Should Arsenal go all out to win at least a cup competition this season? Any trophy will do

The 2022-23 season was a nice one for us Gooners, as Arteta and the boys restored our competitiveness. We returned to challenge for the English Premier League. We had a chance to win, but we didn’t, which was disheartening. It was frustrating not to win the league and then end up completely trophyless because we didn’t have success in other cup competitions.

This season, I believe we should end with a trophy other than the Premier League. We can win the Carabao Cup or perhaps the FA Cup if we treat them seriously. Aside from the two domestic cups, the way Arteta spoke about his approach to the Champions League made me believe that we may be in it to win it.

“Europe is different,” Arteta said during his pre-match press conference for the game against PSV last Wednesday. “The pace of the game is different, the quality of the opposition, culturally you find a game that requires different things.

“The way the law applies from referees is different. In this league, you find you need a certain number of points in the group stage makes the game different as sometimes it is enough to hold for a draw, whereas in the Premier League, we would never do it.

“The away goals counted so much then, which domestically is not important. So there are a lot of little rules that change the context of the game in a big way.

“We’ve been fighting for it,” he added. “I’ve played in a few for the club, and I have beautiful memories about them.”

We began our Champions League campaign with a 4-0 victory over PSV. We play Lens next, followed by Sevilla before the return legs. Looking at our group, we can simply lead it. Then, in the winter transfer window, we can boost our squad with players like Ivan Toney and a great central midfielder to compete in the knockout rounds.

Can we win the 2023-24 Champions League or is that being overly optimistic?

In response to the same question, Thierry Henry said he would love us to win it, but he feels it is too soon for us to? He said on CBS Sports: “It’s early for Arsenal. As a fan, I want them to win the Champions League. As a fan, I wish we could win it.

“But the depth, playing the league, playing all the competitions that you have to play in England… it might be too much. But you’ve got to believe.

“You never know what can happen, you have teams that are way ahead in terms of what people would say in terms of being in the competition.”

It appears that many Arsenal fans are much less optimistic that the Gunners can win the Premier League ahead of Man City, so do you think it is obvious that Arteta should give extra thought to winning a different trophy this season, and if not the Champions League, how about the FA Cup?

Sam P


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  1. Well I stated before the campaign get under way, any of the big jug and a top four finish is sufficient progress in my opinion.

  2. I personally feel that at the stage where we are at with the development of the squad and the money spent we need to start winning trophies. And no, any trophy will not do. It is either the league or the champions league. And if you are going to win the domestic cups it cannot be either the fa cup or the efl cup, it has to be both. If at the end of this season we only win the efl or the fa cup it is going to feel very underwhelming. So, for me the bare minimum is the lesser cup double.

  3. MA has a horrific record in cups, barring the FA Cup win which was ironically all the players (Emerys team) he considered dross! 🤣

    1. And has built a team of discards and expensive dross ( leave aside Saliba, Rice, White and Ramsdale- all coached elsewhere before joining us) If we’re dumped tonight, then – Walk out MA

      1. What a shameful post from a fan, ludicrously claiming to be a REAL SUPPORTER.

        You write like a two year old having a tantrum when he doesnt get any sweets!

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