Should Arsenal fans now be told to trust the long process? (Opinion)

Arsenal fans were famously told the ‘trust the process’ but they should have warned us that we also needed to be extremely patient.

Mikel Arteta and Edu are heavily involved in the day-to-day running of the squad and the transfers it seems, and the owners clearly believe in what they are building at present.

Despite opening the season with three straight defeats, whilst having failed to score a single goal, which has seen us drop to the foot of the Premier League table, there appears to be no pressure from the top on the manager.

At this point in time, we simply have to accept that Arteta’s job is safe, and with the club having backed the hierarchy to invest in the squad as they see fit this summer, that backs up the theory that the Kroenkes are happy with the management team.

The issue is that while Mikel Arteta is still learning how to be a manager, and with the club only backing the club’s new transfer policy of signing players who have the potential to raise their sell-on value and become future stars, as opposed to signing ready-made/proven players, we clearly aren’t focusing on bridging the gap on our rivals this season.

Having finished eighth last term, we go into the new season with a starting eleven which is no better than our last. I fear that we are simply relying on luck to climb back into the European places this season, but the club seem to be OK with that in the short-term.

While the other top teams worked on improving their first team, we worked on building a squad of players with the potential to improve and possibly make a profit from, and I think fans will have to be patient and know that we will suffer through some tougher times for at least one more season.

Is Arsenal’s best starting eleven any better than the one that finished last term in eighth?


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  1. It is hard to sell this trust the process again…. There has been shocking decisions and they should start backing their words with either performances or results
    There has been so much questions than answers since far and took many excuses after excuse

    1. They’re running this club into the mud. And they’re doing it at an extraordinary pace. Get very used to midtable.

    2. Right.
      It is the other way around. The process should immediately start showing something, that can give us belief. If not, then the “process” is wrong, and should be corrected, i.e. with a new manager.

      1. The club needs new owners, the responsibility comes from the top.
        Arteta is just paid to do a job, but unfortunately what ever passion he may have the owners don’t have.
        They own Arsenal football club purely for the love of making money.
        Neglect is now costing money. Arsenal will never be great again with the current owners.

  2. The problem is not trusting the process or having patience. We all can do that. The issue in my opinion is that the current management and the manager are not capable of delivering that promise.

    It’s nearly two years with a lot of restructuring and player signings (and I mean a lot) but we have yet to see at least just a glimpse of what that process look like.

    Instead of moving in the right direction we are moving in the wrong one. Instead of baby steps forward we have taken giant steps backward.

    How then can I trust such a process?

    We may trust the process, have patience and give all our support but if Arteta and Edu are not good in their jobs what would that accomplish?

    1. How long will the process take? That is the biggest question. Everyone in a powerful position within a business is given a time frame to achieve milestones and to get results. How long is before we are challenging for top 4? For European football? How long is the process?

      1. I would expect this year to compete for top 6.

        I expect more sales next 2 windows and further additional signings to come in and really push for top 4.

        If we dont get into the top 6 it isnt that I would look at this as purely the management fault. I want the players to take responsibility too, as young as they are.

        1. It’s down to the manager to get the best out of the players. We need the club to tell us how long the process will take. How long is a piece of string? It could be 20 years for all we know?

    2. Is there a process to trust in the first place hh? We are horrible in every department, we can’t even do basic defending let alone score a goal !

    3. All the blame lies at the top, and the owners are not good enough for Arsenal. Lets face the truth the downward spiral has happened purely with the current owner.
      Only when they sell will Arsenal become a better team

  3. Most of the youngsters are not gonna stick around when the Arsenal ship is sinking. They gonna jump the ship whilst the fans are waiting for the process to materialise. Arteta should just leave in peace and he take Xhaka with

      1. Because apparently he loves him and thinks he can play football and help the team even though he keeps doing stupid stuff and getting sent off!

        Oh, they do say love is blind ❤️ 👀;)

  4. No @Patrick. Our best starting eleven isn’t better than the one that finished last term in eighth, because we still can’t ship out some underperformers

    Despite our inability to move them, there should be no excuse if we can’t reach top six in December

    1. I will like to trust the process n put faith in MA. Pretty unlucky to have injuries to key players especially Partey whom I strongly believe will make a difference in the team n Gabriel too.
      Scoring has been inconsistent.
      But starting the new season with 3 losses especially the 1st match wasn’t a good sign.
      But I do hope the players can take Arsenals glory back n make history again. If not again we have to wait next season to be in top 6.

        1. Mate, some wrong decisions? Have you seen Salina and Guendouzi play for Marseille? Matteo even has a call up to the french squad – probably the most talented squad in a bun h of generations. He made stackable decisions, not wrong. The fact he is here is pure luck and trust of owners trying to run a football club to the ground.

          1. All the players Arteta had shipped out would have been great for tbe team.
            Arteta is a mini dictator, do one thing wrong and he holds a grudge against you.

  5. Don’t understand why everyone is so focused on the 1st 11?…
    How often do we EVER get to play our strongest team anyway?
    How many points were lost with KT/TP injured last season?
    Also, worth noting our 1st 11 may well have had a decent upgrade by getting rid of Hector, and bringing in TT too.
    The squad is looking stronger, and it’s squads that get you through the season. Not just the 1st team.

    1. Injury is part of the game Liverpool miss Van dyk last season too.
      The problem we had last season was as a result of arrogance, we went into the season unprepared, we thought winning the FA means we now have a good squad that do not need CAM, and the reality gave us what we had in the first half of the season,
      Kudos to Arteta and the boy for 2nd half of the season performance, but it was too late, we have shit ourselves in the foot with the 7loss streaks and the season has been ended at that point.
      This season we have same players as second half of last season and we should give at least similar performance as 2nd half of the season, that is all am expecting because such performance was enough to be rated 3rd in the league, am not saying it’s visible but with us repeating that, we must be 5th or 6th in the league this season, that a good starting point to trusting any process IMO

      1. You’re right by saying we need backups. But when your starting 11 is suffering, do you sign backups everywhere? Didn’t they k is that Tomiyasu was available before the Man city game? Did they need a 5-0 result to know that we desperately were a STARTING RIGHT BACK? Moirinho once said that “games are won and lost in the midfield”. Our midfield is still very porous. That’s why I believe we won’t go far this season. I’m not trying to be negative, it’s just the obvious. How on this planet did Bissouma not join us? Whereas Xhaka was getting a pay rise. What’s Aouar still doing at Lyon when he was available on loan? Maddison was willing to come. £60m would have done that deal. Watch our midfield this season especially now that other managers have figured out Arteta’s tactics(if indeed he has any)

          1. And with That, Runasson would still be out back up gk and no cover for Tierny.

            That means you are trusting Kola and 20yo Saliba to make the difference at the back

          2. For me, I would probably have bought same players, the only thing I would have done differently is keeping Saliba but selling off Holding, Xhaka and Nketia to raise money, then I’ll buy Ndidie or Bissoum. I don’t care about AFCON, it’s only 3 games and probably not all of them will reach final.
            I probably might not have bought Tomiyasu because I don’t know much about him but I can get a good Rb with £20m non-homegrown

          3. @Adam,

            For 150 million, I think I would’ve gone for:

            £25m Emerson
            £35m Bissouma
            £7m Tavares (fine by me)
            £33m Buendia
            £50m Romero (this is actually a loan for Spurs at the moment)

        1. Kev82, I don’t know what to make of that decision, who was he trying to impress with that blunder?
          Personally I wouldn’t have play Mari with Holding and Chambers but KT would replace Kola any day and Taveres on the wingback

          1. Moreover, Bissouma would have shored up the base of the midfield and provided quality vital cover for the Saliba you mentioned who is in fact not a bad(but a good) defender. I say it again, White isn’t a bad defender, just that he wasn’t priority

          2. It seems he’s always trying to be clever thinking outside the box mate just like Villarreal away playing with no striker, some of his decisions are bizarre to say the least.

          3. Kev 82, overthink, overprotective, been too smart has been MA downfall. He is very intelligent but in life been too smart isn’t the way to go all the time. At time the best strategy is going simple.
            MA is those kind of guys that are very good at answering questions in class during lectures but score low in exams.
            Those kind of people has so many knowledge but lacks wisdom to articulate the knowledge and get results.
            People wonder why he is still at the job, It’s because he has lots of ideas that are visible on paper, he is a good communicator we can all see how he answer every question at press conferences, it will be difficult to fault his ideas but table and results don’t come with ideas

          4. As they say Adajim a leopard doesn’t change his spots and neither will Mr Arteta, we can expect for him to tinker and experiment as long as he’s here, wasn’t that the reason Emery got his marching orders? but as you point out Arteta he is a good communicator where is Emery struggled. I don’t think anyone questions his intellect but his lack of knowledge in management is glaringly apparent… I’ll always maintain the squad is nowhere as bad as the table shows and I think many would agree. Time will tell if he can manage to turn it around but I just don’t see it happening, there will be another implosion down the line.

          5. The arrogance of some supporters
            Bisdouma is contracted to Brighton until 2023 what make you think you could ring his club offer them loads of money and they would be so grateful they wouldn’t hesitate to cancel the contract of their best player, stick to fantasy football please.

          6. Laurie, if B&HA won’t sell Yves Bissouma, then go to cash strapped Lyon for Bruno Guimaraes. There were multiple options out there.

    2. You’d be surprised with the fact that we lost more games with Tierney on the pitch. So him being injured doesn’t really feed that narrative.

      Arsenal has an abysmal manager and until he is PROPERLY replaced, even top six is a stretch. I would say that he’s done so bad that any experienced manager would be an upgrade. #bigsamtotherescue

  6. What process are we trusting?
    The process has never been in existence ever.
    Last season we wanted to g take short cut, that’s why we sign the like of Willian and this season we are recruiting young core, what is the process, can someone be bold enough to tell us.

    If the process is trusting young ones to get us back to the top, MA should turn around the performance first, we are not asking for title challenge or top 4, at least get us compete with Leicester who IMO,is in same level as us in term of squad.
    That’s why I will back this manager till end of October and see what he does when everyone is fit.
    He has come up with the idea and bought those players, let him use them as he want and give us results, I don’t care about performance but results

      1. I don’t for now.
        Even if we win by scoring 1 goal and defend we need results
        When we get back to competing with big boy let’s talk about identity, performance, and style of play

  7. Not sure I’ve seen a club sign many young players and keep them together for years and then they start winning. When there’ll be trouble is when man city begin to make offers for Saka. Who spends £148m with the intention of building for the future? Sign young players but also get winners who can take us back I to Europe cos that’s where the money is. And I don’t believe this whole “signing players for the future thing”. Arteta showed his true colours when he opted to go for instant results like Guardiola by signing Willian(32), Cedric(28) and Mari(27) at the first opportunity he had. Did he change overnight? I don’t think so. Football is result oriented. Like another reader once posted, he mentioned “continuous present”. Sign players who can deliver in the now and continue to do so in the future.

    NB: Everyone whining on about whether or not we beat Norwich. It’s not about beating Norwich or Burnley but about whether or not Arteta can take us back into Europe come end of season. And in my humble opinion, I think he’s not capable of that.

      1. And in my humble opinion you are deluded…. Someone that finished 8th twice successively and is responsible for our worst start ever in the top division and the joint worst ever start in the premier league history ….it’s delusional to think such manager will take us to Europe with same squad not improved after lavishly spending 150 million pounds

        1. You may think I’m deluded, but come xmas I’ll still be here supportingg our club. Will you be cheering because we are not top of the table?

          And as for the new players. How do you know they won’t improve the club when you haven’t even see them kick a ball yet?

          1. support is what you call what you’re doing…. encouraging mediocrity is what I call it and regarding failure….Arteta has failed and nothing suggests from what he has done at the club the we will get any better come Xmas…. that’s even if he is here by Xmas….so when you guys encourage mediocrity don’t think you are supporting the club … you are doing the club more harm than good….Arteta and the board has failed us and we should call them out for it and I am isolating the kronkees on this one cos even our greatest manager never had the war chest of about 250mil to play with in a season and half but Arteta and edu with vinai has had it only to not show us any indication of improvement in 18months ….so I maintain you will be deluded to suddenly think a miracle will happen and we will be too 4 by Xmas when after we’ve not improved the squad spending excess of 150mils….I believe your conviction is more of optimism than realism Mr admin …. thanks…. I’m dammy from Nigeria

          2. I am with dammy on this. You must have some sort of base for your argument and then you need to stick to time line as well. Problem I see with most Arteta support group is they keep changing the time line for passing any judgment on Arteta. It started last season to December then after winter transfer then to end of season position in table then to first 10 games now again you are saying end of season. So who sets the criteria and who defines the time line for me it should be past record and current results not fans who just like the man.

          3. Players can improve, but Arteta lacks the football knowledge, experience, and management. In a nut shell, Arteta will never take us to the promised land

    1. Tottenham
      West Ham

      The teams fighting for 5th-8th.
      Weat Ham we are yet to see hownthey can deal with europe and domestic matches every 3 days.
      Everton will be a threat because of quality of squad and manager.
      Totthenham will be without a doubt now they have added and keeping Kane to fight for 4th and try and sneak in (failing imo).
      Arsenal need to resolve getting their fans on board by winning and focusing on improving the way the club is operated.

      Of the 4, we have more on field and off field work to do. But I feel we can get into a state of consistency when injuries are a thing of the past and the squad start to understand each others games

  8. This process is based on the younger players we’ve brought and the ones who came through the academy sticking around long enough .
    There’s nothing to suggest that the ones who make it won’t simply be sold to make a profit and the circle would continue.
    Also the ones who could make us a profit would more then likely want to leave to win things if we are not competing at the highest level .

  9. I’ve tired of pundits that build themselves up by tearing others down. Some of my thoughts:
    1) To succeed, never be afraid to make a mistake. Recognize it as quickly as possible! Correct/minimize it if possible! Learn from it!
    2) Arteta has an excellent pedigree.
    3) Look at the teams that the Kronkes own in the US. How many of them are allowed to wallow “at the bottom??” Be honest!!
    4) Know that team chemistry is slow to take root and blossom. Give the process time.

    1. 1. Does Arteta correct his mistake or he keeps playing the same blunt tactics every game?
      2. What is Arteta’s pedigree?
      3. Don’t know
      4. How many years died it take to build team chemistry? New signings should come and join the already existing chemistry and not kickstart one. Too bad our team has none

  10. We have got so see some sort of progression, style and performance from the team first.

    We can’t be talking about “Trust The Long Process” until Arteta and his team show us something to be optimistic about. Right now I don’t see any direction on the pitch from Arteta.

  11. Young players with a good experienced coach can deliver results over time.

    Unfortunately, young players with inexperienced coach delivers disaster.

    Not opposed to a youth movement to rejuvenate the team, just opposed to an unproven manager to lead the process.

    Club needs an experienced manager more than ever to lead us, afraid Edu and Arteta won’t work now or heading into the future.

  12. I would be willing to trust the process under different management but I know that’s not going to happen the owners absolutely love Mikel Arteta so relegated or not Arteta is here to stay. OT I like the look of the new Japanese guy, he looks tough and more importantly can defend 💪

  13. Sounds like the Stadium saga. We had to wait for that to be paid off before we could challenge. We were told. Nahhhhh! I don’t trust the process.

    And return our Highbury days badge. Changing it has bought us bad luck

  14. I trust that the egomaniac will keep on making manic decisions that will cost us points. How long will pappa Stan let him go on like this is an entirely different question. I believe relegation is something pappa Stan wouldn’t be fond of and being that little Mikel has set his eyes on the Championship, they’d probably part ways before Christmas.

  15. We are tired of excuses. It was:
    Arteta found the season halfway through.
    Kronke needs to back Arteta in order to acquire players that he needs.
    Be patient because Arteta is rebuilding the team.
    We’ve had enough of Arteta

  16. There is no process to trust after this summers debacles so far. The money that has been spent for me means instant results and a return to top 4 minimum this season. Arteta has been inexplicably backed more than any other manager and now will have to deliver straight away because that is the process now. There is no excuses he will have to become something he hasn’t shown at all up to now. The chips are down and we have to perform like never before. I think he has no room for maneuver and he will know he hasnt got no wiggle room. Its the owners saying to Edu and Arteta, we have bank rolled you now deliver!!!!!!!

    1. I wouldn’t trust the owners replacing Arteta Reggie they seem to be fully behind him and VV came out earlier about trusting another project or process, it seems Arsenal are a neverending project/process. At least we have no heartbreak this weekend 💪

      1. I agree Kev but the statement has been made, they will think the money they have spent needs a return and instantly. There will be no other bank roll job with Arteta and in my experience with American owners, they demand instant returns to pay off the loans and that means CL football this season now. They dont understand football but they understand finance.

  17. The opening 10 games are still the criteria to judge him now. MA and Arsenal have started horribly and lost 3 on the trot. Considering the next opponents, I think 5 wins and 2 nonwins (Maybe draw or loss) are more than fair enough. If Senor Mikel wont be able to get these generous results and have something about 15-17 points after week 10, he should be given his marching orders and immediately if he manages to lose the next two matches. The long process should at least enable our players to beat Norwich and Burnley, who I hope will be bad enough for our tactical hotpot to knick wins over with crosses bombardment. At least this time I hope we can score a goal out of 20 or so shots that we have like against Brentford.

      1. I envision Wood to outjump the English Mustafi and score past Leno, we to still play pinball with KT sending useless crosses and then someone getting injured by Burnley’s brutal defenders! I sure hope I am as wrong as Paul the Octopus was right with his prediction for the 2010 World cup winners😂😂

      2. Exactly, last season Burnley ran away with the 3 points from Emirates and held us to a draw, out of 6 points they collected 4 while we took 1 and people are saying they are looking forward to picking the 3 points. Yes football is not mathematics but there are very arithimetics.

  18. it is a dumb process doomed to fail. Arteta and the management crew just aren’t very good. They are just the latest in a long line since later in Wenger’s time (where the maestro seemed to lose his mojo – and that is NOT a sarcastic comment about Wenger, he was awesome for a long time).

    Our problem isn’t spending money (cause we spend and have spent a lot) but rather how we spend money.

    Arteta’s strategy is to be MCFC. Well, the only problem with that plan is that we don’t have the players to play that way.

    If he was any good at his job he would have a white board with MCFC written on the far right and “right now” written on the left.

    He could have a plan to get there but in the interim he would have a bunch of boxes with 2020 strategy, 2021 stratagy and so on. Those boxes would be based on the players he actually has.

    Sadly, I don’t think that white board exists…

    My view:
    1) Arteta gets less out of the sum rather than more (we aren’t a great team but we are not completely uncompetitive and bottom either);
    2) he has bad people-management skills;
    3) management can’t seem to understand how to clear house and we have an absolutely bizzare sense of player valuation.

    He has his supporters and they can point to periods of good play and the FA cup, but honestly, do you not see the trend line?

    It isn’t a positive line, at least for me.

      1. Well I guess now he has another salary to boast about to players of other teams…

        Slow, takes 100 touches of the all before release to players by then under pressure..Still dont see what people are hyping.. Any body can be Messi in france..

        1. Mmmm no only one man can be Messi in France!;)))

          Guenda is playing good football in his preferred position and is flourishing there..same with saliba…willock also performs away from MA’s ‘system’..

          Hard to think of too many players flourishing directly under him tbh..

          1. @Mark so were Henry, petit, viera, pires..zidane want bad either (not an arsenal man – YET!;)

            So your point I guess is that anyone can look good in France. Well there are a fair few members of our squad who would test your theory to its limits;))

          2. AOT, well argued. Guendouzi under Emery rated one of the best young midfielders in Europe, valuation £40 million. Two years later under Arteta, he can’t get a game at Arsenal, is on loan to Marseille and makes the French squad, but has an option to buy for £9 million!

    1. Stewart, that is my concern as well. As you so succinctly put a good manager (whatever the industry) utilizes the resources available to them to maximise their productive output, so that the team is “greater than the sum of its individual parts”.
      Unfortunately, Arteta is currently failing in this regard. Vinai and Edu are not helping and their coordination with the Board appears disfunctional. For example why did Arsenal’s transfers take so long? They haven’t learnt from the Thomas Partey episode, where they only had to come up with the buyout clause. AM didn’t want to sell and weren’t going to accept less, so it could have been completed at the start of the window.

  19. Should Arsenal fans now be told to trust the long process ?
    ”The problem is not trusting the process or having patience. We all can do that. The issue in my opinion is that the current management and the manager are not capable of delivering that promise.”
    ”How long will the process take?”
    ”What process are we trusting?
    The process has never been in existence”
    ”1) Arteta gets less out of the sum rather than more
    2) he has bad people-management skills”

  20. Complete looser’s slogan trust the process when everything else fails and you can not have any logical & factual leg to stand on then use these sort of slogans. Do you think such slogans would be tolerated or accepted by other top clubs in Europe let alone EPL.

  21. Hmm ‘process’


    a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.


    The Fermentation process I can trust..
    The process of decay I know is a thing
    Osmosis is another process that exists.

    MA’s Process?

    Well what is it? Is it the same as Vinci’s declared process (getting cheap young players because we are too far behind other bigger clubs because we are poorly owned and managed?)..

    Or is the process to play unattractive side passing football in a shambolic chase ball manner where the basics of defending are apparently not even practiced and we find more creativity in an accountants wardrobe??

    Can someone tell me what this ethereal process actually is? Mikel????


  22. What is the process? This keeps being thrown around with no explanation? If the process is awful decision making and being told to shut up about it and just cheer, then no, I do not trust the process. It’s obvious to many people management and most behind-the-scene folks are running this club into the ground. At breakneck speed, may I add.

    1. RSH, wouldn’t it be great if Mikel Arteta spoke to fans and the media and explained what “the process”, the plan”, “the project” and “the objectives” are?
      You only have to compare the press conferences held by Ange Postecoglou at Glasgow Celtic, including a meet and greet with fan channels and supporters clubs, to see the difference with Mikel Arteta and Arsenal. Treat everyone like mushrooms; kept in the dark and fed on bullsh#t.

      1. Haha shrooms we be!
        Great analogy..

        Yesssss… Some clarity on the ‘process’ might be helpful in enlightening us regarding MA’s masterplan ;))))

  23. People slate the negativity, but I think this much is expected. You can see that Arsenal fans all around are tired of the shut-in year that we had in football. This point is really important as a closed-off way of life is very quickly susceptible to stress, and when you start to dislike the only thing that acts as a stress reliever for you, you become prone to negative outbursts. Now after one and a half years, people see the same stale dish being served up to them by different waiters but the same chef, what would the restaurant expect? Would it tell people to have patience and digest the bad dish? In such cases, it is really hard to employ perspective because that is reserved for more important things in life. Sometimes enjoyment needs to be mindless, not always requiring deep thinking. Perspective should better be employed by our club, and I hope they have done it. Many international fans may lose interest in a club in this day and age. Some people do like successful ventures, and as not all attend live matches, the sense to continually support does not become binding. Also, such a notion does not usually make logical sense. But then when has football been about logic, lol! So with these thoughts, I would wish all the players and our gaffer the best of luck for the next match against Norwich!

    1. Profoundly true.

      Fans = supporters = consumers and the customer is always right.

      We are an expensive club; tickets, wages, salaries and merchandise and our product is quite frankly Sh£t.

      Who is gonna keep buying that be it the product or the dream of a ‘process’ that will be delivered sometime within ad Infinitum..

      Not me and dare say quite a few others.

  24. Lacazette.

    Smith. Ødegaard. Saka.

    Lokonga. Partey.

    Tierney. Gabriel. White. Tomiyasu.


    This is the only team selection that I trust.

  25. I agree with you @logic …
    they keep shifting the goal post ….now it’s Xmas, for some 10 games others till the end of the season…. after he has spent 18 months and there’s absolutely nothing to write home about to defend him with….the FA cup in my own opinion has run its course….it’s now a distant memory… it only bought him one season which was the last one for me, as our league performance that fa cup season was porous….I said from the beginning of last season that I gave him till end of last season and since the Villareal debacle of false 9 I have concluded this man is not fit for purpose…. giving him more time will only lead to our youngsters losing confidence/ down tooling …..I believe we have good young squad I believe in the supposed process but what I don’t believe in is a clueless manager and technical director overseeing the process ……

  26. Didn’t Kroenke once say,” I didn’t buy Arsenal to win the championship. If it was about winning championships I wouldn’t get involved.” This is all you need to know about Arsenal’s so called process. Call me Mr Negativity.

    1. Yep loser wonder we became what we came.

      Cash registers singing rather than football team winning.

    2. 👍 👍 KS&E and Stan Kroenke can’t be accused of not telling the truth on this one. Also confirming what anyone can see if you look at the lack of success of their sports franchises.

  27. When cash strapped Arsenal only got Peter Czech for £10mil in the 2015 transfer window city bought otamendi, Sterling and de Bruyne for £150mil..

    Only 3 players but that’s the gulf in quality. Those quality signings had a huge impact on the city team going forward and we’re significant in their future success.

    Question is, Will ours and if so when?

  28. I suspect Arsenal fans would be quite happy to sit for three or four seasons and watch this team grow,

    but only if the club drastically dropped their season ticket prices.

    To expect us to continue to pay these exorbitant prices over possibly several seasons just to see if Arteta can actually mold this disparate group into a winning team.

    I think that is beyond the pale.

    Well Arsenal Board what about meeting the fans halfway by cutting the ticket prices in half?

  29. It’s hard to “trust the process” when everything about it is nothing more than trial and error. The players, the tactics…… everything!

    If as a coach you still haven’t got a defined method of how you want to set up your team to play, then I can’t see how you can purchase players to play in a collective structure that doesn’t exist……yet! It’s always going to be trial and error football. And that’s why we have the likes of Elneny, Xhaka, Nketia, Pepe. They’re all makeshift players and only out there for numerical effect, nothing more. Those players and others, are ideal for the non existent “process”.

    The use of the word ‘process’ itself is nothing more than a placeholder for something that hasn’t or can’t yet be defined. A synonym for a state of non existence!

  30. Leeds went all the way to league one, just to be competetive again, maybe that’s the process Arteta and Edu are trying

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