Should Arsenal fans worry about Man Utd scouting Lacazette?

I cannot help but have the feeling that the ‘release’ of the news about Manchester United having looked closely at the new Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette but passing up on the chance to sign him because of the scouting reports are a bit too convenient.

After all, we know that Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger are not exactly the best of chums and the Portuguese has never passed up the opportunity to throw some shade the way of his rival, so you could see that this is just an attempt to take the gloss of what appears to be a great bit of transfer business for Wenger and Arsenal.

Another reason to believe this is that United have been trying and often failing to sign all sorts of players in recent years and I find it hard to see them not wanting a player with the proven ability and scoring record of Lacazette.

Having said all that, do we need to take a close look at what the reports are saying? The apparent doubts over Lacazette, reports The Guardian, concern his mentality, specifically his ability to perform at his best in big games when it really counts, and his ability to cope with the physical challenges of the Premier League.

Does the fact that the 26-year old only have 11 caps and a single goal for the France national team support these concerns? Only time will tell, of course, but I personally do not think so. Are you worried Gooners?



  1. Not worried about Mourinho or Man U says. They have been pathetic in their spending ever since Ferguson left. The amount of money they have spent and still failing to be in the top four says a lot. I am sure Lacazette will be a success this coming season. There is a lot at stake for Wenger and the board at the moment, and they are doing the best to bring in new players so that we can get some trophies during the coming season. I have never looked forward to a season like l am now, believe you me this will be a season to remember!

    1. Mourinho likes to bark where is not necessarily. i am real not worried about him since he got sacked from chelsea he is gone useless with his mind games when it comes to arsenal. For his Lukaku i never consider him been like striker he is like Wilfred Bony . For 11 Games he played vs arsenal only 2 or 3 goals scored. The last game recently he did not scored we beat Everton, He got more goals to the small teams . Jose is a looser, man united every season buys expensive players but where are they on the log ???

      He only see Lakaku now when Conte wanted him that shows how pathetic Mourinho is. i am more than happy of signing Lacazette , He is a good finisher .

  2. No.

    I believed in Lacazette before we signed him. Also the combination of Lacazette, Alexis, Ozil and hopefully Lemar or Mbappe will make Lacazette even better.

    We need a CF who is capable of 25 goals per season. I believe that Lacazette can do that. Also, it’s possible Lacazette could score more goals than Lukaku. Furthermore, we were never going to spend £75 million on Lukaku. £46-£52 for Lacazette is excellent value for money.

    I am very happy with Lacazette and hopefully today he will score his first goals for Arsenal.

    I think kickoff is around 11am btw

    1. Lacazette and Fekir had a good understanding and I am excited to see what Ozil and Lacazette can do, I will be watching the game without fail ^.^

      Ozil is saying the right stuff as well, I think he was looking for AFC to sign a CF like Lacazette to bring the best out of him and he looks eager to link up with him on the pitch, I can’t wait to see how he does, really excited.

  3. Not really worried here… Mou knows jack all when it comes to creative players.. He didnt hesitate to sell quality players like mata, de bryune, cuadrado and even lukaku!
    Laca will turn out to be a top signing..

    1. Good point. I forgot about it. Funny fact, he sold Lukaku about 40M as Chelsea manager, then he bought Lukaku for 75M pounds now. And Kevin de Bruyne? Surely he has the most knowing about talented player, LOL!

  4. This thing is being given too much attention.There a lot of players Arsenal passed up on that Mourinho may have also signed you know.In fact there a lot of top players who Arsenal passed up on signing when they were young and for some even matured.Does this mean they aren’t good enough?Wenger even regrets passing up on certain players.The fact is that everyone has his basis for signing or not signing a player.Clearly, Wenger and Mourinho both have their basis on whether Lacazette was good enough.One player who is deemed average to another team could be deemed useless to another team.I just don’t know why much attention is being given to this thing.One thing I know for sure is Laca is a good finisher and that’s alk he needs this season.If Lacazette brings his finishing boots this season it’s going to be goals galore.

  5. Speaking of United
    They may be going in for Nainggolan

    Wish we were going in for him. He would solve our central midfield. He is one of the best central midfielders in the world. He is equally good defensively as offensively. A truly complete midfielder

    I think a player like him could complete our team.

  6. Lots of quality strikers never really did it on the international stage, so I am not too bothered with his poor record for France. Wright, and Cole, are good examples from England.

  7. “specifically his ability to perform at his best in big games when it really counts,”

    That was something that Jose said, he decided on Lukaku as Lacazette isn’t a big game player… then I seen a stat of 5 goals in 35 games against the top 6 for Lukaku.

    I think Jose got the scouting reports mixed up XD

  8. Please…

    Compare Lacazette against the top five teams he plays agains vs the top five teams lukaku plays against and it’s not even close who showed up for big games. And yes you can compare the EPL to the French league all you want but when Lyon played a “big game” you can bet Lacazette was going to show up. Look at “big games” for lukaku and you might be wondering how in the hell his transfer fee was £75 much less £75 mil. Moho is a joke

    1. I think Holding could get into Lukaku’s head. Glad we finally have a player who ties this stuff during big games, he even got Per helping.

  9. We cannot predict anything since he has not even played a single minute for arsenal.But one thing is for sure;he is a somewhat clinical and hardworking CF.He may miss one chance but the ball ought to go in at the second or third time of asking.

  10. no offence to the admin of this site, but you guys make some of the stupidest assumptions very often lately. Since when do we care about what other clubs think of us? or stating the obvious.

    Come on

  11. Are we really bothered what Mourinho says……remember this is the man who didn’t think DeBruyne would make it at the top. This latest thing is just a pathetic attempt at mind games again. He really is one person I loathe !!!

  12. Even if we are worried it’s a bit late now we’ve bought him!!
    Mourinho loves to stick the knife in and maybe the reports are true but Wenger sees something others can’t and knows how he can get the best out of him.
    My only concern is maybe the physicality of the pl he looks strong but quite slight.
    Saying that chicarito didn’t do badly and MU, both poachers #foxinthebox

  13. The statement was clearly orchestrated by Man UTD to build up this debate. If you read the full thing their argument against signing him was that he scored a lot of penalties… But then they signed Lukaku… who took all of Evertons penalties… Also who has looked at Harry Kanes record and gone ‘yeah but he takes the penalties…’.

    Lacazettes record, even if you take penalties out, speaks for itself. He scores consistently, against all teams, big or small. Lukaku scores against relegation candidates, and does NOT run. If you guys are annoyed with the lack of movement from Giroud, watch and Everton game from last season.

  14. Mourinho should be worried about his own player. He is blowing through wads of cash like there is no tomorrow, Lukaku could end up at 100m, he’ll never be worth that price tag not imo. Mbappe is the 100m player people want, Lukaku pfft. He wanted the physical presence, but players like that aren’t usually as agile as the ones who aren’t. Both have their advantages and both have weaknesses, for us playing our way Lacazette is better suited, we tend to build up and even overplay at times but hopefully Lacazette will sort that out by going goal crazy. So Lac suits us more because he will be involved with much of our build up.

    I bet Arsene could tell us similar to what Mourinho done but Wenger is not gonna stoop, he’s not brattish like Mour. Wenger would have looked at Lukaku too, and Mour knows it, and he knows that Wenger never tried bidding for him because he’s not good with the ball at his feet unless he’s near the six yard area. It’s all very childish from Mourinho, and he pretends not to know why Wenger gets more respect from people within and around the game. Wenger’s worse in him, it is Mourinho who brings it out, calling him a loser and questioning his every move. Mourinho reminds me of a friend I used to have who was great at deflection. Anytime you caught him out or he was wrong about something he was great at deflecting it onto something completely different, before you knew it you were in another argument altogether and at the time neither of us could say we were right.

  15. When you are in love with someone who does not care about you, you feel a bit frustrated.
    I think that’ s the case of Mour toward Mr Wenger.
    Mr Wenger ignores him and he cannot stand that.

  16. I think we can ignore Mourinho and what he thinks.

    That does not mean that we don’t know that foreign players are always a risk with respect to their adaptation to the PL. And it is true that if Lacazette has one “weakness” it is his lack of size. Same goes for Sanchez and he had no problems scoring at will so size isn’t everything in the PL.

    I think Lacazette was a risk worth taking and he was not a one season wonder. Can he score more than 20-25 in the PL? Who knows? I am sure we all hope so.

    I am happy we went for him and hope he can reproduce his scoring in the PL for us.

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