Should Arsenal fans care if Liverpool break our Invincibles record?

For quite some while, the talk on almost every football fan’s lips is that of Liverpool matching Arsenal’s unbeaten run record and probably surpassing it. Arsenal’s record has been unmatched for 16 years now but with the blistering form Liverpool find themselves in, that record could be surpassed this season unless a team beats them soon. Funnily enough, Arsenal, together with Everton and Manchester City, are the teams many predict may spoil the party for Liverpool.

Everton are tipped to stop Liverpool because they will want to do it for bragging rights, being that they are city rivals and with Ancelotti making them much stronger, are possible winners in the derby next month. Manchester City is the last premiership team to beat Liverpool and may want to beat them again when next they meet in April, just to prove a point. Arsenal being the record holders, would love to stop Liverpool from matching our unbeaten record. These three teams are actually the teams that may be most motivated to spoil the fun for Liverpool, but the question I need to ask is if the record really means anything to us now.

Right now, Arsenal are not doing well and this is a worrying source of concern. Ever since the season we went unbeaten, the club had witnessed a steady decline in their performances and this season is even worse. Arsenal is a big football club and we should not be seen struggling for this long. We have the capability to achieve greater things than the 49 games unbeaten record we have been holding on tightly to for long. Maybe if the club had done more incredible things since the Invincibles, nobody would even be talking about Liverpool breaking our unbeaten record.

Liverpool can match or even surpass our record for all I care, but that won’t change the fact that it took them 16 years to get up to our level. We have moved past feeling bad if some team matches our record, as we are a team fighting to get back our identity. The boys don’t need the extra pressure of fighting with everything they have to stop Liverpool from matching our Invincibles records; rather we are solely thinking of how to return the club to former heights.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I’ll be absolutely gutted when it happens…… every season I wonder if someone will match it… Chelsea went close not long ago.. then Pool only losing once last season, it was bound to happen this season 😭

  2. Just one loss I pray. Just one bad day at the office, a last minute fluke goal by opponent, one bad VAR decision, one early red card, last minute penalty against them,… they can and should win the league but just one loss.

    1. One bad var decision against LiVARpool?? No chance! I think out of all of your options, we’ll have to hope for a fluke goal, a ricochet! And how lush if it was against us!

  3. In an ideal world I’d love Liverpool to lose a game this season but they are a superb TEAM. Should they stay unbeaten, all Gooners will know the Arsenal did it first.

  4. Records are there to be broken. Liverpool becoming Invincible, even with a better record, does not take the glow off of Arsenal’s success.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I would love to see a loss – Liverpool will then have to be content with maybe best point total ever…if they don’t become Invincible, we may get to wait a long time for another crack.

  5. No matter what most arsenal fans in ghana believes no team will be ever compare to the invinsibles led by Thirrry Henry we support arsenal for one reason BEAUTIFUL team can match that not evev our own arsenal

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