Should Arsenal focus on only the Premier League in the second half of the season?

Arsenal has had a terrific first half of the season in the Premier League, and the fans will want them to continue that way on the return of football.

They have also done well in the Europa League, although they have already been knocked out of the Carabao Cup.

Mikel Arteta’s men are still competing in three competitions, with the FA Cup resuming in the new year.

With a thin squad, it can be tasking to want to win all the trophies you are competing for.

It remains unclear if the Gunners will significantly strengthen their group in January, and there is also no guarantee they will find top talents to bolster the squad when the transfer window reopens.

When you want to use a small squad to chase too many trophies, you ultimately win none because players get tired and injured.

This raises the question, should Arsenal focus on winning the Premier League at the cost of other competitions?

Winning the Europa League also guarantees a return to the UCL, but their chances of lifting that trophy are probably slimmer.

If new players join the club at the start of the new year, they could continue to compete on all fronts.

Otherwise, it is probably smarter to focus on the EPL so that key players can be rested in the cup and European games to avoid being overused.

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  1. I think we need to focus on PL and EL both..
    Our target for this season still remains to be top 4
    Champions League football…
    And Europa is also one of the route to reach Champions League football…
    So we need to focus on both..
    We need reinforcement in January..

    1. If the target is to make the CL next season then the focus inevitably has to be the PL and EL with somewhat greater emphasis on the PL for now.
      There are many variables that you can’t control so there needs to be some flexibility in thought and approach depending on how the season pans out.

  2. We are 11 pts above 4th place so it would take a monumental collapse to blow that even with jesus missing 9 matches. Yes it would be nice to add a European trophy given our lack of it BUT if we are still in a title race in say April, Epl takes priority.

    Our last Epl was nearly 20 years ago, last time we had a real challenge was 2007-2008. 13-14 was good except we got spanked by all big teams that season.

    1. Yes, we’d better focus on EPL only if we’re still leading in April

      Before that, Arsenal have got to allocate their main resources for both EPL and EL

      They should play their fringe and young players in FA Cup and League Cup matches, to keep their main players fresh for more important games

  3. Yes we need squad depth regardless of the amount of competitions we are involved in, an injury to one or two of our players and we are in big trouble.

    Paul Merson is right make Savic one of them and that could go a long way.

  4. I would like to see us go all in ,in the league
    If we manage to win in a trophy then that’s a bonus .
    Top 3 should be the aim for the remainder of the season IMO and I think we will do that easy regardless of injuries.
    Merry Xmas to you all 🍻

  5. Priorities for me in this order Premier League, Europa League then Fa Cup at the bottom of that list. Reason being it has been 18 years since we were champions of England so it would be great to finally achieve that again but I also think it is important to win the Europa having never won it or the former format Uefa Cup, being in it for 5 straight years and not winning it would be a real shame besides it would be a fitting way to end our chapter by winning it and never return to the competition because we become a regular Champions League club again. The Fa Cup we have won 14 times already so missing out this year would not be the end of the world.

  6. I think we need to focus on the next game, then after that focus on the next game and then after that…….etc, etc, no matter whatever the competition!

  7. 100%, as much as I want a trophy long term sustainability matters more.

    Getting back into the champions league means £35-65 million in revenue a season plus better players will want to join.

    As we have seen over the past 6 seasons, not having CL has hurt us on and off the pitch.

    If the squad players get through to euro quarters or fa cup semi then play the best 11.

  8. I believe arsenal is a big club hence it should aim to win any competition it’s involved in. The issue of prioritizing a given competition should not be the case.

    1. The aim is always to win every competition. However, it is unrealistic to expect Arsenal to approach all competitions without prioritisation.

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