Should Arsenal give Thomas Partey a contract extension if he proves his fitness?

Some Gooners believe Thomas Partey’s time at the club is up. In fact many reports have recently claimed that the Ghanian could leave in the summer due to his failure to overcome recurring injury difficulties.

This season, the former Atletico Madrid player has made only four Premier League appearances. Thankfully, Declan Rice, Arsenal’s £105 million signing last summer, has ensured they don’t miss him. Declan Rice has capably performed the No. 6 role, and Jorginho, who has occasionally partnered the ex-West Ham star, has ensured that the Gunners’ midfield is defensively assured, a role Partey could be trusted with on his best day.

That being said, given how brilliant Partey is when fit, don’t you think he deserves a chance to show he still has something to offer at Arsenal?

According to football transfers, the 30-year-old, who is set to return from injury, would be given an opportunity to save his career. Apparently, the club wants him to show that he can stay fit from now until the end of the season. So, the next few months are critical for him to rescue his Arsenal career.

With the Premier League title race at home stretch and the tricky Champions League in the knockout stage, Arteta requires all of his finest players to be available. Thomas Partey is undoubtedly one of Arsenal’s best. Hopefully, once he gets back to full fitness, he will be able to maintain it.

He should win the hearts of Arsenal decision-makers, according to Football Transfers, so that at the end of the season, they can offer to extend his contract past the summer of 2025. According to reports, if Partey extends his contract, a move for a new midfielder may be put on hold.

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  1. It depends with his influence around the group. If it was all about football i would say YES. On the other hand, DOES HE WANT TO STAY?

  2. Hell no!

    The one I would give a 1-year extension is Jorginho, with a slighly reduced wage of course. He’s been good lately. Maybe a 1+1 extension would suit us and him, if he wants to stay in London.

    We know Elneny is going to leave, along with Cedric and hopefully Partey too. That will release us almost 400k a week in wages.

  3. I would be inclined to keep him another year if the signs were good regarding his fitness, because I think he would take us up another level if he could stay fit.
    I would definitely sign a new midfielder regardless of whether partey stays or goes because we know the likelihood of him staying fit for a full season is low and both him and jorginho are clearly not going to be here for very much longer.

    1. Not at 250K a week, its a huge gamble. Also last window we would have gotten 35M – 40M from Saudi, hope we can get 20m to 25M this time that would come in handy to top-up for a replacement.

      1. Good points. It’s a tricky one. If he wasn’t (imo) such a game changer, I’d be saying to move him on, but I think the pairing of him and rice would be so devastatingly good, I’d be willing to take that chance if the finances make sense and we could sign a potential successor (if needed – possibly someone like nwaneri could cover and take over in a slightly different role fairly soon)

    1. A bit cutting there Jen, if I read you correctly

      A one year rolling extension on reduced salary is about the best I’d offer if I was in charge of contracts – as offered by AW. He isn’t in the first flush anymore. In any case, we’re doing pretty well without him and if he slots in and makes the difference to our season then it’s a win win.

    2. Nope. His first season he wasn’t great as he was carrying an injury the whole season. And he’s been in and out with injuries since so no he hasn’t, all he’s proved is that he can’t be relied upon to stay fit. A fantastic player but he’s aging now so he’s likely to be even less reliable

  4. To me Arsenal should give him an opportunity to get back his best form, help us challenge for the title and indirectly get his form and value back to a 20M to 30M probably to Saudi League at the end of season.

    The money received will come in handle to top-up get a replacement – Douglas Luiz 60M to 70M

  5. I agree with your post Davi and was amazed to read that Partey has only featured in four games all season.
    That Rice – Partey combination in midfield seems such a strong one and, if we can persuade Jorginho to stay for another season as well, the club would be able to concentrate on signing a proven striker to enable a plan B to be effective.

    Of course, it depends on Partey staying fit and that is THE biggest part of the conundrum in my opinion.

    Great to see Timber back in training by the way.

    1. While in an ideal world, I agree with you Ken and with Davi and some others who say much the same,I have almost no confidence that he will be ABLE to stay fit.

      What is FAR MORE LIKELY to happen, IMO is that come summer we will be trying to offload him.

      It seems clear to me that MA, like Klopp, is rightly convinced that a team of lower average age than most has a far better chance of remaining fit and able to withstand the physical pressures of high pressing and a sensibly demanded high work rate.

      THAT will be his modus operandi from now on. And in general, has BEEN for some time past too!

    2. He was injured in his First season hence he wasn’t Amazing he’s aging so will be more prone to getting injured. Love the guy but we can’t afford to be carrying sick notes.

    1. Only if their better than Partey when he’s fully fit!!
      We can’t afford to take chances at the moment.
      It has worked out for liverpool with their youngsters, but I don’t believe Klopp would have done it if his senior players were fit.

  6. Yes, but we are not talking about this season, I think. There is no way Partey deserves a contract extension. He was shocking in some key games towards the end of last season and even if fit I think he will find it difficult to rediscover his radar. There are games when Partey’s passing has been all over the place.

  7. Yes. If he can only play a few months a year its still worth it because he is soooo talented and amazing for our team

    A lot of fans like to trash players so easily and quickly.

  8. How does he prove his fitness, if you mean his health? By playing at least 30-40 matches a season. If you mean his capacity as a player, he have nothing to prove. But he must be able to play to be a resource. As an injury prone he is worthless. Then he is a mascot.

  9. we have all the proof we need about Partey fitness and reliability

    in summer 2025 he will be 32, what extend it until his 34?

    PL is the fastest and most physical in the world, injury prone 34 year old’s does not match Arsenal PL ambition

    clearly a fan favourite, and he has played some good games, but also some shockers when we needed him most, e.g. Crystal Palace loss two seasons ago costing us CL football

    compare and contrast to Jorginho who rises to the big occasions when we need him most, is always available and has a better defence splitting through balls

    i know who I would be handing a contract extension to, and who I would be letting leave in the summer – thanks for the memories Thomas

  10. I appreciate his talent and experience, but his injury record makes him too unreliable. I think questions should also be raised about Jesus and Zinchenko as well.

    All 3 on massive salaries and can’t stay fit for more than 6 weeks or so. Partey has stayed on the injured list, and Jesus and Zinchenko have been added to the list multiple times this year.

    The club should start putting plans in place to move on.

    Timber at LB with Kiwior as backup, replace Partey this Summer, and add a striker.

    I appreciate their effort and work ethic, but their fitness is too unreliable to count on them to help attain titles and trophies.

  11. A genuine thoroughbred with a bad foot, only needs his legs to hold for a few minutes to blow a field apart.

    Surely Thomas Partey, probably the only genuine world class players on our books stays and plays when fit.

    1. Agree with u 100% @Gunsmoke. It seems people easily forget the great things u have done once u aren’t available. I’m baffled to read that Jorginho has better defense-splitting through balls. Really now?
      Just by checking our win rate when Partey featured says it all.
      It’s ok to say his contract should not be extended for his injury record but let’s not sit here and debate about his talent just becos he’s not been available.

      1. I don’t think anyone on here is doubting his talent, but he can’t show his talent if he can’t stay fit. Talent is no good if he’s always in the treatment room.

  12. Unplayable on his day, but
    much like Jesus AFC can’t
    afford to risk this current
    window of prosperity on injury
    prone players making absurd
    wages. I don’t see the former
    AM man restructuring his
    contract to heavily reduce his
    weekly wages and remain in
    NL as a quality SQUAD player.
    Thank you for the memories TP
    but it is time for the Ghanian
    to pursue greener futbol
    pastures elsewhere

    WTS, my worthless 2 cents on
    AFC’s summer transfer biz.


    ASL……£25M (been great @ LT)

    APPX £138M in sales


    J Zirkzee…..£50M
    M. Zubimemdi…..£55M
    P. Neto…….£50M
    O Diomande……£50M

    £205M spent, NET £68M


  13. Thomas Partey is a player that any team would want to have, but Thomas never stays fit. Who’d want a player who is not available to play?

  14. For me, it would depend upon whether Jorginho is kept for another year. or allowed to leave.

    I would still like to see us buy Zubimendi, but even if we do, if Jorginho goes, we would need a back up DM for Zubi and Rice.

    We will be in 4 competitions again next season, and Arteta will need to rotate, so I would keep Partey as a rotation DM player!!!

    Although I think, after consideration, I might keep Jorginho too as a rotation player too (because of injuries)!!

    I believe Arteta finally sees Havertz as more of a forward (false nine) after his recent performances, so keeping Partey will diminish the need to bring Havertz back into midfield!!!

  15. Rice, Partey and Odegaard would be one unbelievable midfield. If I was a rival club fan, I would be thankful that midfield is not playing.

    1. CG, Arsenal’s strongest midfield, if not one of the strongest in the EPL, when all fit

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