Should Arsenal fans join Bayern ticket price protest?

Arsenal fans and Supporters Groups are always complaining about paying the highest prices in Europe to go and watch our team, but it very rare to actually see many organised protests against the club’s policies. Now it seems that the Bayern Munich supporters, who have had to pay £64, which will rise to €100 Euros (£74) with fees and postage, and that is for the cheapest ticket.

It is no surprise that the Germans are shocked as a season ticket costs just £104.48 at Bayern Munich, while the cheapest at Arsenal is TEN TIMES that level. So one of the Bundesliga clubs Supporters Groups is organizing their fans to not make their way to their seats at the Emirates next week until after the first five minutes have passed to show the club what an empty stand would look like if the fans refused to pay these inflated prices.

A statement from the supporters’ group read: “This kind of a price structure makes a stadium visit impossible for younger and socially disadvantaged fans.

“It destroys fan culture, which is the basis of football. In England, this development has already taken place.

“We want to protest at the price structure and at the same time changes in the stadia. We want to remind clubs and associations of their social responsibility and warn them of the effects, which we will all feel, both as fans and club officials.

“We express our support for campaigns like ‘20’s Plenty’ from England and ‘Kein Zwanni’ [No €20] in Germany. Especially the developments in English football should be a sobering example.

“The first five minutes of the game in London will be, what future football will look like if this madness continues. Empty seats in the stands and no singing or emotion in the stands.

“In the following 85 minutes we want to show the alternative and show how fundamentally important a lively fan-culture is for football.”

Should Arsenal fans be joining in this protest, or even organize their own on a more regular basis?

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  1. let them protest..when they get to their seats we will be 2-0 up.perfect.arsenal supporters should rally behind the team for those 5minutes..advantage arsenal.

  2. YES…they should protest along with Bayern supporters maybe just during a different time than when the Bayern fans protest.

    The prices are ridiculous for a team that 1. hasn’t won the EPL for what will be 12 years soon, has not consistently fielded world class players in the past 10 years and 2. possesses a manager, devoid of tactical ingenuity/flexibility with an irrational fear of using the transfer market to fix obvious problems compounded by the fact that he has consistently made the same mistakes year after year for the past 3 or 4 seasons (perhaps even more). Its not value for money…it is win or do little in terms of footballing or sporting achievements (finish 4th, maybe a domestic trophy as the cherry on top!) but charge the highest rates to your fans and others. It is emphatically EXTORTIONATE.

  3. Watching bayern may be cheap but they have an old sootty stadium, haven’t won anything for years and have had the same guy in charge for decades …. Oh just a minute….!!!

  4. “I’m very happy at Arsenal, I don’t think about leaving,” he said.
    “I always want to be the best at everything I do. I’m never happy with what I do, I always want to give more.”-
    Alexis Sanchez..

    Madrid can keep trying but he’s happy with the club and fans. we all know Sanchez to be passionate about football which means he’ll prefer here than going back cus of the challenges from even lower teams unlike la liga 3 man title race..EPL roooooooooooocks!!

  5. And for our statistical junkies …today’s numbers in guardian football pages seem to confirm we have 5 top quality players Sanchez santi ozil kos and Czech …. And Ramsey runs around a lot but lacks power and finesse …. And wenger has disrupted team structure to have him on the pitch … With bellerin Gabriel and coquellin on the up we get back to the old conclusion … Two or three class players short of challenging the best

    1. It is Cech. Learn to spell names of the player you support. Allegedly. Ramsey IS finesse. He may lack certain attributes but the goal against Galatasary shows that power isn’t one of the things you say he lacks. I don’t see where Wenger disrupted team structure. Arsenal is having a very flexible squad, today’s football is not played with players good in one position only. The proof is Theo Walcott. I am ready to admit right now that I didn’t believe that he would fare better as a striker than a winger.
      Once again I was outwitted by Wenger but that’s OK, I like to be proven wrong because I learn new things. Walcott is the striker everyone wanted but didn’t knew that they already had him or wanted him. Walcott is not going to be a header winner or a hold up guy. Far from it. But it just so happens that he is the perfect player for the style Arsenal is playing. Yes, an occasional header or a killer tackle can hapen but this won’t be the norm. And why is this going to work? That’s because he’s having the best dribblers in EPL right behind him : Sanchez, Ox, Ozil, Santi and Ramsey. You will not find 4 fine dribblers in EPL in one team today. Sure, Everton has Barkley and City has Silva or maybe Toure but nowhere near what Arsenal is having today.
      I may be wrong but I really look forward to this season and I think there are very good reasons why we should believe we will be title contenders.

      1. @budd
        City have silva,kevin,sterling,navas,nasri and even aguero ate all very very good dibbling players
        Chlesea have hazard willian oscar and pedro
        Drubbling is not the best part of our game its more about passing game and we defintly have the best passers on the ball (and now the fastets strikers due in walcott and sanchez)

        1. Sterling? Navas? De Bruyne? Dribblers? Hmmm, then I must have watching the wrong game. Oscar and Pedro? Seriously? Pedro is the most overrated forward in the world, glad we passed it.
          Saying dribbling is not part of our game must hurt Wilshere and Welbeck. Probably you remember how they collected them injuries.

          1. i did and i really like the guy…and i laugh out loud when i watch man city with sagna on right and recall all those on this site saying it was a tragedy we sold him….but he is work in progress

            1. You laugh now but must I remind you that you were bashing Wenger for selling Sagna and not giving him the raise to match Citeh offer. People are fickle. You are not exempted. Nor am I.

          2. ramsey is not even a class dribbler in epl world let alone beyond and his passing is decent but not great and too often spoilt by silly tricks most of which dont come off once we found a quality goal scorer in alexis his value plummeted… great bench player and appreciate his willingness to get in to box but a player in the milner mould but that is it….theo is the striker we all want…give me a break…aguerro or sanchez or muller or ronaldo is the one we all wanted but not possible…. mane or griezman or (converted) draxler or lewondoski or aubamayeng is the attacker we could have brought in…walcott is third tier option

            1. Ramsey is class. Pure class. And his value is still the same. Being used on the wing is enriching his play and that is going to be visible very soon.
              You can’t have aguerro or Muller or Ronaldo, not sure why you bring them in discussion because there’s no club today able to buy them let alone Arsenal. You talk just to talk but in honesty you have nothing to say.

              1. obviously the verb “to want” has different meaning for different people….as does the word “class” but sorry pure class applies no more to ramsey than it does to of lots of similar players like milner townsend henderson and other hard working utility players with decent skillls…in arsenals case the damage it brings from not having a class player on the wing is so obvious i am even surprised you try to defend it….so recommend you pull out the lyrics of psycho killer by the talking heads

                1. Hehehe. So I assume Sanchez playing on the wings can’t be seen as a class player. Alright. At least we know what your measure is.

                  1. Uhhhhh Sanchez played as an attacking winger for udinese and barca …. Fortunately for him there was no idiotic manager in either case saying let’s play u as a box to box utility player to improve your skills …. Couldn’t make this idiotic line of reasoning up except in wenger world

    2. RKW, you must not have seen the piece about Bellerin being the most creative player in the entire league ahead of Cazorla and Ozil, he created six clear cut chances.

  6. Yes, it’s the right thing to speak up about. When we or other PL fans bring up the matter it is usually just about getting a fairer deal. I liked how BM brought up the atmosphere angle saying how youths are getting priced out. Youths are usually louder and more emotional than grown ups also their is the prawn sandwich fans the ones with no monetary troubles and you don’t need to be Einstein to work out which one of those two types makes for a better atmosphere. I myself have not gone to a game in a long time for various reasons and would like it to become more affordable for all walks. Also Id like us to build a few more rows to get the fans closer to the pitch like it was at Highbury.

  7. I think they do have that right as do we. If Arsenal were spending on players then I could understand but we don’t. They are to high. So many seats are empty at Arsenal and I don’t understand why they can’t get kids from different schools and ppl of the street to fill them on M day.

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