Should Arsenal go and grab on-the-market Hummels?

The German international Mats Hummels has been the subject of numerous Arsenal transfer rumours over the years, and it now looks like we will have to buy him this summer or give up completely. The Dortmund centre-back is now 27 and as Wenger believes that defende’rs careers last much longer than attackers, he is probably the perfect age to come to the Emirates.

He is highly experienced, and of course a World Cup winner, and even more importantly, the Borrussia Dortmund star will be available for a free transfer this summer. “To forbid Hummels to leave would be small-minded,” said Dortmund chief-executive Hans-Joachim Watzke.

“We have to accept that someone playing for Dortmund for eight years and getting [close to] 28 starts to think about his situation.

“If the club isn’t ready to pay a lot of money, he has a contract in Dortmund.”

So it would appear that the club that trumps his present wages in the Bundesliga would be in with a chance of bringing him to the Premiership. Hummels has always be loyal to Dortmund and has admitted he is still agonising about whether to move on or not. “I’ve set a date [for my decision], but I’m keeping it to myself,” he said.

”It’s costing me half an hour before bed every night.”

Such loyalty is admirable, but with Arsene Wenger admitting that the Arsenal defence has had great problems dealing with set-pieces all season, it would make Hummels a perfect buy for the Prof.

No transfer fee? Pay him whatever he wants Arsene!

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  1. I think we don’t need him……… much. Apart from Danny (in whom I have faith), we have no other person who can play upfront effectively. Get a good striker, BASICALLY.

    PS: Sell Theo to QPR.

  2. it will be of no use buying hummels while arsene is still the mananager, let him go first & hopefully the incoming manager will put our club in order.

    1. Your forgetting that Dortmund are very similar to Arsenal. Arsene’s marauding fullbacks will be nothing new to Hummels.

  3. Wenger will probably say “Hummmmm-BUG” to this rumour! ??
    Dortmund want Big Bucks for all their player’s and from I heard Bayern Munich are prepared to pay the £30 million for Hummels and even if Wenger WAS to stump up that kind of fee, we all know where this player would choose to go!

    Walcott to AC Milan in a swap deal involving some 18 year old player!.. ?

    1. The report claims the two clubs have been in contact recently to discuss a deal for 18-year-old midfielder Manuel Locatelli and used the opportunity to also bring up Walcott’s future.

      The Arsenal winger is said to be being lined up as a replacement for Jeremy Menez who is expected to leave the Italian club in the summer.

    2. Fatboy. ..think again.
      He is out of contract in the summer. Why would anyone pay even one million???

        1. I think he still has a year to go when this season runs out. It’ll be his last year I read on Metro.

          1. I think you may be right. My mistake. Apologies to Fatboy!

            I got this from the Express….

            Hummels, who is out of contract in the summer, has set himself a deadline to make a decision over his future, however he recently admitted he was ‘losing sleep’ over it.

            “I’ve set a date [for my decision], but I’m keeping it to myself,” he said.

            ”It’s costing me half an hour before bed every night.”

  4. Anyone notice Wenger getting more animated on touchline lately. Seen him yell instructions while pointing outfield there in the last match. That might please a few, I heard some speak of jealousy when seeing other coaches act this way.

  5. Of course we should go get Hummels. If Dortmund’s Chief Exec says he’s worried that Hummels may go to Bayern this summer, that means Hummels is up for sale this summer.

    Pretty sure they’d rather sell to us than to a direct rival. Sick of great players being up for grabs but Arsenal being too busy looking for bargains in Poundland to even try and sign them.

    1. we could throw them in a bfg
      and trick them into thinking walcott is the next aubamayang lol

      hummels for theo and bfg

  6. Not overly as concerned about who comes in, as much as who must go out. Ramsey, Theo, The Ox, Flamini, Arteta all must go.

    For years we’ve been trying to force Jack and Ramsey into the same team and that’s resulted in nothing but mediocrity. Last 4 games we won 2 and tied two. Both games we tied occurred at the same time that OG and Ramsey were reinserted back into the starting line up. This has to stop.

    We can’t depend on Jack, because he can’t stay healthy, but I would keep him in the squad over Ramsey, but not make him a focal point. Selfish, average Ramsey must go.

    Theo must go. Can hardly walk and dribble at the same time, let alone connect a pass. When we do want to count on him, he can’t stay healthy. The ox could be a good footballer, but he seems to have regressed, and can’t stay healthy. Flamini and Arteta are obvious.

    I would say Gibbs should go, due to the inability to stay fit if we needed to count on him, but as a reserve he’s useful I guess.

    Most would say OG needs to go, but I disagree, he just doesn’t need to be first choice. Or really even second choice for that matter. If he’s cool with that, then he’d be fine as a squad player.

    I think Arsene should stay, but if he can’t put the right 11 on the field and won’t spend money to bring in what the team so obviously needs, then maybe he should go to.

    1. giroud would be better of departing. if morata comes as he would see that arsenal intends to replace him with morata. napoli could be a good home for him (higuin replacement) or even psg as back up to cavani next season.

    2. aston vila are relagated there 2 best players were
      1) left back. jordan amouvi 22yo who played 9bpl games and from those had 3 mom performances his only bad game was 2-1 vs palace.
      Dribbling =Very Strong
      Aerial Duels=Very Strong
      Ball interception=Very Strong
      Last season he was one of the best performing left back across Europe top 5 leagues (whoscored), the other was baba rahman who join Chelsea.
      Likes to dribble/Plays the ball off the ground often/Likes to play long balls/Indirect set-piece threat/Likes to tackle/Commits fouls often

      2) Gueye def mid 26yo. Has some of the best stats for dm (better than coqulan) in prem this season although playing for such a crap team. He averages 4.1 tackles and 4.3 intercepts a game. even in villas 6-0 defeat vs liverpool he was one of the stand outs on the pitch winning 7 tackles the most in the game and ave 80% + pass acc
      Holding on to the ball=Very Strong
      Defensive contribution=Very Strong
      Ball interception=Strong
      Likes to play short passes
      Likes to shoot from distance
      Likes to tackle

  7. Yes or Howedes or another good central defender

    Gabriel and Chambers need more time. Gabriel looked a bit raw in a few matches this season. Also Mertsacker even though a solid defender is aging and never was fast enough

    But we also need a DM to back up Coquelin or better.

    Also if Gibbs and Debuchy leave we will need lb and rb.

    1. we dont need a right back as chambers can be a back up if debuchy chooses to depart.
      jenkinson will be wid us next season and then sold or loaned come next january when he is fully fit. this gives us space to add another cb.

      as for left back a young heir to monreal could be good. the only question is do we loan gibbs or sell him. what if monreal starts aging come the end of next season guereerro, gaya, chilwell

  8. I trying to remember the last time we actually got a “long” time rumoured player?

    Can’t wait for Benz to be mooted again ?

  9. wengers needs to buy him, sell theo to buy griezmann or draxlar (both would be nice) but theo has to go he has had a reasonable injury free season and had nothing really to offer tbh

  10. Hummels goes to Bayern 80%. 20% the stay in Dortmund. 0% he goes to Arsenal. Benni Höwedes ist really bad. The world best midfielder is Toni Kroos. Best price is 60 million €. Give him 20 average teammates and you have the Top Team. He makes Arsenal to Champion 80%.

  11. wenger needs to sell himself thats the most important transfer business we can do.I believe new manager will sort out the rot in the squad

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