Should Arsenal give Alexis a much-needed break?

The latest injury news today should cheer up Arsenal fans, as it has been revealed that Francis Coquelin is likely to be ready to play against QPR tomorrow, but also the fact that Aaron Ramsey has returned to the fold after a few weeks enforced rest.

Ramsey was the star of last campaign and has failed to reach those heights this season, but hopefully he can now improve again as we come down to the end-of-season games. He can hardly play any worse than Alexis Sanchez at the moment. In the last seven games our Chilean star has looked out of sorts and has failed to hit the target in any of them.

As often happens, stars that come in from Spain or Germany tend to suffer after our fixture-congested Christmas schedule after years of being allowed a rest in the winter break in other countries. Alexisโ€™ stats show a distinct drop in form since his two goals against Stoke back in January and it would be very prudent of Wenger to give him an enforced rest ahead of the big games on the horizon.

Theo Walcott is back, and Oxlade-Chamberlain is also a possible replacement for Alexis, but I have a feeling that Wenger will be using Ramsey to fill the gap and give Sanchez a break.

Who do you think could do his job if he is rested?

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  1. jonestown1 says:

    No and no-one in answer to the two questions.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      I think Alexis should be totally rested against QPR. Or, just leave on the bench, just in case…

      1. muda says:

        On the bench of curse, in case we need him later in the game!!

      2. SaveArsenal says:

        Alexis stopped scoring and assisting when Giroud came back and upset the dynamic of the team in a way that changed Sanchez’s game.
        Nothing to do with him being tired, he trains when the rest of the team leave, he is a dynamo.

  2. muffdiver says:

    give him a rest, you can see hes bit burned out.
    let him sit out the qpr game – bring him back for man u

    problem is he muffdives alot, he really is smashing london,ive heard alot of rumours an met two girls already who claim they dm him to meet an he got back to em…i would go ape sh*t in his position- he is at the front of the queue for the one of the biggest buffets in europe…
    enjoy alexis- but let them do the work ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Oh boy! Muffdiver, I understand ladies often favour men of your kind. I’m just a straightforward driller, guess I need to learn the diving art to spice my sh*t.

  3. Midkemma says:

    Should Alexis have a rest?
    He would sulk if he didn’t start ๐Ÿ˜›
    But if Wenger feels he needs a rest then I would put money on Welbeck starting on the left, although he was bought as cover for Giroud I do feel that Wenger prefers him on the left if Giroud is fit.

    Ramsey is just coming back from injury and I would hope Wenger is smarter than throwing him straight into a game rather than easing him back by bringing him on as a sub.

    Theo has played on the left once this season (he swapped sides for a period of time) and he was awefull there, much better as a CF or a RAM, Ox would be better on the left with Theo on the right if not using Welbeck on the left.

    The other candidate for LAM is Ozil, we may not play with a ACM and instead have 2 B2B infront of Coquelin thus leaving no ACM for Ozil and he is good enough of a player (when he wants) to play that role.
    Also Ozil needs to get more determination, when you look at Wilshere and Ramsey who have been played out wide (and as such the reasoning behind the writers choice of Ramsey out wide?) then you will see it was for the education and not because we had no other choice.
    We can not be left with a soft center and if Wenger didn’t have enough faith in a CM to be tough enough yet but great prospect then he has put them out wide to get use to defending and going past players before moving them into the middle. Arsenal like to be strong in the middle of the pitch with technical players, Cazorlas form recently is the perfect expample of a technical player who has been putting their foot in enough to press higher up, I can’t be the only one to remember the time he spent out wide and prior to that he wasn’t putting his foot in anywhere near as much.

    1. Midkemma says:

      I couldn’t edit my post and forgot to say….

      Alexis may not get enough of a rest from a single game on the bench, he is a massivly hard worker and Wenger may need to chain him up to stop him from training for a day or two as well.

      And for a little lol;
      Anyone remember Finding Nemo and the segulls?
      “Mine… Mine… Mine…”

      Think of that when you see Alexis chasing after the ball =D

    2. SaveArsenal says:

      Listen to yourself “it was for the education” you don’t ‘educate’ players in crucial games, the training field is for that.
      We lost too many games because of Wenger’s experimenting with players positions.
      Nonsense tactic.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Yes it was for the education, the same reason why TH14 was put on the left at Monaco and as such Juve bought him as a left winger and then Wenger turned him into a CF.
        Get an education at going past players and to not be afraid when players rush you, TH14 learned and become one of the worlds best CF under Wengers education.

        You need experience at the top level doing the work you need to, not training ground only! That is why game time is so important

        Listen to yourself,who has no clue about Wenger.

        Ramsey was played on the wide and got moaned at, he was moved into the B2B after gaining expereince and an education at doing what was needed and he done it in the middle. 2nd story of Wenger playing a player out of position for a period of time to develop traits which he thought they was lacking.

        I hate to say it but Monreal has become a much better player after being put as a CB, his interceptions are better than before and timing of tackles is better… guessing his time at CB actually gave him experience at defending which being a LB didn’t quite cover and he has improved from experience in a alt position… an EDUACATION YOU MUPPET. No it can not be done only on the training ground, that doesn’t come with the same preasure and atmosphere that a live game comes with… so much is missing from training ground exercise that you need game time… Can you not think for yourself????

        Still, what I said is coming true YET AGAIN, logic beats your idiocracy.

        “It is not linked with one position, it is to balance the team. I think in the education of a player it is important that he plays in different positions.” <– quote from Wenger.

        Ready to appologise yet?

  4. NY_Gunner says:

    Akpom should start up front. Then bring on Welbeck after the half. Roll with Gibbs on the left wing and Nacho at LB.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Giroud scored again and I hope he isn’t benched after scoring in his last game, let him start but also let him know that if he doesn’t score or create enough for others upfront within 60-65 mins then Akpom will be given a chance and he will have to watch the rest of the game.

      I would like to see Akpom play though just because I have liked what I have seen so far of him handling the EPL, a team like QPR would be ideal.

      If Monreal got injured then would you trust the not so robust Gibbs to play every game without picking up a knock?

      If we lost both out LB then it will be a harmful situation as we are coming to the end of the season and need a good run to push for 2nd place, City are only 4 points ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Invincibles49 says:

    Yeah his sharpness has decreased. And for a guy of his style who works tirelessly on the field , he needs to get some rest once in a while to perform to his potential even when working so hard. Against QPR wenger should rest him. And we have any ways so many other good players too. Walcott is ready and waiting to be unleashed. I want to see Ox and Walcott on the wings. It has become so rare these days to see two orthodox super fast wingers play.

  6. Bigvalbowski says:

    I’ve been giving a little thought to the Santi Carzola siuation over the past few days and have posted on 2 seperate posts my opinions on what summer business should be attended to by Le Prof and the big boys @ the Emirates. I am curious what all ye Gunners think of speculation around Santi, Jack, BFG, Ozil, Theo(contract negotiations), Nacho(wanted by Bilboa), Schez?

    Would Le Orof Prof consider a summer purge(much needed in my opinion) of underperforming and overpaid supposed stars?

    1. tubby says:

      Santi (keep at all costs).
      Jack (keep, but warn him his time to prove his fitness is running out)
      Bfg (sell)
      Ozil (keep unless an offer of 30+m comes along)
      Theo (can sell if he refuses contract and a good offer comes along)
      Nacho (keep)

  7. john0711 says:

    Thumb me down
    Sell the below
    Ozil not suitable for Pl
    Diaby – even dick Turpin wore a mask
    Schez- average keeper
    Mert – poor
    Wilt or Ramsey , wilt is a legend in his own mind, another Gazza but not as good
    Welbeck hard working average player
    Gibb- thinks he’s a winger
    Flaming past it
    Sonogo average at best
    Poldi doesn’t work hard enough
    Should give the manager 110m plus another 70 in the funds to rebuild
    Leaves us with GK Osp + Martinez
    Rb Debuchy and Bel
    Lb Monreal
    Cb Kos Gab and Hayden
    Mid Rams,Sanchez,Le Coq,Santi, Ox,Theo,Gnabry,Arteta
    St Giroud,Akpom
    180 m to sign Gk, Lb,Dm,Cam,and WC Striker

  8. fred cowardly says:

    Sanchez should be rested.
    Cazorla should be rested.
    Mertsacker should be rested
    They have all performed below usual standard
    and need rest for United. FA Cup is a HUGE game to have a successful season

    Giroud should play both Qpr and United.
    I know Giroud doesn’t perform well against top teams or big matches, but United is an exception. United has poor defense and Giroud scored against United in last match.

    Also, Giroud performs great against lower teams like QPR. So great chance of scoring

    Play Gabriel and if he performs well then play Gabriel against United as well instead of Mertsacker


  9. Gunner says:

    Wilshere still out bru – only avail after Man u game.

  10. goonerwineverything says:

    if fit give gnabry a run out would do his confidence the world of good on the left in Sanchez’s place and have welbeck and ox on the bench to come on in second half

    bellerin kos gabby monreal
    le coq mozart
    walcott ozzy gnabry
    this should do well against the might of qpr(lol). and rest our key players for bigger games ahead although all games are big atm. COYG

    1. V.uren says:

      By the sound of things , everybody wants to put in half the reserve side against QPR ….

      They must have a really poor home record and we must have 3rd place wrapped up already then !

      My advice wenger …. Stick your strongest side out at every opportunity , especially the lower teams , because the truth is , we don’t perform against the big ones !

  11. Matt says:

    My lineup vs QPR:

    Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Gibbs
    Walcott Ozil Ramsey Cazorla

    Bench: Szszcesny, Chambers, Mert, Rosicky, Ox, Sanchez, Welbeck

  12. SCGooner says:

    Alexis needs a rest, indeed. But he can hardly enjoy it thinking that he hasn’t scored in almost 2 months. What he really needs is to change is current approach of only giving assists and star drifting through the middle of the pitch. Since Ozil is back, they are stepping on each other’s way and you can tell that given cazorla is not performing on top either. Sometimes it’s not wise to deploy all your stars on the same team, cause instead of making it stronger, they simply don’t sync, just remind Real Madrid during the Figo era.

  13. Raoh says:

    He certainly should be rested but not only him…Giroud,Cazorla and also Coquelin (which should be out by default after the broken nose)…In the end whatever the manager decides is our only guess but we have the squad to cope with it: 4-3-3 the back 5 staying the same unless you want to play Nacho instead of Gibbs!!In the middle Flamini with either Rosicky/Ox/Ramsey (if fit;we dont want him reinjured again and a liability) and ร–zil as our #10…The front three depending on who plays in the middle would be Walcott/Welbeck/Ox…The next month will be really important not only for us to consolidate our top 3 finish now+ our only hope to get a trophy (FA cup) and making maybe the greatest comeback in our history but the latter at this moment is the least important one…QPR shouldn’t be taken lightly

    1. Raoh says:

      QPR really looks like the game to rest those players and have them really fresh for our game at OT…that being said we should still face this game with a strong XI and a WIN!!

  14. Gooner4G says:

    Rest Mertesacker, Gabriel needs momentum as we will need his composure against Man United on monday. As for the other 10, Wenger may field any player depending on form and fitness, it’s his job and he knows exactly what we require i.e 3 POINTS!

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