Should Arsenal give Danny Welbeck a new contract?

I have to be honest, I thought we had the seen the last of Danny Welbeck in an Arsenal shirt but it seems that may not be the case with the club thinking about offering him a new contract.

Now, that does bring up the question, is it time to let him go or do we offer him a new contract? I for one, say thanks Danny, but goodbye.

First, let’s see why this is even a question.

Basically, Unai Emery has hinted at the possibility when he was discussing Welbeck’s status and he finished off the injury update with this line

“After, his individual thing is to speak with the club [about his future].”

So, it is not set in stone but obviously under consideration.

Let’s look at some cold hard facts here.

Danny will have no sell on value if he signs a new contract, he is 28 and the chances are he would be in his early 30’s when this new contract would expire, and so him leaving for free at the end of this season is neither here nor there, we are basically not losing out on a transfer fee.

Second, he would be a squad player on a high wage, we need to use his wages for a player that would play regularly.

Third, as Luis van Gaal said when he sold Welbeck to us from Man United, there are youngsters we need to fit in.

“Welbeck doesn’t have the record of Robin van Persie or Wayne Rooney. We let him go because of Falcao, but also to allow the youngsters to fit in. That is the policy. That is why I am here.”

And last but not least, he is injury prone, we cannot keep on carrying him and if we let go Jack Wilshere for more or less the same reason then we cannot make allowances for Welbeck.

So there you have it, I say let him go because he has no sell on value, a squad player on high wages, youngsters need to be given an opportunity and he is injury prone.

Darren N


  1. Totally agree with you. There are so many young players are waiting for their chance, and I think, some names have the quality we want for the first team, such as Nkeitah, John Jules, etc..

  2. I agree he needs to move on ,he plays that left wing and most of us know that’s one of our weak points .we need to sign a quality left sided winger so letting him go then frees up that wage .
    I read a while back that arsenal were not going to renue his contract anyway .

  3. No, I don’t think he should be given a new contract, and if the rumours about Martinelli is true, then I think he is a replacement for Welbeck. I trust Emery and co to make some smart buys this summer, they might not be house-hold name like most of you all want but they are gonna surprised you all. why do I say so? cause we have the X-factor in the mould of Unai Emery who is not gonna be complacent with his players but demand 100% work ethics from them.

  4. I don’t agree.Danny has not disappointed the club when his contribution is needed.He was the best goal getter for us in the European league prior to his injury.He is a striker who Will give you important goals in the premier league too,Welcome back Danny.

    1. I have no issues with Welbeck, infact I feel sorry for him on his injury, but as an Arsenal fan who want to see my team competing in all fronts, I don’t think a player who’s always injured every season playing less than half the season every year is what we need. I also think we have been supportive of Welbeck alot, we need players who get payed for performance and not for always being with the physio… it’s time for Arsenal to be less complacent and do the needful. a little overhaul would do and Welbeck who is injury prone should be one of them just as was done to Chamberlain and Wilshere.

      1. Wilshere and Chamberlain were both offered contracts, Wilshere rejected his as Emery told him he couldn’t gaurantee him playing time, and Chamberlain turned down £180k per week, to sign for the filthy scousers for about £40k per week less.

  5. I have consistently argued and always will that when players have proven over a long period, an inability to stay fit, we need to move them on , quite irrespective of their level of talent. Welbeck is no exception. The fact that I admire him as a human being is quite irrelevant to my view.

    1. Agree with you JF-Danny was told earlier his contract would not be renewed so I cannot believe we will offer him a deal.We need a third striker for cover if nothing else but whoever we get in needs to prove he can stay fit (although I accept football being the game it is there are no guarantees with that).
      In the past I have felt the Club acted in the best interest of players who had continual injury problems with TR7 and Diaby the prime examples.But with funds being as tight as they are likely to be I’m afraid sentiment,however well meaning,must be a thing of the past.We will need to have a fit and healthy squad for next season with Bellerin being the only exception.He is young and Welbeck is not.
      Danny will be at Watford West Ham or Leeds next season on a free So will have no money issues.Arsenal Football Club needs to prove its intentions by being far more ruthless in these matters however harsh and cynical it may seem

  6. Here is my two cents: we need a third choice striker especially one with an aerial presence. There are not many out there who would come to us especially given we have two excellent ones in aubameyang and lacazette. Signing welbeck to a new contract would allow us to focus on getting a good winger a là pepe or zaha. Letting welbeck leave can leave us short next season.
    I’m not his greatest fan but we need the squad depth.

    1. What about young Eddie Nketiah?

      9 games in the EPL2, 7 goals and 3 assists, contributed towards 10 goals in 9 games… or 797 min of football.

  7. Thanks Welbeck! A good story has to end anyway. I want to see Arsenal challenging for the title again. Therefore we need players who are capable of the challenge and he is not one of them. Goodbye Welbeck.

  8. I love that guy…but if arsenal haven’t learn’t from the Diaby and Wishere saga’s then we will never really learn….the best scenario maybe an RVP type where he would come back and have a storming 1 or 2 seasons..but welbz sadly is not going to be that kind of player.

  9. OT Morelos has been sent off for the 5th time for Rangers – what a tool!
    If I was Stevie G, he’d have the hairdryer thrown at him, along with some pizza for good measure ?

  10. I said it earlier this season that welbeck want to rob arsenal of contract and get injured, unfortunately it didn’t work for him, I guess it time for him to move on from our dear club, there are loads of young stars queuing. I wish him good luck in the near future.

  11. Bye bye Welbroke.
    Never thought he was good enough for us.
    Hard worker but lacks footballing quality.

  12. Welbeck sustained his ankle injury after committing to a challenge during the course of a game. In legal terms his employers would still be [*culpable] under Common Law and the code of vicarious liability. In other words they owe him a duty of care in these circumstances – it would be careless to punish Welbeck by showing him the door after the injury he sustained while under a contract for services.

    It would be most unreasonable. Undoubtedly such an approach would open arsenal fc up to a host legal actions that would not be favourable either under statute, case law or employment tribunals. Those of you (here) that see little or no value to this player, will not see Welbeck’s contract rescind following the circumstances of his injury – better to wish him a speedy recovery much like we done with discussing the injury to Ospina?

    Let’s wish him well and view the prospect that laca, auba, welbz can be an awesome attack option.

  13. No one has suggested rescinding his contract just not offering him a new one when his present contract runs out which I believe is very soon. So in those circumstances there woulD not be any legal implications at all.

    1. @Declan

      when fit…he’s an england international coming into his prime, he’s plenty to offer and he’s still got more to offer and we are not paying anything near the cost of premium strikers in current market. I’m reading that UE sees the value in home grown players and I see that he’s very much on point.

  14. YES!!!
    Very useful player to have
    Plays left wing and up front
    Helped us win FA Cups
    Plays and scores for England
    Homegrown quota
    Nice guy too

  15. Welbeck situation will tell us a lot about the club,if he gets a new contract it would mean no changes ,if we let him go it,ll show at least that we are at least aiming highet!

  16. in the absence of any [known replacement] …with Ramsey soon to leave, talk of Welbz leaving too is naive and reckless – what’s to be gained by showing 2 homegrown internationals the door?

  17. His contract is up at the end of the season anyway, so he’s free to sign for any club of his choice without Arsenal gaining any..from the contract. On the other hand he’s English and he’s a very good hardworking squad player. So I suggest a win win option for us; tie him to a new contract but never for an undeserved reason allow him derail the progress of our upcoming talents (he can stay on the bench if he doesn’t earn a place in the playing squad).
    That’s the only way we can get something through his selling if he eventually wants to leave for playing time lack of. We do not deserve to let him leave for free this summer.

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