Should Arsenal go all out for a big win against Burnley?

Arsenal played a blinder on Thursday night and there will be many players still basking in the euphoria of reaching the Final, as well as a few tired legs after the high-powered battle in the Mestalla. But wouldn’t everyone want to play in the very last game of the season at Burnley tomorrow?

Everyone may think that it is an irrelevant game, but the fact is that we do still have a chance of making the Top Four. Burnley have absolutely nothing to play for and if they roll over I could see a superconfident Arsenal get a high-scoring win. If we could win 5 or 6-0 then the Spuds would only have to lose 2 or 3-0 and we would be back in the Big Time. It may sound unlikely given our League form, but if you don’t try you don’t succeed eh?

I am hopeful that Emery will put out an attacking team as we have nothing to lose, but will he try and protect our star players, despite there being two and a half weeks before the Final in Baku? Emery seemed to indicate that he will be rotating his tired players. “We arrived home at 6am and today we cancelled training because it’s important to rest,” he said. “Tomorrow we are going to prepare for Sunday’s match but I am going to decide with the players who are hungry and in good physical condition to play this match.

“We struggled a lot here against [Burnley]. I remember this match and I watched it two weeks ago when they drew with Chelsea. It was a very tough match against Chelsea and I’m expecting the same on Sunday in Burnley.

“We are going to play with the idea of imposing our gameplan, our capacity and our team against them. We know it’s going to be a difficult match with long balls, second actions and set-pieces, so we need to defend well in these situations.”

I honestly don’t see the need to defend. Sure we want to stay above Man United, but a draw may not even be enough to secure that, so why don’t we just go all out to destroy Burnley from the kick-off.

What do they say? Fortune favours the brave?



  1. Would be nice to sign off with a win (but bearing in mind, Mike Dean is refereeing, we’re in the green kit, our defence, Ashley Barnes WWE) it might not happen!
    One good thing though – it’ll be the last time we see the green kit ???? COYG

    Anyone else still buzzing after Thursday? All I kept singing yesterday was the Aubameyang chant!! ?

    1. The whole place erupted when Aubameyang scores the hatrick, haven’t celebrated like that in a long time.

      Beautiful football once again.

  2. I think Emery should give the kids a chance to prove themselves for next season. The season is done and there is no way we’re catching Tottenham. Plus is too risky, let’s save our starters for the final.

    1. i agree. i believe bukayo and nelson can fill in. even mbappe shown only when he was given a chance

  3. Sarri is now saying we have the advantage as they’re flying to America for a charity match on May 15 ??

  4. He won’t but he should be going all out for a big win. Specially off the back of how the week of football went with comebacks. Spurs will be shattered after pushing hard against Ajax and Everton are on form. It’s unlikely that Everton will win let alone by 3 or 4 goals. But it will be criminal for us not to see out our game to the best of our ability and try to win by 5. Imagine if spurs lose, Baku is a long way away. These guys are bloody professional footballers. Emery will deserve critisism if he don’t try at least, shocking if he doesn’t. Also our odds in Baku are 50/50 so not guaranteed!

  5. no need for rotation and resting UE shoud play his best team to keep the winning mentality up in the sky…

    away matches should be seen like home games.

    Barca rested thier players and lost to L.pool and L.pool did not rest players and won…

    fire keep burning please.

  6. We are going to lose this game anyway so might as well rest key players and avoid injuries. All the remaining dangling hopes with regards to the league were killed by that frustrating draw v BHA. Give the youngsters a run out and allow the senior players to focus on what’s really important, the Europa League trophy.

  7. Europa League final is over two weeks away so play the team he will use then so they won’t be rusty, especially Aubameyang so he can add to his 20 premier league goals and 29 overall goals
    Aubameyang likes to score against Burnley

    Hopefully nobody will get injured

    Play Leno tomorrow and Cech in the Final

    Something like


    Let’s finish the premier league season with a WIN.

  8. We are the AFC and we should be aiming to win big every time we set foot on the pitch irrespective of who plays. We have diluted our standards and that is why this hypothetical question is being asked.In our glorious past, teams would be intimated by just thinking of playing us.Maybe I belong to the older generation where aiming to beat every other team was a norm.Have a nice weekend Gunners!

  9. “Should we go all out for a big win against Burnley” you strangely ask! No, of course we should not. We SHOULD ALL STAY AT HOME AND MOW THE LAWN OR GO SHOPPING OR DO ANYTHING ELSE EQUALLY AS DAFT AS YOUR QUESTION! The whole POINT of pro football is to win every match by as many goals as possible. That MUST ALWAYS be the aim! “Should we even wear shorts” would be no more daft than this articles question. Talk about insulting our intelligence! Shame on you!

  10. Burnley are probably the most physical side in the PL with Barnes in particular crossing the line on many occasions.We will be subjected to an aerial bombardment which can be difficult to defend on their right pitch.For that reason I hope Emery plays Mavroponas along with Kocielney in a flat back four.I suspect Emery may also rest Lacazette who is absolutely key to unlocking the Chelsea defence in the Europa Cup final which I think I we will win.

  11. Just for a bit of hypothetical fun – which would you choose?

    A) An 8 nil win over Burnley and a Spurs loss to Everton, thus getting us into CL (and possibly sending Spurs into Thursday night purgatory unless they beat Liverpool)?

    B) Or a Europa League trophy, thus getting us into CL?

    It’s B for me.

    1. B without a doubt. It’s shameful our club has never won European trophy (an existing one)

    2. In other words would you rather win a trophy and make the CL or would you rather NOT win a trophy and make the CL! Not the best question ever asked I’d suggest! BUT YOU GOT THE OBVIOUS ANSWER TO YOUR OWN SILLY QUESTION CORRECT, SO WELL DONE!

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