Should Arsenal fans fear Barcelona’s Ozil transfer interest?

It might have been a lot closer if the Chile international star Alexis Sanchez had not been on the Arsenal injury list since November, but if you were to do a poll of Arsenal fans at the minute about who the best player of the season has been so far then Mesut Ozil would win hands down.

The German World Cup winner has really come into his own over the last year or so and has admitted that he is in the best form of his life at the moment. Having added some steel and desire to his undoubted technical ability and football brain, Ozil has become the driving force behind Arsenal’s Premier League title challenge.

So the last thing we want now is for one of the big spending clubs in Europe to come in and snap up our attacking midfield maestro with a transfer swoop. But the possibility is there, according to an Evening Standard report which claims that La Liga’s Barcelona are keen, and the player’s own people have confirmed that there has been a lot of interest in our number 11.

His management company said, “It is known and correct that Arsenal want to extend their contract with Mesut.

“It is also correct that there are enquiries for him constantly.

“Mesut is a World Cup winner, the most creative player in Europe, Germany’s top player – of course other top teams are interested.”

At least Arsenal are trying to keep him and there are reports about a new contract being prepared for the German. But if Arsenal falter once again in the race for the title and the club continues it’s miserly approach to transfers, should Arsenal fans be worried that we might lose our star man?

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  1. The truth is that Özil has now realised ( after two and a half years) that Arsenal are not good enough to win the champions league and now that he is showing his true potential, he decides to moan about it! and it got leaked out.

    Add to that Wenger’s lack of quality reinforcements! In the last two windows And the issues of Sanchez’s demands before he extends his contract, it’s easy to see both our best player’s leaving/sold in the summer, Especially if we fail to win the premier league and I for one wouldn’t blame them either.

    Oh and by the way,Wenger has now added Kante to his ever growing list of ” i nearly signed him” players ?

    Good grief! … Who’s next ffs! ???

    1. I don’t blame Henry, I don’t blame Fab, nor do I blame VanPersi, they all want to win trophies that matter … Wenger has to change or even better to be changed …

      1. Ok, I get Van Persie, Fabregas. Hell, even Ozil. But Henry? Himself said he was a nobody when he came to Arsenal. Funny how everyone suddenly realizes they didn’t reached their potential once they come in front of the cameras.
        Wenger will go, probably at the end of this season. Kroenke will stay. Now, that’s ought to be something.

    2. “The truth is that Özil has now realised ( after two and a half years) that Arsenal are not good enough to win the champions league and now that he is showing his true potential, he decides to moan about it! and it got leaked”

      Yeah leaked to the Evening standard, it must be true. The same paper that during transfer windows writes articles saying top arsenal targets are on the plane,coming to sign for arsenal and happen to get the news before everyone else.

      I wouldn’t pay to much attention to paper talk in general. Ozil knew who Arsenal were,what they have achieved and what they could achieve before he made the decision to sign for us. Ozil is not going anywhere any time soon.

  2. Bad news comes in three’s:
    1st, Gabriel’s injury!
    According to reports from the Football Insider, the Arsenal hierarchy have been impressed by Flamini’s performances during the last 12 weeks and are ready to offer the 32-year old a brand new deal till the end of the next season.

    And 3rd :
    Surely that must be Wenger’s starting 11 to face Leiceste!
    ? ????

  3. Par for course, selling our best players. The only chance we have of keeping any players is if their injury prone. I’ll say it again and again this club is a USA style franchise and as long as wonky cronky is running the show it won’t change.
    Good luck today to all gooners.

    1. Except we haven’t done that since 2012, when we got £24m for a player who only had one good season left in him anyway.

  4. It is the sad and bitter truth.

    Sanchez and Ozil are both winners, they want to win the BPL and the CL and deservedly so.
    However, this old Dinosaur is so stubborn and egotistical he is basically forcing our 2 best players out the door.

    Barring Chec and Kos we will have no WC players left.

    Tbh if they did leave I would not slate them, but salute them for sticking to their guns, truths and what was probably promised to them.

    Ozil 10 chances in 1 game, but guess what no WC ST to put in the net.


    Get this deluded past his sell by day, sour milk, rotten egg fool out our club.

    Admin trust I won’t get bsnd for what I said above with this being and open speak yoyr mind forum.

  5. If he goes to Barca
    we’ll get 50 million.
    I think he is more likely
    to go to Bayern but
    they would not pay over 40m.
    Maybe Pep will take him for 60?
    50+ mill is too much to turn down just take it.

      1. Coz am sure evn if we sell özil for 100m we wont spend anytn to buy another quality playrz…i wish the money raisd in transfers was divided among fans…arsenal fans wud hv bn the richest! 😉

  6. The reason for the Ozil contract many have 2 narratives 1. The newspaper Marca are bit of a nutcracker who involve in making stories of players leaving the club and try to destabilise them before the Real or Barca clash and are doing this create an virtual interest which turns into a problem for the club. 2. Arsene Wenger as we all know has had conversations with Van Persie,Fabregas and other who have asked Wenger one thing will there trophies and will the club be there at the end of the season where Wenger would not have provided a definitive answer “I don’t know” and club is very stupid because there is no seriousness in the club with Flamini,Arteta,Per who are very bad at what they do and are seriously past it and still play in the side.

  7. The one transfer that will make Ozil and Sanchez stay is the transfer of Wenger out of Arsenal. I wish he could as early as yesterday 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. Mixed feelings…Seems both Özil & Sanchez are concern with the club’s ambitious and what will be done to get there. On one hand there’s no smoke without fire but I’m sure he is happy at the club & would love to stay at Arsenal as long he feels he is given the best chance to WIN (he said as much before). It is also a good thing to see the players concern & looking for insurances which shows there primary choice would be to stay.
    Sanchez & him both being 27 they want to make sure that they will give & use there prime years for a club that will allow them to compete at the highest level for the biggest honours possible: EPL & UCL not just the Cups with realistic chances. We dont need a squad full of World Class players but seeing 1 or 2 more player close to/of that quality coming in that can be game changers will show intent to continue a winning trend specially if we win EPL this year.

  9. Ozil should debunk this flaming rumour within 2 to 3 days from Monday – Wednesday this week. If he didn’t, then we start believing there could be some truths in the rumour.

    If this rumour turned out to be true afterall. Then, we have to know why would Ozil wants to jettison Arsenal for another club. Barcelona? He still has a deal with Arsenal up to 2018 and 2 years before his current deal runs out, he wants to leave us despite Arsenal willing to extend his current deal by probably 3 more years should tell us something is the matter at our club with him.

    The Boss should nib the bug in the bud as quickly as he can. The Boss should be adding 2-3 top quality players to Arsenal to replace Rosicky and Arteta who may not have their deals renewed anymore. And a top right winger or striker should be signed in the summer. Can the Boss get N’golo Kante during the next summer transfer? It all depend if Kante can maintain and even improve on his current quality level up to the end of this season to convince he’s not a fluke. And Reece Oxford too? That means Flamini may also join leavers if Oxford and Kante will be brought on board of Arsenal’s battle ship next season. I like Oxford. Can the Boss get him? He looks to be a Patrick Viera stature. But can he be a Viera in action for Arsenal if the Boss brought him on board?

    1. If footballers had to debunk every nonsense transfer rumour written about them then they wouldn’t have time to actually play.

  10. If Flamini stays at Arsenal beyond this season it will be a big joke and slap in the face. He has done nothing to earn a new contract let alone to continue wearing the shirt along with a few more I could list. If Coquelin never got injured he wouldn’t have graced the field apart from maybe in the Capital 1 Cup or so. During Coquelin’s absence I remember him letting Willian run through our midfield which in turn got Per sent off even though Per didn’t help with his tackle on Costa, missing a sitter with his karate move which could have earned us precious points at this stage, bombing forward like he’s a second striker, making reckless challenges time after time and was lucky not to see red in our last league game, and the list goes on. How on earth have they been impressed with that to even think of contract extensions??? Of all transfer windows this summer is the most vital, especially with Özil and Alexis in mind. Wenger and the club will have to decide if either we will move forward or remain a seasonal joke.

  11. We all know that most of the reports in the media regarding transfers are incorrect and are made up to suit the facts or concerns of fans. Also any statements made will be twisted and taken out of context. Remember a few seasons ago when the media reported wenger as saying that a “fantastic signing” was on its way when Wenger actually said the exact opposite.

    We are about to play Barcelona so stories connecting arsenal and barcelona are topical. Us fans are concerned about our ambitions not being high enough and that RVP, nasri, etc left because they wanted to win titles, cups etc. We are also concerned that the team needs strengthening in certain areas. We then get reports in the media about Ozil going to barcelona, sanchez leaving because arsenal do not have sufficient ambition. Plays in to our fears of lack of ambition and losing best players, has a ring of truth about it so we tend to believe it.

    Who knows what the truth is, all we can do is get behind the team and hope we beat leicester and go on to win PL. As far as rumours about Ozil and Sanchez, forget about them till summer transfer window.

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