Should Arsenal go all out for cut-price Bayern Munich defender?

If there is one thing that all Arsenal fans know, it is the fact that we are in desperate need of some top class defenders to improve our very leaky defence after conceding over 50 goals in both of the last two seasons.

Todays biggest Arsenal rumour is that we could be in with a chance of signing the Germany international Jerome Boateng, who has fallen out of favour at Bayern Munich after 8 years at the very top. Since joining from Manchester City in 2011 he has established himself as the bedrock of Bayern’s defence and gone on to win the highest honours within the game. He has won seven consecutive Bundesliga titles, four DFB-Pokal titles and the Champions League in 2013, not to mention a World Cup. But it looks like his time at the German giants is going to end this summer, with Ulli Hoeness urging the 30 year-old to find a new club. He said: “I would recommend to leave the club. I think he needs a new challenge.”

The problem is that Boateng is earning a reported 250,000 euros a month at the Allianz, and with two years left on his contract he is hardly going to be in a rush to leave, and Munich will have to let him go cheaply to persuade any buyer to cover Boateng’s wages.

Thee is no doubt that Boateng is an extremely accomplished top class defender, and at 30 he could still have many years at the top (barring injuries) so do you think Arsenal should make him one of our top targets this summer?



  1. Why has he “fallen out of favour at Bayern Munich after 8 years at the very top.”?

    Quality drop? Injury? Difficult to deal with contract wise? Just wondering

  2. The answer to the question is “no”
    Another overpaid underperforming retirement due Dona is not required to the existing list.
    No future resale value and he has nothing to prove hence no motivation expected. No thank you, next topic please

  3. If we`ve only got the rumoured £40M to spend then lets use it intelligently, not on other teams old cast offs !

    Fcuk !……what a shock Joshua getting knocked out by someone who has more rolls than Gregs the Bakers !

    1. ?? he is a big unit!! The picture I saw of him with Joshua… Joshua (beautifully toned & hench) then there was him… gross!!

      1. Could not believe it Sue 😯
        I train 7 days a week, do 1000`s of sit ups , dragon flags, weights the lot and have abs like AJ, yet now I will question my ability to beat a disabled person using a zimmer frame !

        1. Well, Le Coq.. you did say Kolasinac is a younger version of yourself ??
          I was shocked, I thought he’d hammer him!! Well if he needs his abs & guns rubbed better, he knows where to come ??

          1. Ruiz looked like he was carrying twins and at some point I thought his waters might break !

            AJ`s a Gooner as well which makes it even more disappointing……..

            1. Still feel good about last night`s result and after trainning I think I will go to the beach and look for some crying Spud fans…………………kicking sand in their faces and laughing is great therapy !

              1. ?? his waters might break.. you’re so funny, Le Coq!!
                AJ has had a double whammy this week then!! Although I bet the spuds cheered him up a little!!
                Surely after last night there won’t be anyone wearing a spud top?? Although a few years back in Florida, City had just thumped them 6-0.. I saw a spud & said are you wearing that for a bet?? Haha good old City!!
                Haha kick some sand for me too ?

  4. With that salary and age?

    Like previous posters said: forget it.
    He’s ManU material if you ask me.

  5. Oh what a beautiful morning
    Oh what a beautiful day
    I’v got a beautiful feeling
    The Tossers have tossed it away.

  6. All these cheap options are going to lead us nowhere. Why not lead the supporters revolution to get rid of the shyster Stan Kroenke. It makes me sick that so much nonsense is totally swallowed by some of you. We don’t need cheap, over the hill players, who other teams are getting rid of. I do hope that this site ‘Just Arsenal’ will stand up and be counted. “Cheap is dear”. It’s unacceptable. If Satan Kroenke will not spend then give the kids a chance or don’t go to watch anything that the shyster Satan Kroenke has an involvement with. He is a selfish man who has ****** the Arsenal supporters. Don’t capitulate to this lowlife.

    1. You can certainly criticize the club if she is actually going for such players but no the club is not and it is the media doing their thing again and admin asking if fans would want him but he didn’t tell us if he would take him. I believe he would not that is why I’m surprised he posted this at all.

      1. Hi Mobella
        Interesting that you see the club as “she”.
        Actually I was thinking more in general. Most of these player alerts are made up by media rumours, as you say, which are made up “sources”. But the clubs policy of buying players has been fairly sketchy over the years. I remember Wenger taking on freebie Sanogo. Was that insane or insane??? There was a policy of a few big names, which mostly came good and then many absolutely shite recruitments. So while Alexis, Laca and Auba have kept us alive, cheapos and giant mistakes have ****** us. Freebie Kolasinac, and Mustafi and Xhaka. I mean what rubbish????? We never even looked at players like James Maddison or Harry Maguire, who both would have done anything to come here originally. The whole system acted organised but is was aloof and Mickey Mouse. It had a sense of warped overestimation. What with having a shyster owner, Satan Kroenke, what chance did we have or have we got now? Zero!

    2. Great response I agree a revolution is needed,and on the 40m spend it all on a leader something we have missed for a long time.

  7. BS rumour put out there by the media.

    Too old, he’s 32 by the way, not 30 and too expensive.

  8. Lichtsteiner also won 7 consecutive titles at Juventus. When your legs have gone , no amount of past honours will save you. I don’t say Boatengs legs have yet gone but he is thirty and to play in our 100mph Prem you need legs and energy aplenty. So not for me and anyway it is academic and won’t be happening, as we surely all realise.

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