

      And YEAH Tierney is better than
      Chilwell for half the price spent!!

          1. Simple, because Werner isn’t better than Auba, Wouldn’t have Ziyech over Pepe and Havertz is highly overrated in my opinion. I didn’t say they were bad players, just people getting a little carried away that’s all…

    1. Sue did you watch that video where David Luiz called Willian and our new signing Gabriel, I think it’s on arsenal website.

          1. Yes I just wish they would have called Martinelli too, we are definitely going for the top4 next season.

    2. Pullisic alone is a problem to the arsenal defends then I can imagine adding Kai, Werner and Ziyech , that is so scary nothing to pretend about .

      1. Yes and we have their gem from last season 😉
        Yes their attack is sorted, but if it’s all the same I’d rather concentrate on our team!

        1. You just typed one of the Yoruba Language Most commonly used words in Nigeria in it English form😂 “if it is all the same” To ba ri ba kan na 😂, often used when haggling price of commodities 😂 I’ll patronize you If your price is all the same with other Sellers 😂

          Just like you, I’ll focus more on my team for real than chelsit that I have the upper hand on last season

      2. He prooved a problem in the fa final, but Arsenal has new defence with new strength, Sterling was our problem in the last Premier meeting with Man City but he failed in the FA so Arteta is the solution to such problems. This is seen against Liverpool as well

  5. I have no business being worried about Chelsea. What we should focus on is our consistency. No room for errors, even if we drop points against the big boys, never drop points against the small clubs and we’ll make top four easily

  6. Let’s be realistic for a moment. Chelsea and Utd are better teams than us and have some of the worlds best young players. The size of Chelsea’s squad is also much bigger than ours. If you look at Chelsea, they are building a great team to challenge in about 2 years time. Havertz, Werner, Pulisic, Ziyech etc are all great signings. Not to mention they will fix the defence next summer (CB and Keeper will def be bought). Our objective is top 4 and we will only get that if Chelsea/Man U significantly underperform. The thing we should be thinking of is in 2/3 years time once Aubameyang, Willian Lacazette etc are gone and when Pulisic, Havertz, Mount, Werner, Rashford, Fernandez, Van de Beek, Greenwood are all nearing their prime, we are obviously not going to be able to compete unless we spend a significant amount in the next 2 years.

    Our transfer policy has been short term with the punt that we can scrape top 4 in the next couple of years. Chelsea and Man U are building great sides that can really challenge for the league title in 2/3 years time. It’s basically now or never for top 4 for a long time!

      1. Haha Rory you are so optimistic/biased I love it. You remind me of Ty from Arsenal fan tv! It’s great to have the odd fan like you but you also need to be realistic sometimes. I reckon you were one of the fans saying Torreira was the next Kante and that Pepe was the next Hazard! Let’s just be honest and say our team is looking more solid and we have a good chance of finishing above Tottenham/Wolves/Leicester if we have a good season. Top 4 isn’t impossible but it would take a really bad year for Chelsea/Man U. Then when you look more long term, there’s only one direction those teams are going with those signings. Chelsea in particular look like they’ll be challenging for the league again in a couple of years time once the youngsters mature and they sign a decent keeper/CB

        1. “I reckon you were one of the fans saying Torreira was the next Kante and that Pepe was the next Hazard”

          Again more assumptions lol I just dont agree that utd are a better team than we are, explain to me how that’s not “realistic”? glad our players dont share your “realism” or we would be in trouble!

          1. Well Utd finished 10 points above us and have added two genuine top class players (Fernandez and De Beek) in the past 6 months. Personally I’d find it hard to argue that we’re a better team than them given that. I’m sure you’ll find some argument though 🙂

            Again, personally I would call finishing 8th, 40 points off top spot, trouble. Particularly when one of the two teams we could potentially catch for top 4 has just splashed £200m+

          2. If you think arsenal is better than United can you please give a combined xi of both teams I want to know how many arsenal players will make it and how many United players will also make it

          3. @ pepe
            Martial fernandez pepe

            Donny van amn/xhaka

            Tierny/Saka Maguire gab/salib bissaka


            I realise pogba isnt in there I just really dont rate him at all. Obviously you could switch him with amn /xhaka giving utd the slight edge, I’m not arguing that we are definitely better, I’m arguing that I dont see utd as definitely better.

          4. @james and the fact we played under 3 different managers doesnt make a difference? And because they signed two good players lol? Ignoring the good signings we have made also of course, do a combined starting 11 and it’s basically 50/50 I just dont see how it’s so glaringly obvious utd have a better team, as do many others on here but you dont want to hear it, or have a constructed debate, so just continue being a “realist” troll who is embarrassingly rude to people who dont agree with you, and you also completely lied about my comments regarding van de beek 👋👋

    1. hey buddy (James), we’ve got some pretty impressive talents of our own to build on too…. who knows, in a couple years time Martinelli could be an absolute worldwind, maybe Saka would eclipse Ziyech and Havertz as a play maker, Emile Smith-Roe could be the new KDB, Reiss Nelson could emerge as one of the best young wingers in the country, Megalhaes could turn out to be a beast in defense….then you throw in the likes of Pepe, Nketiah,Saliba, KT, AMN and Willock to go along with what other young talents we might pick up along the way…. now I know its all just hypothetical, but what am saying is, we got reasons to be optimistic for two to three years down the road as well

      1. I agree daniel, Arsenal’s Academy is producing some great yound players, unfortunately once they progress to a certain stage they want first team football and want to move on.
        Arsenal slips up in not including buy back and sell on clauses in transfer contracts.
        By the way Rory johnson, from my perspective you have only been on this site a short time, so it is a bit presumptive to call other posters “trolls”, “people always assuming the worst” and negative.

    2. James Man U has been building the same team year in year out, Arsenal wont keep watching while others are building, if we beat the best with the small squard we have, now we are fixing our problems, is it the players who make a team win or the coach’s tactics? I beleive in Arteta, he said wether we buy or not, we shall be up there next season

    3. Arșenal have some very good young players coming through, who have all the potential in the world, like Saka, AMN, Smith Rowe, John-Jules, Olayinka and Balogun. Unfortunately, one of the best Sam Greenwood has been sold to Leeds United and Balogun refuses to re sign.
      Add to these Tierney, Saliba, Mavropanos. Gabriel, Holding, Martinelli, Nheketia, Nelson, Willock and Pepe and the future looks good.

  7. We must buy players n stop looking for bargains.Buy like Chelsea n United, 45k is not a lot to negotiate about, the board must pay , Arsenal won’t run out of money, you want top 4 you buy now, Coutinho, Partey, another striker, why didn’t Arsenal buy Dayot? Who better between Gabriel n Dayot, why didn’t United buy Gabriel, surly they wanted Dayot, everyone have seen what he can do . I don’t know much about Gabriel but for long i jv read about Dayot in demand. Abramowich can pay he shows his jntent to compete at top level, he is not in the savings businesses but football.

    1. Well you could say the exact same thing with donny van de beek…. why was no one else in for him? Does that make him a bad player? NO! Just because utd didnt go for gabriel means NOTHING about is quality, dont make assumptions

    2. Well said Victor unless us the Arsenal fans stop consoling ourselves thinking our squat is any we’re near Chelsea and even United the better. Our board need to be partionate like Abramovic and stop buying below pal players then we shall then compete tgen. We should stop dreaming for ones .

      1. @Jose well said. It’s almost like our board is run by a bunch of Rory Johnson’s who delude themselves into thinking we’re as good as Man Utd/Chelsea every year. You’re trying to belittle them signing top class players like Havertz, Werner, Ziyech, de Beek etc, imagine what their fans say about us signing the likes of Willian. Time to wake up buddy

        1. Omg what is your problem with me!?!?! Give it a rest please and stop attacking me for having a F#$%ing opinion

        2. And actually get ur facts straight please, I argued that donny van der beek is a good player in spite of know one else being in for him, and I never said ANYTHING a bit havertz or werner, stop lying!!!

          1. I think that’s harsh, really harsh on you, Rory. I love your attitude/optimism… keep it up!
            Bloody hell the season hasn’t even started thing I am sure of though – we’re in for a good one!!

          2. @sue thanks a lot!! Getting lambasted for having a positive outlook, I don’t get it, it’s like people just want to complain about their team 🤷‍♂️

          3. 2 trophies in a month
            New players
            Auba staying
            The future is as bright as Gabriel’s teeth
            Well Rory, there’s just no pleasing some people!!

          4. @SUE ‘The future is as bright as Gabriel’s teeth’ lmao 😂👏👏

            Yeah honestly why do people even bother watching football when they loathe there team this much 🤷‍♂️


          5. Just a little correction. Madrid had already agreed a deal for him before coronavirus. Now, most teams are waiting to offload before buying. Arsenal has Ozil and Madrid has Bale.

        3. @admin please take down ☝️ @james post above me as I find it highly offensive and lying about what I said, thanks

        4. James are you even an Arsenal fan ?
          I’ve read every post of yours on this Article and not once have you backed the team but told us that all our rivals are so much better .
          Your aloud an opinion without having to call someone deluded because don’t agree with you .
          I agree with Rory aswell ,we have batter manager and a better squad ,oh and before you call me deluded come up with batter put down ,that ones about 20 years old and cliche .

          1. THANK YOU DAN!! I didnt even say we have a better squad than utd, I said I dont think there squad is better than ours hes saying it like its fact, honestly why even support arsenal, just an absolute downer under the guise of a “realist”

        5. No buddy you need to stop playing ps4 and get back to the real world regardless of what you spend on a player it’s still a gamble, there is no guarantee, recent example Alexis puffed his chest cause he was too good for us what happened total flop at united and inter that’s the reality bud

          1. No buddy you need to stop playing ps4 and get back to the real world regardless of what you spend on a player it’s still a gamble, there is no guarantee, recent example Alexis puffed his chest cause he was too good for us what happened total flop at united and inter that’s the reality bud are you a Gunner James

      2. Christiansen

        Which one of these starting CB’s for the almighty
        Chelsea were better than Mustafi toward the tail
        end of the sesason? Answer….NONE

        Chelsea are without question adding some quality
        young, attack minded players but until they address
        there defensive deficiencies Lampards men will
        have a difficult time repeating last years 3rd place


        I’d rival that business with CFC ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!

  8. Well said Eddie. We should not lose to the smaller teams we are stronger than.

    Looking on paper we have the 5th best team from my own point of view, we should surpass Tottenham and Leicester at our full best.
    So making top 4 with our current squad will be a success of some sort.

    My dream for us this season is to win the Europa League and finish in the top 5 in the premiership. I will be super excited about that.

    1. S. J, it’s all about the players turning up for every match and the team being consistent over the full season home and away.
      It’s no good beating a top 6 club one week and losing to lower club next week, both games are worth 3 points each.

  9. Official: Arsenal have announced the signing of Gabriel Magalhães from Lille on a five-year deal.

    Please Welcome Gabriel to the Arsenal Family!!!


  10. Where we need to strengthen now is the midfield and we are good to go. My souls cries out loud for Thomas Partey, absolute beast we really need.

    A midfield 3 of Xhaka, Partey, Ceballos will be strong and forceful.

    Kroenke give us Partey!!!

  11. How us that our business, they have strengthen the attack, what about defense? Chelsea conceeded tons of goals last season and still fail to strengthen defense. As far as am concern, that team of theirs is not balanced yet. It’s even not clear how they will fit together.
    Top 4 will be interesting.i just hope the spirit in our team continue to rise
    Welcome Gabriel

    1. Chelsea has bought Silva and Chilwell and about getting a goalie, so how is their team unbalance . One thing I hate about us arsenal fan is because we think our squat is as good as Chelsea and that is hell no ,not even close. If they can leave out Willian that shows level man.

      1. Silva

        Which one of these CB’s would walk into Arsenals
        starting 11? Most Arsenal fans would take Mustafi,
        Holding, Saliba, Gabriel and even Luiz over any of these

        CFC are nowhere near a balanced futbol club atm.

        1. It’s crazy, arsenal fans slag there own team when we buy willian (32) but praise chelsea when they buy silva (35)

      2. Jose, Chelsea didn’t leave out Willan; he rejected their offer of a 2 year contract, as he wanted 3.
        They wanted Willan so much they offered a 2 year contract contrary to their policy of a maximum 1 year for players 30+.

  12. Probably … but the worry should be our less than average midfield … if ceballos is coming back that’s a good sign but a top class DM remains a priority … Elneny xhaka amb guendhouzui are substandard … auba signing and filling that hole and we will have had an excellent window

    1. Don’t undermine our players, if Xhaka and cebalos partnership of EPL restart game continue and remain strong, with our attack minded lwb/rwb , with fast ,tricky , intelligent wingers we are good to go

      1. Duhhh … the question is who u dermibed a team that has gone from a title chaser to a top four contender to a top six contender to a cup is as good as anything to a couple of points above burnley … that’s the question you need to reflect and then ask which players are bid table fodder … one of em is xhaka and am not talking mid epl either !!! Until these mediocrities are booted out we will not get back to where we should be … nothing to do with fans underning players which is a cop out explanation for a decade of decline

  13. Well done arsenal management, but we still need Thomas partey in our team,what’s happening to Mathew guduci please.

  14. Don’t forget all Chelsea signings are left footed. = not a balanced team. Think we can more than hold our own. In fact may be very surprising to see what we can achieve. Skys the limit.

  15. This is JA, yet the article and some posts are about Chelsea. Explain please? If I were interested or concerned about Chelski then I would seek out their fan site, . I am not, so I won’t and that is what other GOONERS should also be saying, IMO. SOME OF THEM HAVE!


  17. Don’t think there is much to worry about. At the end of the day, I think as Rory Johnson said their signings may workout or may not. It is not set in stone that better squads mean better results. A team’s success in the transfer window depends on the fact that the players they sign fit their playing style. Our signings at the moment are looking great for our system, Gabriel, Mari at LCB in a back 5/ back 4, Willian as an attacking option or mezzalla if we play 4-3-3, Cedric to give depth and provide a different approach to that RWB role. Now Auba signing will be great cuz he is our main cannon at the left. Also if we go after Aouar or/ and Partey or any other option I guess we will have a great window according to our system.

      1. I don’t think it is a sign of realism if we demean and undervalue our own team. Yes, Chelsea’s attack has gotten stronger, but at the end of the day, if we blindly say that they have better players without seeing whether those players are suited to their system or not is not realism. That kind of thought undervalues our team in my opinion.

        1. Exactly sid!! At least wait 5-10 games before assuming that were just not as good like its fact, so many variables to what makes a team successful not just how good they are on paper, especially when u havent even seen there new signings play together…

  18. Why should we worry about who other clubs are signing, if they sign world class players doesn’t mean they are all gonna gel and play well. After all, I bet a lot of people on here who have commented that Chelsea and Man Utd have bought better players than us were saying the same thing when MU signed Sanchez who was world class with us and look how that turned out !!

    1. Exactly Marty! People assume the best of rival signing and the worst of arsenal signings! Silva (35 never played pl) good signing…. Willian (32, 7 years pl experience) terrible and past his prime lol unbelievable.

      1. Comment about Greenwood nearing his prime ? Really

        Why so worried about other clubs players/prospects

        Do you not think Saka has tongues wagging ? !!!

        The mentality has been our problems but that’s clearly changing now !

        Would you swap Auba for Werner – No
        Tierney for Chilwell – No
        Ziyech for Saka – No

        Let’s look at what we have and back our players !

        And the boss !

  19. This site has been infiltrated by people masquerading as fans. Where is the referee? Too much fighting here.

    1. Oh I said that a year or two ago I got sticks for calling some people under cover Spuds fans.. it is quite clear that fans from other teams will infiltrate and troll you to keep you doubting yourself don’t listen to these ones especially James.

  20. I hope we make top 4 this season, a club as big as Arsenal need champions League to sustain its brand and expenses. I don’t want to spoil the party but if you view the situation as neutral then logically I don’t think we have the quality and strength to finish in top 4. City and Liverpool are given, that leaves two spots Man United are stronger then us and they have strengthen their squad even further, Chelsea did great with young dynamic squad so they will be more confident along with this they have added quality players who are not just to make up numbers but are real proven talent. I think they will be most exciting team to watch next season if Messi does not sign for city of course. Leicester winning primer League was one in 3-4 decades kind of a thing, so if you make that as base for us winning primer League then we have what not even a 1% chance. If want to win you need to invest in world class players …that is what Messi is arguing with Barca n he knows football more then us.

    1. Careful Mohan. There’s no room for rational logic here, only massive delusion is welcome. Of course both Man Utd and Chelsea have better teams and squads than us but there is an outside chance that one of them has a nightmare season whilst we have an amazing one. Even if that happens, we still have to remember we aren’t even guaranteed to finish above Leicester, Wolves and Spurs so it would take something incredible for us to finish in the top 4.

      It’s funny reading these comments imagining I was a neutral. People saying that signings like De Beek, Werner, Ziyech, Havertz etc are nothing to worry about for teams who already finished significantly above us, whilst bigging up our signings as if we’ve just signed some world class players.

      Every neutral fan I speak to says the same in terms of next season. Arsenal are highly unlikely to get top 4 but you never know. That’s just a factual analysis of how we compare to the others and I also agree that Chelsea are building a team that should be able to challenge for the league soon, especially once they address CB and Keeper so I don’t think we have much chance of competing with them going forward. That front like of Pulisic, Havertz, Ziyech and Werner looks like it’s going to be something special!

      1. So tell me mo since your so intelligent and the rest of us are fools, logically how do man u have a better team than we do? An dont say they finished above us we played under 3 different managers last year….and won 2 trophies. and honestly learn to read, NO ONE SAID ANYTHING BAD ABOUT VAN DE BEEK, I actually made the point that hes a good signing DESPITE no one else going in for him. Honestly you sound like a pompous A hole calling everyone on here who doesnt agree with you massively deluded.

        1. Rory, I mean it’s just common sense and being rational. How many times do you need to see the same thing every season before you learn? I’m not an a hole at all, i’m just one of the few fans who are actually unbiased and rational. Last season I remember having the same discussion with everyone getting carried away with our transfers (Luiz, Pepe etc) and saying we’d definitely get top 4 because chelsea had a transfer ban and lost hazard and look how that played out. This really isn’t rocket science we’re dealing with.

          I don’t understand how you can actually be so biased to not see it. Ask any one of your non-arsenal friends who has the better squad and I guarantee 99% will say Utd/Chelsea. It really isn’t that hard to be rational and realistic rather than crazily optimistic.

          Utd finished 10 points above us and they only had their star player, Fernandez, for the last few months and he completely transformed them. They’ve also added a great player in De Beek.

          I’ve just seen your comments further up and saying that Ziyech, Werner, Havertz etc aren’t good signings and that Chilwell and Silva won’t improve Chelsea. I mean again, this is just so clear it’s painful. Adding Ziyech, Werner, Havertz, Chilwell and Silva to that squad will clearly improve them.

          It’s funny as well that you had a go at someone who was slightly rude to you and then you call me a pompous a hole. Not quite sure what is more baffling, your delusion or hypocrisy. Just get real man and stop living in La la land!

          1. He was massively rude to me! “A board full of delusional rory Johnsons” that’s rude AF, and again more lies lol please show me where I slagged off Werner or havertz!? I literally havent mentioned them… silva is 35, chillwell is meh and the jury is out in ziyech, he might be great he might not I just said I have my suspicions, only played in holland at the age of 27, I stand by those comments, did I say we will definitely finish above chelsea!?!? NO, all I said basically is, to say we definitely wont finish above them is silly, I stand by that and it’s not irrational to think that, and I stand by my comments that utd are not DEFINITELY a better team, nor did I say we are definitely better than them.

            Oh and you never talked to me about luiz or pepe last year so that’s irrelevant, they weren’t my views…. and I said you sound like a pompous A hole…. NOT that you were one.

          2. Even the most biased and
            deluded Arsenal fans wouldn’t
            question the fact that the
            additions of Havertz, Ziyech,
            Chilwell and Werner make CFC
            a better team BUT WHAT IF….

            Ziyech plays like another Dutch
            superstar Memphis Depay during
            his infamous Man United days?

            Arsenal fans quit slobbing over
            Chilwell’s nob and accept that
            TIERNEY Is already a better LB

            Thiago Silva plays ike a 35 yr old
            EPL rookie

            Werner lights scores goals for fun
            just like Alvaro Morato……

            I would contend that SARR is there
            best signing to date because
            Zouma, Christiansen and Rudiger
            wouldn’t even feature in Arsenals
            CB rotation.

            Chelsea’s attack has the potential
            to be one of the best in the EPL
            but there defensive talent quite
            frankly SUCKS. A Partey, Aouar
            and DC end to the window….
            Yeah Ill take Arsenal thank you.

          3. What I have read so far in comment section apart from few fans are betting on other teams new signings to fail in order for us to succeed that explains it all. They go against their own logic when they say this, you could you say our squad is better when you give argument of other club signings to fail and not gel as a team. Let’s look at our 4 signings in brief here shell we..
            1) Pablo Mari … Played as CB in Brazilian league and he is in his prime at 28 if he was so good why play in the weekest league also his spells in Europe with other clubs have been either below avg or AVG at best now all of sudden we signed him ppl think he will turn into Kompany.

            2) The Portuguese right back, played for South Hampton and again he is 28 ish so if he has not become world class before this then how will he turn into a star right back. Again look as his previous spells with other clubs.

            3) Willian, well good player but he has passed his peak. Even in his prime he was regarded as a bit above avg but never counted as world class player. Now all of sudden Arsenal fans think he will turn into Ronaldo as he signed for us.

            4) Gabriel, he has potential but again look at his history. Only had one good season in a weak french league. Before that he could not even get into Lille team. Again people are making him into Sergio Ramos or Puyol.

            I will give it to board for signing two great talents in Saliba and Martenelli last year. Although they are not world class but signs are there they will be. Both have had rapid rise and their qualities are already compared to world class players if they keep working hard. Other signing not sure.

        2. Rory you’ve been here relatively 5 minutes on justarsenal and you sink to abusing people with a different opinion. Read back over your posts to see the abusive names you have called others. You need to study the writings of Voltaire regarding agreeing to disagree.

      2. I respect your opinion. But I don’t think anyone around here undervalued any of our rival signings. Most were just concerned that we undervalue our OWN players too much! And on an absolutely neutral basis, if someone has studied football tactics and all other mumbo jumbo and then sees the teams, then honestly not much separates our overall squads. Like for example, Man U and Chelsea both have comparatively worse keepers, Man U doesn’t seem to have a stable CB pairing, Chelsea’s defence is a mess etc.
        The main point is that your tone is a little insulting to people who have a different opinion than yourself.

      1. Yes Reggie, the transfer window is still open and the final makeup of all squads is still to be determined.
        Games aren’t won on paper and the final EPL table will not lie.

  21. Teams have done better than some that go on spending sprees. United spend tons every season and waiver between UCL and Europa. Liverpool break even essentially and win europe and EPL.

    1. Same United have won two UEFA cups in the same miserable run, because their standard is higher then Arsenal so they are not satisfied until they reach the peak again where as we keep celebrating FA cups with falling out if Europe every year and no say in primer League champion race. At least they are trying the best way they can by spending on players what are we doing buying free agents and cheap players.

  22. If you start to worry about others it is not going to do us any good. Have faith in what we have and believe in what we can achieve together as a team!

  23. Last season spurs spent zero as they try and manage the new stadium finance, chelsea couldn’t sign because of the ban. They only got in a hazard replacement.

    Chelsea spending is a response to the ban partly and partly because they do what they always do, and spent big in a season then go quite again. The fact that they spent 160m on attacking players and 50m on a defender to support whatever thiago can make of that mess is a sign just how much they need to spend. They too have deadwood in alonso emerson and soon to be passed it azuil.
    But they are on the stage of buying before selling.

    We are at the stage of selling before buying. Yet gabriel is a good spend and william on a free is smart. Cellabos on loan is just excellent work. If they can afford this chap from Lyon then why not.
    It probably means partey is a no deal and we go with Eleny as cover. Or swap deal Toerrira and Diawara from Roma as a cheaper option.

    Either way, william gabriel mari soares cellabos and resign Auba I am sure is satisfying.

    Chelsea can go spend £50m on werner we have that worth by spending less.

  24. The question is why should Arsenal be worried about any:other team’s players? Every team gets the players they need and fancy. We are near full strength. If we get a midfielder of Party’s calibre now that Ceballos is returning we shall be good to go. Although I don’t engage in tantrums, I also feel some people on this platform are not genuine Arsenal fans. Why would a true gooner make it a habit to bash our team at every available opportunity under the guise of realism? Being a fan of a team is something you feel within you and you don’t just say things that portray your team in bad light anyhow. I am not against constructive criticism which may happen when our team performs poorly but to engage in hypothetical rantings against our team is taking it too far! Why would a true fan always see the negatives and none of the positives?
    Of late we have beaten the big boys to wit Man city, Chelsea and Liverpool twice using the players we have. Why then would any well-intentioned and true fan doubt our team when we are strengthening our weak positions? This is why I am also becoming suspicious of some of those who persistently denigrate our team. Let us beware of leopards in sheep’s clothing!

  25. ok im not an arsenal fan but i want to say what ive noticed from this article comments
    Arsenal fans are probably the best fans on this earth
    arsenal lose alot OF Games
    some woryy to much
    and also lets be honest if arsenal signed ziyech you guys will say his the younger messi
    if arsenal signed harvertz you guys will probs say he will be the next de bruyne
    if arsenal signed werner and aubameyang doesnt write a new contract you guys will say aubs shuld go we dont need him his a waste of money etc. but they didnt sign huh you guys are now wishin g that they dont have a good season and your saying they havent won anything in their former teams like lol look at their trophy cabinet and your wishing them bad seasons omg and guys you dont need to insult dont worry your team is great.

    1. Its not that people wish them bad seasons. Its just that what use is worrying about something that has already happened? Also yeah, among Chelsea’s current signings I guess Ziyech and Silva have won trophies, so not like all of them are winners. Again it is not slagging Chelsea, they had a grand window, but I guess only attacking wise.
      We Gooners also like many other football fans like to hope that our rivals will have a bad season and their new signings struggle. So I think its only natural…

  26. If i was a gunners fan ill urge arsenal tp buy the next messi in south america now that he is young and wont cost a lot .his really fast and can dribble people so easily ive watched a lot of the gamees he played.

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