Should Arsenal get an A-rating for this transfer window?

Considering the torture that Arsenal fans normally go through in every transfer window, this must surely count as one of our best in recent memory, but does it warrant an A rating?

According to the ex-Arsenal Wenger-critic Paul Merson, we are only worth a B+, and here is his reasoning: “They could have done their deals a little bit earlier, but they’re not bad. Shkodran Mustafi is a good player, and Granit Xhaka from (Borussia) Gladbach looks a decent midfielder too” he said.

“There was a bit of panic towards the end but I’ll give them a B+ because they did one thing they needed to and that’s sign a centre-half.

“They would have got an A if they had signed a top forward because I’m not sure about Lucas Perez. He’s been in Spain and their national team have been looking for a centre forward for a long time and he hasn’t played.”

Merson gave Chelsea an A+ simply because of securing Kanta, and he thinks Mourinho is a god for getting Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Eric Bailly and Henrikh Mkhitaryan for a combined £150million.

“Jose Mourinho knew what he wanted and got it,” Merson added.

So how would you rate our window. If we compare it to previous Arsenal windows we should surely get an A+, but what if we compare it to our Premier League rivals?


  1. I can’t remember the last time Arsene signed three good players in their own right in a summer. Most pundits and fans are saying Mustasfi deserves the amount we paid for him judging by his performance last season in Valencia and also at the Euro.

    We also spend some good money on Xhaka.
    So I will say it was a good window for us judging by how Wenger does his business. We got just Cech before the start of last season..

    We now have Xhaka, Mustafi, Perez, Holding….Thats a decent line up I must say.. .not forgetting Asano.

  2. An A+? ? Come ooon! ? I know that Wenger has been getting away with kidding us for year’s! but please Stop this delusional beggars belief’s talk… Even a B+ was far too generous ?
    When I consider the net amount of money that was spent and the players that were bought, i would have to give Mr wenger a D…. For dunce and make him stand in the corner of the classroom with one of those pointed hats on his head.

    On a serious note, we can’t grade anything until we see the results on the pitch! ?

  3. B+ i actually think we have a really strong squad, it would have been A if we had done this before the season started. Can we win the PL Yes as we have a better squad than Leicester last year, However it all depends on players performing and the manager picking the right team for each game

  4. If perez and Mustafa turn out class we could surprise a few, its the most positive I’ve been for years please don’t let me down wenger

  5. I would give it a B rating, we got a solid Midfielder and center back, which is very good but it would have shot up to an A+ if we bought Abumeyang as our top striker. But on a whole we look quite balanced and covered in all positions.

  6. Very good transfer window. It is unfortunate that these positions were not filled a year ago. We had the money then, and the positions needed filling then. We would now be in a much better position regarding performance last season and persuading our top players to sign new contracts, like ozil and sanchez.

    But we are where we are, lets look forward to the coming season with a team without glaring deficiencies, for the first time in a long while.

    1. yup. Basically all these additions were a long time coming. And Our last 2 transfers would never have happened if Mert, Gab, and Welbeck didn’t all get injured. It’s a shame our transfer policy revolves around our injuries now, but I guess their injuries came with a silver lining.

  7. In’s:
    (Only the players that will be available to play this season)
    ( and out of these only Xhaka and Mustafi will be guaranteed starters)

    Jack wheelchair

    Once again, The master of delusion has pulled the wool over your eye’s ?

    1. FB i normally agree with you however, none of the Outs were regulars, but Mustafa and Xhaka will be, Holding IMO will turn out to be class and perez could be hit or miss but overall we are much stronger. i Think Wenger will replace Giroud next summer

      1. Hahaha ?
        I have no doubts about Holding or Xhaka but we could have done better with the money that was spent on perez and Mustafi… Anyways, Time will tell.
        But I can’t help but laugh at the A+ and the over-exaggerating of our strengthened squad. ??

    2. What is your problem mate? The transfers are not as bad as you make them out to be… (yes a top striker/winger would have been nice)

        1. And where did I say that they were bad signings? ?
          Your inner belief’s were sneaking out there mate! ?

      1. Hahaha I’m just bored mate ?
        I thought that I would stir things up and bring some excitement into your life! ? otherwise you wouldn’t have had nothing else to comment about…. Right? ?

  8. I am happy with our transfers, little late but finally we got what we wanted.
    Rating: B+, I don’t want to moan but if I was Wenger and considering it last year as an Arsenal manager, I would have forced board to place bid for Lewy or Auba or Griezmann (rumor is that Wenger wanted him but board rejected that suggestion.)

    Anyways window is over now and I hope Lucas turns out to be our Vardy and score 25+ goals for us. Xhaka and Mustafi are good signing but for me best bet was Holding. This lad really looks good and I am sure in another year or so he will be WC defender.

  9. For strengtening the team A+

    Quality of player A-

    Value for money A+ as usual

    If Wenger has got it right (he’s not usually wrong barring his 10 yr hiatus) we are a much better team than last years mob

  10. Im happy with the signings and I have to agree with Wenger that players are overpriced. There is no Striker at this stage that is Henry quality. Wellbeck for me if injury free can be the best striker around. He has to work on his finishing. We have a really good squad. Our defence is tops with kos, mustafi , per and Gabriel and Holding is a real bargain. He is going to be a top defender provided he develops properly. Xhaka is class , I see him as a future captain. I really feel that a LB Gibbs is gonna improve this season. He needs to be given a good run. Ozil, Alexis , santi, even Ramsay ..if these guys remain fit and are on form, they gonna run the show in midfield along with Ox . Hopefully owe new signing Perez turns out to b a success. Remember no one knew Kos, now in the French team an a key player. Same can happen to Perez, if he performs he can be rewarded. I hope some of the reserves pull thru well this season. Also iwobi is in the pic and we know his worth now. I really hope Akpoom can do the same. Watch Adelaide..have faith in the team this season. I think Wenger gonna Bow out in style..and give Giroud credit…top striker , just no pace but I rather have him then all the overrated strikers around. Wallcot too must wake up this season, he lacks skill but his pace and finishing is good. However pace fades. He must improve on his control. Off the topic but regarding the signings they are fair, happy with them. Just support the new guys and not drop them before they can even kick a ball on the pitch.I’m looking forward to this season.good luck gunners…be positive.

  11. It’s a B would have been a b+ If he had gotten rid of Walcott and Ramsey and an a+ if he had acquired griezman …. My head tells me a fight for 4th but if Perez turns out better than expected and ozil Sanchez and carzola stay fit for season we could do better

  12. It may take a month to settle but I’ve got a nice feeling Perez will be a starter and cement his place whether it’s on the wing or up front. Fingers crossed 🙂

  13. Depends how Lucas Perez turns out. We needed a top class striker and didn’t get one unless Perez surprises. And we lose points for loaning out Campbell.

  14. I reckon our window is a B+.

    We got our 1st choice midfielders, 1st choice center back and a great prospect center back.

    I would of give the window a A if we got our 1st choice center forward and A+ if we got Mustafi for 25M quoted 1 week prior to the signing.

  15. I am in agreement with those who say we have to wait and see how the transfers improve the team. The proof of how good the transfer business was is how much the team improves on the pitch. To me thats all that matters.

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