Should Arsenal go all-out for coveted wantaway midfielder?

Marco Verratti has supposedly told Paris Saint-Germain that he wishes to leave the club this summer, but should Arsenal prioritise a move for him?

The Italian international is highly recognised as one of the best midfield talents in the world, and despite being only 2 years-old, has a wealth of experience beyond his years.

Verratti is strongly linked with moves to Barcelona or Juventus but it remains to be seen whether they will move in for him, and Arsenal have struggled in the middle of the pitch in recent seasons.

The PSG midfielder was believed to have fallen out with his club earlier in the campaign, and after a torrid league campaign where they failed to win the French division, he now looks set to cut his alliance with the Paris club.

Santi Cazorla’s injuries over the past two seasons have seen us lack that something special in the middle of the park, and Verratti is most definitely one of the players who could make a huge difference for Arsenal.

Our club needs to have a strong transfer window after dropping outside the top four for the first time in Arsene Wenger’s 21 year reign, and that needs to be addressed.

The Gunners board are believed to have tasked the manager with a swift window, having seen the club’s business drag on until deadline day last summer, and Wenger has already stated that he on call 24 hours a day as he looks to follow through with his objective.

Should Verratti be made a priority this summer? Is our midfield looking stead now with the Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Granit Xhaka proving strong toward the end of the season?

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  1. Not that there is any chance of Arsenal signing Verratti(because bigger clubs would get him) but if even if there was a teeny weeney chance that Verratti would be intertested in a move to Arsenal, Wenger would come out and say Arsenal don’t need him because they have Coquelin who is just as good lol.

  2. I got a lot of thumbs down for this comment prior to the FA cup win. In fact I didnt even get one thumbs up 😀 But Mertesacker stood up tall and proved many of the experts wrong!

    www . justarsenal . com / arsenals-pointless-win-comes-with-a-damning-cost/72885/comment-page-1#comment-1113646

  3. Barcelona are going to bid £87 million for Veratti

    We can’t compete with Barca
    We won’t spend that much or more on a midfielder or probably any player

    BUT we don’t need to spend that much on a central midfielder

    We should look for players like:
    Carvahlo (apprx £40 mil),
    Douglas Costa (£25 to £30 million),
    Seri (apprx £40 million)
    Matuidi is 30 years old but still very good

    Over the years Wenger should have tried to get players like Vidal and Kante when we were still in Champions League but Wenger had no real Ambition and still hasn’t

    1. You are right Arsenal_Girl.
      Arsenal can’t compete with any of the big clubs, they haven’t for years and now we are in Europa League, it is only going to get worse.

      1. Europa league is the kick up the backside the club’s management needed to shake things up. They will invest in the squad properly this year…I think.

    2. Don’t spend much on a CM u say…..Then what are seri and matuidi ? Strikers??

    1. You as a fan how do u benefit frm the club if its in the forbes top ten richest clubs but it does not spend the money in buying quality players…or do u have shares there?!

      1. Cannot think of worse ownership among the top 15 teams in Europe. We’re easily the worst among the English top flight, which is cause enough for disdain. This notion he lets the manager spend what the club makes is absolutely unfounded in evidence. It’s a PR slogan of sustainability. I won’t even delve into how idealistic that is in the top echelons of European football. Football is a speculative sport anyway. Deep down, you are fully aware of what an appalling owner he is and are as fearful of his impact on arsenal as I am. However, you are also aware of how difficult it is to dislodge any owner of a football club- particularly someone like him- and have resigned yourself to the fact that we are stuck with him. So, you are hoping that in spite of the dead hand of Kroenke, Gazidis might be able to manoeuvre something. Football is all about money. If you haven’t worked that out by now, I can’t help you.

  4. Fabregas has been told hes not part of Conte team anymore, we should definetly add Cesc to that MC spot to cover Cazorla absence, I think he will be a lift in the dressing room, just add another big name. Cesc quoted in the past one day he wants to return to Arsenal. Hes not the best signing, but nevertheless a good addition to our strong MC options

  5. The fact that Verratti is only 2 years old surely means we would only have to pay a small compensation fee at a tribunal?
    I’m sure Messi was not has talented at the age of Two like this guy. His potential is huge.

  6. Admin some of this questions are Base less, we all know Arsenal fc is not synonymous with spending big No Lacazette, No Rodriguez, No Mahrez, And definitely No Veratti.
    All these speculations are mere Media-Smoke Screen to get fans excited in order to boost newspaper sales.

    Wenger is only Synonymous with buying Cheap or going after Free Transfers.

  7. With Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger @ the helms Arsenal fc will never win anything of note except the Fa cup.
    Ambitious Clubs buy required players and they win trophies
    Arsenal on the other hand, buys one incredible player and wins the Fa cup consistently

    That’s why Zidane would win the champs league twice in two years and Wenger fa cup within the same period.

  8. Veratti is a very good midfielder, technically gifted with a good footballing brain. He creates a lot and is effective consistently. However as good as he is and as much as he would bring, i would say a solely defensive minded midfielder would be more effective in our current squad.
    Prioritising getting someone in like Matuidi, Romeu or Bakayoko will be more effective in an already creative team.

  9. Give out Ozil and Giroud for free, and get two football players with positive attitude. These guys they play football with their ears listening to the ref. They fall like babies. I don’t what fans sees in these guys. Maybe I’m always watching a different game, or I don’t understand football.

  10. Veratti is one of the highly rated midfileders out there and i believe you will agree with that he’s a world-class. But….. the but remains that Arsene and Arsenal can only dream of having him wear the Arsenal Jersey. If he’s leaving PSG, he definitely won’t be leaving for a mediocre competitor like Arsenal, cos that’s the category to quantify our many years of under-performing results.

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