Should Arsenal fans feel better after Bayern beat Chelsea?

Even though it was only a pre-season friendly game between Arsenal and Chelsea the other day, the 3-0 defeat and the manner of it had a lot of us worried. But maybe we can all feel a little bit better about life and the Gunners after Chelsea lost today in their very next game against the German champions Bayern Munich.

Going into the game against our London rivals there was quite a lot of confidence because we had managed to beat our regular tormentors Bayern in the previous game thanks to a dogged display and an excellent late equaliser from Alex Iwobi before Emiliano Martinez helped us to win the penalty shootout.

We also expected Arsenal to be fitter as our pre-season preparations were further along but it was clear from the off that Chelsea were sharper and the scoreline could have been worse. However, there was that sickness but to consider and Arsene Wenger played some young Gunners and had players in odd positions.

So with the squad clearly weakened and looking fatigued from training in high temperatures and humidity perhaps we were a bit too harsh on them, especially after Chelsea succumbed to Bayern and were 3-0 behind before halftime before rallying a bit.

This is pre-season don’t forget and so we should not read too much into results, as the two games against the Germans suggests. Do you guys feel a bit better now?

Sam P.


  1. funkyrith says:

    For once, we should look at ourselves and not others. We had all bad games pre-season except the Bayern game. Lacazette does not look ready, neither his supporting crew. We still have no guarantee on Alexis and no confirmation on replacement. Ox/Ozil/Ramsey have not signed new contract. All the deadwood wage bleeders are still around. The only thing that did not change is AW is still around.
    As much as I would like to see all these sorted, clearing useless players should be there at the top of the priority list along with Alexis/Lemar situation

  2. Truegunner says:

    No I don’t think so as objectively we should have not read too much into the defeat to Chelsea in the first place.

    There were problems and that doesn’t change simply because Chelsea lost. The unnerving thing is that they are problems we have had for a while which is where the concern comes from.

    But it’s preseason and that’s the thing we should all remember…IF the problems are addressed then it will have served it’s purpose.

    That’s a bit If though

  3. naijagunner says:

    Meaningless article

    1. kev says:

      Which also basically means result against Chelsea was pointless.Bayern were 3-0 up in the first half just so you know.Tottenham even beat PSG 4-2.I’d have understood if people were criticizing the Arsenal team before the preseason matches.Then I’d have known that they knew there were cracks before preseason.However, using preseason to judge and predicting doom for the team means nothing.Look how easily teams are beating opponents in preseason.If anything we’ve not finished our business in the transfer window and we’re still strengthening the team.Lemar and Jadon Sancho deals are basically done.The next is a CM who I think will be William Carvalho.

  4. Spanish Red says:

    Of course Arsenal fans should feel better now that Bayern have beaten Chelsea in a totally meaningless pre-season friendly. The fact that they couldn’t beat them, at home, in the Champion’s League final is irrelevant, as is the fact that Bayern manage to score five goals whenever they play Arsenal in competitive matches!

  5. Dion says:

    it might seem that…arsenal just agreed fee with Monaco fr Lamar …finger crossed

    1. kev says:

      The Lemar deal is a done deal.A meeting was held today and Arsenal have agreed to pay Monaco what they wants.The player is hoping everything goes through before their preseason match on Saturday.Unless Monaco change their minds it’s a done deal.Another news coming in is that Jadon Sancho is set to reject Borussia Dortmund’s last ditch attempt to sign him as he wants to stay in England.

    2. sulgem says:

      no concrete evidence

  6. Waal2waal says:

    Why on earth should arsenal take satisfaction in bayern beating chelski both are our rivals, right. We take pride in inhialating teams ourselves, with plans of ours not ancelotti’s or conte. its ride or die mofo

  7. samz says:

    why go for carvahlo
    when everyone saw renato sanchez bossing chelsea around
    why do we always have to buy someone just because he is 5 million less and plays in a non competitive league

    for god sake wenger this time its real
    every team means business look at manu city chelsea everton spurs liverpool they all are signing players
    and we have to sell before buying

    get gelson martins
    renato sanchez
    and van djik
    and even bid for verati just to provide engine
    lets make a team that can boss every other premier league team

    1. AUGooner says:

      Because carvalho is a completely different player to sanches, being more of a cm to acm/winger? In what world do we have space for sanches, martins and lemar

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Don’t rely on summer friendlies to predict the coming season. In fact, don’t take too much from the Community Shield. We tend to win the Community Shield lol.

    We need to focus on new signings and making sure our players are healthy and fit.

    Let’s hope Lemar will be signed soon and let’s hope he isn’t our last signing this summer.

  9. Dashing Rino says:

    I wuld consider jorginho or matic for DM position nd then Alexandre Golovin or Geoffrey Kondogbia for CM

  10. Vlad says:

    So we beat Bayern, Chelsea beat us, and then Bayern beat Chelsea… what does it all mean? absolutely EFFIN nothing because it’s EFFIN preseason. Give it a break.

  11. sulgem says:

    we made a friendly match to see how strong the performance of our team and it was obviously observed that we had been dominated by large by the two top team which clearly indicates that we are no where near the performance that would enable us to beat the big clubs ,and arsenal has to do a lot on the training and transfer.

    1. neil says:

      wrong… both Bayern and Chelsea had full teams out whereas we had an exhibition side out full of reeserves and youth players!

  12. oyins adeprince says:

    all u are saying is not for me brothers,we need quality/complete players,not average players like some of our players,Wenger should decide on d sales of Walcott,jack,enelney,Ramsey, Lukas peres,n so on,n he should get us best players dat can work wit other quality one’s we have

  13. Marty says:

    Pointless article, why should we feel better just because another team loses a meaningless friendly game. We should concentrate on our own preparation for the season ahead. Any other result from other friendly games don’t affect the way we play and prepare.

  14. Valentine says:

    Feel better? You failed a course, you should be asking yourself why you failed and what you can do to excel, and not to be looking for someone else who failed so that you can feel better. Fix your problem!

    1. charles says:

      buy van djik and verati i.e defence and number 8 then shift koscielny to dm n we will be good to win epl if lemar goes to left wing n sanchez stays

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