Should Arsenal go back and try to sign the disappointing Mykhailo Mudryk?

Chelsea’s Mykhailo Mudryk, who was Arsenal’s very top target not very long ago, now faces a crossroads in his career at Stamford Bridge. Since his €100 million transfer, the 22-year-old Ukrainian winger has struggled to make a lasting impact. With Chelsea contemplating his future according to fichajes, Arsenal finds itself presented with an intriguing opportunity.

Mudryk’s initial promise upon arrival was met with sky-high expectations. However, the Premier League’s demands have proven challenging for the young talent and he has struggled to find his place in Chelsea’s disorganized squad. His inconsistency on the field has left both player and club searching for answers, and the weight of his hefty price tag has been palpable.

Chelsea now weighing the options for Mudryk’s future. One possibility is a loan spell in the latter half of the 2023/2024 season — a chance for him to regain confidence and form. A definitive sale is also on the table, though it currently seems less likely to materialize.

Arsenal, of course, had expressed intense interest in Mudryk before his surprise last-minute Chelsea move. Given the current circumstances, the Gunners must seriously consider resurrecting that interest. A change of scenery, coupled with Arsenal’s proven track record in nurturing talent, could be the catalyst Mudryk needs to flourish in the Premier League.

This potential move is not without risk, but the potential payoff is significant. Arsenal has an opportunity to unlock Mudryk’s dormant potential, providing him the stage to shine. As the transfer window looms, the decision becomes more pressing: should Arsenal seize this chance and make a play for Mudryk? It’s a calculated gamble, one that could reshape both the player’s trajectory and Arsenal’s prospects if Arteta could get the best out of his precocious talent.

I personally think getting Mudryk would be a great idea, but only if Chelsea were willing to give us an outright sale at a much-reduced price. I have faith that Arteta could get him back to his best.

What do you think?

Darren N

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  1. So you want another right footed left winger when we have martinelli,trossard and Nelson to play there?even Smith Rowe and jesus can cover that position,let’s spend that money on a saka backup instead.

    1. Chris, he was “overhyped” as well!
      Also he chased the money at Chelsea and thus Arsenal dodged a bullet. So a big NO from me..

  2. He signed an eight year contract, so why would Chelsea sell him, and why would we need him?. For me it’s a striker and another defensive midfielder as Partey will be off

  3. over rated and over priced. Chelsea or their ‘know nothing’ owner got exactly what they deserved.

  4. When is Gabriel Jesus coming back? We better sign mudryk now because of the matches we have a head of us

  5. The article’s title tickled me!
    I have a short memory but didn’t the wunderkid turn us down at the prospect of a mega deal or was it down to his club?
    Anyway, we have enough players who need a bit of TLC without embarking on signing another one

    1. Sue,

      My suspicion is that his Agent had more to do with him turning us down!!!

      I suspect brown paper bags might have been involved

  6. why would we go for another Chelsea flop. No matter how Arteta maybe stubborn, I think he has learnt his lessons very well.

  7. Quote “I personally think that getting Mudryk would be a great idea”!
    Well, as they say there is always one and you DARREN ARE THAT ONE.

    The words bargepole, wouldnt , touch, I , him, all come to mind!
    I any case, the article and its conclusion is mere fantasy!

  8. It would depend upon the Fee!

    I would take a chance on him for $20M.

    He has genuine pace, and you can’t teach that!

    I think Arteta and his coaches could work with him and improve his skills and finishing.

    Remember Man City often take a year or more to train their new arrivals into playing in the Man City style!!

    But I doubt Chelsea would go that low, and even if they did, I do not think they would sell him to us!

  9. I’m of the opinion that Mudryk was very poorly treated by his former club and his agent, who both were interested in just one thing… how much they would get from the transfer.

    Mudryk, let’s remember, was just a young man, who was caught up in this huge battle between two of the biggest clubs in europe.
    He had long stated that The Arsenal was the club he wanted to join, but, as has happened so many times previously, chelsea used their unlimited monetary power to sway the transfer.

    It’s easy to blame Mudryk, but I remember what chelsea were doing at the time.. post Abramovitch.
    The club was in a complete and utter mess, buying players as if it was about to go out of fashion!!

    I believe MA would have nurtured him and made him into another Martinelli and that’s why, if this hypothetical situation was to become a reality, I would certainly like to see it happen… if we had solved the problem of a top striker and Partey cover / replacement.

    What is patently obvious to me, is that chelsea was not the club for Mudryk and a brilliant young talent might be lost to the game because of the greed of those this young man trusted.

  10. We already helped Chelsea dispose of an expensive flop in Havertz, why repeat it with Mudryk? A loan deal where we have the upper hand in making the deal permanent or not can be considered though

  11. It’s a good idea considering the injuries we have,he can make an impact because Arteta is capable of transforming players to stars.lets first take him on a loan we see the performance anything is possible let’s also consider the games ahead.

  12. If possible when we can get and add him to the young rising talents we have. You never know they can be a spark to ignite his potential

  13. I think Mudryk at Arsenal would be a better fit, and would greatly enhance our strike force. If we managed to get Nketiah to perform at this level, we can get Modryk to be more prolific and effective than he is at Chelsea.

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