Should Arsenal fans even be worried about Tottenham result?

Crisis? What crisis? by Sam P

Yet again, after two away defeats in a row, Arsenal fans are calling our situation a crisis and resurrecting the ‘Wenger Out’ articles. But let’s put things in perspective shall we?….

Our loss in Zagreb (with a team filled with reserves) was the result of referee errors and a petulant display by our reserve striker Olivier Giroud. This will have little effect on our Champions League Group where we will finish second as usual.

Our defeat (away at League Champions Chelsea) was also affected by dodgy refereeing and hinged on the ability of Diego Costa to wind up Gabriel. Until the sending off Arsenal had performed admirably. Also this defeat will have hardly any effect on our title challenge as we always lose at Stamford Bridge with Jose Mourinho in charge (as do most other teams). At least we gave them a run for their money this time…

So now we move on to Wednesday’s Capital One Cup game at White Hart Lane. As with Zagreb, I believe that Wenger will pick another much changed team, including even youngsters like Iwobi and Reine-Adelaide to give our first team a rest ahead of next weekends much more important clash with Leicester City. How many times have we all called this trophy a distraction to the main events and a “Mickey Mouse Cup”?

Aaron Ramsey said after the Chelsea game: “Of course. It’s not good enough for a club like Arsenal to lose two games in a row. Hopefully now we can put things right on Wednesday. It will be a feisty game with hopefully some goals in our favour.”

It is another game that we don’t want to lose, especially as it’s against the Spuds, but we certainly shouldn’t be worried if we do. We should play the reserves, hope they play well, and conserve our energy for Leicester.

If we lose THAT game we should start worrying….


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  1. You no I would put our first team out as a punishment. Make them find some kind of form. It’s getting to the point where we lose the EPL in the first six games. AW has no clue where to put our best players. First ozil middle Rambo bench him make him hungry because he is not playing well. The Oz on the wing TW on the other A S floating along the front. We need to stop tip tap football and go back to basics for the time being. Now captain this will sound a littl strange but FQ that boy has fight hunger and he is getting better each game. We need a captain that plays every week. For me kloop in in January with AW for 2016 2017 season then for him to take over and AW upstairs doing a job of finding talent like he used to

  2. The Capital Cup is the only chance where our non-starting 11 players will get a chance to prove that they can perform at the 1st level…and the CC will allow us to experiment without worrying if it doesn’t work out..(eg would be nice to see Chambers at DF position), think will be better back up than Arteta..
    Who knows this cup could lead us to seeing players like Iwobi and Reine-Adelaide, being introduced into a league game vs Man U…

  3. Sam you are the most ridiculous author I’ve read in some time. Absolutely pathetic how you have an ‘excuse’ for all of our failings so far this season. Get a grip.

    “Our loss in Zagreb (with a team filled with reserves) was the result of referee errors and a petulant display by our reserve striker Olivier Giroud.” – are you serious??

    Team vs Zagreb: Ospina, Debuchy, Kos, Gab, Gibbs, Arteta, Cazorla, Ozil, Alexis, Ox, Giroud. Where the **NO SWEARING** are the reserves? Name all the players not capable of beating a team that have never (until now) won against an English side. You blame the ref for that one and Chelsea…

    Says it all. Fans like you I cannot stand. Literally the reason Wenger sits all snug in his role with no accountability, you and the others like you protect mediocrity at Arsenal football club whilst the rest of us pay through the nose and kick up a storm to no avail.

      1. I don’t know who your asking so I will take the opportunity to give my opinion.

        We lost because we had two men sent off, because the ref was useless and Costa was playing mind games (as he tends to do) to get advantage.

        But we were toothless/headless before this happened.

        In Zagreb we were beat by a team that hadn’t been in the UCL since 1999, and were naive, impotent and clueless.

        And this is not new…this is not a recent occurance. This is because we lack depth, leadership (on field and from the manager), firepower, tactical organisation …etc…etc…

          1. Not hard to figure out… Before the red card you’re blaming the loss on, we didn’t threaten Chelsea or even manage to conjure a chance.

            You’d have some credence were we 1-0 up and piling on the pressure, but it was 0-0 and Chelsea were having more of the play whilst we had nothing up top bar Theo reminding everyone he was actually playing with the occasional offside.

      2. The result at chelsea is as a result of bad refereeing agreed. But it is not as if we scored any goal or posed any threat before the red. how do you honestly explain the fact that we have not scored a single goal against chelsea in the last 5 premier league matches?! How do you explain the fact that chelsea boasted before the match that they would use Arsenal as an elixir to their poor form? How do you explain the fact that our players were not prepared for costa’s antics? Did you honestly from the bottom of your heart believe that we were going to win that match? Our team lack spine and we are missing a true leader. Wenger has been able to assemble a team of fine boys and hair-salon addicts and not players with brave hearts ready to give their all on the pitch; I will only spare Sanchez, Qoc and Gabriel in this regards.

    1. reserves: ospina, gibbs, debuchy, arteta, ox. thats half theteam. and dont forget that by putting arteta at CDM we may as well be putting up a big “This way please” sign.

    2. Here are the regular reserves :
      Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta, Ox
      You can add Giroud on that list for the short term. And Gab while we are at it. Uh, and Cazorla.

      1. You continue to spew nonsense ayy Budd..

        Gibbs and Arteta are the only genuine backup players in the 11, Ospina wasn’t replaced for lack of quality, Debuchy was bought as first-choice Rb and Again isn’t out the lineup due to a lack of quality, Ox is in many eyes the RW starter ahead of Ramsey, Gab has ousted Per after adapting to the league, and the Cazorla comment is moronic….he’s probably the first name on the team sheet for Wenger and was our best player last season.

        I’ll ask the question again…Which player wasn’t good enough to beat Dinamo Zagreb on their return to the CL after 16 years? Actually, save it. It all leads back to Wenger and his tactics, not the players, the refs, the star alignment. Why did we lose to West Ham opening day? Why were we toothless vs Liverpool at home? Why haven’t we scored against Chelsea for 5 games? Why didn’t we buy any reinforcements? Mike dean can’t be blamed for any of those unless you want to tickle my ribs further with your Wenger worship.

    3. Ok Sam is a little too optimistic. But he has a point, rb + lb haven’t played for some time and are important positions for us same with arteta. Wenger’s is too blame for this too many changes to a team still finding momentum. But against Chelsea- refs too blame. Any other manager in the league would suffer against the mike Dean Diego Costa combo.

  4. Well, if you intend to shut all your brain cells down for good and become full Akb then no. Are you even serious with that kind of question?

    1. Really? So you think if Piers comes out and says he does not back Wenger, Arsenal will immediately release Wenger?

      One thing is for sure, AW has put unnecessary pressure on himself by his in-action in the transfer market, by his choice of repeating the same mistakes: such as playing players out of position and tactical ineptness so the dissenting voices WILL increase in number and volume if it continues and it will come to a point where the cacophony can no longer be ignored.

      Although I dare say you will choose to..

      1. Back to back f.a cups isn’t so bad. 2nd in the league (would be progress) and another cup. I think would do. Less than that and I might have to joining calling for him to resign . The new (beautiful) stadium can longer be an excuse.

  5. My main worry is not much about the performance of the team overall but the form in which some players are in.

    – Sanchez and Ox – don’t look the same on the pitch. Granted Sanchez still works hard and puts in his all but it seems he left his scoring boots in Chile. Maybe some rest would do good for him but as for Ox his mostly on the bench so I don’t know what his story is. Would play Iwobi or Reine before him in the Spurs game.

    – Ramsey – Wenger should make a firm decision in his midfield selection especially in big games. Bellarine is doing all the work both attacking and defending on the right while Ramsey is in no man’s land. A more natural winger would suit my play. Rambo should be played as a b2b that he is when Carzola is suspended, been rested or subbed off.

    Must win against Spurs now, a defeat will just dump the players spirits even more. Its all going wrong at the moment but winning the next 3 games can turn things around.

    The player I am most impressed so far this season is Bellarine, he has really matured and taken that RB spot no doubt. Despite the red, I expect Gabi to come back straight into the line up too after his suspension though Chambers didn’t do much wrong coming on in the Chelsea game too.

    1. its going to be another of those circumstances where injury makes us field a more balanced team. since wenger has built a team of 10 CAMS and 5 b2bs and no wingers, once caz is off, ramsey will go to b2b, that means ox will be allowed to play on RW (and he’ll prob score soon). sanchez will come good soon, but since we dont have LW backup, he cant get rest. [thanks wenger for not paying the going price for any LW or CDM backups].

      the MAIN thing is going to be coq’s absence: thats the one that will really hurt us as we see flam and arteta back in “action”.

  6. What am saying is there is life after football. I don’t see why most of us will insult each other because of wenger or arsenal which was in existence be4 most of us were born and probably won’t knw anything abt us till death

  7. Let us try and see arsenal as a girl whom we love but can’t get the pleasure we desire and deserve due to the restrictions placed on her by the father(kroenke), and her family(board), and her elder brother(wenger). Calling for her father’s head or the brother’s simply wont change d situation. You either go in search of another girl(club) or stick around wit the one you truly love hoping for the best and silently praying for a positive change in fortune

  8. i am not at all worried… i am sure that our coach will put up an inexperienced team and we will easily loose to spuds… though i will still watch the match with hope

    meanwhile martial has same number of goal as our two CFs combined…. we neither can develop players through our youth system nor can we buy them inspite of being one of the richest football club on the planet

  9. The author speaks as if we have been winning countless trophies in last decade or so. It’s high time where we take all the competitions seriously. Let us be realistic and admit the way we have been playing, I can’t see us winning premier league and less thought about champions league the better. Sad but that the truth. For a change let us do well in league cup and continue our success in FA cup.

    For starters I say change our attitude and now accept our flaws, that way at least we can go forward.

  10. As I said in my ealier comment posting, Arsenal can’t afford a 3 back to back away games defeats. The Boss has been said not to have won the Capital One Cup before. So I don’t expect him to willingly sacrifies victory over Spurs on Wednessday night’s at the Lane on the alter of not piriotizing the Capital One Cup. For the purpose of given some fringe and some youth Gunners game time, and see if a young Gunner performance in this game can make him promoted to the senior team, I expect the Boss to field a strong winning team that comprises some 1st team Gunners and a couple of the youth team players. We all know that Spurs aren’t going to be a push over but a tough nut to crack. But come what may, the Gunners must find a way to crack Spurs open, even if the referee is bias against Arsenal or not. The Gunners must not allow the 2 away back to back defeats they’ve suffered to get to a crisis point before they put a stop to it. It must be halted at Spurs if I may say.

  11. Crisis, what crisis.

    that’s what kroenke would have said to angered fans.

    well profit money is well oiling and he is the happiest old man in the world.

    no major trophy is not a crisis, to him.

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