Should Arsenal fans worry about Chelsea signing Pedro?

While Arsenal fans are still patiently waiting (or pulling our hair out in frustration) for Arsene Wenger to add to the early signing of Petr Cech, we have at least had the comfort of seeing last season´s Premier League champions Chelsea struggle.

Jose Mourinho and his expensive bunch of players have still not won a game in normal time since the beginning of their pre-season preparations and even though they have been struggling, it looked like their manager was taking a leaf out of Arsene Wenger´s book and sticking with the players he already had in the squad.

But whether it is because of their failure to create much in front of goal, the concern about the fitness of Diego Costa or the struggle for form of his options in Falcao and Remy, it looks like Mourinho has had a late change of mind and is set to beat Man United to the transfer of Pedro Rodriguez from Barcelona, as reported by the Daily Mail.

So Gooners, do you think the Spanish international will make a big difference for Chelsea? I do not really see Jose playing him through the middle, but on one of the flanks, so it will be as a replacement or competition for Willian or Cuadrado, with Eden Hazard a guaranteed starter.

Pedro is a class act in my opinion and he will be a good squad player, but I am not sure he really improves their first choice XI. I do hope, without too much belief, that the signing might just whet Wenger´s appetite for another player or two. What do you guys think of this transfer?

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      1. Poor Jose…I thought he had no money to spend unlike us big spenders!

        At least they can rely on players they brought through their rank like….errrr….forget it.

    1. Nope.
      Arsenal fan should worry about spending less than Bournemouth in the transfer window.
      The first two games have shown that we are at risk of losing our fourth place trophy and missing out of CL.
      My verdict remains that the team is not too enough to challenge for the league . Not win , but challenge .
      Less than 2 weeks to the end of the window

      1. You couldn’t have picked a worst example. Arsenal 3pts vs Bournemouth 0pts. Now, if you have said Liverpool then probably you’d have couple of days to be proven right or wrong.
        We will see if this team can challenge for the title or not. I believe they will but not because the squad is strong. It is because the gap between teams is narrower every day. Everyone will lose more games than last season.

        1. Everyone else around us have strengthened alot where as we have just got cech (im happy with)…. We get far too many injuries through a season, and arteta and flamini are not good back ups. What id like to know is that is cech wasn’t available would that have meant wenger wouldnt have signed anyone

          1. Arteta was the best substitute last weekend. Very solid appearance both in defense and midfield. I reckon he will have a very positive role/influence this season. I don’t care about Flamini, never did after he forced his way to Milan.

            1. every time I see your comment, I wanna punch you in the face. you annoy me with your retard comments.

              1. I think you will be much better off if you would blow my pipe. Seriously, you don’t know what you lose. I understand you are gay so I am making you a favour here.

      2. If we are to judge teams’ overall seasons based on the last two games, then Chelsea and Arsenal will be fighting to stay above 18th place this season. City looks strong not because of transfers, but rather the solid start by the old-timers. Let’s wait and reserve our judgement, perhaps with about 1/4 or 1/3 of the league games played

    2. I frankly don’t know if Pedro is the best answer to Chelsea’s problems right now… but that’s none of my business! However, one thing this type of purchase will reinforce is the idea that transfers solve every problem a club has. I don’t think Pedro isn’t just going to come today & start solving problems tomorrow for Chelsea. I don’t think too that the quality of Remy, Falcao, Costa has suddenly vanished & is inadequate to the point where Pedro becomes an absolute necessity. The facts that Ivanovich was being taunted by Montero, that Hazard looks not at his very best yet, that Terry is old, and that the whole team appears not up to par do not suggest, in my opinion, that Pedro Rodriguez is the answer. My biggest worry is, therefore, Chelsea’s overall form rather than individual player buys!

    3. Nonsense!………. So should we be worried bout Chelshit capturing pedro?…….. We should be worried bout Not fulfilling our obligations in the transfer market……. Did we really need pedro?…… He was available….. Chelshit even with their strong squad don’t think they are strong enough…….so goes 4 him…… Here we are, thinking we shouldn’t be worried….. Worry about not signing a ST and DM….. Cuz it will come back to bite us….sooner rather than later

  1. Not at all. Pedro isn’t all that, he’s quality but certainly no Alexis Sanchez. I mean his career IMHO has been plummeting for the past 2 years now.

    Juan Cuadrado: “I don’t remember what a football looks like” LOL @ Chequebook manager Moaninho

      1. Pedro is class and that was a bargain for Chelsea…He will get and create goals lots of them…Dont mind Barca selling him but not to our rivals…

      2. Alexis is better than him and Hazard, Ox is a better dribbler than Hazard, Walcott scores more goals than Hazard. See where I’m getting with this ? We have enough wingers and if Wenger is interested in LW then he’s gonna buy someone young with twice Pedro’s potential like Draxler or Gotze.

  2. Im praying that the cavani rumours are true, even if we get either it would make a huge difference to our offence line.

    1. blind fans will thumb you down. I call them retard fans because they see stagnation as a progress.


    1. I hear you man!
      wenger and some fans here are the perfect embodiment of Insanity…doing the same f@#king thing and expecting different results..

      epl challenge #scoff ,with giroud ? and team converting 14/150 of chances created by Ozil

  4. Chelsea Signs Pedro.
    Man City Signs Otamendi.

    If Mr Wenger buys GOOD if he DOESN’T no-big-deal . But as a Fan i would love to see a new outfield Player…#COYG

        1. @Budd, do you really think our team is good enough to challenge for the title this year without any additions?

          1. @jimbeam, some fans are so retard and deluded that I can’t be compared. If you think Arsenal are gonna win the league with this squad then you are crazy!

  5. Who will Pedro bench? Hazard? Not going to happen…Willian? That would be a big mistake as he has been their best offensive player so far and he tracks back really well.

    Given the options Chelsea already have I am not too worried. I think they only bought him so United wouldn’t get him.

    1. Willian would move to his natural position and Pedro would move to RW.Willian isn’t a winger and he makes Chelsea narrow by attacking centrally as opposed to spreading defenses by going wide

    2. Theres a word call rotation….

      Pedro can provide cover and competition for Hazard and Willian…

      Both Hazard and Willian cant play in every games

      1. “There’s a word call rotation….”

        The same word was in use when Filipe Luis and Cuadrado played at Chelsea last season

  6. Objectively he improves Chelsea’s starting XI.

    The main problem Chelsea had was their right flank and that came in 2 forms, the lack of a natural overlapping full back in Ivanovic and the lack of a goal threat on the right wing in Willian.

    Willian is excellent defensively but he doesn’t give Chelsea the natural width other teams get from wide forwards, which isn’t surprising because he isn’t a winger he played as a no.10 for Shaktar.

    Pedro on the other hand is a natural wide forward that looks to beat his man attacking out wide, more crucially Pedro is a goal threat. He will in no uncertain terms improve Chelsea and would have improved any team in the EPL.

    If Chelsea play a natural ful back out left and their new LB on the right they would be a better team than they were at their height of last season.

    Would I worry? it’s unsettling if you really look at it objectively but we’ll see how he does. It will add to Chelsea’s squad certainly. I hope Wegner just adds the players he should is all.

      1. Yup, me 2. “He’ll be a flop won’t do well”

        21 goals in 26 games in the EPL, not a bad return I’d say but c’est la ve.

        Chelsea confirm Pedro
        City confirm Otamendi

        Muff and true do synchronized swimming at your nearest pub. Coming to a town near you.

        1. Also remember how the same lot shat their pants when United signed Falcao..

          That turned out pretty well too.

          1. Yes, remember the ritual cacking pants routine when City spent £35M on a CB last season and this January when Cuadrado joined Chelsea. That wide spot at Chelski is cursed, Schurrle, De Bruyne, Salah, Cuadrado and Willian a class No.10 at Shaktar converted to an advanced right back. Maybe Pedro will be a case of 6th time lucky. I think he is a great player – but a Barca hometown boy through and through reluctantly moving on quite late in his career. Don’t doubt his ability/attitude – will all be down to adjustment, settling in and mental state. He could do an “Alexis” but a “Di Maria” appears to be the better bet imo.

            1. Cursed or not, they won the title so what is your point? Can you count the number of Arsenal flops? You are just doing this to defend our lack of signings but it doesn’t look pretty.

          2. @thats funjny u mention the falcao loan.
            i would have mentioned the di maria experiment- that was way worse.
            what a fail.

            in fairness ur comparing a falcao after a severe injury an playing in monaco to all the caviar a pedro who is an understudy to the best trio in world football an has been playing in the best teams in football history.

      2. Yes, I’m still laughing – he is pure entertainment. Did very well last calendar year but is a real concern for Chelsea since Xmas in terms of both form and fitness. I get depressed seeing his name in the same sentences as Suarez, Aguero, Lewandoski etc – he is nowhere near their level imo. I said elsewhere if he repeats his first half season for Chelsea for the whole of the next two campaigns he could be properly considered world class. His career goal/game rate is less than Giroud for crying out loud so how does that compute? The guy is at his peak and has had 2 good seasons in his career, nearly all his goals last year were flat-track bully goals, none in UCL. He is box office though – nearly everyone has worked out how to press his buttons, not a difficult task admittedly.

        1. oh yes here we go, now implying giroud is somehow superior to costa.

          i will steal ur unicorn and smash it against the nearest rainbow if you keep talking such drivel.

          most of chelsea team have started season with fitness issues. .injury yes thats an issue an yes hes a nasty piece of fluff…but i stand by what i said when the transfer went through diego costa is only behind sergio aguero in this league-no one else.

          1. muff – you are making your own inference so here, have my unicorn………I am happy to agree Costa is a better striker but I just enjoy pointing out the daftness of some of the hyperbole on here when the green-eyed ones start worshipping the opposition and eulogising “world class this and that” – and it always has to be at the expense of our own guys. This is how it goes:

            Costa = world class, monster, lethal apex predator striker, game changer, legend in the making
            Giroud = pub standard, talentless, inept, bumbling, clueless, lampost-cum-donkey

            and yet Costa has a lesser goal record. A man of your talent and intelligence should recognise the absurdity.

              1. i wont lie tho i actually enjoy transfer windows now- the silly names thrown about, the commotion , the tendency to overlook our own players as other teams spend money.

                have ur unicorn back mate…shes a beauty

                1. Man I’d be lying if I said I enjoy it. I do like spectating though – it is like slaughter of the innocents on here at times, the naivety of some is truly something to behold.

                  I think you must be just about the happiest guy on the forum – you seem to enjoy it all. Kudos – always jealous of happy person because I am innately miserable.

            1. you are very funny man. you think we must praise our players irrespective of knowing that they are nowhere near what we need at the club. you are clueless and a clone. If you agree that our club is one of the best in the world then surely the best players must be playing there too. Don’t you think so?

        2. Well he scored against Arsenal in the game he played, he scores vs Liverpool in the game he played, hit the post vs City. The other fixtures he was injured for, hardly his fault.

          He was a real concern for Chelsea after Christmas? He hit a brace against Swansea and was out was out injured for most of the rest. He scored vs every top team he played against except City. You can’t measure a striker solely off the goals he scores.

          Drogba spent 9 years at Chelsea and in only 2 of those seasons did he score more than 16 goals in ALL competitions yet no one would think Giroud is a better striker than Drogba.

          1. All reasonable stuff – but isn’t “hit the post vs City” right at the bottom of the barrel?? 🙂 . You mention Swansea and Liverpool – I think they were his only 2 decisive winning goal contributions. The concern after Xmas is his fitness – and if his lack of form now is still down to fitness then the problem hasn’t gone away. Don’t take my word for it – listen to the Shed boys on their forums.

            As you say, I agree there is more to a striker than goals – but you have to say there is a certain irony though when you look at how little traction that argument gets on here when it is applied to OG.

            1. The big issue I take is that Giroud just doesn’t carry the same offensive threat either Aguero or Costa carry. For every goal Giroud scores he’ll miss a bunch of other crucial chances. I don’t identify myself with the “Giroud is good today but bad tomorrow bunch”. I think Giroud is a good striker but I don’t think Arsenal will win the league with him.

              You raise the point that Giroud has a better ratio than Costa but Costa has only been playing as a lone front man for 2 seasons. In both he net 20 league goals or more. In his previous season he played second fiddle to Falcao and was primarily a wide forward.

              His form this season has looked solid, the entire Chelsea team behind him has looked sluggish. He was the only Chelsea player that provided any width vs Swansea and vs City he was isolated as he was last season vs City.

              As for your previous point on contributions:
              I’d say the goal he scored vs us was a deciding contribution as it killed the game. I’d also say his goals vs Everton were pretty meaningful especially given the crazy nature of that match. Generally speaking Chelsea are a far different team when he plays than without him and was a big reason they tailed off after January last season. Both he and Remy were out injured for most of the second half of the season.

              Ironic in regards to Giroud? Absolutely but only in the sense that it never gets considered in discussion, in actuality I don’t think Giroud has done enough to put him in the boat where his goal tally or lack thereof has him exempt due to his non statistical contributions

    1. I don’t think they’d mind either way, chances are they’d bench Willian and play Oscar instead but it gives them options, especially as Oscar usually pulls a Fabregas mid season but to be fair to him he’s played more football than anyone in the past 3 or so years, hasn’t had a summer break (Olympics, World Cup, Confed Cup) and just had his first pre season since being at Chelsea for 4 years. Goes a long way to having options on the bench at least which was a big part of their drop off last season.

  7. no need for 4th place junkies on this site to worry …chelsea were only 12 points better than us last season and have strengthened their first XI but we have taken their substitute GK who is class cost us a couple of points but can make that up against lower opposition, man city have strengthened and will probably bring in de bruyne but we cant compete with oil money anyway man utd? your kiddin we have coquelin walcott and giroud who are world class compared with their players in those positions…so no f****** worries 4th place guaranteed….will buy one of those wenger sleeping bags and jerk off to his wispering homilies about cohesion and team spirit…might have to get a bit upset at xmas when we`ve slipped a bit but will be back in for a champions league place come march singing the praises to the idiot grenouille and how he has delivered so much despite the voodo curse that was put on us by the evil neville brothers and the midget owen….no worries polishing up the irons for a quick round of golf hope i can get a selfie with rambo and the boss which will make my day…f****** solzhenitsyn couldnt have made up a day in the life of an AKB without crying

    1. Man city may have strengthen the defense
      Otamendi> boyata,

      But lampard,dzeko,jovetic,negredo,milner>Delph,sterling unal
      Shows offensively they aren’t as potent
      Demichelis,kompany,sagna on the decline

      Filipe luiz >baba Rahman
      Cech> begovic
      Drogba replaced by falqao
      Ivanovic,terry on the decline?
      3full backs/ 3 cb

      1. Thanks JB – always good to get the glass half full viewpoint on here as well as the tsunami of glass half empty ones. End of the day every team has 11 blokes with 2 legs each kicking a ball around for 90 mins – you’d be given for thinking the other teams are cheating and filling their ranks with superheroes possessing unearthly gifts.

  8. Mourinho, Who is trying to buy the Title now???
    He looks like an idiot saying Wenger is

    Anyway, Pedro, Hazard, Fabregas, Costa is an excellent attack. They have also Remy, Falcao, Cuadrado, Villain

    Anyway, I’m more concerned with Arsenal
    We have Ozil, Alexis, Walcott, Oxlade, Giroud, Cazorla which is nearly good enough

    Ideally, getting another LW who can play other positions would be great like Reus, Greizmann, Draxler or Gotze AND a Top CF like Benzema, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic, Cavani would be nice. However, I will settle for just a Top CF

    I’m also still hoping for Krychowiak

    1. like the way u say ..ideally get another player like…then proceed to name the worlds best players

      thats like me saying mum can i have a car for my 18th…like an rolls royce phantom or a bugatti veyron
      sure son…mikes got a 1998 fiat punto with racing stripes on it for sale.

      1. Well is it not possible to get any of these players?
        At least Draxler, Cavani, if not the others. I mean we got Ozil from Real Madrid and Alexis from Barcelona, so it’s not impossible

        I purposely chose players we could afford. I didn’t mention Suarez, Messi, Ronaldo, Bale who cost more than £60 million

        Wenger would not have looked into getting Lewandowski, Muller, Benzema if he didn’t think it was possible. He spent over £40 millon on Ozil, over £30 millon on Alexis

        I still believe we will get one of those players

        1. The difference being Ozil and Sanchez were surplus to requirement at Real Madrid and Barcelona. Does this take away from the fact they are excellent signings? No but the deal for both was more opportunistic than financial clout.

          We didn’t pull them from their clubs, they weren’t needed there any longer so they were allowed to go. If Goetze or Draxler become available inexplicably, Arsenal won’t have the easy feat of buying them fairly uncontested

    1. your SOURCE agent alexis twitter has now closed-

      my my what will you do without him….ahh thats ok

      still got emanuele an the Venezuelan with big boobs

      1. Buddy he changed his name to alexisdun85 … He is not one of those “Agent_woody” guys

  9. @AlexisDun85 he has got every single transfer right so far. Go ahead and read his tweets guys.

      1. Told you.. i was hoping to tell you about him later. He seems to be a very very reliable source

  10. It’s not Girouds comparison in terms of goals with anyone……but with number of chances created by our midfileders and Giroud’s conversion rate with respect to those chances……..and when you see that………you are absolutely right to demand a new striker…….I don’t want to imagine how many goals will a new striker score…..but if we buy a new striker……… it will definitely give a new and better dimension to our attack….!!

    And I don’t consider Walcott a striker…..for me he just doesn’t fit that way……surely don’t….!!

  11. We do not really know if the players which our opponents buy are going to make them better in the long season run, but it will however give the opponents a lift, figuring they can achieve great things with the new additions.

    As an arsenal fan i feel as if i am a student starting the new school year in the same old clothes of last year, while everyone is passing me by in their new outfits and gears for the new school year, with your mom telling you your old clothes can do for the school year. All she bought you was a new pen.

  12. You nailed it man. I’ve been saying this for years. Arsene is doing opportunistic buying(Ozil, Alexis, Chech) but we need more ambition than that.

  13. The hypocrite accuses others of wanting to buy the title with new signings. Mourinho is a joke.

  14. Pedro ll be a good team player at chelsea, not what Arsenal needs now bcoz Giroud is rated ahead of him. We only need a better striker to OG if not we rather not sign any striker. I believe Wenger ll sign player b4 transfer closes, ,and that’s what I want too. If doesn’t we move on. Fans should stop insulting Wenger anyhow, he is d manager, he knows what he wants , we r fans is a coach. He knows better. Best of luck to my dear club Arsenal.

  15. Why on earth should we worry about pedro. when we got ozil, sanchez, the list is long of our stars. lets buy our own type. COYG. Ya Gunners Ya.

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