Should Arsenal fans learn to be a little more patient with Arteta?

Some Arsenal fans need a reality check on patience by ThirdManJW

As recently as yesterday, I was lambasted for daring to suggest that this strange season could be used partially as an excuse for our struggles. Despite the fact it’s clearly affecting other managers and clubs, this was apparently an unacceptable excuse.

What I find very interesting about is, is that every excuse under the sun was used when defending Wenger’s long periods of sustained failure, yet some fans have only been willing to give Arteta half a full season to deliver, with NO excuses acceptable! Although Wenger had plenty of credit in the bank, excusing 14 years straight of league failure, 9 years straight of winning nothing, and his last 7 years in Europe which were just humiliating, was beyond ridiculous! Yet despite that horrific run, fans like myself who wanted Wenger out because we had no patience left, were constantly attacked. We were told we need yet even more patience! As if waiting 14 years wasn’t long enough!

That was an extreme reaction from those defending Wenger, and now we see another extreme reaction from those wanting Arteta gone. Some have wanted him out pre-Christmas, which equates to around half of his first full season at Arsenal. Like Wenger, Arteta has little a credit in the bank as well, winning a couple of trophies in his first 7 months. One would think that early success, along with other areas of improvement, would buy Arteta more time, but it doesn’t seem to be the case for some fans, and it’s just a sheer outright lie when some fans say he has done NOTHING positive at Arsenal. Clearly winning trophies is not acceptable!

fa cup

The best way to expose these fans, who clearly have an agenda against Arteta, is to play devil’s advocate. Let’s say I completely agree. Arteta DID inherit a club in a fantastic position, with no problems at all. A huge transitional phase should have ZERO impact on results. Arteta DID inherit a squad jam packed with quality, and the right mentality. Arteta DID inherit a brilliant defense. And Arteta is badly underperforming. So even if EVERYTHING was perfectly setup for Arteta to be successful, as some are making out, is half of his first full season showing enough patience? Is that enough time for him to be considered successful, even in perfect conditions?

Some may argue, we need to also look at the second half of last season as well when judging Arteta, which is also baffling if one using that as a negative, because ZERO criticism could come from that. To win an FA cup, and qualify for Europe from the position we were in when Arteta arrived, was almost unimaginable! Huge credit to him for getting success out of what was becoming a complete embarrassment of a season before his arrival.

With that huge success from last season, arriving mid-season as well, most fans were in agreement that we could start judging Arteta at the end of his first full season. Yet despite that, some feel half of his first full season is enough time, and Arteta should be gone. Ignore the fact that Pep needed a season, Klopp needed over 3 years, and Fergie needed around 4 years to be successful. Half season is apparently a fair amount of time to fully cast judgement on one’s performance, regardless of any internal/external factors.

So again, let’s say I fully agree, and Arteta should have got the sack before Christmas. Is this now our policy going forward in regards to patience? Half of your first full season? Regardless of the condition/situation of our club/squad when any new manager arrives, if they’re not meeting certain requirements within the first 6 months, they get the sack?

I will be fascinated to see what some of you say about patience. Before you start slagging me off again for an apparent Arteta bias, ignore that he’s even our manager. Do we only give managers half of their first full season to be successful from now on? Can one even be considered a success/failure only 2/3’s of a way through a season? If managers keep failing to meet certain short-term requirements, do we keep changing managers every 6 months or so then? Is it fair to completely ignore any other factors that could possibly hinder a manager’s ability to be successful? E.g. Wenger was excused for 9 years straight of winning nothing, because of the Emirates stadium debt.

Before some you start basing your arguments of, well the likes of Pep, Klopp, Fergie, etc, deserved more time because of their previous successes at other clubs, remember that is not a fair argument for novice managers. With a new manager like Arteta, we have no historical evidence to base that argument on. We have no idea whether he could be great or rubbish, and we can only go on what’s been happening in the present.

If you’re going to abuse me, fine, but for those wanting Arteta out, or feel he should have already been gone, at least give us all an insight into your thoughts on patience. From all the comments I have been reading for the last few months, it does seem half of your first full season is enough time for a lot of you.



  1. The Singing Camel says:

    Only read the headline but unequivocally YES!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Ding ding round 2

    1. Dan kit says:


    2. Admin Pat says:

      LOL you’re probably right Sue!

  3. Krish says:

    so basically your reaction to wenger/arteta or whoever should be the only possible one and any opinion differing from yours is an overreaction and an extreme reaction, what a silly opinion

  4. Mambo says:

    Lol is this guy trying to pull the mickey out of us with a 2nd article such as this.

  5. gotanidea says:

    The complainers need to think logically, because sacking Arteta this season will be costly and make us unable to buy popular players like Odegaard

    Lampard was given one and half seasons + 200+ M transfer budget without any trophy in return, so Arteta should’ve been given at least two years for his two trophies. Arsenal aren’t an oil club like Man City and Chelsea, so we can’t afford sacking our manager every season

    Even Man United as the richest club in world were patient with Solskjaer and look at the result now. Let’s wait until December, so it’ll be much cheaper to find the replacement

    1. Mambo says:

      We dont have an option but to wait as it is boards decision.
      I will support Arsenal, but not Arteta.

    2. Phil says:

      Got an idea- just how costly is it going to be with ZERO European money?This squad is more than capable of a Top 6 minimum finish. Last time I looked we were nowhere near this.
      By allowing Arteta to under perform again next season costs the Club even more revenue if he fails again. I take it you thought of this did you?

      1. gotanidea says:

        If we replace Arteta now, there’s no guarantee that his replacement will be able to give us a European competition next season

        But we’ll definitely save a lot of money if we wait till December. That is if Arteta can’t show any progress by the end of this year

  6. Mambo says:

    If wenger needed to go and emery needed to go soley based on results, then arteta needs to go as well.

    Dont bring up fa cup and shield, wenger won these and still needed to step down.

    1. Phil says:

      @Mambo-The Community Shield is NOT considered as anything other than a pre-season friendly. If it was ever anything other than this why is it not recognised inside the Stadium with all the other REAL trophies the club has won during its history ?

      1. Dennis Moriarty says:

        Phil you are so right. I’m so fed up with hearing MA has won two trophies, he has won one, the shield, as you rightly say, is nothing more than a pre-season friendly.

    2. Harold. Gun. says:

      Look at what Arteta brought to us defensive wise. 3rd best in the league. He only nned to get the front ones to score. The middle needs to create conditions for the front to perform. Arteta must be here till March 2023.then we count. His boys performed excellently except for a few moments of I’ll discipline.

  7. Shortboygooner says:

    I think the problem with artetabis he was always a cheap option. It was never a choice that had any merit behind it.

    He was an average player and hS little to no Management experience apart from learning for a few years under pep.

    Fast forward and he gets a team and we see the new manager affect. Whoop a trophy fa Cup.

    Forward again and the dust has settled and everyone remembers actually it was not a great choice if we are honest. Can’t see what on earth made him the best candidate. As a big club there is a whole entire list of excellent managers and club legends with more experience we could have chosen.

    Forward again arteta makes mistake after mistake. Not playing ESR until he was forced to. Continuously playing willian. Heck even buying willian when we have reis Nelson.

    Now credit where credit is due. Some good signings in the form of partey and Gabriel and some good important wins.

    Overall I think there is still boterness from the initial appointment which IMHO was the wrong choice. However we have him now so we have to get behind him and give him the time. But we also have to call BS where we see it and we see plenty of it.

    Let’s just all hope he comes good next season and that we win Europe this season. Prove me wrong arteta please!!

    1. Mambo says:

      Arsenal were cheap, and you tend to get what you pay for. I. E. Morr often than not.

  8. Mambo says:

    I expect an article soon on why arteta should get the sack.

    Give it 24 hours nd im sure there wull be one.

  9. Victor Pius says:

    I don’t compare Arteta to Wenger. That would be unfair. It’s more logical to compare him with fellow post-Wenger coach, Emery.

    We sacked him for less… Except we’re going to keep living off thw FA Cup euphoria for years to come, like under Wenger.

    I just honestly hope we turn it around with a Europa win, for my dear club’s sake.

  10. Goonster says:

    I have accepted that we all have different point of view on most things.
    I am not an Arteta fanboy nor am I an Arteta basher. I like the debate between the 3 view points (Arteta fans, Arteta bashers and the agnostics / neutrals . It’s healthy.

    I was not sold on the hype that a lot of people were sending his way when Emery was sacked. But for some reason I see a lot of positives in the way he has conducted himself and business. I can see potential in the way we play currently. It might not show up in Stats or in league position but I can seriously see something. He is struggling a bit to move his idea from Imaginary to Reality. But I can see what he is doing.

    Like a youngster that just broke into the team, you can see their potential but they sometimes lack that extra bit of experience.

  11. Grandad says:


  12. A J says:

    Nonsensical article heading.

    It mentions Arsenal fans and patience in the same sentence !

  13. jon fox says:

    Apart from posts by AJ and another sensible one from Goonster(agreed by Grandad), most of the other posts on this thread show precisely the reason why this MAGNIFICENT AND PROFOUNDLY TRUE ATRICLE needed writing.

    Let me show my colours proud and clear and say that I stand shoulder to shoulder with every single word written byThird ManJW, A WELCOME FELLOW REALIST!

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Thanks Jon, I just find it crazy how some think half a season is all is needed to decide new managers fait.

      If they had their way since Wenger left, I think we’d be on our 5th or 6th manager by now haha!

      1. Danny says:

        With the squad Arteta has the club should be sitting comfortably in top 6 he’s had plenty of time to stamp his mark and even now has no idea of his best team very poor with the use of his bench and still has the team trying to play from the back resulting in conceding goals and refuses to change its only because we have a complete dickhead of a owner who has no ambitions is the only reason Arteta is still in a job!!

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          So half a season is enough time? Should Pep, Klopp and Fergie have been sacked in their first full seasons then? How is Ancelotti still at Everton?

  14. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s interesting no one thus far has explained their reasoning for only giving a new manager half of their first full season, regardless of any internal/external factors that could hinder their success.

    I am not trying bait, I am just very interested to see the reasoning for giving new managers such a short period of time to meet certain requirements. Especially as history tells us, that even vastly experienced managers struggle to deliver in the short term, the majority of the time. E.g. Pep, Klopp, Fergie, Ancelotti, etc

    1. A J says:

      @ ThirdManJW


      The problem is complete fixation on our current league position, and not an overall appreciation of the ENORMOUS amount of work (i.e. change) that needs/ is being undertaken to claw our way back to the top table.

      Is our current league position acceptable – of course not.

      Are there historical reasons behind this – yes (recent history in fact).

      Also, in my opinion, we are lumbered with an owner who simply does not understand the very essence of Arsenal Football Club and what it means to so many people.

      So yes, however frustrating, patience is needed right now – and Mikel Arteta should / will be given the time he needs.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        @ A J

        I think the problem is that many fans don’t feel Arsenal had any issues when Arteta arrived. Which is simply not true.

        Our squad was is terrible shape, and one main transfer window isn’t going to fix that.

        Arteta needs to be judged, but it’s still too soon, and I agree with your thoughts on our owner. I wish we had someone who was a genuine Arsenal fan, or at the very least, a fan of football…or should I say soccer haha!

  15. SueP says:

    You’re a brave man to take on those who don’t think Arteta will come good straight after yesterday’s article

    It is though is about patience which is in precious short supply

    I was exceptionally patient under AW as I was a be careful what you wish for supporter, watching the club playing years of CL football until the bubble burst.

    The list of things that have been wrong at Arsenal is not just about the managers. It seems to me that the owners have not taken very good care of their asset and as long as AW kept us in the CL all would be well. In the end he didn’t and neither did Emery when poised to do so at the end of his first year. Dropping from 3rd to 5th and losing in Baku was a disaster unfortunately, as yet another year of no CL football went by.

    I can only think that the board were prepared to accept that getting back to the CL was not going to happen overnight and a period of realignment would have to take place. I’m also suggesting that some managers would run a mile if the right investment didn’t follow. What Emery got was Pepe at 72m euros. This is not to criticise him but he was completely over valued and was foisted upon Emery. There were fishy goings on behind the scenes.

    Of course it was risky to appoint Arteta but he certainly hasn’t been any worse than Emery who was hugely experienced. Ancelotti has gone to a club that is prepared to fully back him so for me, I’m prepared to be patient for a while longer yet. GAI was right that we can’t have a succession of managers if the environment at the club can’t facilitate it. There is no oil or oligarch money to buy a top, proven manager and then to support him in the transfer window year after year. This isn’t what is going to happen as far as I can see. I thought that us, the supporters , realised that there was no magic wand when he got the job. There was an expectation that it would take time and 15 months with 3 months off during lockdown isn’t time for Arteta to have made a significant difference.

    It’s not perfect- I’d be potty if I thought it was, but I am definitely more patient than a lot. Consider that Ole is still at ManU, and doing pretty well when the odds were stacked against him still being in a job. How many years ago did Fergie leave and how successful have they been since?

  16. Reggie says:

    What is patience? How long do we wait? What have we got to back patience up? How far down the league do we drop before we lose patience?
    Another stupid article for me but we get them in the international breaks.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I think it’s an interesting subject. With Wenger, some fans happily waited 14 years for him to do something in the league. For some fans half a season is enough time. So it really varies from fan to fan. I would say that both my examples of patience are not acceptable though.

      1. Dan kit says:

        You let yourself down buddy every time .
        It’s your constant Wenger obsession which really shows how much you are forcing the Arteta subject .
        It’s like you you have to prove a point every time you post or write an article,the majority of fans wanted Wenger to go but your constant name shaming him is something to behold ,it’s cringing to read your Articles and believe you are actually an Arsenal fan ,to me you have a massive boner for Wenger so you will push this forced Arteta agenda to make yourself feel good .
        Let it go mate ,you did it with Emery and you are now doing it with Arteta ,end of the day both of them can not touch what he did for this club no matter how much you want them to .

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          I use Wenger, Klopp, Pep, etc, for comparisons to help break down others ridiculous arguments.

          The problem is that some people don’t like facts. Their perception on what is success was skewed by Wenger, when he hoodwinked us into thinking not being competitive for long periods was more than acceptable. Some fans still want him here! And we would still be waiting for him to do something in the league! Haha! Even if all the big boys stepped aside as they did in 2016, we still wouldn’t win the league under Wenger. It would probably be West Ham!

          Wenger and Gazidis played a huge role in the club’s regression, so of course they will be mentioned a lot when talking about our problems.

          1. Dan kit says:

            I will apologise for calling out of you not being an Arsenal fan ,I never do that so that’s my bad ,we all have opinions,and I never go that low and I should not have questioned your loyalty.

          2. ThirdManJW says:

            That’s fine Dan, and I don’t mind explaining things. Some fans need education about where our deep rooted problems stem from.

  17. durand says:

    Basically just ignore the current league positioning, forget the last 14 months except the community shield and FA Cup. More than half a team of new additions and it still is not Arteta’s fault.

    Worse than Wenger and Emery, yet he needs more time. Let’s throw even more money at an inexperienced coach who is regressing in terms of results. Even though he has not improved the vast vast majority of players, things magically will be different next year.

    Perhaps in his 3 or 4th year he will develop a style of play, a philosophy beyond player discipline, and finally solve our attacking woes.

    Has he improved our youth or merely sent most on loans? Has he brought any consistency during his 14 months in charge? Has he improved the branding? Has he improved upon last years results or finish in the standings? Will he secure a place in Europa or CL?

    At least Wenger and Emery qualified for Europa league at least, and it still got them sacked. But hey, Arteta improved the defense. We’re in 9th, struggling to re-enter Europa, but let’s keep him; he only needs more time and money. The 2 things we are in short supply of currently.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      The majority of the squad are not Arteta additions, not sure why you said that?

      I think too many fans are wrongly obsessed with league positioning. We finished 4th a lot under Wenger, and that led nowhere apart from 9 years with out a trophy and 14 years of disappointment in the league. So higher positions don’t always mean better overall.

      I will judge Arteta when it’s the right time, I’m not like a Wenger fanboy who could never see fault, and I almost wanted him gone at xmas before he turned it around, but now is too early. One main transfer window isn’t enough time turn around our dreadful squad. Let’s see what he can do with more of his signings.

  18. RW1 says:

    ive learnt to be patient … wanted him gone after xmas but now am willing to see whether or not we finish in top 6 or win EL … if not this will be the worst season for the club in decades which for any half-way thinking fan should be enough to call for his replacement

  19. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    How ironic that you would even suggest that we needed to be patient with Arteta because when we needed him to adhere to this “patience” principle, instead of making a totally unnecessary and short-sighted luxury purchase, who would demand high wages and assurances for minutes, which would have a negative impact on the development of our younger players, he chose the latter…this relatively newfound “patience” narrative evolved from a position of desperation not strength…thusly, the resistance and skepticism that he’s currently facing is totally self-inflicted

  20. Phil says:

    @TMJW- just where do I start?
    How about like this- If my Aunty had been born with a pair of balls she would have been my Uncle. Does that make sense to you? I hope so, as it is very clear to me you are now attempting to justify your article yesterday with nothing more than a smokescreen. What if Arteta DID. What’s that all about? Try dealing with the facts and reality PAL, something that may, just may, stop you from further embarrassment.
    So yesterday you were suggesting this “Strange Season” was partially to blame for our managers performance and the Clubs current plight. Has not every club been affected by the Pandemic? Has it affected Man City? Man Utd? Leicester? Chelsea? Has it been solely responsible for the staggering improvement at both West Ham and Villa? Or, just possibly could those two teams be benefiting from very good recruitment, coaching and MANAGEMENT?
    Liverpool? Has this season been blamed by anyone at this Club on the Pandemic? Or the simple fact that Klopp had very very few injury problems to deal with last season, whereas this season he was forced to play two of his first choice central midfielders at Centre Half because VVD MATIP and GOMEZ have all missed the majority of the season? And to add to that Klopp now has Fabriano in and out with injuries and Henderson. missing the rest of the season. But, if you feel justified in calling Liverpool’s form all on COVID, then more fool you. Look at the EPL table. It never really lies? Most clubs are where they are because that’s where they deserve to be. Arsenal are no different.
    Wenger and his record? I tell you what PAL. For all but two seasons he achieved Champions League Football at Arsenal. What would most fans give for that at this time? Nobody wanted rid of Wenger from 2012-13 season more than I did. But 4 FA Cups kept him safe , but ultimately everyone agreed these victories, however great they were, was only papering over the cracks. Wenger had to go. Results and performances were not consistent, likely due to a failed recruitment policy that include Xhaka and Mustafi. Still Wenger is now history and it’s the NOW and the FUTURE we need to address.
    Emery? Ossis Gunner has consistently batted his corner on UE, mainly on the fact that his record is far superior to Arteta’s and yet he was sacked because the club were very vulnerable in results and performances. I personally wanted him out after the Bako humiliation, but it was only 3 months into the season and he finally went. The club were nothing if not decisive. BUT, your point is why do a percentage ( interesting to know exactly but the numbers were heavily against you yesterday PAL ), only want to give Arteta half a full
    season to prove himself? You have camouflaged the real facts to suit your argument. Now look at the reality and facts together.
    Are we improving as a team? My answer is no. How can the first 75 minutes against Spurs be considered a success without agreeing the final 15 were an abject embarrassment?
    How can we overlook the first 35 minutes against West Ham simply because the team finally woke up and realised they were actually supposed to be playing a match?
    Olympiakos second leg? As poor a performance as I have ever witnessed PAL.
    Burnley Away? You attempt to defend Arteta because of a schoolboy error from Xhaka. Let me tell you how it works PAL. We drew the game 1-1. For that we get ONE POINT. Add to the fact that we somehow lost 0-1 to Burnley at the Emirates and you will see we have dropped FIVE POINTS to a team that before this season we had NEVER DROPPED A SINGLE POINT TO. Yet you, in an attempt to defend the indefensible, are content to put YET ANOTHER ERROR on the PLAYER, the VERY SAME PLAYER, who has cost us how many points exactly over the last two seasons? That PAL is down to poor poor management as much as another mistake from a very average player who Arteta moved heaven and earth to keep at the club.
    You continue to mention the FA Cup win. So what. That was last season. It was a very good performance from Arteta to turn around an under achieving squad to win in the manner we did. But guess what PAL? That was LAST SEASON. We do not get anything extra for winning something in the past, and that is exactly what it is. IN THE PAST. It’s NOW Arteta should be judged on and held totally accountable for.
    Where are we in the League? NINTH. How can you consider this acceptable? How is this progress?
    Is the style of football consistent and progressing? What style? What pattern? I have seen nothing that gives me confidence in what exactly Arteta is trying to do. Apparently we are better defensively. Try telling that to anyone watching the first 35 minutes against West Ham. It was abysmal defending. Yet YOU attempt to class this as an improvement. HOW?
    Attacking? We create less. We score less. That PAL is both fact and reality. Yet in Aubamayang we have one of the worlds best strikers do we not? Playing in a “style” implemented by Arteta that makes the player look so poor it’s embarrassing to watch sometimes.
    Arteta had no choice but to play ESR against Chelsea at Xmas due to injuries and suspensions. What a difference this kid made to a side that had played the majority of the season with no creative player in the team. Arteta now can’t get enough of him it seems. Amazing what it does to a team, especially in attack, to actually have some creativity.
    Which brings us nicely onto the Squad. You continue to big up the FA Cup win of last season so explain this. Why has Arteta allowed a team that has SIX players of his choice, (SEVEN WHEN INCLUDING ODEGARD), perform so poorly and inconsistently resulting in our current NINTH POSITION in the EPL? It’s a vastly superior squad, especially as you are forever reminding anyone who will listen that the deadwood were not playing and have now gone, albeit a couple of Mustafi appearances. This again PAL is stating reality and fact. You dodged answering yesterday PAL and I don’t expect anything different this time either.
    Youth Players. Arteta persists in Nketiah being in the squad when it is patently obvious he is just not good enough. Yer Balogun, who “ looks “ a real talent, is continually left out. It’s no wonder the player is likely to go and who can blame him? I don’t, but will forever blame Arteta because this boy is a baller. Saliba? Sent out on loan because apparently Arteta was not convinced by him. Yet Mustafi was kept in the squad, only to be out in January. Such poor poor management, especially bearing in mind Mustafi was out injured until October. Why not keep Saliba and play him in the Carabao Cup and give him bench time at Europa League games? We all know what Mustafi can do, but surely Saliba was worth a punt? And guess what? Apparently he looks solid in France and is playing well above his potential. Poor poor management of youth. And of course the conundrum that is Martinelli. Just what does this kid have to do to get a game? He had a forgettable 55 minutes at Villa in his comeback game. Willian has has a forgettable season so far and is never out of Arteta’s thoughts. Poor poor management of another young player who could just be a real find with the potential we have seen from him so far.
    So patience? My thoughts are these. This manager has been given every opportunity to bring in players of his choice, remove those he did not want, ( though I accept not all can be changed in one go ), Implement his playing style on the team, and what has he achieved so far? PAL, We have no discernible style of play, we still concede goals that are the result of poor defending, we have somehow ended up with an attack that despite having an abundance of experience and skills, score fewer goals than we should.
    Just how patient do you want me to be PAL? If after this long under Arteta we have nothing other than what we are having to endure now, how much longer do you think he deserves? Personally, I give him till May, and if we do not get at least a 7th place finish which should guarantee Europa League next season then he goes. He would have failed in his duties, as did Wenger and Emery, and should go the same way as those two.

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      So half a season is enough time then. Wow! So if we continue to struggle with each manager that would be 2 managers per season. Do you think changing managers that often would be to the benefit of the club?

      1. Phil says:

        So we have improved enough under Arteta to give him more time then ? Is that what you are saying because yet again you dodge the questions PAL, It seems your getting closer to Jon Fox. He dodged the answers when called out. Which is pretty much every time he writes to be fair.

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          Your making it out as if it’s been absolute rubbish under Arteta, and nothing has improved, which is simply not true.

          I really backed Emery, but in the end he had to go because one couldn’t see anything positive in keeping him. Not the case under Arteta.

          I am realist, and in no way on earth, is ONE main transfer window enough to turn this squad around. As Arteta himself keeps saying, this isn’t his team, and he’s right. I have seen enough to say that I would like to see what he could do with more of HIS players.

          I couldn’t be bothered to read your long, and probably factually incorrect rant, so just ask me some questions below and I will answer them. I never dodge a question!

          1. Phil says:

            Never dodge a question? That’s all you do PAL. A bit like your articles you cherry pick what you want to sugar coat what you feel is correct. I see you chumming you to Jon Fox because of his likening to your article. This is someone who recently suggested Arteta would be here for five years. Seriously? What had he actually achieved to warrant being here for 5 more minutes?
            The questions are there Pal, if you can’t be bothered to read them thats on you. Just revert to type and “cock a deaf-un ) as does your PAL when put on the spot.

          2. ThirdManJW says:

            You really are a disgusting type of fan, in fact, a troll. I have consistently caught you out, and I have done it again. I have exposed you. 6 months is all a new manager gets then? Hahahaha! You literally have zero concept of football at all, and you always ignore ALL the evidence.

            Klopp, Pep, and even Fergie are great examples of why it takes time. Can’t wait to see you ranting about our next manager after only 6 months! Haha

    2. SueP says:

      You have made a very good case for the prosecution, Phil. It makes Arteta look like the equivalent of a mass murderer and as lawyer for the defence, I’d be quaking in my boots.

      As you know I think Arteta has the makings of a very good manager and you don’t.

      I think it is important to address the fact of what happens next if Arteta is replaced. This is a very important factor that nobody who wants Arteta gone has put out on JA. I can easily give you a wish list of big names but they want to work under a different set of circumstances. We talked of Tuchel but he went into a far better situation where Abramovitch just pays off the failures and brings in another top name and will buy the best Tuchel won’t mind if in two years he has a blip and gets his marching orders. The question is whether he or any other big name fancies working at Arsenal Uber the circumstances that prevail under Kroenke

      Those are my real concerns

      1. Phil says:

        Thanks SueP- I tried to paint the picture as I see it snd if I’m honest he is doing nothing very special at all. But time will tell I suppose. If he fails to get a 7th place finish we will not get even Europa League next season. Of course winning the EuropaCup this season will give us Champions League. Is Arteta capable of delivering either of these two? I don’t see it.Snd to not get a minimum of Europa League qualification with the squad we have, is nothing short of total failure. Since when do we reward failure? Ah yes. It’s Arsenal of course
        TMJW will even celebrate a 1-1 draw at Burnley and try to convince anyone who will listen ( which is not that many it seems) that Arteta is improving things at the Club. Burnley Away. It wasn’t Bayern Away.

    3. Okwy says:

      I hope u will make urself available to be Arsenal’s manager if Arteta is sacked? Arterta is doing well, so forget this ur epistles.

  21. ozziegunner says:

    What would Arsenal under Emery have achieved, if he had been appointed Manager, not head coach, and had been supported in player transfers and discipline to the extent Arteta has been? One will never know.
    Different rules apply.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Probably would be plying our trade in the championship Ozzie ,that’s what he would have achieved ,relegation.

    2. SueP says:

      I beg to differ with you on Emery, ozziegunner m, although on many topics I feel the opposite.

      Something wasn’t right in the camp when it was easier to get top4 than not, and also when a win in Baku was the second chance for CL, and the team crumbled. It wasn’t pleasant that the players revolted against him, but that is something that has to be laid at his door. He couldn’t overcome it. Nothing can be achieved under those circumstances

      Arteta has probably benefited from Emery’s departure, and crucial to me is that he has the players onside and got rid of the ones who probably did for Emery There was something nasty afoot in that dressing room. I give credit to Arteta for that.

  22. Phil says:

    @TMJW- you have only succeeded in embarrassing yourself once again PAL. Now I’m a Troll? Ha Ha. Yeah right.
    I’ve asked you the questions and the reason you will not answer is simple PAL- you have no answer.As always. As I say EMBARRASING

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      Well no answer is better than than wrong answer surely? That’s what you consistently do. You wrote a boring essay and expect me to pick through that tripe looking for questions!

      I asked you just reprint your questions, and you were too scared to. I’ll ask again, lets see your questions, and I will answer them. Or are you still too scared?

      1. Phil says:

        Scared of what PAL? You? Seriously?
        You write an article giving a one-sided totally flawed account. Most posters saw through it PAL as you know. You followed up with a smokescreen and asked why Arteta should only be given half season. I answered and questioned your very many flawed arguments. What are you PAL? Four years old? Pathetic response as always:
        Your a Mug. And embarrasing yourself all the time” I asked the questions. You simply are unable to answer. Pathetic

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          Haha, who goes around calling people PAL? Anyway, I asked twice, not much I can do. Best we don’t talk, because you are far too immature, and ignorant to have a conversation with. All that has come from this is that you think half of your first full season is enough time to turn around a complete mess, and that speaks volumes! Plastic! Go and support Chelsea I would say!

          1. Phil says:

            Yeah- Plastic and. Troll.
            I can take that from a four year old
            As I said PAL- your a MUG

          2. ThirdManJW says:

            Mate you write and react like a baby! Why don’t you write a detailed article on here about why Arteta should been sacked months ago then. You won’t because you would actually need an IQ!

            Instant success fans are the worst! Seriously, you must be a CHelsea or Real Madrid fan.

  23. Okwy says:

    Carry on Arteta! U are doing a great job in Arsenal.

Comments are closed

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