Should Arsenal fans have faith that whoever Arteta signs will be the correct decision

Hey, Gooners. The transfer season is here. I understand that most of us have high expectations. But, after the £65 million signing of Havertz, do you think we’ve reached a point where, even if we’re not fans of a sheep mentality (in which fans simply accept whatever the club does without question), we’ve become a little more open-minded when it comes to the club’s transfer strategy?

This summer, with rumours everywhere, we could be linked to anyone tomorrow, and I doubt most of us would be afraid. We won’t be concerned, because whichever player head coach Mikel Arteta signs, he will undoubtedly know how to get the best out of him.

Mikel Arteta signed Havertz following a season in which he had only seven goals and an assist in 35 games. Regrettably, those were appalling statistics for a striker. In fact, it is astonishing that a team would agree to part with £65 million for such a talent. But the club did as instructed by Mikel Arteta, and while the decision appeared imprudent at first, it turned out to be a transfer masterstroke.

When Arteta needed the best version of his offence after the winter break, Havertz stepped up and delivered. If he wasn’t scoring, he was “dishing assists,” as elaborated by his 8 goals and 7 assists in the last 9 league games. He scored 13 goals and assisted seven times in 37 league games this season, his best league return since moving to the Premier League in 2020.

Using Havertz as an example, I think we should have faith in any player we sign this summer, regardless of their status as a superstar. Ultimately, Arsenal Sporting Director Edu revealed not long ago that the decision of who to sign occurs weeks or months before the transaction is completed.

Sam P

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  1. Havertz signing was not a masterstroke.

    1. He was already an established player.

    2. He cost 65 million and 300k a week in salary.

    3. He performed well only in half of the season.

    4. He hasn’t been the difference between winning and losing in any important game that he played.

    We lost the title in the first half of the season because the manager was experimenting with Havertz by benching better players and changing winning formations.

    The masterstroke cost us the title.

    And as for having blind faith in upcoming transfers we have to remember under Arteta and Edu we have signed 29 players 13 of which have come good and 16 bad.

    That is 55% failing rate and 45% success rate.

    1. He assisted the winners against united and city and scored the winner against spurs and got an assist ? Thats winners in 3 out of the big ten games. Then he got the winner at brentford,everton and newcastle and two against Chelsea. Pretty big goals if you ask me.

      You can say that about most clubs though every signing is a gamble. Grealish, Doku and Nunez have been poor for City. Nunez and Gapko at liverpool. Sancho, Antony and may more at united. 95% of the chelsea signings.

      The thing you can say is that none of our big money signings under Arteta bar Viera have failed . Its the smaller riskier transfers that havent paid off which are a bigger gamble in themselves.

      1. Good points.
        Havertz has contributed substantially to the seasons results.
        To say that we “lost” the title in the first part of the season is an unfortunate dismissal of the efforts of the team which led to one of the highest points totals we have ever had.
        To state that “better” players were being benched in favour of Harvertz is highly debatable. The alternatives played in pre-season and were unable to demonstrate that they were better options. We have also seem them play at times through the season and there is no good evidence to suggest they are or were better.
        Most of Arteta’s buys have been good. The issue for some is that they have not all evolved into the world beaters such as Odegaard. A few such as Willian have simply not worked out in our system. Willian’s performances since moving on show that he is a quality player.
        Given the player markets over the last few years, and Arsenal’s circumstances, it was inevitable that not every transfer would be a massive success.

        1. You could even argue that the problem in the first half of the season was Jesus and Martinelli. Both who lost there place in the second half of the season when we turned into winning machines.

      2. It’s very amusing saying that they have been right about big signings. Of course. Did you expect Rice with 100 million tag to fail?

        There is a reason they cost much.

        It’s in the small signings where genius and masterstroke shows. Anyone can make big signing if the money is available. It doesn’t take anything remotely special to do that.

        1. Grealish, Antony, Sancho, Nunez, Mudryk, Caiecido,Pepe, Doku are all big money signings that went wrong?

          1. @Chronicle @Liam

            They weren’t masterstrokes were they?

            I weep for reading comprehension which is going extinct. It used to be a common thing back in the day.

            1. You linked expectation of performance to price tag. What people are pointing out is that performance is not always linked to the price tag.
              Whilst you may wish to quibble over the use of the term “masterstroke” your comments seem to dismiss the importance of getting the high transfer fee players right. We have seen this become huge problems for clubs and in the current financial climate it is very important to get them right.

      3. To him those games arent “important” as emphasised in his comment.
        To me harvertz did very well in the just concluded season, he is still just 24yrs of age and is showing great signs of improvement.

    2. He’s an established player and despite that you criticized his signing, his fee? He has justified that with his performance let’s stop pretending like 65m is a big money in today’s market where sesko is being valued at 55m.
      And yes he only have half a season of quality performance but look at the output.
      And he’s made lot of difference, he has won game for us on his own Brentford home & away. Every game is important.
      We didn’t loose the league because of havertz, that’s very naive, we probably loose the league due to the team poor form in December.

      1. The keyword is masterstroke here. There is no big signing that can be called a masterstroke in this world.

    3. Arsenal lost the title from the word go when they dropped points against a ten man Fulham. That was an indicator that arsenal haven’t reached the level of competing with man city. This was vindicated during the last days of the season when they needed those points most.

  2. Vieria
    Giving new contracts to Reiss Nelson and Eddie Nketiah
    Spending 35 million on Ramsdale’s to then invest 25 million on another keeper

    So no , I don’t trust every signing Arteta makes

    1. Correct. Arteta is not superb for most of the signings and as the other speaker said that Arteta costs us the title during the experimentation of Havertz forcing him to suit the Arsenal tactics while other players were there sitting on the bench. He’s just too stubborn and doesn’t want to accept other people’s opinions.

  3. I gave up on overly stressing over Arteta / Edu’s big decisions. They know what they are doing overall..

    It seems like Arteta and Edu have been more than 80% right with their big / controversial decisions so far.

    Starting with sending Ozil, Guendouzi and Auba packing.

    Spending that much on White and Ramsdale when the majority of us were very skeptical.

    The initial Saliba and Martinelli stages.

    They went in for Havertz when most of us were against spending that much on him.

    Got Trossard and Jorginho when most of us were not happy about them.

    Many doubted Odegaard and wanted Buendia. But see how that turned out.

    He passed on Bissouma when the majority wanted him.

    Of course there are some decisions that did not go our way (Martinez) but that was a tough situation with Martinez.

    The Ramsdale situation right now demonstrates it, many were not happy including myself that we were spending £35 million on him. Citing over inflated British players prices. We were pointing out why we were spending that sort of money on a player that had just gotten relegated with Sheffied etc.. But all fell in love with Ramsdale after.. But we weren’t that impressed with his signing in the first place..


    1. Yeah, I’m on the same boat as you tbh, it gets really tiring worrying about the decisions and signings that Arteta makes and while it has had some mixed results, it did pay dividends for us in the end, at least as far as the more expensive signings are concerned such as Øde, Ramsdale, Party, etc.
      So for me, it’s better to just let them do their magic and just let the results speak for itself. I also roll my eyes at people at this site for some of their takes because honestly, no offence but they need to get over themselves and stop thinking they can do better, sorry not sorry.

      1. To be honest were are all very competent Armchairs / keyboard managers in different aspects.. We all can talk a good “online managers game”, but in reality it’s just that, “Good confident talk” and no more than that..
        But that’s our human nature, we need to vent and put forwards our own opinions. Which is fine as long as we can have some humility when we are shown to have been wrong about our own strong opinions.

    2. Your point is strange because the players you mention being shipped out won MA his only real trophy so far and since has won nothing.

      Using Ramsdale as a success example is extremely odd considering what’s happened and him not being no.1

      Very odd evading logic

      1. @PJ-SA
        If you think winning an FA cup while struggling in 8th with place with those players is something to shout about then good luck.
        FA / Domestic cup wins don’t reflect a teams quality.
        That’s why teams such as;
        Etc all won a Domestic cup at some point and got relegated there after..

        That’s why we were in in 8th place on 56 points which was more than 40 points off first place but still won an FA cup.

        That’s why Man United were in 8th place on 60 points and a massive 31 points off 1st place. But they won an FA cup. Deadwood can win a domestic cup if things align properly. We won the FA cup 4 times between 2014 and 2020 while we continue to drop in the table each season. In my opinion the Cesc Fabregas era team were better than the later Arsenal teams that won 4 FA cups in 6 season but they were constantly unlucky in the finals of these Cup games.. Naivety from their immaturity always cost them.

        I will ask you a question. Given a choice between the 2020 Arsenal team that won an FA cup VS This current Arsenal team that has not won a single trophy but has challenged for the title in the last two season. Which one would give you more confidence going into next season?

        1. Goonster, I suggest you check your statement that from 2014 to 2020 we dropped down in the league each season.

          Here are the positions from the 13/14 season to the 15/16 season
          4th 3rd 2nd…while winning two of the fa cups mentioned.

          After that? 5th 6th 5th 8th 8th 5th 2nd 2nd up until the end of last season, along with another two fa cups.

          As for your question, the current squad of course, but after spending £600,000,000 plus, would anyone be surprised?

          1. So would you be more confident going into next season with the players that won us 4 FA cups between 2014-2020 or would you be more confident with the £600,000,000 plus team?

            I will make it even easier: If you were given a choice between these teams: The Arsenal 2020 FA cup winning team. The current Chelsa team that also cost more than £600,000,000 plus. And the current Man United side that just finished 8th on 60 points but won an FA cup, that team also cost £600,000,000 plus..

            So between the 2020 FA cup winning Arsenal team that finished 8th on 56 points but won the FA cup. This current £Mega millions Arsenal team. The current £Mega millions Chelsea team. And the current £Mega million Man united team that won the FA cup. Out of those 4 teams, which on would you be more comfortable with going to next season (2024-25)?

      2. And about Ramsdale.
        It 100% makes my point.
        The majority of the fanbase were questioning Arteta and Edu about signing a relegated British goalkeeper whose price was over inflated. I was included in that group of skeptics myself to be honest.
        But many went even farther by mocking Arteta and Edu for being incompetent due to them wasting £50 million on White and £35 million on a Championship level Keeper (Ramsdale).

        But all of a sudden the same people seem to have completely changed their mocking and skeptical tone towardsRamsdale, and now they are his biggest fans. On top of that they have been constantly criticising the same guy (Arteta) that signed him in the first place even if they were not that pleased with the signing.

        That’s like one individual taking a chance / risk by investing big in a given Stock (low level (company). Then his family, relatives, friends and others get very skeptical, start making fun, criticising and mocking him for taking such a risk on such stock. Then 3 years later he does the same thing, drops that stock and buys into another one. The same skeptics about the first Stock investment all of a sudden now are not happy and start criticising him again for dropping the first stock that they did not want him to invest into in the first place..

        So the Ramsdale situation clearly shows that Arteta was not wrong to have signed him, because in the eyes of the Skeptics that doubted that signing in the first place Ramsdale was a hit. Most of us fell in love with him even if we hadn’t bought into his transfer to start with.

        That’s like the Xhaka situation. Most fans had this hatred the guy for no reason. Arteta stuck with him even if it was a taboo in our fanbase.

        The point is that Arteta rated Ramsdale well before most of us, hence why he spent all that money on him even if it was not a popular decision amongst our fanbase. Now we all can’t stop professing our love for him (Ramsdale) even if some were mocking his transfer 3 seasons back.. The majority thought he was your typical overpriced average British premium player. But now they think they know better than the manager that bought him in the first place..

        Arteta now thinks that Ramsdale has reached a certain ceiling that we have moved passed. He is the guy that bought and works with him every week. So he must know more than us. A player has got to fit into their manager’s envisioned style of play. May be Raya fits that better. That’s why Jesus and Zinchecko etc seem to have also got us to that level that we have clearly progressed past. Hence why Kiwor, Tomiyasu, Trossard, Havertz etc seem to have replaced them in the first team..

        If by now you still can’t figure out the “Ramsdale signing” point that I have tried to convey to you then I can’t help you any more than brother..

        It’s simple Inductive Reasoning. Isn’t?

    3. The Ozil and Auba decisions were both wrong as he failed that season
      You can’t pay for Ozil to sit at home and finish 8th and say that was proven correct
      You don’t give Auba to Barca, play Nketiah , finish 5 and say that worked

          1. We finished in our worst position in quarter of a century twice but let’s give our manager a round of applause for paying one of our biggest earners to sit at home lol

      1. @Dan
        Of course they both were the wrong decisions. Hence why both of those Superstars went on to greater success in their new endeavours. While we have not gotten any better without then. We have gotten worse as a team and club due those two massive decisions. With them leading us we would have won the whole lot by now.


          1. And what makes you think we might not have finished lower than 8th if we had kept those players ?

            1. The only answer to that HD, is that with those players, we never finished below 6th (one season) and qualified for European football every season I believe.

                1. Indeed HD and he should have resigned after winning the fa cup and finishing 5th (by one point mind).
                  Certainly 6th signalled, for me, the end of a fantastic two decades, but that was his lowest ever position.
                  Before that, of course, he had progressed from 4th to 3rd to 2nd in the PL with those players.

                  1. I feel like that’s more of a testament to Wenger capabilities as a manager than the players themselves. Even Ferguson was winning titles with Phil Jones, Tom Cleverly and Anderson

  4. Just like AW, MA has made some bad signings and some excellent signings – Mari and Odegaard being examples of both.
    One in a while, you sign a player who just walks into the set up and Rice is the perfect example – the opposite of that was Havertz, but we know why in both cases.
    One had just come from a club that had won a European competition, while the other left a club in complete chaos.

    If we don’t, at the very least, give newly signed players a period of grace to settle in, it becomes a lottery.

    I would enjoy reading again the comments regarding Havertz even before he signed by fans, as he was branded useless before even kicking a ball.

    1. Can I say Ken, Haverz was useless the first half of the season. Arteta shuffling his team around to fit him in midfield (xhaka role) that xwhat he bought him for and it was not a success. Jesus got injured (god send) and Haverz got pushed into the false 9. Now nobody could complain of his figures for the second half of the season. BUT we dont know what would have happened if Lady Luck hadn’t shined a bit.

      1. what was the shuffling of the team for Havertz in the first half of the season you speak of?

        Havertz was straight #8 replacement of Xhaka, one in one out

        Rice came in at his natural #6

        everyone else played as they were and in natural position, no-one shuffled at all

        bizarrely saw Partey at right-back but that was for one or two games only and nothing to do with accomodating Havertz

        our superb 2024 PL form did coincide with Havertz moving to #9 and Rice #8

        but the premise of shuffling for Havertz is nonsense

        1. Rice was played deeper, Gabriel was dropped, Timber was started RB. The experiment, failed earlier for Timber and Partey, the got injured before they got chance to do anything. Partey was/is a better midfielder and he got dropped to RB, to accommodate Haverz. There were tactical tweaks to accommodate Haverz, right upto xmas. It didn’t work. The main point is Haverz was dire in his “preferred” position.

          1. Save your time Reggie. If someone is refusing the fact that the tweaks were to accommodate Havertz there is no language on this earth that will convince him.

          2. Partey is a #6, not an #8
            if Partey is your shuffle then that is for Rice at #6, fact

            Gabriel ‘dropped’, hmmm, speculation about his future, but how on earth is that a shuffle for Havertz

            Timber and/or Partey injured due to Havertz experiment is nuts

            Xhaka left the #8 and Havertz came in at #8, no shuffling for Havertz

            no one moved position for Havertz, if anything Partey moved for Rice to come in at #6, Rice of course £105m #6 acquisition and obvious upgrade on Partey at #6 (remember your point is first half of the season)

    2. Ken mate have to say , judged on their first 5 years Mr Wenger signings are better and he’s had fewer more expensive flops

      1. I agree Dan and it would be interesting to compare them and the valuation therein.
        Maybe even the last five years?
        Over to you for another enlightened post 🤔👍

  5. No. Selection of who to join must be done through consensus.Otherwise Arteta will mess up the entire recruitment and onboarding of players.

    He is very unwise when dealing with stubborn but wonderful players

  6. We can’t really say that until we see who he signs. But we should support whomever he signs regardless of whether we believe he’s a goof signing or not.

  7. Can anyone name a manager who hasn’t always made the best decisions in recruitment? So my answer would be that I wouldn’t trust Arteta to bring in a winner every time.

    When push comes to shove, Arteta has now been backed by the Board and is showing what he can do during the last two seasons. regardless of how much individual players have cost, or how much they are earning.

    Whilst I baulk at the figures- which are commonplace in the top half of the league – there is no denying that we are very close to being a force to be reckoned with again.

    I find it really disappointing that Arteta is still bearing the brunt of the bad feeling that existed during the first 2 and a half years because the results and quality were very up and down during that period

    There really should be at present, very little to moan about. Not long now before the transfer window opens in earnest………

    1. I think many expected him to do miracles or become a magician by completely turning the mess he inherited in a season. It was ridiculous.
      @Sue. I really gave him a clean slate and wanted him to absolutely clean house and start all over again. The players / personalities we had at the time were not good for the journey that I dreamed of. From the beginning I said that I am willing to be patient with any new incoming manager as long as they cleared out the vast majority of the deadweights we had accumulated. He had to sieve and filter out all the nonsense and deadwood personalities that had turned our club into a cesspool / cesspit.

      I was ready for a complete reset even if it took us more than 3 to 4 seasons. Progress and competence from the new manager was paramount to me. Identify the problems , purge and replace with those that wanted to improve..

      I look at the squads that Wenger / Emery left us and I was depressed. Poor attitude / mentality players. Trouble makers. Very unbalanced teams etc.. They were not taking us anywhere. I was praying for an authoritarian / dictator to come in and call some of their bluffs..

      We had completely lost our pride as a club and fans due to the incompetence of the higher ups and the managers..

      Just thinking back to those squads gives me the shivers and Malaria. 😷

      1. Didnt Poch, Ten Hagg and Ange Postescoglou walk into a mess ?
        Yet they never call 8th and 5th progress ?

    2. What so many people have forgotten about is the fact that even SAF had a rough start as a manchester united manager…his first 3 or more yrs were not really yielding great result, he never won the league in those yrs.

      1. He didn’t spend 800 million and discarded players worth 540 million either.

        You should not conveniently forget that as well.

        1. HH, in those days, players weren’t being sold/bought for tens of millions of £’s.

        2. I suppose when you say £540m discarded you are referring to Auba, Ozil and Guendouzi let go?

          or have “conveniently forgotten” they were negative influence and negative value when rightly axed!

      2. Correct Tom. I pointed out exactly the same thing in Arteta’s early days and was ridiculed by a few of the posters on here. Fergie, like Arteta, had a lot of sorting out to do with the players, the coaches and the scouts.

      3. Mr Wenger won Double in his first season and inherited just as many issues as Arteta
        He simply didn’t give up on players and recruitment was world class

          1. There is no hate for Wenger. Many respect what he did for Arsenal and his early years are amongst the greatest seasons Arsenal have ever had.
            However, to state categorically that he faced similar issues as Arteta is certainly very debatable.
            Many of the players Wenger inherited had won a continental cup and some had won a league. Some are still considered amongst the greatest players the PL and Arsenal has ever seen.
            Although Wenger made refinements many of the raw ingredients for a successful title challenge were present before Wenger arrived. Also, even if we consider that there were other top level teams it is difficult to compare those teams with the consistent high level performances of the current MC team and some recent Liverpool teams.
            Arteta has had to overhaul much of the playing squad as well as the culture at the club.
            IMO, Arteta has had to deal with much more challenging circumstances.

            1. Arsene Wenger inherited a drink and drug culture, coupled with a dietary deficiency.
              I wonder why fans don’t read what the players found out about him and his methods when he walked into the position.
              As for the players, didn’t MA inherit players who had just played in a European final, never finished below 6th (just the one season mind out of 22) and who he won the fa cup with?
              Arsene walked into a club that had just sacked one manager for losing the dressing room, sacked the one before for taking money out of the club and had to handle a drink and drug situation.
              He worked with the players, turned it around in one season and didn’t rip up contracts, rather than actually trying to coach them.
              IMO Arsene actually did the job he was payed to do… manage the club and the players.

              Of course, Mikel is now doing the self same thing, but it amazes me how fans rewrite history, or just plain forget the situation.

        1. I take it you meant Wenger’s first full season, not his first season when saying he won the Double. Also which players were turning up late for training, turning up late for a match, traveling abroad without the clubs permission, being disruptive on the training pitch ?

          1. Dan probably does mean Wengers first full season, unlike when he’s regularly referencing Arteta’s first part season, and finishing in 8th spot.

    3. Sue
      Ken imo has made the only decent comment regarding this post.
      And it’s not disappointing to read comments from the same old as we all have come to expect it… it’s boring 😴
      No one cares about ozil, aubes and co and how they were treated
      Each manager does it his own style
      They left.
      Made a mint so won’t hear them crying so who cares
      Onwards and upwards

  8. Masterstroke?!! Our targets lately have been renowned players, the kind that one doesn’t really need scouts or a “margical eye” to identify: Partey, Mudryk, Caicedo, Rice etc. If the likes of Tavares, Fabio Vera, Lokonga or Raya would have turned superb, they would have been masterstrokes.

  9. Fofana is exactly the player we need and his price tag is modest but Arteta with his Pep Guardiola will go for an expensive signing of a lesser quality.

    Arteta is far from perfect when it comes to identifying talents.

  10. And yes we can have faith but we can also criticises when they get it wrong. And yes ultimately we when we sign players that work, we will win something. And something people either people are forgetting or don’t know. Artetas first choice was Mason Mount, who turned us down. Again more luck that judgement, because we were in conversation with Chelsea, it came to light, we found out Haverz was being let go. So, our first choice winger last year was Mudryk, who (luckily for us) chose the money and Chelsea. We got Trossard. Mount chose Utd and we got Haverz. So luck is also required as well as faith.

    1. for once I agree with you Reggie – we missed out on Mydryk, Caicedo and Mount, but got Trossard, Jorginho and Havertz with at least £100m spare change

      that is luck at it’s finest

    2. We’ll never know what the results will look like with them…… And no, it’s not luck just exploring other options

          1. This has become a staple discussion and one which we’ve been having for some time. Those in the Arteta is a genius camp and those believing like myself that every season he has to go back to find funds to cover two or three positions that haven’t quite worked out. Outside of Odegaard, I don’t think many of the other Arteta signings have been significant. So much hit and miss. Why Vieira was signed would demand a royal enquiry at any cash strapped club.Arteta has taken Arsenal to a good place but still nothing to show and everything to prove once again come August.

            1. Yes, it rears it’s ugly head again😊
              Is Arteta a genius? Has anyone said so?

              I don’t remember which Spurs manager it was, but I seem to recall the club not making an addition to their squad one year. It wasn’t a success. There will always be the need to upgrade and change things about. There is the phenomenon of aging to take into consideration as well as injuries or dips in form.

              Nobody of sane mind would say that every signing has been a success

              1. Signing to reinforce and buying players because your previous signings didn’t quite work out are two different things. Arsenal need a classy fullback, midfielder and striker which means that Viera, Zivchenko, Jesus, Tavares, Lukaku, Tomiyasu and even Harvetz at times haven’t been able to get the job done.

                1. I think I was trying to say that as well. Some players have an immediate impact and remain great signings and others tail off or just are not a success. There can’t be a manager anywhere who is 100% successful and I stand by the fact that aging has a bearing on the effectiveness of a player
                  I presume that Lukaku was meant to be Sambi

  11. Goodness, what a lot of noise!!

    We bought Havertz to replace Xhaka.

    He was incapable of doing that in the first half of the season.

    As I have said before, Arteta lucked out when he moved Havertz up front.

    Bringing in really good players thru Transfers will become harder and harder as we progress “In the Project”.

    I believe currently we will require to add two or three “top class” players this summer if we are to “really” challenge for the top spot next season, to compete in the Champions league, and hopefully to win a Cup.

    I doubt if we will have the luxury of the Havertz situation with our new transfers, so they MUST be a really good fit for the position they are intended to fill.

    I would like to raise some concerns I have when reading the in-coming transfer rumors associated with Arsenal.

    I do not see us being linked with a real top class striker,

    nor a tip top DM.

    But I see us losing Eddie and Partey!

    In my view, Jorginho is NOT going to take us to the promised land, nor are any of the currently available Premier League forwards we keep being linked with.

    But, I will sit back and wait to see what EDU & Arteta come up with before giving them an attaboy or a thumbs down

    1. Correct. Havertz original plan failed. If we had a good striker, we would be talking of 65M + 330k weekly loss

  12. oh dear, I can sense the ‘Arteta Out’ brigade taking hold in several recent postings (not yours JW)

    given how strongly we finished the season, those words can’t feasibly be used, but paraphrase the same thing with everything being dredged up and thrown at him by some

    1. Your “senses” are letting you down then!!
      It seems that, when one makes a negative but true observation, one is being disloyal.
      The article asked a question and views were given, so do you believe every Mikel signing has proven to be a good result?
      Careful now, if you say no, you’ll be classed as a “Arteta Out Brigade”.

      1. Ken1945
        I don’t think it’s disloyal at all.

        What I can’t fathom is the continuing to mention the league positions and the amount spent. If we were hovering around 4th or 5th, then there would be justification in bringing it up and who could blame anyone for doing so?

        Our last two seasons have been very positive but it’s almost de rigeur to find fault even if it’s going over old ground from over 2 years ago. We should be talking about last season and the future one and not dredging up the past which barely has an iota of relevance to today
        My opinion of course

        1. I agree ehtirely with you SueP, but when statements are made that are not true, or demean what Arsene Wenger did for the club, it’s only natural to right the wrongs.
          The same, of course, goes with our ex players.
          I’m more than happy to leave the past as it was and concentrate on our new manager and his achievements, but, as you can see, others are not.
          In fact, I believe we will win the PL next season, if we are able to sign a LB and CF…. but then, if we do and as sure as eggs are eggs, we’ll get the same fans comparing then to now.
          I really don’t care what situation the club was in at any particular moment in time, except for the present and, as you say, it looks pretty healthy to me.

  13. idont trust arteta and edu bc so many times both made a big mistake on transfer targets and transfer dealing arsenal transfer is ao frustrating takes so long time look Juventus they very very close to sign luiz from villa in only 48hrs but arsenal working for this transfer for about two years.
    i think arsenal need more experienced transfer negotiator arsenal dealing is so bad
    another problem our main target always we hijacked buendia locateli vlahovic mudric so many yes I don’t blame much our alternative singing they did much better from our paln A targets like trosard but the problem mostly alternative signing is for short periods of time we can jorginho for caicedo trosard for mudruk so we forced again for another singing ….
    havertz signing is good but we need a killer in front of the bc we will compete with goal machine haalaand

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