Should Arsenal give Ramsey more freedom?

Well, it appears as though Olivier Giroud is not the only Arsenal player who finds an extra gear while playing for his country. Aaron Ramsey was once again fabulous for Wales during Sunday’s 1-1 draw with Serbia, scoring an exquisite panenka penalty. With Gareth Bale suspended, the Gunners’ star thrived in an advanced attacking midfield role and seems to have hinted to Wenger that that is where he would like to play.

Speaking after the game, Ramsey said: “I have the freedom to do whatever I want (with Wales). Chris Coleman has been fantastic for me. He lets me roam the pitch. That is how I like to play.

“The system at Arsenal suited us in the end, with the way we finished the season and winning the FA Cup. It allowed me to get into some dangerous positions and thankfully, I put them away. It frees my game up.”

Well, it is worth noting that this is not the first time the much-criticised Arsenal midfielder has delivered for his country. In fact, he was arguably their best player when Wales defied all expectations and reached the semi-finals of Euro 2016, losing to eventual winners Portugal with Ramsey being suspended after picking up too many yellow cards.

For me, I do believe that Ramsey is one of those players who thrives on freedon. When deployed in a deeper midfield role or even worse, on the right-flank, his influence on the game gets affected due to other positional responsibilities. Looking at the successful midfield pairing between the Welshman and Xhaka last season, it is easy to see why it worked so well.

Granit took up the deeper role of sitting back and supplying long balls, while Aaron became the engine of the team, contributing to attack and defence with his endless running. While he is certainly a versatile player, I believe his versatility sometimes holds him back from doing what he does best. Here’s hoping Wenger gives him the creative freedom he wants so we can see Rambo once again shine at the Emirates.


  1. Wow France are blessed with attackers and midfielders

    Greizmann, Lacazette, Matuidi, Sissoko, Payet all on the bench

    Starters include Giroud, Mbappe, Pogba, Kante, Lear, Dembele

    1. And now Lyon is open to selling Lacazette to PSG. At this rate, I doubt Wenger getting a striker. At the end he will end up buying a player like Mahrez or James forgetting about the main priority. It’s happened before.

      1. Wenger was never going to get Lacazette. Juve will sign Mahrez. Wenger will dither till all top players have been sold and then make his big move (probably the last day of the window) for a player from the Dutch or Portuguese league.

  2. French sqaud = talent!!

    Ot oasis?! Strange choice of song.
    I thought the national anthem was going to be sung?

    Looking forward to seeing Ox in mf tonight but what a game to play in this position against Pogba and kante 🙁

  3. I think the French number 9 is worth a punt. Great goal but marginally offside and super assist for their goal. Who is he? . . .

    1. The donkey? I heard he plays for a club that finished 5th and he once went over half a dozen games without scoring.

  4. here we go again … next idiocy 80m to barca … the guy is a good bench player end of story ..

  5. BTW @Ronny, both national anthems were played. Oasis was played as a tribute to the Manchester and London terrorist attacks. Don’t Look Back in Anger, superb respect from the French.

  6. @declan.
    Of course bit slow tonight to pick up the Manchester connection. And I commented before the N’ anthems were played.
    Yes fantastic respect from the French.

  7. If by more freedom you mean sold to another club and free to do what he wants there, then yes. Arsenal are not Wales, Wales are not good. Arsenal are becoming the Wales of club football because we keep trying to rely on guys like Aaron Ramsey.

  8. How much Freedom does he want? ?? I thought Wenger gave Ramsey the keys to the Emirates ffs! ?

  9. Ramsey already plays regardless of form, lacks discipline, and hasn’t shown he’s worthy of the trust to play with freedom. If he wants ozil or Sanchez job then beat them out. Otherwise STFU. If Ramsey scored 28 goals and 16 assists then play with all the freedom you want.

    Currently he’s had more injuries than goals this year, typical. Ox wants CM role, Theo thought he was a striker (oops) Ramsey wants CAM role.
    Ramsey should start with discipline and not abandon partner for starters then build from there.
    Wales? C’mon now who cares.

  10. With three CBs and Xhaka being a big lad, Ramsey’s defensive deficiencies aren’t on show nearly as often. I think that’s why it works. Also Ramsey pulls markers about with his runs, he gives CBs something else to think about which in turn gives Ozil and Alexis more space. Teams don’t stop our threat as easily when he’s in there trying to become a nuisance. We used to be much too open when Ramsey played and our CBs looked a little too nervy. As long as that ain’t a problem I have no quarrel with Ramsey. If it works it works, but we’d be mad to rely on it.

    Ramsey on the wing, I have to disagree. I saw the sense in playing him there as we needed someone with an engine to help our fullback, because as always Walcott was not up to the task. Same reason I saw sense in using Ox out there more recently. Though I think all this should be telling Arsene something.

  11. I have been saying for years that Ramsey is a great player when he has a solid defensive midfielder behind him. The best formation Arsenal could have in defence and attack would be three at the back, three man midfield of a world class defensive mid, Xhaka and Ramsey just in front with Sanchez and buy a world class striker (maybe Costa from Chelsea). With a winger/fullback each side, Bellarin/Ox and Kolasinac/Monreal. Arsenal need some aggression in the team but also need players to work on and off the ball.

  12. France might be taleneted but they are not a great team. They lost last week to Sweden in a game that counted (WC qualifier). And they had most of this talent in the last Euros and couldn’t win it.

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