Should Arsenal get Allegri now? Or give Emery more time?

After Arsenal’s gutwrenching defeat at newly-promoted Sheffield United, the usual kneejerk reaction has come from fans calling for Emery’s head. We have had analysis that shows clearly that Arsenal have not improved at all this season, and a case could be made that we are going backwards.

But there is also the fact that we are only just getting Lacazette, Tierney, Bellerin and Holding back, and although the big story is that Darren Bent thinks we should sack Emery and get Allegri now, the fact is that he gave both sides of the story. He was quoted in the Express as saying on Talksport: “It’s a tough one because you’d say a lot of Arsenal fans now, with Allegri waiting there, most Arsenal fans would say ‘strike now’ because they’ve missed out on managers previously when Wenger was there,”

“But then you think to yourself ‘give him a chance to get some players back’.

“You talk about Hector Bellerin, Rob Holding, Kieran Tierney who was on the bench [on Monday] and Holding was on the bench. Defensively these guys will make a difference.

“I don’t understand [why Tierney and Holding were on the bench]. Defensively, if you go Bellerin, David Luiz, Rob Holding and Tierney, that is a very, very good back four with the goalkeeper.

“But for whatever reason, you can see the players last night, Sokratis, they’re not good enough.

“But with the situation at United and at Spurs not being great, I think Arsenal might have to strike now.

“If they want to go and get Allegri rather than wait – listen he’s going to get a job, whether it be United or Spurs or one of them, Allegri’s going to go somewhere.”

He also mentioned that Zidane could be available son, but he concluded: “So for me, being an Arsenal fan, I’d like to see him given time but I’d understand why they’d pull the trigger now because they don’t want to miss out on one of these top managers, and Allegri being the one right now who’s out there and available to go and get.”

So, we all know our start to the season has been less than fantastic, but we are still in 5th place and if we improve drastically with all our players back, we can still easily make Top Four.

I personally think that there is no way Arsenal would sack Emery right now, do you?



  1. Get Allegri, Arteta, Nagelsman.

    Get anyone! Just please get Emery out. I’m so bored even when we win and our team selection is always wrong! We have lost our identity!

  2. What is the question. The headline says should they, the last sentence asks will they. My answer to these questions is: they definitely WON’T but they most definitely SHOULD 😁

  3. Zidane LOL
    But but but but he won the CL 3 times in a row…
    Sure, let’s also get him Bale and Ronaldo in their prime and add Casemiro, Modric, Kroos, also all in their prime if that is possible LOL

    But seriously, Arsenal should only consider managers who have achieved without having had a superior set of players (compared to other teams) while also having a footballing philosophy – something that Klopp did, for example at Borussia. These Zidane, Luis Enrique rumours are pointless. Even Allegri, perhaps, though he did win at Milan that first season, although with the best squad they’ve had these last 10 years.

    1. Exactly my point.
      Need young hungrier coaches looking to get the very best out of our squad, not coaches that’ll come in requesting for hundreds of millions for certain players

  4. Emery must go but I don’t think Allegri is the best option. Get that Ajax manager or RB Leipzig manager. Alternatively give it to Freddie Ljunberg, he can’t do any worse than Emery has done.

    1. Maurice, Ten Hag from Ajax definitely ticks a few boxes, a proven ability to work on a small budget, a proven ability to develop and work with young players, and a similar football philosophy to Wenger and Arsenal. We just don’t know if his experience will translate to the PL. Her would be worth a gamble.

  5. We all know our board won’t sack him now, even if he doesn’t make it to the UCL next season, I doubt they’ll sack him.
    Well, Whoever watches football will also tell you Allegro ain’t so different from Emery.
    They’re both pragmatic, only difference is Emery’s more obssessive with his proactive attitude and tactics.
    Sorry, I don’t want Allegri either.
    I’ll rather have Pochettino than have Allegri.
    I understand wanting Allegri to get the job because of his massive experience but I still think a younger and more hungrier coach looking to convince the world will be our best option.
    I know people might not like Poch, but the truth is he’s also a good young coach with loads of experience, I reckon if he has our team under him he’ll do massively good because he has to prove to world he’s also a top coach. Arsenal has everything he needs to win trophies.
    But his relationship with Spurs means I don’t see him being an option TBH.
    So again, I’ve been saying it since last season, I’ll rather have Arteta take the job and see what the young man can do with all the knowledge he has garnered from two of the very best football coaches.

    If not Arteta, Let Freddie take over, he did a good job with our academy, those kids played beautifully under him.
    He might end up pulling a Pep Guardiola at Arsenal.
    Any other young coach looking to build his trophy cabinet will be ideal for me.
    These old men should stay far away from our football club. Allegri might not be as old as Wenger or Pellegrini, but he’s old to me

    1. Just the options I had in mind, Erik Ten Haag is my favourite though, and I wouldn’t mind Pochettino either, because I believe he could achieve more with our squad. And like I said in one of my previous comments, I now feel Arteta won’t perform this bad if we had hired him instead of Emery. But I don’t think Allegri is that bad though

    2. Well said Eddie, Allegri plays a similar boring game so I can’t see the reason to get him. Ten Hag or Nagelsman would suit us fine, the board thinks Freddie needs more time, but it will mean Freddie will leave. I see no issues with making an SOS to Wenger till the end of the season, after which Freddie can take over…he would have learnt more under Wenger.

  6. No Allegri please, we need a braver manager. I still remember how Allegri chickened out in a CL stage two seasons ago and let Juventus got pinned down by Tottenham in England

    Besides, Arsenal had better try an EPL-proven manager next time, to avoid communication and culture problems

    Nonetheless, I think Emery would still survive till January, because of the upcoming easy home games. Unless the players deliberately play with minimum efforts to kick him out forcefully, as what they did to Wenger

  7. get anyone who does not play Xhaka, has an attacking formation, plays fearless football, has a resilient defence and someone who is not stubborn and has ego problems. Someone who preserves and takes forward the Arsenal way.

  8. Freddie can even take over in the meantime, just send Emery packing already. Maybe he already knows his contract won’t be extended, so he’s just setting us up for poor performance in the league so as to get a severance fee if his contract gets terminated earlier than originally agreed.
    Maybe the board should try negotiating a one year contract with the next candidate, and there should be guarantees that the contract will be extended if set targets are met.

      1. He already started ruining his professional reputation during his time at PSG, generating friction with players and all, and from all indications he’s carrying on with it here at Arsenal, destroying our brand of football while at it. The severance fee part was meant to be a joke anyways

        1. Simeone would go in much harder on players which he feels don’t show enough commitment, people keep saying that about Emery but most managers will fall out with a player from time, some more than others. Cole felt insulted over 5 grand extra a week and we lost our best ever left back to Che on a free. Wenger was too nice but even he had some spats, they kept it quiet then afterwards you’d hear someone having a go. Simeone, Allegri, or any top name you bring in, if there’s a player here who rubs them up the wrong way, you can be sure that they won’t placate the said player.

  9. Arsenal don’t need another outside manager give Freddie chance he is one of our Legend he will be more committed to the team , management and the Fans than any other Coach or manager . Emery should be allow to go now without any further delay. Enough is Enough.

    1. Yes, absolutely, with the additional benefit that the players won’t need someone to translate in order for them to understand what he is trying to tell them. Actually, maybe we would be even worse off if the player could understand Emery 😜😜

  10. Sanllehi said that Emery must get Arsenal back into Champions League. So, I think it only means that we have to wait until the end of the season.

    1. Even if Champions League is achieved, there is no guarantee that Emery’s contract would be extended into the third season. The option rests with Arsenal.

  11. please please & please no more chances, he has done more than enough to be sacked. We are ambitionless under Unai, no direction, no tactics, clueless, he has done his part for now

  12. For me, my first preference, all else being equal, is always PL experience. We never know how long it takes foreign managers and players to adapt to the PL if at all. This is why I would have liked Zaha over Pepe (but am still happy with the effort the club made for Pepe and still hope he will come good.)

    So as far as managers are concerned I would like Brendan Rodgers, Arteta, Freddie. In that order. I think Arteta has had better training as manager than Freddie has had. Can you learn from a better manager than Pep?

    Having said that, I would not say no to Allegri although his supposed poor English is a concern for me. Management is communication. If you can’t bring your ideas across you are unlikely to succeed. Pep’s English is good enough and the same goes for a Mourinho but IMO Emery’s English is a handicap for him and players.

    1. Arteta might be a good choice, for training purposes mostly though, because we have no idea if he thinks the same way as Pep with in-game management, which player to instruct or will he spot a mistake early with his tactical plan ..etc etc etc. He does look like he should come away from there as being the most privileged understudy – possibly most privileged US ever (having worked with Wenger and Pep). But some people are made to be the number 2’s, look at Klopp’s no2, Klopp used to have another fella who went his own way and he didn’t become Klopp 2.0, and the guy there now has had lots of offers but he maybe sees no2 and great wages with successful side as a good job. It would be a risk, calculated risk, but Wenger was a hugely risky one when we signed him, also we knew nothing about Wenger. Ljungberg, these for me are just punts, popular names but there’s no background to check, Vieira is out there managing so anyone thinking about ex Arsenal players would surely have some insights on PV4, also he was always a leader of men even when he wasn’t captain. Also the racism issue that comes up a lot, it’d be good to see us buck the trend more often, so long as it’s the right call.

  13. Allegri is the one I wanted and most fans would want, the other one is Simeone. I don’t think we’ll sack Emery this early but Allegri is a big name and he has winning experience also he was like Klopp at coming close to CL titles. It’s a tough one, Emery has to gel an entire squad almost within less than a season and half, we’ve had a lot of players coming and going and this league is usually second season syndrome for most players. Emery used Fabinho as a good example before saying give Pepe and Ceballos some time. Would someone like Allegri have gotten the players playing the way he wants no matter how many changes are made nor how many injuries we suffer, in less than a season and half. I’m not an expert but I do know that this was a big job that Emery had on his plate, still is.

  14. Can’t see Allegri or Simeone coming to us. They would want a huge salary at a time when the clubs number one priority is to cut wages. They would also want a hefty transfer budget.

  15. The simple fact is the board won’t get rid of him yet, maybe Christmas if he has really fallen off but more likely end of season.

    There is much that needs improving but it’s not beyond hope so they will give him the time. I wonder how many of these other managers mentioned would have coped with the injuries we’ve had, whilst so much change went on both within the team and behind the scenes? Maybe some of the more defensive minded ones would have fared slightly better but none of our players are good at sitting back and absorbing pressure (or Emery may have found it easier to do so). I doubt any attack minded coach would have found it any easier with the backline we’ve had, maybe attacking regardless would have worked but with just one striker firing I’m not so sure the goals would have come to allow us to out score every game. How many of them would have trusted unproven youngsters to be a staple part of every team they play, or would they have wanted more big money signings? No one can answer these because those managers weren’t there dealing with it 🤷‍♂️

    All we can do is look at what he has done so far, which even if you want him out, you have to admit hasn’t been terrible (admittedly he could have done so much better too) and hope he sorts it out soon.

    I think alot of the outrage against him comes from his attitude – he is an optimist and looks at the positives rather than focuses on the negatives. When he say our defense has made improvements, it’s because its true.
    Even with him still playing Kola, Sokratis and Luiz our backline has looked slightly more composed as the season has gone on. Nowhere near enough and could be so much better with simple player swaps now that Bellerin, KT and Holding are fit, but Sokratis doesn’t wrestle quite so much, Kolasinac remembers he has to defend more often and Luiz has dialled back his dark arts slightly. Why has he persisted with playing out from the back even though those defenders have struggled? How about because the team will be playing out from the back (KT, Bellerin and Holding are all more composed at doing so) so those players need to become better at it if they want to fit into the team he’s trying to build. Same goes for why he wants players who are willing to run all day, it’s a prerequisite for any pressing team. Simply put he has been trying to instill the basics for the team to play his way, I was accepting (not happy) of this when he had no choice but to field the backline he did, and took pleasure from the thought of how he had us performing in the UEL was a blueprint for the team in general. We play those games with good drive to not only win but to dominate, lots of pressing, much quicker playing out from the back helped by Martinez seems much better at choosing to play out or kick it long than Leno does (Leno or Emery to blame I don’t know) – everything I want to see from us.
    Sheffield was a massive kick in the b*lls because he had the opportunity to make the changes that will allow him to immediately play more to that style and for whatever reason he didn’t take it. Whilst I now have doubts, I still have hope that he will soon make the changes and we will significantly improve because I don’t see him going anywhere before the season is over no matter what we think or want 🤷‍♂️

    1. Madhatter, I’d have you in my corner any day, going by your defending of Emery!!! Spirited defence, sir, well done!!

  16. Allegri is not the right man for Arsenal, i believe if ljungberg is giving the opportunity he will perform excellently.

  17. The problem is if you appoint a manager who has done well when he has had the deepest pockets in his league how will he get on when he hasn’t ? None of the London clubs have the finances to win bidding wars with either of the Manchester clubs so there’s no chance of buying success. So do you look for someone with a proven track record or think outside the box as Chelsea did with Lampard ?

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