Should Arsenal fans now feel positive about next season? (Arteta Press Conference)

“We are heading to be the best, that is my only objective with the club.” Should Arsenal fans feel positive going into next season? Details from Arteta’s most recent press conference.

After the Gunners most recent defeat to North London rivals Tottenham, Arteta spoke at a press conference revealing details of positivity for next season.

Arsenal embarrassingly handed Spurs a 2-1 win on Sunday after going ahead and having 63% possession of the ball. A Lacazette rocket opened the scoring within 16 minutes, however instantly the lead was given away as Heung-Min Son took advantage of Arsenal’s defensive mistakes, chipping the ball over Martinez. Toby Alderweireld headed the winner in the dying minutes of the game.

Arteta reacted to the defeat stating on Arsenal’s Youtube channel that: “The boys were touchy after the game. They know what it means to the fans. They felt disappointed with the way the game went.”

Although the Gunners knew that the result was not a fair reflection of the game, Arteta positively stated that: “[The players] are ready, they know the next games coming up are massive for us and for the future of next season. They are willing to put the same effort and commitment.”

With the FA Cup semi-final approaching on Saturday, Arteta was asked how the FA Cup fixture will influence his team selection for the game against Liverpool on Wednesday: “We will go game by game, today we will know how the players have recovered. Some players have played a lot of minutes due to the schedule we have been given. We will assess today and Wednesday.”

Arteta was then questioned by Sky regarding Arsenal’s recent defensive mistakes and weaknesses, and how challenging it is to improve within a small amount of time. Arteta responded by backing his players: “Individual errors are part of football, you can make them and go unnoticed, but you can make them and lead to a goal, they highlight the errors.”

“These are things we will sort, difficult within the short period of time. It is how you respond to these individual errors, have the mindset to carry on and put the previous errors aside. We were punished, but we have to learn.”

Arteta also commented on the lack of supporters in the stadium due to the pandemic, stating that “It is a different game. The crowd affect many situations and behaviours, demanding the home to act in different ways. It provides a different energy and passion.”

Arteta was pleased with improvements and the way the Gunners attacked and dominated Tottenham when asked by The Premier League if he was concerned with the result: “I am not to concerned about the possession, but I am focused on how we attack the opponents box, generate situations to score goals, and how quickly we get the ball back. It tells you how far we have come to be able to do that.”

“It shows our personality and what we want to do. It is going to be a big part of our identity.”

The Arsenal boss quoted that Liverpool’s ambition to beat the Premier League points record will impact how the Reds play on Wednesday: “100%, if you look at the line ups and the way they play you can tell that they are coming to the Emirates to win.”

“You cannot question the attitude and the energy of that team in any game.”

Arteta also expressed his ambition and target to achieve similarly what Klopp has achieved at Liverpool. He stated: “In 4 years when we are sitting here and I tell you that we have done it, I will be so happy.”

“I know the decisions that need to be right, how much support you need from the club and people around.”

“The ability to rebuild is different to 4 years ago, but we have to look at how they did it as it is a great example.”

“We are heading to be the best, that is my only objective with this club.”

Arteta was questioned regarding European football and how that will impact making Arsenal better: “European football gives you more financial resources, we will try until the end of the season to try and achieve that.”

“[The end of season result] will impact our capability to recruit and keep the players we have.”

TalkSport highlighted the recent form of Martinez and how important he has been to the Arsenal squad. Arteta was questioned whether it has been a surprise and will Leno’s number one spot be threatened: “In terms of Emi’s character and ability, I have no question mark. The way he trains and behaves is phenomenal.”

“He has shown he is more than ready to play in the Premier League. He has earned his place.”

The subject of Mesut Ozil was also brought up, and whether he will play again this season. Arteta responded stating that: “Mesut is the same as before.”

The boss was questioned whether taking Arsenal to the top within 4 years is realistic or not. Arteta responded stating that: “It is almost impossible to predict. You need to see movement, a trend, and that the direction you are taking is the right one. You are making progress all the time.”

“At the end of the season we will need to assess where we are in all terms, ambition and what we are heading for.”

The press conference has shown Arsenal fans that the ambition for success is there within the management and team. European football is incredibly important for Arsenal’s success next season and within the transfer market, whether Arsenal will have the financial flexibility and backing to really challenge for the Top Four next season.

Jack Fealey


  1. “It is not just the player who makes the individual error, but the rest have to react to try to help the player who has done it.
    “But yes, we got punished big time the other day with that and we have to learn – you know that teams are expecting that sometimes as well, and we cannot give them anything.”

    This man is really aware of the fact that teams are targeting our defensive errors.
    I can only hope he gets the backing he needs to bring in a proper defender

    1. I agree, Eddie. It’s also unnecessary silly back passes that lead to errors and ultimately, conceding. Let’s face it. This team are prone to slip ups though. I guess it’s a lack of confidence though?

      I just hope he gets the full support from the club and fans to turn things round!

      Liverpool will be smelling blood later and are very dangerous against teams that lack organisation. We will have to be at our best all over the park! I hope so for Sue’s sake too! I don’t think Sue’s heart can take beating from Liverpool right now 😂 🤣 🤣

      1. Lol… Sue would have to bear whatever heartbreak comes her way today and on Saturday😂😂
        We’ll be here to help her through it

        1. Thanks GunneRay and Eddie 🤣 I’m prepared…. have my tissues and punch bag ready – it hasn’t seen as much action as it has in the last year or so!!

  2. No.
    Silence is deafening and someone may well say one thing but mean some other.
    In Kroenke we rust.
    Relegation Here We Come!

  3. I read Partey is staying put at Atletico with a double your money contract. But Ceballos can sign for us at a cost of £25m. ?

  4. Talk is cheap, Mikel. You mentioned that you just could not do it against the Tots. Coach the lads not to play back passes, coach the lads to defend set pieces, coach the lads to take corner kicks, coach the lads to defend in packs. Coach Xhaka to turn around and be more agile, coach your pet defenders Mustafi, Kolasinac and Luiz to read each others movements. Newcastle, Leicester, Brighton, Liverpool, ManU,Chelsea double, Wolves, Sheff and Souhhampton could defeat the Tots, we could only draw and lose to them.Let him do something positive tonight and beat the Pool and City this week. Then only let us talk about next season.

    1. And the problem is that we can’t ditch any of them. Ozil played us, we’re now a retirement home club, an MLS club in the premier League overpaying do-nothing footballers. If we’re to be a “big club” again, we can only do so with whatever the “smaller” clubs above us in the table have.

    2. Yes. I supported Arteta from the very start but I have yet to see any improvement. I will hold my judgement for now and see what he can do next season. Personally I don’t expect much but I will be happy to be proven wrong.

  5. Yes if Auba stays and Mikel is given the players he needs or asks for,however I doubt the latter will happen,but we live in hope.

    1. No he has to be a better tactician. Our team is good enough. The great Arsene achieved much will lesser players.

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