Should Arsenal given Joel Campbell a better chance to shine?

Young Joel Campbell joined Arsenal as a talented 16 year-old with great promise shown with the Costa Rica national side. In the five years since then he has played 40 times for his country, but only had a paltry 4 appearances for the Gunners. Perhaps things would have been different if Campbell had been granted a work permit to develop at Arsenal, but instead he has had three years of loans at Lorient, Real Betis and Olympiacos before finally being allowed to join Arsenal’s first team.

While away in Europe, Campbell became used to playing regularly and famously scored for Olympiakos in a Champions League match against Man United, and he arrived at the Emirates expecting Arsene Wenger to give him some opportunities to use his talent. But it was not quite as expected, and after a couple of early appearances, Campbell, along with Podolski, was left out in the cold with even Sanogo preferred when the Gunners had half the team out injured.

So it’s little wonder that he became frustrated and forced Wenger to send him out on loan again, this time to Villarreal in La Liga. Now his agent (and father) thinks he will be moved on. Campbell senior has put his son’s name forward to Benfica, who tried to sign him last summer. “I don’t know if they talked to Arsenal, but I think Benfica could be the right club for Campbell to show his worth,” he said.

“It’s a good team, which gives young players a lot of opportunities. They’re always in the Champions League and won their league 2 years in a row.”

“It’s an important club, where he can play and grow as a player and eventually return to a club like Arsenal, a club from one of the top leagues.”

“For now Joel has to show up at Arsenal. Wenger will then decide whether to sell him. Last summer he was about to sign with Benfica but Wenger decided he wanted to keep him in the end… and then he signed Welbeck.”

Wenger now has to decide whether to sell Campbell or send him on loan again, but I think Le Prof has already chosen to get rid at a profit. Bt I can’t help thinking that it may have all turned out differently if young Campbell had’ve got that work permit and learned his trade under Wenger……

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  1. As am seeing many striker names being thrown around, let me be the first to suggest Aubameyang.Not quite an established big name striker but with his speed and with ozil’s vision,he could quite easily score 30 + goals in a season. Plus he is a realistic target and wont cost a ridiculous amount as the others we are being linked with.

    1. we want a upgrade not a squad player the one player i want from BVB is Reus other than that i dont think any one from BVB will cut in in our 11. ( except Hummels )

      1. Hummels Reus, hummels reus, hummels reus.

        what is it with people? don’t they have their own minds? fine if you rate reus but hummels, come on! really?

        hummels isn’t the answer to all defensive problems. he is slow, slow on the turn and isn’t a ball carrying CB some teams like. he will make an excellent transfer for united but not us, not Chelsea, not city, not even Liverpool or Southampton.

    2. Hate to break it to you but you aren’t the first! 🙂 his name has been mentioned quiet a bit of recently in previous articles.

      Could be a good signing though!

      And it will happen because the metro are saying so.

    3. It baffles me that some fans genuinely think speed is the defining trait in today’s game. Welbz/Theo/Campbell/Podolski are all much quicker than Giroud but none come close as a central ST to the big man.

      We dont need a speedy player, we need a classy player who’s technically sound, composed, clinical, and capable of genius. I’d much rather we sign someone quick in the mind than simply quick on the deck.

      1. robin van persie was hardly usain bolt, but when he timed his runs he was away from the defence unleashing spectacular volleys beyond the keeper. Like champagne charlie said, someone who reads the game faster is more of an attribute than someone who can run fast, plus after aubameyang’s season at st ettienne wenger would certainly have been informed.

      2. Agree…Unfortunately Campbell will most likely never get the chance he thinks and should be given to him!!The way the team is set up unless he does something crazy during preseason to stake his claim for me he is gone!! Aubameyang is not the answer what comes to mind is a Benzema when I read your comment and to a lesser degree Higuain (who looks like the only one really available) that would be genuine upgrade and not squad player

  2. I am addicted to this site,I read every article and comment though we may differ in opinions in terms progress of the club we are one gunners family.No doubt this is a world class site with brilliant members and mgt,One love gunners till I die

    1. Same here mate, sometimes am even mistaken it for arsenalm dot com. Lolz that’s how addicted I am.

  3. I think we should let the young man go if the opportunity comes. He deserves a first team place in a club. For our title pushing prospects, we don’t need him. Though he is good, but not the type of quality we need at this time. EPL is our priority this season

  4. Personally speaking, I never rated him.
    But I don’t rate wellbeck either.

    Once these players are gone in addition to flamini and better quality/more gifted replacements are brought in I think we will then have a more balanced and quality squad capable of achieving greater things this coming season.

    1. Agreed about JC, never won me over at all. Welbz I’m more hopeful of however, his potential is seen in flashes and if we get some consistency there then we have a proper player.

      Never gonna be world class IMO, but could be a Wiltord type player that makes a telling contribution in our clubs success. Here’s hoping.

  5. If we sell him we have to put a clause in his new contract and have the first option to buy him and also at a lower price

  6. Campbell is unlucky.
    4 years away instead
    of being tutored in
    the Arsenal style.
    Got back and after 3 months was discarded!!!
    What chance did he have?
    Over the past few years Wenger
    has been more generous to other players
    Diaby injured 5 – 6 years Sanogo 4 year
    contract though he is injury prone
    Chamberlain 4 Wilshere 6 Rosicky 6 Walcott 8 injury prone years.
    This year Wenger has become more ruthless.
    Ospina going after 4 months of excellent goal keeping.
    Ryo gone Diaby gone.
    Podolski going Flamini Rosicky possibly too.
    Its a new era and Campbell is being judged by new standards.
    Considering Campbell wanted to go to Italy where Inter made an offer
    in the summer Arsenal pretty much messed Campbell over twice.
    It is about time this new ruthless attitude was enforced.
    Pity we did not work this way years ago.
    Diaby was and Sanogo is the last of the old deadwood era.
    Ospina + Campbell are the first victims of the new ruthless era.
    Long may it continue.

  7. Joel Campbell was a massive hit at the World Cup, unfortunately he cannot do it at club level because he’s surrounded by players better than him.
    He’s out of his depth at Arsenal, sell him, and get what you can.
    Onwards and upwards.

  8. Aubameyang on his way to London colney for medicals.

    Carvalho fee agreed

    Cech signed.

    Cheer up gunners!!!!!!!!!

    1. Giroud is currently way better than campbell, but they are totally different players. Giroud is purely a striker campbell has more to his game than that.

      There is only room in the squad for 25 players this season born 1993 or before. Ideally that would mean 11 world class players for each position, with 11 fantastic players to support them, plus an extra keeper, an extra versatile defensive player and extra versatile attacking player. Then we should be looking to add 8 under 21 players thus giving us 3 players for each position and a squad of 33. Assuming cech in ospina out is a done deal, our squad still looks healthy, but we could definitely use a few more world class players.

      World class x1 (or not)
      Debuchy ??????? koscielny monreal
      ???????? cazorla
      Walcott ozil alexis

      Fantastic x1 (or not)
      Jenkinson mertesacker Gabriel gibbs
      Coquelin wilshire
      Welbeck ramsey chamberlain

      The rest of the 33 including the u21s
      Gk – martinez
      Bellerin chambers hayden ???????
      Arteta bielik
      Gnabry Zelalem rosicky

      I am not saying the rest of the 33 is 3rd choice, I am merely saying they make up the 33 with 3 players born 1993 or before and 8 players born 1994 or later..

      Unfortunately if we filled in those 4 ?????? Players it would mean no place for flamini, wellington campbell, sanogo and podolski. However in my opinion the 3 younger players should be loaned out anyway as the are clearly not better than the other players in their position. I would love to see one club take all 3 as a new forward line.

      Flamini and podolski would be sold by me, it makes sense. You sell ospina to replace with a world class keeper, you sell podolski and bring in a world class striker (higuain or benzema), then sell flamini and bring in a world class midfielder (vidal or carvalho). Not sure who the world class centre back would be or who the under 21 left back would be, but that squad would win us the title and give us a great shot at the champions league.

  9. THEFINALGURU your wishes are mine too.If we get Aub , Carvallho ( real DM le coq as back up )and Cech plus KEEP OSPINA AS BACK UP..we wiill really have more chances to win the EPL and do better in CL the waym where is LEO? he always comes with the most update gossips and news.Gooners never lose faith

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