Should Arsenal give Wilshere’s 10 shirt to Ozil?

There is a strong feeling that the England international midfield star Jack Wilshere is going to rescue his Arsenal career and come back to be a first team regular again, as long as this season on loan at AFC Bournemouth sees him play the regular football that all of his injury problems have denied him at his boyhood club, the mighty Arsenal.

So as long as he can stay reasonably fit for a year then Jack should be back with the Gunners next season. For now, though, his number 10 shirt is not being used and his German team mate Mesut Ozil has already got his beady eyes on it, as a Daily Mail report reveals.

Ozil said, “It just went free, and I definitely want it.”

The question now is whether Arsene Wenger should let Ozil have it or keep it unused for a season to see if Wilshere does come back with a bang?

I can see good arguments for both sides. Ozil is clearly our first choice for Arsenal in what we call the number 10 position. He has been called the best number 10 in the world for his creative ability and he has just taken that shirt number for the Germany national side, where it’s previous holder was none other than the former Arsenal striker Lukas Podolski.

Our current number 11 went on, ‘I’d wanted the number for years but so did Lukas Podolski. And he got to keep it because he had more caps than I did. Now I’ve pounced.

‘The number fits me and my position: play-maker.’

‘It’s my favourite number. Football legends like Zinedine Zidane, Diego Maradona and Pele wore that number on their backs. I’m really very happy to have it.’

It would make sense for the German to have it on his back at club level as well and it is not as if Wilshere has had that number throughout his Arsenal career, as it was previously held by the traitor Robin van Persie. Also, with contract talks back on it might be a good idea to keep Ozil sweet.

On the other hand, if Wilshere feels the same sort of way about the number it might be a bad idea to take it off him. He is already having to cope with the blow of being loaned out by the club he loves and if we were to also strip him of his shirt number it could be damaging to his morale and confidence.

It might also give him some extra determination to really show everyone that he can still be the player we thought it would be when he burst onto the scene in such style. What would you do with the number 10 shirt?



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If it will keep Ozil here, then yes

  2. Kelscent says:

    Ozil deserves it..afterall is our best midfielder any day any time

  3. ArsenalDave says:

    If he’s desperate for it then yes, Who cares? I don’t give a flying if they wear number zod and pink curles, just become champions already!

  4. Twig says:

    What difference will it make? He can have it for this season since Wilshere is not around. However he’ll probably need to buy Wilshere Disney Land tickets to get it for next season.

  5. RedLondon says:

    Yes, it makes no sense that the best playmaker in the world doesn’t have the shirt number of a playmaker, he has all it takes to be an Arsenal legend and his impact on the team has been compared to Bergkamp’s countless of time. GIVE HIM DA TING

  6. Incarnate says:

    I strongly doubt he was refering to Arsenal.but the German team.

  7. arsenalian says:

    Maybe if he has the number 10 jersey, Wenger will actually play him as a number 10 all of the time instead of in the wing ha.
    Seriously though, he should have it this year and in the future

  8. luvdaguns says:


  9. Ozone says:

    If it makes him run much faster up and down the pitch, and shoot and score instead of trying to make needless passes that he knows will not end up in a goal especially when he’s just outside the box, then YES give him the bloody shirt.

    Wilshere still has a long way to go and i see him being on the bench a long time when he comes back from his loan.

  10. cesceru says:

    Should Arsenal give Wilshere’s 10 shirt to Ozil?

  11. Wilshegz says:

    so what happens when Wilshere returns?
    I say No!… he doesn’t need to change the number, if he does his stuff well, he could make the “11”Legendary like Thierry Henry made of “14”.
    it ll be disrespectful and send a bad message to take the number off of Wilshere.

  12. Lesiba says:

    Simple, if Ozil wants the number 10 Jersey he should just ask Jack for it.

    1. tissiam says:

      why would he have to ask “weelchair” for the number 10 jersey?does he own it or something?

  13. stubill says:

    Personally I find it unsavoury for him to have jumped in like that, Wilshere’s only on loan, he hasn’t been sold! Would he jump in Jacks grave as quickly?

    If Wilshere’s asked, and he says it’s ok, then let him have it, otherwise, stick with 11 Ozil!

  14. The Analyzer says:

    Are squad numbers not supposed to be submitted to the EPL and FA at the close of the transfer window, alongside with the squad list? If so the earliest he can get that squad number will be January.

  15. Vlad says:

    For years I wondered what Jack did to deserve that number. And I’m still drawing blank. The second we bought Ozil, Wilshere should’ve done the right thing and offer him his number 10 shirt. He didn’t. I’m thinking now is the right time for Ozil take what’s rightfully his. Not only he’s the natural playmaker, but he’s also the best player in our squad. And if it makes him happier so he signs a contract extension, then it’s even better.

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