Should Arsenal gazump Man United to get Trippier?

Arsenal are looking to sign Atletico Madrid’s Kieran Trippier in their bid to replace wantaway defender Hector Bellerin, according to The Sun.

Right-back is one of the positions that Mikel Arteta and the club had in their minds, which they thought needed some attention. Bellerin has reportedly already made clear his desire to leave the Emirates Stadium, 10 years after joining from Barcelona’s La Masia academy in 2011.

Calum Chambers and Cedric have somewhat impressed in that side of the pitch, but both are not seen as long-term solutions.

The Gunners don’t boast a similar profile to Kieran Tierney, whose lung-bursting runs have been a constant menace for the opposition’s full-backs, since his move to North London in 2019.

Several names across Europe have been linked to Arsenal with some high-profile names being Sergiño Dest and Max Aarons.

Kieran Trippier is the brand-new name that have come to the fore, as the club tries to strengthen the first-team squad, after two underwhelming campaigns.

The 31-year-old has been tracked by Manchester United for a long time now, but the Red Devils have failed to agree on a final fee with their Spanish counterparts.

While the La Liga champions value him around £35million, the Europa League finalists are not willing to pay upwards of £20million.

If the Englishman makes a switch to the Emirates Stadium, he will bring with him bags of experience. The former Spu*s full-back has made 107 Premier League appearances, 53 La Liga appearances and 33 for the England national team.

But the Gunners faithful would argue that signing the experienced defender might come back to haunt them. If Arsenal sign Trippier, he will hardly have any sell-on value, a pond where Arsenal have continuously dipped their toes in and have pulled it out with burned feet.

Some Arsenal fans were concerned about the latest development

The North London outfit certainly have money to spend this summer, but they should be careful in splashing the cash smartly, a case which has been a rare sighting at the Emirates for several years.

Even though a good player, Arsenal should stay away from Trippier, in my opinion. We have made far too mistakes again and again to not learn anything.

With Atletico wanting around £34million, the club should question themselves that can they get in a younger defender, who will be only headed in one direction.

The Gunners can definitely get a right-back of high potential for less or similar to what the Madrid-based club are asking for. Max Aarons, Tariq Lamptey and even Ridle Baku are the names that cross my mind.

I don’t know how genuine the interest is. But if it is really genuine, I would be concerned.

Yash Bisht

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  1. GunneRay says:

    Even at £32m he’s over priced. Another expensive Englishman for his age!

  2. Liam says:

    Lukaku is over priced at 100 million but can you hear the Chelsea fans crying about it ? Sancho and Grealish ain’t worth the money city and United paid but you cant hear them crying either. Everyday we fall further behind the top 4. Trippier and Maddison might be overpriced but they improve the team massively.

    1. SueP says:

      The 3 players you mentioned are signed to 3 of the richest clubs where historically the owners have spent huge sums. They also have players that have a sell on value. I feel your pain but sadly we are not such a club and have several players on the books with minimal resale value to boost our chances in the market

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        👍 SueP, the voice of reason.

    2. John Ibrahim says:

      so we should spend big in covid situation where everyone is suffering….

      hosiptals, vaccine, medical research and etc should be abandon and just spend every cent on players

      cost of building and setting up a hospital can cost up at least 100m dollars pending on number of beds and facilities

      1. Gunners4life says:

        Lmao, the money will never go to hospital.. It is either for player transfer or Stan’s pocket….

    3. Logic says:

      Liam, people don’t mind club spending money or paying a bit over the odds but for a quality player trippier is no way a quality player and Madison is too much for £70. The players our rivals have bought are proven and quality players. I don’t see how trippier and Madison are going to make us top 4 team. I also do not agree with SueP comments. If you look at the figures we have spend almost same as other so called rich clubs in last 4-5 windows this one is on going. So putting the failure blame on field and bad management of players on club for not providing enough funds is not justified. We has a better squad then licester then 2-3 teams who finished above us. We have mismanaged and poorley handled the transfers on both fronts incoming as well as outgoing.

  3. JOEL says:

    Given his age,transfer fee and likely wages Arsenal should steer clear of Trippier.
    That said it’s crucial to bring in a new right back who would remedy the obvious lopsided nature of the current team.
    I would think that Aarons or Dumfries would be far better alternatives given their ages Obviously neither would come cheap but they would at least maintain their value in the long term and also offer the ability to improve their game and a great desire to fit within Arteta’s playing system.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Please don’t re-publish any articles from The Sun here, because they’re usually ridiculous

    Trippier will be 31 years old soon and he’d likely cost more than 20 M. I don’t think Arsenal will buy an overpriced old RB

    I also predict we won’t sign another player until we sell Lacazette and Nketiah. So don’t be disappointed if we end up with Tavares, Lokonga and White only, since they cost around 75 M

    1. Sean Williams says:


      “Don’t be disappointed”. Of course supporters will be disappointed with just three signings. You may well be right that Arsenal will be true to Character and halt transfer proceedings, but without another midfielder, we only have Xhaka, Elneny, and Lokonga (Partey later)….Groundhog Day!!! Last season at least we had Odegaard and Ceballos (poor). We would finish tenth with that midfield. We should be disappointed if we have ended proceedings. Very disappointed.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Don’t forget we still have Willock, Chambers, Torreira, White, Azeez, Patino and Cottrell for the DM roles. We have many hot midfield prospects

        1. Sean Williams says:

          Yes for the future……..but not now. Torreira will not play for us, and we need a midfield maestro. Azeez, Patino and Cottrell are not ready and it would be grossly unfair to put a burden on their shoulders. Chambers and White are not creative midfielders. Think it out. We are in a real world situation. We…….factually, empirically need a creative midfielder….now.

          1. gotanidea says:

            Fancy creative CAM can be replaced by a hardworking presser. Okazaki has proven that when he played behind Vardy and Smith-Rowe is doing it for us

            Liverpool have proven to be a better team without a no 10 like Coutinho and Klopp said no playmaker in the world can be as good as good counterpressing

          2. Sean Williams says:

            Sad that you are happy with our poor football. You accept crap.

          3. Sean Williams says:

            Our midfield press is Elneny and Xhaka. What are you thinking?

          4. The-Real-Vieira-Lynn-4ever says:

            Sean, don’t waste your time trying to have a rational discussion with someone who, on the surface may appear to be highly rational, due to his unconfrontational demeanor, but is undoubtedly irrational when it comes to most things Arsenal-related

    2. Yash Bisht says:

      The Sun has been impressive and mostly accurate in this transfer window

  5. Crowther says:

    Having watched some games during this preseason,i some how think that we shall finish in 7th position(at best) with this current team.Much as people here praise xhaka for being unic in how he plays but that does not count if he’s still slow in moving the ball forward and also pressing high,yesterday i watched manure game where i realised that if we’re still far behind in terms of how we create chances and convert them,we shall only be after fullfilling FA clauses of playing every game of epl

  6. fairfan says:

    Arsenal now only sign players 23 or under.
    Sell Bellerin 12m buy Max Aarons 21 and home grown. 25m is a reasonable fee.
    Aarons Chambers Soares =3 RB.
    Chambers CB cover.
    Sell AMN 15m or Willock 20m
    English quota players
    Ramsdale Aarons Holding White Chambers Nketiah Willock/Niles Nelson.

  7. Sean Williams says:

    Oh my….another oldie. Coming up to 31 next month. What is a matter with you? Giving out another lazy mans contract. Max Aarons is 21 and becoming a quality full back. 10 years more value in Max Aarons.

  8. Charlie says:

    What’s wrong with going for Dumfries the Dutch RB? Similar to Tierney in he’s powerful and got 3 lungs. Also I could be wrong I heard he was available for £15M surely a no brainer and he’s still young only 25… worth a go I reckon

  9. Mayor Francis says:

    Get Max Aaron at all cost, failure to do so will affect our performance on the long run. We need a quality right back and Aaron tick all the boxes, not Trippier.

    1. Yash Bisht says:

      I totally agree with you. Big names, especially who are in their thirties, don’t always deliver

  10. Andrew Elder says:

    Three things against this one, nearly 31, potential cost (£20-£30m) and he’s an ex-Spud. No thanks.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      👍 Keep what Arsenal have and introduce Joel Lopez and Tavares (can play RB as well as LB). Allocate available funds to upgrade the midfield.

  11. AFCam says:

    As per Mr Elder, short answer is NO.
    With sp&rs nicking Martinez i am not that fussed as i have fancied Vlahovic all along, one never knows.If are skint and relying on selling a bunch of players we cant even give away , then why are the club pretending to go for the star , pricey players? maddison read Aouar , martines read another cheski reject is how it will read , at best if we keep dithering.I wonder who will be our deadline panic buy this year , as Arteta was once one himself

  12. Ozziegunner says:

    👍 Keep what Arsenal have and introduce Joel Lopez and Tavares (can play RB as well as LB). Allocate available funds to upgrade the midfield.

  13. Logic says:

    No thank you. Over hyped, over priced and not the quality you need in defence when you are not really renowned for defending specially with our almost new back four this season.

  14. CUPPERS says:

    Aarons all day long, put the money on the table with a sensible bid and get him, Kevin Campbell recently said he doesn’t know why we don’t put in a bid for Coufal at West Ham, arguably their best player last season, solid proper old score right back that’s proven, having new contract problems, not offering a better financial package, would improve us instantly, and sensible price, although West Ham would make it hard, food for thought. Also only 28 yrs, would get 3 maybe 4 seasons out of him.

  15. Biscuitbum says:

    Provided it doesn’t affect our ability to afford any of the players we are interested in, I would like to see a specialist right-back sign. Although I would prefer Max Aarons, I suspect he won’t be sold. Bellers has become too unreliable these days, and using fill-ins like Chambers isn’t the answer, so Trippier would be a good addition. It would be ironic if Arsenal were to be supplying two defenders to the England squad.

  16. JW says:

    Is Trippier a defensive midfielder or a goal scoring forward?

    If not, we should not buy him.

    We have much higher priorities!!

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