Should Arsenal go back for this brilliant Brazilian prodigy in the summer?

Before the Gunners signed Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer, all the Arsenal transfer rumours were pointing us in the direction of Malcom from Bordeaux, but the French club wouldn’t play ball and refused to countenance any move for the 20 year-old, despite the player’s open wish to move on to a bigger and better things.

Malcom himself revealed on Brazilian TV that he is still keen on a move and told them that he would definitely be considering offers in the summer. He was quoted as saying: “Yes, there was a promise that I will be negotiating in June. I will choose the team, and Bordeaux will let me go.”

But now the Bordeaux’s club president Stephan Martin has now denied that he has made any promises, but has admitted that Malcom wants to leave and will be willing to enter negotiations in the next transfer window.

“We did not not promise anything,” said Martin.

“We will review his case this summer, for sure. He made no secret of his desire to leave. We’ll talk about it again this summer.”

So should Arsenal go back for the young Brazilian? He scored 9 goals for Bordeaux last season and has already scored 8 this season in half the games and has obviously already secured a European work permit if he is playing in France, and according to numerous reports he is extremely talented already despite his young age.

Should Malcom be a main target for Arsenal this year?



  1. No.
    Half these world beaters end up flops.
    Wellbroke Perez Chambers Xhaka
    Lacazette Mkhitaryan are all
    over paid expensive flops.
    Right now no player transfers is the best poiicy.
    We need to target the new manager.

    1. Barryglik, you may want anew manager; however there is no need to constantly denigrate Arsenal players.
      Priority for any available funds should be spent on a true DM and strengthening the centre back positions, over the bid for Malcom.

    2. Lacazette and Mkhitaryan already labelled as flops by you. Neither has won the Prem title , CL or world club championship with us yet must be your weird reasoning , I presume!

  2. Would expect bigger and better unless this fella has future star written all over him. Would prefer we spent the money on Fekir because he plays like he would fit in at the old Arsenal when we still had an exciting midfield. When Cazorla and Rosicky had to fight to get games. We can get quick sprinters who can cross well but that is not our game. Fekir seems most suited and he must be decent at running off the ball to score 21 goals, also he can be deployed CM which is a plus. He is mates with Lacazette, similar to how we have Dortmund’s old duo, these two knowing each other makes things tastier. We need talented players with the ball but just as badly if not more so, we need players who make runs toward goal when off the ball. Alexis was our best at that, Walcott was good at that too. Now other than the strikers, Ramsey is the only one we have that can do that well. Mkhitaryan I’m expecting to get better at it, but he does love the ball at his feet and enjoys that area with Ozil. Fekir, we have some advantages, the French connection, we done business with that club for a record number, his old teammate. We have the resources and have attackers that any midfielder would love to play with. We live in the Capital, of the best league on the planet. And are trying to build Arsenal further, a good development stage for a future (legendary tag) if they’re up for it.

  3. Arsenal Need a complete over haul of defence, we do not want another wonder kid right now to serve for future, Our Present is so bad that if it continues like this, there will be no future..
    1st this is we need a new Establish Manager who knows how to win. Unlike Wenger who only knows how to make profit
    I am watching how PL clubs are doing in European League and feeling Envy..

  4. how on the earth is Micki a flop? 4assists In as much appearances already!
    beside he was never a young talent even when he arrives at England he was a finished product.
    Lacazete isn’t a flop yet. just deep in from atm.

  5. Why are we even looking at this player?Because he will be on a free?God help us please
    Fekir I get but it is a CDM we need and have done for the last DECADE.
    I think this is a Wenger Spoof to fool us all that he still has control over who comes in when quite clearly his mis-handling of transfers over the last few years have proved he is incapable of addressing our obvious problem areas.

    1. Apologies-I thought I had posted this on the Ozyakup rumours.
      FFS Monday morning and Wenger is doing my head in before the week has hardly began and we didn’t even play this weekend.

  6. We need strong hardworking aggressive intelligent DM and strong intelligent CD, I don’t think we need offensive players.

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