Should Arsenal give Martinelli a bigger wage than £30,000 a week?


Martinelli has been in fine form for Arsenal since joining last summer.

With so much fear in my heart, I write this piece to appeal specially to Arsenal to offer Martinelli that new contract he deserves and stop other clubs from poaching him and even taking him away from us on the long run. With rumours of clubs like Real Madrid and Liverpool sniffing around Gabriel Martinelli, it will be wise for Arsenal to tie our Brazilian wonderkid to a new contract now.

FootballInsider recently ran an “exclusive” story intimating Arsenal of Liverpool’s plan of taking our Brazilian wonder kid from us, thereby denying us the opportunity of enjoying him while he develops as a footballer. According to them, Liverpool has been impressed by the way the kid plays and are trying to see if they can convince him to change from our red jersey to theirs. They are going to try and work on him; making him see why he has to leave Arsenal. His lack of regular playing time may sway him towards their side, according to the report. Nice one from Liverpool but would Arsenal just sit and watch Liverpool and the likes of Real Madrid woo our player?

The good news however, is that Arsenal is not just going to lie down and watch Liverpool snatch this gem of a footballer from them. If reports of Arsenal considering offering Gabriel new contracts that will make him earn triple his current wages, is anything to believe, then Arsenal is on track.

According to the Mail, Arsenal is set to offer Martinelli a new contract, despite his current contract not expiring until 2024. With the new contract which will be signed at the end of the season, Gabriel will earn £30,000; triple of what he is currently earning.

Good move there from Arsenal, but offering Martinelli a new contract worth £30,000 per week may not convince him to remain with us. In today’s’ world, footballers earn massive wages and £30,000 for an emerging talent like Gabriel may not do the magic. Real Madrid are known for paying their players hefty weekly wages; this may just be what will convince Martinelli to dump us and sign for them. We can do better than what we are offering to pay him next season. We need to play the financial games with clubs, so that they will know we are no longer pushovers in football. The question now is; will the club owners invest heavily in a player who may just be a one season wonder? If Gabriel leaves Arsenal and goes on to shine for another club, won’t he come back to hurt us in the future? Won’t it do us a whole lot of good to tie him down now, no matter what it may cost us? Apart from Aubameyang, Martinelli scores goals for fun.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. gotanidea says:

    Maybe he would get a salary raise next season

    Real Madrid just signed an Arsenal target, Reinier Jesus. So they have six Brazilians in the squad now, which are Casemiro, Vinicius Jr, Rodrygo Goes, Jesus, Militao and Marcelo

    I don’t think they would get another non-Spanish player now, because of La Liga regulations

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I would’ve loved if we got Reinier, I know nothing about him, never even seen him, but he was a first target it seems and teams rivaled us for his signature, something tells me we’ll be adding this fellow to that list we all hate.

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    He should swap wages with Ozil!

  3. Phil says:

    So how exactly are Liverpool “ Working on him”? Ate there not strict rules forbidding clubs for tapping up other clubs players? And how much game time would Martinelli realistically get at Anfield? And why would he want to leave? He’s progressing more than both he and the club could possibly have expected? And even though he’s from Brazil he must know that Liverpool as a City is not London surely. I go there twice a season ( excluding cup-ties) and cant wait to get out of that northern dump, let alone live there.
    Martinelli is staying.He will be with us for as long as our ambitions match his.Tie him down now and he is then worth a kings ransom for whoever wants to buy him.Is that not what we have been calling for these last few years? Develope youth players and tie them down

  4. Innit says:

    Yes. He’s more useful than Ozil

  5. Nelson says:

    With 10 goals! He is more than Lacazette! Give him more money!

  6. Break-on-through says:

    We’ll get our answer. Does the vast fortune and fame derail young players, do they lack the motivation of older (generation) players when they become a star name. Some want to be the very best, so it hasn’t sidetracked these players.

    Look at city in the league this season, they aren’t in the least bit assed about it, they want the CL. Look at Liv after the lucky draw with CL last season, they clung on, like it was now or never. I’m looking forward to seeing how Liv react after they’ve received their first competitive defeat since the CL run and earlier.

    I just hope Martinelli keeps aspiring to be the best he can be and he also keeps looking at the world’s best players to see if he can learn from them. He really is a role model and his family must be very proud, he has wowed England, the PL, Europe, he is a special talent but it’s the work ethic from such a young lad, this is why he stands out. Will the money slow him down, sidetrack him at times, I surely hope not.

  7. SueP says:

    I think a lot will depend on whether Martinelli’s head gets turned. I don’t know who manages him but a lot of the agents out there only care about their fees and not what is best for their client. It seems as though his family are settled here and I can only hope that they want the best for their son, not just the money.

    It is up to the club to show its ambition. Martinelli needs to believe that he does have a real future at Arsenal. I’m not sure that paying an 18 year old £30,000pw is the answer but that is the way of the world.

  8. Pharaoh says:

    Definitely deserves that salary bump, he’s been absolutely brilliant since he signed and we need to act quickly to tie him to the club. Even if he does at some point leave for greener pastures, let’s at least put an exorbitant release clause in his contract (let’s say 80m) to ensure we profit properly from the sale.

    Certainly looks like sharks are circling Auba so it’d be wise to look to the future and Martinelli has a perfect opportunity and the perfect start to put his name in the hat. Despite what I keep hearing about his LW ambitions, kid’s a ruthless striker. Big props to Edu and his team for bringing that kind of talent back to the club again! We haven’t seen the likes since Dean.

  9. Pharaoh says:

    Definitely agree B-o-k, those who strive to be the very best likely stop at nothing to achieve that goal and we just have to hope he has the right attitude to fulfill his potential.

    I also think it comes down a lot to the people behind them as well, his manager, his team-mates, family, they all have to keep him grounded. The money is going to come, no way around it if you’re good at football. But to be the BEST, you have to have different motivations indeed. So far so good, he’s looked unfazed by the pressure especially against big opposition. Hope it lasts as you say, only time will tell

  10. Sean Williams says:

    There is a long way to go. If the Kroenke’s don’t invest the money to buy top players, of course Martinelli will leave. He is not stupid. He will stay only if the Kroenke’s consistently and regularly invest in top players (not just once or twice to react to our placate us). To be at the top takes yearly top ups…. even if we became the best (won’t happen under the loveless Kroenke’s). The Kroenke’s are absent owners who think in ‘business empire’, portfolio terms. When Arsenal did thrive is was under ‘love conditions’. Kroenke is not the best representative of the human race…..not a philanthropist even to Arsenal supporters, as the Sheiks are to their clubs. Look we can’t even get BOTH Mari AND Matvienko for under 30 mill. In the long term why would Martinelli stay unless we become a top team with a big image? At least when Ronaldo was at Man U they were a top team. Unless the Kroenke’s support Ateta now, right now, how will Martinelli want to stay? He will sooner or later get out.

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