Should Arsenal give Debuchy one more chance?

It was reported earlier in the week that Arsenal defender Mathieu Debuchy had been subject to a loan bid from Turkish side Galatasaray and that Arsenal would consider the offer. However since then we have seen very little movement on the deal and it’s meant that some fans have wondered if Wenger is considering keeping the Frenchman after all.

Debuchy is very much out of favour at the Emirates given that firstly he is behind Hector Bellerin in the starting line up (as well as supposedly behind Jenkinson if he was fit) and also that Debuchy caused quite a stir when he left the club on loan last season, brandishing Wenger for not giving him a chance to play. The outburst meant that despite having only agreed a six month loan with Bordeaux last January, rather than a permanent move, many still expected the 31 year old to be moving swiftly on this summer.

That of course hasn’t been the case however and in fact we’ve seen Debuchy feature quite heavily during pre-season, so much so that perhaps Wenger is considering keeping the player after all. It was previously understood that Debuchy would be surplus to Arsenal’s requirements for the upcoming season, after Bellerin proved that he won’t be budging from the first choice spot, whilst Carl Jenkinson will also likely stay at the club after two years of experience away on loan. It means that there is no expected future for Debuchy at Arsenal, but given that Jenkinson will remain injured for a few months yet and that Debuchy has actually been relatively impressive in the pre-season matches, then I think he may have earned himself another chance in Arsene Wenger’s eyes.

In my opinion, I think if Jenkinson wasn’t injured, then Debuchy would’ve been sold straight away. However given the extent and length of Jenkinson’s injury, it’s important we have backup at right back just in case Bellerin is injured or suspended. Of course Chambers can play there as well, but he isn’t highly impressive in the role and so I reckon Debuchy may stay until January, before Arsenal look to ship the Frenchman out of the club for good.

Can he still do a job for us or should we get rid of him?



  1. Here in this website you are stating Debuchy to be given another chance while man utd have signed pogba. A thrifty manager who has lost the plot it seems is now confident because they won 8-0 against viking.

    1. It’s really sad and depressing.
      Did you guys watch Liverpool vs Barcelona?
      Wenger, bring in the quality signings. We are short of quality as it stands, and won’t be able to push for the title with this squad. Sad to say, but true.

          1. Did you watch Arsenal’s youngsters beat Mancity? Iwobi and Akpom both beat Heart and we weren’t playing there B team. Just sayin!

        1. Did you realize pool played 2 matches in 2 days? It was a B team, and avoided injury. If Arsenal plays 2 matches in a week, expect at least one injury

      1. Pool looked great in that game. The 1st goal was superb but……

        The 2nd AND 3rd goals were clear Barca mistakes/gift goals. Barca had several players making mistakes but had one defender on the pitch who was especially terrible. I don’t know the Barca manager well but tactically they had problems also.

        I missed goal #4 so I don’t know about that one.

      2. Not going to use one preseason game to really judge a player, but ramsey have just given josh and and his other d!ck riders a early reality check of what he’s all about lol dwl

        1. Stay classy buddy!! 😉
          But if it makes you feel any better Ramsey was not great in his first performance back from holiday after training for less than a week. The nerve on that flashy blonde!!

    2. Give Debuchy a chance to do what? With Jenks injured he has an opportunity to play backup to Bellerin. If he does not want to do that then he needs to find another club who wants him.

  2. Isn’t it horrible..
    The summer holidays are nearly over and the Arsenal fan’s are having to go back to school wearing the same old crusty school uniform, whilst all the over kids are kitted out with spanking new gear!… Oh to be a Moaner! ?

    1. But the question is, how good is the “spanking new gear”, will it stay bright and shiny or will the colours fade and run, the material wear quickly and rip. In a years time will the new gear still look newer and fresher than the “old crusty school uniform”. Time will tell.

      1. Hahaha ? Your missing my point mate,
        But, Looking fresh and smarter will enhance your chances of pulling that Trophy Bird that was previously out of your league! ? ?

      2. You have a point but….

        But when you go thru enough shiny new players eventually the quality will stick and the they will shine together.

        Arsenal don’t need a shiny new suit like some of these EPL other clubs. The just need to shore up their squad with a couple of quality players. That is the frustrating part.

        Arsenal don’t need to spend a half a billion like some of these other clubs have done. 70 mil will probably do the trick.

  3. OT: Pogba move looks more for money than anything else as currently Juve is better team than MU but utd shows that if you have money and intent then you can sign anyone. Pogba will really make Utd favorite along with City for title. I think MU has done the best business in this transfer window from Manager to Players.
    I don’t want to moan again but we really could have done better before season starts as last minute buying might be panic one.

  4. clearly last season was a gift & we should have won the league, the big boys all had an off year, and they clearly beefed up their management & players, not seeing how our same basic squad will suddenly be that much better…

    1. Clearly we’re banking on Xhaka to single handedly bring us the title this time around. Smh

  5. A fit and confident debuchy is a great asset to us. He’s not as bad as some of you are making it out to be.
    He may moan about not getting enough game time which irks some of us, but I respect individuals like those, not the English prima donnas who’s happy to pick up their ridiculous wages without contributing much.

  6. Vardy is really playing well. His game shows that what kind of striker we are missing. If we sign striker like him who can dribble, run fast, shoot etc then it can really boost our title challenge

  7. The Arrsenal line up looks like the one that will be used next week. It looks decent considering. I hope Ramsey can bring his euro heroics, I reckon he prefers playing the Ozil position, unless Wenger is thinking about using Iwobi there. It’ll be interesting to see how Holding and Gabriel make out. Come on Arsenal!!!!!!!

  8. mane does it for pool, ibra does it for manu… now its time for the legendary striker theo walcott to rip apart the league this season…. cause he will be like a new signing

  9. is ther anyone more popular than santi cazorla?
    everytime i see a tunnel cam hes mobbed by opposition players

  10. It’s a shame what’s happened to Debuchy.Who’s watching the man utd vs leicester city match by the way?Eric Bailly finally keeping mouths shut.

  11. So we don’t need a striker or centre back …. Jesus I wish I was paid 8m for being a bs manager

  12. Ahhh Aron Ramsey ….now where was the 50m offer … please take it now
    Gabriel holding combo ain’t no spine … Iwobi ox ain’t going to frighten defences … If man utd can spend 100 on one player surely the cheapskate frog can spend that on 3 …

    1. Amazing how Ramsey can play blinders for Wales but plays utter rubbish for us the majority of the times. I for 1 am not tricked into falling for his Euro 16 hype…

  13. If this is the team we’ll be playing against Liverpool then we’re in for a long afternoon. Depressing

    1. You know why. Wenger has tied his success and his legacy to the success or failure of this one player. Ramsey is everything to Wenger. It is an obsession. Wenger will either win with Ramsey on the pitch or go down in a blaze of destruction.

      There is no going back for Wenger. He has bet the farm on Ramsey, and it looks like he may indeed forfeit the family farm.

  14. It is amazing how game announcers can watch football their entire lives and still not understand the most basic things about the game.

    They always claim that the team with possession, at any given moment, is the team dominating or doing better at that moment. What? During every game there will be times of possession and times of defending. Is this news?

    If a team does or does not not possess the ball for 60 seconds does not mean they are suddenly winning or losing. And yet most announcers continually repeat this example of pure ignorance. Using that kind of illogic Leicester should have finished 14th last season.

  15. You really are a bunch of moaning, miserable, poor excuses for Arsenal “supporters” ! And now we have scored so fill your boots!

    1. @Bolly They’re not “supporters” mate.

      They offer only hate.

      They have absolutely nothing positive to say about The Arsenal.

      Up the Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Twice I have seen the Coq/Xhaka pairing and twice it has not worked well.

    Wenger may need to go with either Coq or Xhaka and then finish the pairing with more creative and agile players Cazorla or Elneny.

  17. Am I the only one that thinks Elneny should be a starter? I think it should be him and Xhaka at the base.

    1. Eleny can be starter in FA Cup and League Cup matches

      But when you have Cazorla, Xhaka, Coquelin then Eleney can’t be the starter in PL/CL matches if you put out your best players.

      Cazorla is the best B2B player we have
      Xhaka can play both B2B and DM. He is very good defensively
      Coquelin is our best DM

      Cazorla/Xhaka or Cazorla/Coquelin should start most matches

      1. Also, we can see the difference in this game. In the 2nd half Arsenal have a much better attack when Wenger abandons the 2 DM pairing. The same thing happened the last time Coq and Xhaka played together.

        1. I feel like Xhaka is feeling out the team right now. I think he will be more adventurous later on when he gets a better feel for the team, but one of Xhaka and Coq have to play more of a part in the attack if they are to play together. But I agree they don’t look like a good fit right now.

          I think when Cazorla plays CAM, Ramsey is a good choice as the other CM. He and Cazorla have a good understanding and Cazorla drops in when Ramsey makes his runs. As long as he picks his moments well, that should be a good pairing. Otherwise it is a difficult decision. I know he has been OK there, and the team played well, but I just can’t see Cazorla as a two way player.

          He has good positioning but is easily bullied, not particularly quick, nonexistent in the air, and rarely makes a tackle. In some games that is OK, but against the better teams I would prefer a player that is better on defense than Cazorla as the other CM. If Ozil is the CAM, then I would prefer Elneny right now. Ramsey has to prove he can be more disciplined with Ozil in the lineup as Ozil isn’t going to drop deep to cover. If Cazorla is the starter at CAM, then Ramsey or Wilshere may get a look there. If Xhaka opens up his game and goes forward a bit more, he and Coquelin may do, but I think it’s going to take some time for him to gel enough for that to work.

          Tough tough decisions on who to start, how to rotate, and what combinations to play in this midfield.

  18. Sterling has again shown he is not worth half his transfer fee. When was the last time he had a good game? Seriously, when?

  19. Pogba? Who cares? We should focus on ourselves. Oh for a griezman/Lewandoski to add to our sqaud. Along with a cb still not confident with Gabriel and don’t get me started on big.

  20. Chambers should have come out to Navas straight away. Holding is better than Chambers already.

  21. Gabriel looks out for next Sunday …so what the f is wenger going to do now …. Jesus u can’t make this guy up unreal,y can’t

    1. that’s the drawback when you hesitate in buying your targets, or when you think you can wait till the last minute of the window, or if you don’t manage to sign the player you want quick enough.

      Gotta feel bad for Gabriel. Poor guy.

      Having said that didn’t inspire me with confidence.

  22. Walcott plays with much more freedom and confidence when he is NOT the point man up front. He still lacks some quality but he is much better with the pressure off.

    1. is he? cos the premier league IS pressure, in a pre season he wont get chased down like in a league game

      great goal but im not convinced by theo, never will be

  23. Injury to Gabriel not Wenger’s fault.
    Not having enough experienced defenders. 100% Wenger’s fault.

    I’m pleased with the win. But now look at us with the PL set to start next week?

  24. Now Wenger will be forced to get a Defender ASAP. Two of our senior defenders needs to be badly injured before he does the right thing. What a `great` manager he is. Great `foresight`. He lacks vision and planning. So IDIOTIC! Must we always be reactionary.

  25. Prediction Wenger will now go for an experienced Pl proven cheap cb. Johnny Evans an arsenal player by the end of the week? 🙁

    1. It Maybe Scot Dann but I’m hopping that wenger will now cough up the funds needed for Mustafi.

  26. karma hit against the penny pinching manager, Valencia will not cell mustafi for less than 30mil pound, jonny evans welcome to Arsenal 🙂

  27. Pathetic weak players it’s not a coincidence only arsenal players ever get injured in their droves,

    Gabriel is rubbish anyway doesn’t really make a difference, just makes Wenger look a bigger joke then he already is.
    Wenger coming interview ” we are ok debuchy,nacho can all play c.bk ” lol guys soo predictable it’s untrue

  28. Shame about Gabriel, The expression on Wenger’s face said it all… I’m sure that he kept muttering “sacrebleu” and how that injury will now force his hand for real… let’s hope that Mustafi is still available.
    It was good to see Walcott showing some glimpses of his old self, nice turn, one -two with Sanchez and a lovely dink chip finish ???

    1. Nonsense. I hope Sanchez gets an injury next Sunday,then we will really go for a top striker. Such an idiot. For someone who actually has a University degree, he is far from intelligent. Gambling season after season.

      1. Alexis is a huge player for us. No real Gooner would hope for anything like this. Sure the striker coming in isn’t gonna have the quality of Alexis, and he’ll likely take time settling. So while we sit waiting to see what this guy will be like in six months, along with Alexis’s return, it’ll be too late.

      2. Any injury to an arsenal player is bad news, let alone sanchez, one of our best players. There is no such thing as a good injury to an Arsenal player under any circumstances.

        As for all the thumbs up, that is appalling. Don’t arsenal players have enough injuries for you. I cannot believe you are arsenal fans.

  29. When you buy your target in time
    a. the manager will have a chance to know the new players, give them a chance to play in pre-season.
    b. the players will have a chance to train and to know the team.
    c. early buying usually cheap and more easy.
    d. You will have a chance to rotate the team in preseason and prevent the players from getting injured in preseason.
    Stupid wenger will always go and do panic buying or ruined the season for 4th place glory. I am not sure why this guy is earning 8mil per year.

  30. Wenger has been told for 5 years he needs good central defenders now he might buy. Or maybe try reverse psychology and tell him we don’t need anyone. No striker, no defenders ……..nothing.

  31. The topic was Debuchy. Now that Gabriel is injured Wenger could use Debuchy as cover for CB, he did it once and he was pretty good as far as I can remember.

    Gabriel injury looks serious and it does mean we do need to buy a CB. It will be a deadline day deal as wenger lost all bargening power.

  32. I stand to be corrected, one of Debuchy’s better performances in an Arsenal shirt was against Liverpool, think he even scored in that game

  33. Even if we get a new defender Kolcieny must start on Sunday. We cant afford to start dropping points early in the season

      1. Or Newcastle when gervinho was introduced to the rule about not being allowed to slap opposition players in the face. Personally I think joey Barton should be an exception. Thumbs up if you agree ?

    1. Absolutely not!! It’s a long, long season. Risking rushing back our only reliable CB option has far more risk than potential reward…

  34. Wenger doesn’t want to sign a defender
    I hope I am wrong but Coquelin training as a defender and the fact that Wenger said that Holding, Bielik and Chambers are fighting for the same spot makes me think Wenger is happy with Koscielney, Gabs, Coquelin, Bielik, Holding, Chambers

    I think Wenger will use Koscielny (when he comes back) and Coquelin together as Centre Backs
    And Xhaka wil replace Coquelin in midfield

  35. The Bad News: Looks like we only have Holding, Bielik and Chambers at CB.

    The Good News: Transfer Window is still open.

    The Bad News: Wenger is responsible for recognizing the CB deficiency and correcting by forking out the money. – which means it may not happen.

  36. ahahahah let’s just play Debuchy up front, why not.. Our transfer business so far has been a joke!

  37. I don’t think Wenger will buy a quality forward or CB
    I hope I am wrong

    He said yesterday that Walcott IS a striker and he will be used a lot up front
    He also said that Chambers, Holding and Bielik are fighting for the same spot

    So far
    Arsenal: XHAKA (£35 mil), holding, asano
    United: Ibrahimovic, Mkitharyan, Pogba
    City: Gundogan, Nolito, Sane, Jesus
    Chelsea: Batshuayi, Kante
    Spurs: Janssen, Wyanama

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