Should Arsenal fans trust David Luiz in the FA Cup Final?

Is Not Trusting David Luiz In FA Cup Final A Myth? by Dan Smith

Let’s be honest if Arsenal lost on Saturday due to a David Luiz mistake it wouldn’t be a shock. In one season at the Emirates he’s conceded more pens and red cards than his entire time at the Bridge.

How that has earnt him a new contract should tell you the ambition of Stan Kroenke. Compare that to the business our weekend opponents are currently doing and it’s scary.

Thanks to social media, our defender will be well aware how he’s viewed; not just by gooners, he has always been famous for a centre back who can be brilliant, then just makes an error suddenly.

In that sense the Brazilian has a strong mentality, having to bounce back from adversity and deal with ridicule.

One day, he might have children who read about their father on the internet. They will hear the likes of Gary Neville compare him to a ‘player off FIFA’. Yet their Dad could then take them by the hand and take them into a room where he keeps his medals. To be more accurate ….16 medals!!!!!!!

Yes, there’s an exception to the rule where Pascal Cygan had a title medal, but you don’t win 16 trophies by luck.

Every country this man has played in he has won their domestic championship and cup. Oh, and the Champions League and 2 Europa Leagues. So, in terms of big match experience, our biggest liability at Wembley will strangely be our biggest asset. In terms of winning honours, no one else in our squad comes close, which might be why he’s so respected in our dressing room?

The likes of Conte say Luiz was vital in Chelsea’s last Premiership win, when he got the best out of him by switching to a back 3, which Arteta has done.

You could argue his best ever performance was in the CL Final, where, without Jon Terry, he led a back 4 in defending for their lives.

There’s that version of David Luiz, then there’s the one who let the emotion of a World Cup semi-final cripple him in 2014. I never saw a top-level footballer be consumed by the pressure like he was feeling the night Brazil lost 7-1 to Germany.

Now we can’t quite compare an FA Cup Final in an empty stadium to a World Cup in your own country, a nation who maybe wanted to win it too much, to the point it got too intense.

Luiz comes across as a sensitive soul, so while making amends for poor displays and getting the last laugh over his old club might be motivation, his manager needs to make sure he’s not too pumped up .

And does history suggest we can trust Luiz more then we think? Do the facts show he’s actually a big game player?……..

Cup Finals at Benfica

2009 Taca Da Liga Final – Lisbon 1-1 Benfica (win on pens).

Luiz was only 21 when starting in his first ever Final and was crucial to the victory. At 0-0 he cleared a shot off the line and was trusted in the shootout (you can trust him on spot kicks).

2010- Benfica 3-0 Porto
Again, starts as Benfica retain trophy.
Keeps clean sheet

2012 Champions League – Chelsea 1-1 Bayern Munich (win on pens).
With injuries and suspensions to their back 4, Chelsea are considered underdogs. Without Terry, it’s assumed Luiz cannot organise or marshall a defence. Yet for 120 mins that’s what he does. He scores in the shootout as well

2012 Club World Cup- Corinthians 1-0 Chelsea
They say South Americans take this competition more seriously then Europeans. So that might explain why Luiz was in tears as he collected the Man Of The Match Award.
The first Final he would lose, yet ironically, he was judged the best player on the pitch.

2013 Europa League – Chelsea 2-1 Benfica
5 months after being in tears in the Club World Cup Luiz was another European Final, ironically against his former club. Under Rafa Benítez’s temporary charge he played Luiz in the DM role; a position many felt/feel suits the player better due to his ability on the ball.

2013 Confederation Cup – Brazil 3-0 Spain
Where some nations view the tournament as a mere warm up for the World Cup, this was an emotional victory for Brazil, due to political backlash of them hosting the 2014 World Cup. This intensified with them beating the current World and 2-time European Champions Spain with such a convincing score line. The closest we came to a Spanish goal saw David Luiz clear a shot off the line.

2015 PSG
Trophee des Champions – PSG 2-0 Lyon
David Luiz’s first game for PSG saw him lift a trophy. This is the equivalent of the Community Shield, but they seem to count it as part of a treble.

ççCoupe De France – PSG 1-0 Auxerre
PSG made hard work of beating a side in a division below them, but Luiz had nothing to do defensively. He wrote himself into PSG history as they became the First French club to win the treble.

2016- Trophee Des Champions – PSG 4 -1 Lyon
Beat Lyon for the second year running in the French season curtain raiser.

Coupe de la Ligue – PSG 2-1 Lille
First Final where Luiz wasn’t selected to start. Came on for the final ten minutes to defend his sides narrow lead.

Coupe de France – PSG 4-2 Marseille
With his future unclear, Luiz was dropped for the Final. He came on for the last 12 minutes and PSG became the first French club to win the quadruple.

Chelsea -2017

2017 – FA CUP- Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea
Part of a Chelsea side who were a shadow of the side who had won the title blowing their chance of the Double. He had just seen Costa equalise when he went to sleep, standing still as Ramsey charged into the box to head in the winner.

2019 League Cup Final – Chelsea 0- 0 Man City (City win on pens)
A week before in the League City had beaten Chelsea 6-0 so it took some defensive performance to suddenly not concede at all for 120 minutes at Wembley. Normally so reliable from the spot Luiz saw his penalty hit the post which would have given the Blues the advantage.

2019- Europa League Final – Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal
Ironically, his final game for Chelsea ensured that the one he would join that summer would not be in the Champions League. Given how we defended in Baku it was clear we needed a new centre back, but you wouldn’t have thought it would be Luiz
It’s not like Arsenal didn’t make chances but our final ball (especially from Kolasinac) didn’t make them pay.

So, in Conclusion
David Luiz has played in 14 Finals, winning 11 of them. Losing only 3 of them.
He’s kept 5 clean sheets and conceded 10 goals – none of which was a David Luiz error.

So, while he might randomly lose his concentration in a random League game his focus in Cup Finals is without reproach. We know that ourselves with his excellent display in the semi-final.

So, this might come back to haunt me. The idea we can’t trust David Luiz In the FA Cup Final is a myth…

Be Kind in the Comment.s

Dan Smith


  1. Not sure we have a choice – he will just need to bring his A game which is very good as we have seen in the last few weeks.

  2. Just like Cech his heart blue and we shouldn’t trust moles in cup finals.We don’t want confused minds in a must win game that means alot for the future if the club,we can do even with a makeshift defence

    1. Lord Denning, if what you are saying is true, why on earth are we worried about Olivier Giroud?
      Why do we think Luiz is a mole, yet seem to be running scared of a Gooner?

      Love the article, full of facts – it must have taken ages to put together – congrats again Dan.

      1. Ken, “WE” are NOT worried about Luiz being a “mole”! Only none too bright Lord Denning is worried and who cares what this rather juvenile man thinks!
        My post says though that Dans article, well researched and interesting though it is, is not comparing like with like. The Luiz of todays legs have clearly gone, as the pen he gave away against Watford showed only too well.

        The younger Luiz, documented in DANS ARTICLE, was also a mistake waiting to happen but was not slow, as now, So the article fails to make a viable or pertinent case to trust him, IMO.

        No central defender without any real pace should ever be trusted or played (in an ideal world and I realise we have to suffer Kroenke, so do not blame MA) and this reason is PRECISELY WHY I never rated MERTS, despite his good positional play. Pace is paramount in the PREM, across all positions.

        1. Jon, I agree with you on LD, but would have chosen a different way of saying it!!!

          As for Dan’s article, what I took from it was this:
          a player who has had vast experience throughout his career, learning his craft every day and using that experience to enable him to adjust as his legs, body, reactions slow down with the never ending birthdays that become quicker every year.

          (He always has been and always will be a player who makes awful errors, but didn’t the man who we are told is THE man

        2. Jon, you seem to forget we won our last FA cup with Merts (the slowest defender in the Prem) and Holding (one of the slower ones, still slower than Luiz).

          If we play with 3 at the back I don’t think speed is going to be an issue, but otherwise you’re right.

    2. LD what a silly andunfounded conspiracy theory with zero evidence to back up your post. If that were to be true then we could just as easily call ALL ex-players who play against their former teams “a mole” Thankfully only you, who many regard as none too bright, have floated that silly idea.

      1. @Admin I need your protection from the foc fox 🦊.Jon you can make your point sir without belittling others, every opinion matters.Cant you be like ken1945 he’s snobbish like you

    3. So lord denning luiz will lose the cup in order to do himself out of a winners medal so Chelsea can win,lol that makes great sense

    4. nah buddy , most players are not loyal
      He will be thinking about adding to his medal collection
      Go on Youtube and find how he celebrated against Chelsea when he scored for them at PSG

  3. Not gonna lie, he does worry the hell out of me!! Just hope, for a change, he has a decent game against that lot – to shut them up!

  4. David Luiz will be a hero or a zero on Saturday.

    He can do extremely well in that defense or he can also be extremely bad in the game.

    I hope the Luiz on saturday will be the commanding one. Anyhow, I will be tensed and he will worry me nonetheless.

    I just want Arsenal to win. Don’t care with the scoreline, just WIN please 🙏

  5. If we don’t trust him why do we pay him? If we question the commitment of Ozil, then why should Luiz be any different? He is currently drawing wages from AFC, not CFC.He has to perform for AFC, sentiments for his ex club post match. Would Giroud miss an open goal just because he was ex AFC? These are professionals, they should know to manage their loyalties and emotions. If he does any error leading to a goal, he should forfeit his week’s wages and step down immediately, cancel his contract. This is the manner to deal with traitors. And along with him the brains behind this signing too should step down. My answer to the question is Yes, we should trust him to win us the cup (provided Mesut Ozil does not take to the pitch or even the bench)

  6. Aubameyang has agreed to a new 3 year contract worth £250k a week. He’s expected to sign unless Barca or Real Madrid make a concrete bumper offer.

    You should expect to hear links about a wide midfielder and a final 3rd player both of the EPL

    1. Thanks Kev! You made my day. Hope Barca/RM don’t spoil my party. Any clues on the other two?Hope it is not Zaha (too expensive) or Fraser (one season wonder).

      There used to be “Remember Resource” here, haven’t read anything for a long time.

    2. Not sure I like the sound of that….’expected’

      The spuds are the bookies favourites to sign Fraser, LC…

      1. He’s probably going to sign so don’t worry. Partey deal is also not dead as the media would like you to believe. They rejected Guendouzi+ cash but another offer of cash only will be going in

        1. Yes kev, all Arsenal have yo do is meet the €50 million buy out clause and come to personal terms with Partey.
          Apparently Arsenal are looking at young Amadou Diawara a DM from Roma Seria A (21 games plus 3 Europa League). He could be a good second option in addition to Thomas Partey, buy I will be livid if Arsenal miss out.
          Smacks of Kante revisited.

    3. I don’t understand how our El Capitan can be holding us to such conditions? If Barca and RM makes an offer?

      Dude sign tha thing if you want to… We are not last resort material.

      1. He’s not holding us to ransom. That deal was agreed since March so if he didn’t like us he wouldn’t have agreed to it. Consider the fact that this is his last big contract and probably the last top team he’d ever play for so tgis decision is really key in his career

    4. I don’t want to sound like a smart Alec,but it looks like he hasn’t agreed to anything and is keeping his options opened,if he’s agreed to sign an extension unless RM or Barca make a move,then he hasn’t committed to anything no?

      1. Technically he hasn’t but those are the only clubs which can tempt him and it’s looking unlikely either will go for him. I’m not in his mind but the club’s ambition in the window and its dealings is probably also another thing he’ll be looking at. He’s probably going to sign

        1. My mistake!I didn’t know those were the only 2 clubs that could tempt him!in that case you’re right,the chances of any of them making a move for him are slim to none,increasing the odds on him extending!👍

    5. Aubmeyang has not decided on his future ,whether he will stay or not, those gossip if barca or Madrid will come for him are old news not recent at all, the recent update is that Arsenal can extend his deal by one year but that will cost the club some money, so they are unwilling to do,

  7. My fear is no David Luis,but Kolasinac.Pls if Arsenal want to win,they should not start Kolasinac

  8. I don’t know about anyone, but I trust him completely…

    Thank goodness he has had his brain fart against Watford and I don’t think he can do that back to back.
    That said, this is gonna be a completely different game so the team as a whole would be more focused.COYG!!!

  9. With Mustafi out he’s a sure thing to start the final. Probably should be a sure thing to start anyways. Nothing easy about playing let alone winning an FA Cup final and Luiz has proved it on the highest stage, his experience is crucial. Yes he’s been SHOCKING at stages this year but I believe he will have a great game Saturday. Girouds lack of pace up top should take the pressure off of him a bit too.

  10. By offering him a contract extension, Arteta has already shown faith in Luis.It is now up to him to justify that decision which surprised me.In any event,given our injury situation, Arteta has little alternative but to play him in the Final .For some unknown reason, I have a gut feeling that we will beat Chelsea who are not without their own defensive issues.Could be a high scoring match?

    1. @Grandad:I think his contract extension has more to do with the experience he brings off the pitch, in the dressing room in training to the young players than his qualities as a player and of course for financial reasons too! don’t you agree?

  11. On the other hand, let’s forget Partey if he’s club isnt willing to let him go…

    Sell either Aubameyang or Lacazette, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Sokratis, Luiz, Mhikitaryian, Niles, Elneny…
    Loan Willock.
    Bring back ESR…
    Now go after these guys aggressively Doucoure , Deloufeu, Emile Buendia, Max Aarons and GET THE FREE DEFENDER SARR by all means…
    These guys above would save cost seriously….
    Doucoure will come 10-20m cheaper than Partey of the same age(22 goal contribution in the past two seasons for a DM) he can be our next Patrick Viera.
    Deulofeu? Dude can play both wings across the front, very fast and tricky. You need no reminding what he showed us in the first leg. Coming cheap as well, though currently injured.
    Buendia is young and very creative. Admit it he’ll be an upgrade to whatever we have presently.
    Max Aarons is a good backup for Tierney.

    Perhaps we can loan Coutinho too. But these guys would definitely improve our squad

    1. blue17, Atletico Madrid is prepared to let Thomas Partey go, but they want his buy out clause of €50 million, full stop.
      Arsenal wants to haggle.

  12. The only player we should worry about is Xhaka. He’s the master of pulling opponents with their shirts

  13. One thing i do find annoying about every post made about David Luiz is his contract extension.
    People rant about he shouldn’t have got one etc etc.
    But i feel everyone has really missed the points as to why he did get one.
    1 – we’re low on cash needed to buy a replacement that would be deemed worthy, you’re looking at £50m+ easy , we don’t have that kind of dosh.
    2 – He is arguably one of the most successful CB’s that are currently playing outside of clubs like Juve, Madrid or Barca and Bayern.
    3 – The experience he has helps him to help the younger players at the club, just look at his long conversation with AMN after the City game.
    4 – the guy stands up, takes everything you throw at him, whether he has a bad or good game.
    5 -he is probably the only leader in the defense we have right now, none of our other CB’s look like they could organize a P**** up in a brewery let alone a back line.
    So looking at al these things and the fact he took a massive pay cut to stay speaks volumes about the guy and why he was resigned.

    Yes he makes a mistake, but isn’t it down to us as fans to back every player who wears the shirt the backing they need to thrive? i think they do

  14. Well reseached and factual though the article is , it makes the common mistake that so many make when making false comparisons. What Luiz has done in his younger days, before his legs had so obviously gone, can have no relevance and therefore no viable comparison to todays Luiz and THAT is precisely my point.

    As an interesting read the article is fine BUT it is attempting to make a case whay Luiz should play on Sasturday and all sensible Gooners know that he is always a mistake waiting to happen.

    Sometimes we get away with it but often we do not. I want him away from our club ASAP but with Kroenke that is easier said than done.l Sigh!

  15. OT.. Ornstein has said we’ll listen to offers for Sokratis, Mustafi, Holding, Torreira, Guendouzi and Nelson!!! (Read on NN last night)

    1. Not Torreira sue, we didn’t see much,of him this season because of injury. I will rather keep Torreira and sell Xhaka. 😎

      1. Torreira and family apparently want to return to Italy. If he’s not happy here then look to sell and reinvest funds.

        1. I read the same thing, apparently well not apparently,he is homesick!not much we can do about it and he will never perform to his best if not happy,no point in keeping him,looks like he will be sold,the question,how much for?

      2. I was really disappointed with Torreira against Villa, Phenom. If I had the choice between him and Partey…. it’d be Partey all day long, I’m afraid. I do like the little guy, just have my heart set on Thomas!

        1. I thought all bets were off and he’s leaving in the summer – as he’s training with the first team, unlike geundouzi, perhaps MA has decided that he is going to see out his contract, what’s the point of including him?
          . The only realistic two I see MA letting go, are Guend and Soks, as we have no idea how the long term injuries will take to clear up?

    2. how much you think that will get us Sue out of interest ?
      I would like to keep Holding
      Feel he’s young enough where Arteta could still improve

      1. It did say if an offer comes in for Nelson (which is too good to turn down!!)
        That’s a tricky one, what with how everyone’s finances are (well, except the usual suspects), maybe looking at around 60/70ish m?? What do you think?
        Yes, I agree about Holding. I’d like to keep Guendouzi, but no chance of that!

  16. Siamois, like you I accept the contract extension was granted for reasons other than pure performance on the pitch.Luis strikes me as someone who could well move into football management in the not too distant future, and with the arrival of Saliba and perhaps another CB in the transfer window it could be that Luis may be used sparingly next season..I like the guy, but his legs have gone and if we hope to improve our defensive issues we need some pace at the back.

  17. Sue, I find it difficult to believe we would think of selling Nelson who has impressed me in his cameo appearances recently.What are your thoughts?

    1. I was surprised too, Grandad. Like you, I’ve been impressed also…. especially with that goal against Liverpool 😉
      Out of all our youngsters, I’d say Willock is more hit and miss…. watch this space, I guess, Grandad….

  18. I think we will park the bus(i am okay with it) so luiz will be pretty safe
    Dont worry guyz we are going to win…


  19. @Admin I need your protection from the fox 🦊.Jon you can make your point sir without belittling others, every opinion matters.Cant you be like ken1945 he’s snobbish like you

  20. OT:I don’t know how true it is but I have just read that Arsenal have in fact a clause for the option of a 1 year extension on Auba contract!(the athletic)

    1. I actually thought of you Sue lol
      I was planning like what to write for Cup Final week ( unless something happens to write about ) and I thought should I do prediction ?
      I remember in BAKU people were not happy to wake up and read me being negative lol
      Which in it’s own way might give you a hint that I’m worried

      1. Please or offend you were right about it! Like I’ve said before, you’re never too far out with your predictions…. 👍

        I have to admit, I’m worried too, Dan..
        I’m gonna be a nervous wreck on Saturday 😂

        1. Oh I’m terrible
          I have enjoyed any parts of any Arsenal final
          I get consumed by this fear of failing , it’s like I want it too much lol
          I dont mind like Baku when your just rubbish but nothing worse then losing in a Final when you played well and have regret
          Do you remember the M Owen cup Final , that hurt ? The Henchoz handball, the chances we missed . I would have preferred a 4- defeat

          1. Yes remember it all too well….. I could’ve cried!!
            I hope we’ll have something to smile about… if we do win, I may even crack open an amber nectar to toast them!! Been nearly 2 years since I had a drink (our 3-2 defeat at Stamford Bridge 😂)

  21. I just love the guy’s attitude. Sure, he makes mistakes and his legs are not what they used to be, but he always gives 100%. He never hides and is a great example to the younger players, and, for a CB, a great long passer of the ball. As for the ‘mole’ theory, it is total nonsense and I hope he proves that on Saturday. I, like Grandad, have a feeling we will win it, after all we ARE the FA Cup kings!!!

  22. We need David Louis to marshall our defence for his vast experience and Cup winning mentality. Also with his performance against Man City he has shown he is a big match player

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