Should Arsenal give Oxlade-Chamberlain £100,000 a week?

Now we know who the manager will be next season, Arsenal can now start resuming contract talks with the players that are nearing the end of their courrent deals, and it would appear to be that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is going to be the first to be called to Arsene Wenger’s office.

The 23 year-old has been linked with a move to Liverpool for quite some time, and if the Ox really wanted to force a move away he would just simply have to refuse to put pen to paper. According to the Express, Arsenal are prepared to offer the young Englishman £100,000 a week to re-sign (and to persuade him to reject other suitors) but is that a fair price for a player that usually starts around 10-15 games a season?

You could say that the Ox will now be a definite starter in Wenger’s new formation, although even during that run Chamberlain had quite a few weeks out with injury….

But as we now are a ‘rich club’, I guess we should be able to afford to pay top wages to our players, but the worry is that every other player on the books will want to earn that as a minimum from now on. Personally I just want to get these talks over with so we can move on to bigger things. We need to know a soon as possible whether Alexis and Ozil are staying or not….


  1. Joseph says:

    Arsenal has really improved 100mill for Ox is big enough; anyway,, if he continues fight with recent performance he can get that a week.

  2. McLovin says:

    I’m fine with that, as long as he plays WB or CM. No more of this winger nonsense, he couldn’t finish his dinner so it’s better to use his other qualities.

    100 k a week, fine, and a 6-year contract and he’s sorted.

    Sanchez next.

    1. Kostafi says:

      I Bellerin can get it (to fend off Barca) why not the Ox- Mr versatility? Liverpool offering him a CM role as they are in a similar position with Can who seems to have had his head turned by Juve.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      McLovin, only reason we had to play him on the wing is because Walcott is inept without the ball, and not much better with it at his feet. Same reason we done it with Ramsey, because of Walcott. Wenger, you should have your answer by now, even Wenger must not like listening to his own bull.

  3. Arsenal007 says:

    I really wish the OX stays fit. If he continues improving as he’s done this season just ended, he’ll be earning more in no time.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    Y are we penny pinching our players

    Straight up 150k a week

    Even walcott is on 140k

  5. Big G says:

    I would not pay him more than 60k a week, a player that bottles out of challenges would not even be at Arsenal if it were up to me.

  6. ArseOverTit says:

    Well the club plays Wenger £8,000,000,000 per annum so why not?

    1. bran99 says:

      his new contract has improved the salary as well, it’s now £8,000,000,001

    2. Janssen says:

      I think you mean 8,000,000. Not 8,000,000,000

    3. Ddog says:

      8,000,000 divided by 52 (weeks in year) = aprox 154,000 a week. Ozil is about to get 270,000 per week, Sanchez 300,000 (hopefully)

      Mourinho is on 15m a year at united. as is Pep.

      as the most succesful manager in arsenal history, I dont think his wage looks quite as mad as people make out. In context that is.

  7. Jerrynoba says:

    That is about the going rate for his calibre of player. As long as he is injury free and a bit of seriousness to life he will be great. We will start reaping his amazing fruits very shortly. Next season might just be his.

  8. Nebsy says:

    He does seem like a guy who’s constantly improving. I sure as hell hope he doesn’t turn into a Walcott, and, thankfully, there is a plethora of signs he won’t. He’s super versatile, strong in duels, can dribble, can run, can pass. Give him the money and pray he doesn’t stop trying and improving.

  9. DarlingbudsofArse says:

    I digress here a bit guys. I apologise. Copied from an article I contributed to in another blog:

    Wenger was lucky definitely with Rob Holding for which we are all grateful to which ever scout uncovered him. He’ll definitely go far. Going forward, that tactically clueless Scrooge must bring in readymade quality in the positions he now wishes to fill. We are fed up of hoping to see these players develop through the Arsenal ranks. Some of these players like Zalalem, Jenkison, Chuba Akpom, Jeff-Reine Adelaide, Sanogo, Jon Toral and the list goes on, have been waiting for yonks to showcase their talents. He keeps filling the whole place with young players majority of whom we never hear of their fates in the end. But they are just not good enough. He bought them!!! He can’t keep tying up valuable funds in these unused players. I hope his experimentation with youth should be shelved the next two seasons so he can fulfill his main objective of winning the EPL. We the fans cannot, nor can Wenger afford to continually hope for their revelation every season as there’s no more time for him. He’s run out of time now. No more hiding place boss and you know it. Go and spend on some serious readymade quality man! There’ll be a definite revolt if Wenger doesn’t win a significant trophy come the end of this upcoming season let alone in two years! He better be warned! Gizza break Wenger!!!!

    1. Jerrynoba says:

      You sound like a master tactician, yeah! Those players were basically academy players. None of them were meant to walk in straight to our senior team. Basically, what you do with such academy players is bring in as many as you envisage may make it and behold a couple of them make it with a bit of luck. John Tora can still make it. In the worse case scenario, we will recoup more than the £250,000 plus profit we paid Barcelona. Same goes for Jenkinson though he was unfortunate with injuries.
      Why aren’t you talking of Bellerin who is now worth £50m, Iwobi now £25-30m. Yaya Sonogo was a free transfer. So you need to be objective in your facts and analyses. Apart from Southampton no other clubs have a better record than Arsenal in bringing academy players through. Only God knows what you may have said about Rob Holding when wenger signed him.

      1. DarlingbudsofArse says:

        @Jerrynoba: you are right in mentioning Bellaerin but forgot to mention Cesc. Although Anelka was sold for much more than he was bought for, I’d say those were back in them days. You’ll find that if I go into names upon names like Squillacci, Cygan, Stephanov, Sylvestre, Almunia, the Fat Brazilian left back Santos, even Arshavin that Wenger didn’t get the best because he played him out of position, Senderos, and on and on it goes. I’m not however here to enter into any war of words but by ‘holding up valuable funds’, I meant their wages. Simples. How much did Sanogo get paid per week, or Shamakh? Iwobi shouldn’t really be in the equation as he started life at Arsenal. I was only talking about those whose names I had mentioned on mega salaries per week ad stayed at our club for years doing nothing.
        I for one want him to succeed but with him coming up already to suggest he would only buy up to 3 players, that’s bound to have people like me thinking and asking what he’s smoked when he said it. We could have bought Suarez for £50M easily. They messed it up! Who knows what could have happened since then? Higuain? I think our transfer policy must change. That’s all I’m saying. I’m no tactician. I wish I was even for a tenth of Wenger’s current salary! Thank you.

  10. Janssen says:

    To me, Ox is one of our best wing backs if not our best. Keeping him injury free is probably more a function of how we train and manage our player’s fitness than Ox’s propensity to get injured.

    Get another player who is less expensive and he might also get injured because of the way we manage and train our players.

    I would pay him 100k no problem. I think he still has a lot of upside as well.

    But we really need to get to the bottom of our injury problems, we know that.

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that Wilshire played more games this past season than he had in a long time. We are doing something wrong in our medical department and the way we train. I have no clue what we do wrong but I refuse to believe our continued injury problems is just bad luck.

  11. RAA1395 says:

    He runs fast….passes good…..can definitely overtake defenders…..isent “yes” the logical answer?

  12. Vlad says:

    Umm, I don’t think he’s worth that kind of money, TBH. If he can stay healthy, and play 30+ games a season, I’d be okay with it, but we all know that’s not going to be the case.

  13. Break-on-through says:

    I thought he was already on a hundred grand. Wonder what he’ll make of Kolasanic taking home 120, TW 140. How much is Holding on, give him a pay rise and cut some of the other players.

  14. Precious Et Al says:

    The Ox is one of the most multi-faceted players in the squad. He can dribble, run, and can also pick a pass; amongst other things. Now that he seems to have gotten his confidence issue sorted out, he deserves a new deal.

  15. Midkemma says:

    Give him the 100k a week and a 6 year deal.
    Backup for Bellerin due to injury issue, can learn the def side of the game for 12-24 months and prove his fitness, if he can then what a CM he could turn into!

    The lad has potential and considering his injuries, I think backup for RWB in new formation is fantastic, let’s not forget wingbacks can use a lot of energy running back and forwards all the time so keeping Bellerin at peak could rely on someone like the Ox who can come on after 60 or 70 mins to inject pace and energy on the right.

    I feel we have a kid who could do the role just as well, M-Niles has played at RB, RM and CM… Built like a brick sh*t house and fast… Even if the Ox suffers one of his injuries then we would still have a viable backup in a homegrown youth product, perfect for me.

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