Should Arsenal fans be worried about Tottenham’s title chances? “Let them dream”

After last season when it was Arsenal and Manchester City the only true contenders for the Premier League trophy, while Tottenham dropped like a rock under the serial moaner Antonio Conte, it looked like this season would yet again be a two-horse race, with possibly Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool staging a comeback after last year’s disappointments to challenge the Top Two, but here we are after ten games of the season, and the current League leaders are our bitter rivals Tottenham.

They remain with Arsenal as the only unbeaten teams in the League so far, havings secured a record 26 points out of a possible 30 from his first 10 games. Many Spurs fans are bullish that this could at last be their season after the arrival of the talented Australian coach Ange Postecoglou, and obviously the Spurs boss was asked by Sky Sports about the fans hopes after the Spurs late winner at Crystal Palace, and he replied: “Let them dream,”

“It’s what being a football fan is all about.

“It’s fair to say that this lot have suffered a fair bit so I’m certainly not going to dampen that.”

“What’s important is we’re giving our supporters joy and hope. That’s what football clubs are there for.

“Dreams last as long as they do until someone wakes you up. We’ll see.”

That is wise words from the Tottenham boss, as they have got some tough games ahead. In fact their next four games are; Chelsea at home. Wolves away, Aston Villa at home, and then the crunch game away at Man City. But we have to admit that our rivals have dealt with every other game so far, and remember they have no European games to distract them. They could still hope to go to the Etihad with their unbeaten record intact.

Could they also shock Pep Guardiola’s side and give us the ultimate proof they are big rivals for the EPL title?

Well, they can dream, can’t they?


Watch all the goals against Sheffield here including Nketiah’s hat-trick

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  1. I’m not at all, but fair enough to them they’re grinding out lucky wins to put them in the driving seat to make top four. The tittle race is between us,city and never play special but end up winning by wide margin Liverpool. spurs might as well be in the mix but it’ll only boost their top four chances cos they’ll finish behind us three by finishing fourth.

    1. They were very unlucky to not beat us and Brentford first game of the season. Both goals conceded were unfortunate penalties and hand balls. Dark horse’s definitely.

    2. After 10 matches, its almost evident that top 4 will be ars, spur, city and lpool. I expect quite tight competition at the top of the table. Liverpool is finding their old gagenpressing form effectively and when they are effective nobody can stop them, mancity quite effectively and easily disposed manu yesterday. Tottenham are grinding results, so did Arsenal last year when nobody counted us at that time, so can’t say they can’t maintain this form. So really really tight competition this time around. We really need to maximize our points if we need to get on top of this pile. We have already lost 4 valuable points against fulham and spurs, so we can’t afford this again and start grinding draw from losing situation and win from drawing situations.

  2. It’s a marathon not a sprint. After what happened last season to us, l will only start judging by the league table standing in April 2024.

  3. Think that’s 3 times already this season that articles about Spurs have been written on an Arsenal blog.
    What is this ‘fixation’ on them?
    Will they or won’t they, who cares?
    Now, can you stick to writing articles about Arsenal or shall we ignore the fact this blog is actually called “justarsenal” & discuss/concern ourselves with Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, etc as well?

    1. Big Stew, So according too you,all our title rivals – whether or not Spuds are considered true title rivals, as some will, some wont – which effects Arsenal massively, are not relevant?
      Do you not follow other teams results then? I bet you do!
      A distinctly odd viewpoint!

      I could say so much to you about how humans NEED to be inclusive of others, which includes other football teams, as we cannot thrive on our own.

      I suggest you totally rethink your odd viewpoint and start seeing sense.

      1. Affects Arsenal MASSIVELY? How?
        Being concerned about another club achieves what? What is anyone going to achieve by doing so?
        NO other club affects anything Arsenal do if they’re not playing them that week!
        Arsenal as a club can ONLY play each match in turn, get 3 points & whatever other clubs do or don’t has NO bearing on that.
        Looking at other clubs results is a given but wanting to read about other clubs on an Arsenal blog isnt.
        & yes, to answer the ‘last thought’ (the point of asking the blindingly obvious, idk?) poser, there are 19 other clubs in the Premier League that’s who they play & how they survive, along with the 2 domestic cups & Europe. (Tickets, matchday revenue, sponsorship, naming rights, club shop, TV money, competition money, etc).
        I suggest I’ll take no notice of you & stick to wanting to read about all things Arsenal on an Arsenal blog & if I wish to read about Spurs, I’ll go to one of theirs, if that’s ok with you?

  4. Yes, spurs are definitely rivals, not only for the title, but of course for bragging rights in North London, remember “these streets are our own”. City, Liverpool, spurs, Villa and Newcastle all need to taken seriously.

  5. Top 4 will be the top 4 at the end imo. What a race it is going to be. Well done Mikel! You have got us back where we belong. A lot on here think we have a good given right to win the league every year. All we ask is to be competitive. Mikel has brought that back.

  6. Had thought the wheels would have fallen off by now stubbornness had cause me to open up my eyes and take stocks. .

    Early days yet, their forthright attitude had resulted in me taking glimpse on their gaffer and am realizing he’s a tough cookie.

    Not losing any sleep yet, although one eye still remains firmly on the Citizens.

  7. Spuds do not have enough strength in depth to challenge for prem league they have been in this position before and bottled it when the pressure was on man city will win it again we are not good enough either prob still need at least 3 more top quality players including a striker that will get you 25 prem league goals to compete with city!

    1. Mark, you are right about the lack of “strength in depth” in Spur’s squad; however Ange Postecoglou has again repeated thus far, what he has proven everywhere else he has managed in the world, he gets the best out of the player resources available.
      The January transfer window and the amount of financial assistance Levy provides, will be critical to how successful Spurs are at the end of the season.
      For Ange Postecoglou to win the EPL in his first season from where Spurs were, would be a miracle. Suffice to say quoting Pep Guardiola on Postecoglou’s appointment, “another excellent manager has come to the Premier League.”
      Remember how Arsenal fans thought last season, not discounting the ultimate disappointment. It would be churlish to not allow any other team’s fans to dream of success.

  8. I’ve seen many seasons where there is an early surprise team on top form but I’ve only once witnessed one of those teams lasting the distance

  9. They have had dey easiest fixtures so far…. Yet to play city Chelsea Newcastle villa Brighton… I repeat spurs are not our rival, just city and maybe pool

  10. The trouble is Arsenal fans started the season thinking it would be like last season. That was never going to be the case. Spurs may be a surprise package but Liverpool were always going to be back in the mix once Klopp rebuilt his midfield. Aston Villa’s continuing improvement under Emery means they are now getting very close to the top clubs. The surprise for me is that Newcastle seem to be struggling a bit, I’d expected them to be up there this season. This time around it won’t be a two horse race.

    1. I agree it won’t be a two horse race and like you suggest, there are other clubs in the mix who will make it much more difficult. I am slightly surprised that Utd and Chelsea are really struggling, but all it does is show that once you are down, it can take a long time to claw a way back, as was shown after AW left.

      With more clubs challenging, it makes for a much healthier league, too.

      1. SueP, Manchester United and Chelsea’s struggling performances may be indicative of the way TY hose clubs are being run, relative to the others.
        I agree totally with your last sentence. No one, other than the supporters of those clubs, should want to see a “two team league” with Manchester City and one other.

  11. Postecoglou’s influence at spurs reminds me of the transformation Wenger made when he joined Arsenal. Our nearest neighbours really do need to be taken very seriously, in my opinion.

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