Should Arsenal fans be worried about Odegaard’s recent drop in form?

Lately Arsenal have been in decent form, not having lost a game in the Premier League yet and, other than our loss to Lens, doing well in The Champions League also, but some Arsenal fans are beginning to worry that our captain Martin Odegaard has recently had a drop in form.

Odegaard is hands down one of our best players, since joining the club from Real Madrid in 2021, initially coming to Arsenal on loan for half of a season to then making the move permanent, and since then he become a clear fan favourite and a huge part of Arteta’s plan going forward. This season being handed the captains armband and responsibility to lead our lads forward.

All players have their good and bad periods of football and that’s understandable and expected, but after being in such good form for so long, even the slight drop of form can get fans concerned.

Having played every game this season, could it be the fact that he’s just a bit run down? Or maybe it’s the fact that now he’s captain he feels a lot more pressure on his shoulders to lead and succeed. But at the end of the day, it is a fact that his form has lately dropped. We’ve had a lot of big games recently that Odegaard would normally be the main man, but sloppy mistakes and misjudgement has led to a lack of control in the midfield.

Personally, I think Odegaard has played his best this season next to Declan Rice and Kai Havertz, having Rice there to cover him when he wants to push the ball forward and Havertz there to create with so maybe having players chop and change may be affecting how he wants to play. Coming home from international break with Norway where they were ultimately knocked out of the 2024 Euro’s, couldn’t have been easy, with a lot of pressure to do well for your country and club, It could be taking its toll on him.

Realistically, it’s probably just a dip in form that he will soon enough shake off, everyone goes through good and bad periods of their footballing career and it’s hard to remember that as a fan, as you just want to see the best out of the players you support but it’s completely normal.

Hopefully we get to see him back at his best soon, but I wouldn’t worry too much just yet about his dip in form.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. I think that Odegaard will be OK and back to his brilliant best soon enough. Very good point about Havertz Daisey.

    1. Odegaard needs a break. Just a match off should do for him. We need to find ways to allow the players some rest.

  2. Has zero to do with a dip in his form. More like the opposition targets him, knowing that he is the head of the supply chain to our forwards… Just sayin.

  3. He played well against Man City, but Pochettino showed how to man-mark him and Sevilla seemed to target him as well

    Having said that, he should’ve become more agile and better in duels, if he’d like to increase his level

    The right-sided AM role in Arteta’s 3-2-4-1 formation isn’t an easy one. Vieira and Smith-Rowe used to struggle in that position, so I’d like to see how Havertz would fare in it

    1. Yea, I also want to see how Havertz would fare there. I believe ESR can also master the position two.
      Every tactic used by any good coach can always be cracked by another wise coach. I bet it would be a different game when Pochetino and Chelsea return to Emrate for second leg. And same for Sevilla. I bet Odegard would be much moreready by then. Arteta is intelligent enough.

  4. Not yet. Had a similar issue with Saka a while back that turned out to be a non-issue. Whether it’s a dip in form or being targeted, I believe Odegaard will figure it out soon. If it’s still like that in a few more games, then the next better player should take his place

  5. With Jorginho and havertz in midfield, our midfield is not playing at full capacity and is more like playing with 2/3 personnel. Both Odegaard and Rice have to do too much because their 3rd partner is always sub par.

  6. A couple of poor games but class is permanent, even though form comes and goes. Nothing to worry about IMO!

  7. The main problem for Odegard’s missing in games is because of Jorgino especially when they start together in a game. Odegard is a progressive player who always want to play the ball forward. Jorgino on the other hand is retrogressive player who plays and rotates the ball backwards many times. This motion from Jorgino over shadows Odegard’s free flowing in the midfield, thus causing him to become missing. If Arteta continues to be playing Jorgino and odegard together in games things will go the other way.

  8. Teams have figured out how to cut the supply of ball to him in our current formation. Like saka before i believe he will take some games to adapt to it and return to business as usual.

    Doesn’t help that we haven’t had a consistent midfield lineup till now.

  9. Come on guys. Captain Odegaard is the only constant in the ever changing midfield three since beginning of the season. Playing almost every minute, he only gotten proper rest in the last 2-3 games. And he is still building up his fitness from the gruelling pre-season training. He will come good.

  10. Some coaches have worked out how to shut him down, he does not play well when under consistent pressure. That is not form, it’s the weak side of his game, but he has the technical talent to overcome it if he can get his head in the game in such situations.

  11. Havertz has carved out a role for himself as sub, brilliant at shoring things up whole maintaining a threat.

    I would like to see ESR start the next two games. He needs to be given his break otherwise he will be off.

  12. With no need to mark Jorginho you can easily man mark odeegard that’s why when partey is on it doesn’t happen as he moves the ball quicker and can pass

  13. I’m only worried about Jesus injury at this point. I hope Nkeitah/Marti/Havertz are all ready to help the team.

    It’s time for ESR and Neilson to be there as well and Trossard to be used on the left – if needed while Marti as a box-striker

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