Should Arsenal go back for this brilliant World Cup Winner?

Arsene Wenger has repeatedly stated that he will only buy players that could seriously improve the Arsenal team and at least 80% of the fans believe that he should be only looking for Defensive midfielders and World-Class strikers but what if a super attacking midfielder should become available? Wenger is well-known for stacking his midfield with stars, and with Rosicky, Arteta and Cazorla approaching their twilight years he could easily make room for one more young superstar.

The Gunners have been linked to the German international Mario Gotze for so long it seems hard to believe that the Bayern Munich star is only 23 and has already scored the winning goal in a World Cup Final. Gotze was one of the first to leave Klopp’s Dortmund side for Munich, but his agent has implied that he is not happy at the Bundesliga Champions as he is left on the bench far too often for his liking.

The agent, Volker Struth, was quoted as saying on SkySports: “Of course I would have liked if Mario had felt more support in one or two situations,”

“I am fully convinced that when Mario feels this support, it is easier for him to show his incredible potential. Then he is one of the best players in the world.”

Gotze was only a sub in many games this season, but notably against Barcelona and his old club Dortmund in a Cup semi-final, and this is the reason why Struth is unhappy for his client: “Of course he was disappointed and that did bother him,” Struth continued. “As a player, you are always wondering ‘why did I not start?’

“That is why Mario moved to Bayern – to be playing in these big matches and to win titles. But then you get under a certain amount of pressure and it is hard to shake this off.

“I can only repeat what I said – I would have liked a bit more support now and again and this is what I have grown to expect from Bayern.”

For his agent to come out and criticise Munich like his in public could be the first play in trying to find a new club for Gotze. Wenger was definitely an admirer in his younger days at Dortmund, but
would Gotze now be able to force his way into the Arsenal first team if he moved to he Emirates?

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  1. Forget Gotze. He’s too young and Bayern will not sell. Make a cheeky bid on Lewandowski. Something they can’t refuse.

    1. Off Topic: kindly permit me to go off topic. Did Danny Welbeck get FA Cup medal the last time we won the trophy? Anybody with useful info should kindly be of help

    2. @Budd No idea why you’re getting these thumbs down, Gotze would be just another small playmaker which we have plenty of and Lewandowski would make a way better option for center forward than Benzema, if we are signing one that is.

      1. I think he got thumbed down because lewandowski to arsenal isn’t going to happen. He had everything going for him at dortmund and he left them on a free to join his boyhood club. I’m guessing it would take 50+mil and and one helluva phone call from wenger to persuade him to join us.

  2. Not this season, we have too many AMC/Wingers. Let Gnarby take his chance next season,after all he deserved it.

    Looking foward to Gabriel Paulista for the pre season, hope he does a Koscielny!

    1. Actually the fact we sold Poldi, Rosicky is getting older and Arsenal might accept a huge bid for Cazorla could suggest Wenger is looking for a new LW

  3. What’s with the sudden calls for Lewi?? Don’t get me wrong i’d run naked in the streets for a week if we got him, one of the most complete strikers in the world.. But has he given any indication of being unsettled? An offer Bayern couldn’t refuse doesn’t really exist… They’re one of the most stable clubs in the world financially

    1. I too do believe he is settled at Bayern, however the one factor which I think could play in our favour if we went for him is the fact Bayern Munich acquired him on a FREE transfer. Although they are financially stable, I do not think they could completely dismiss a bid of £45m – £50m without considering it a little (very hopeful I know). A bid of £45m for Wenger is not as far-fetched as previous seasons e.g. Ozil, 40 & a pound bid for Suarez (which after researching, did actually activate the clause, but the Liverpool owners just dismissed the clause in the contract….).

      In terms of the world class striker we need I can only think of Lewandowski or Benzema as the two most plausible that have all the qualities we have listed as mandatory, maybeee cavani, other then that it we would be gambling on striker potential. What we all really are calling for is an Aguero but that is probably a step too far in wishlists 😀

  4. Back in his BVB days…….he looked a prospect and a budding talent……..till he became full of himself and switched allegiance from his boyhood club to a big money rival club…..pride got the better part of him and greed brought him down

  5. ^Bayern are never happy with their striker lol After selling Mario Gomez, Mandzukic after a good season, they still sell their strikers. who knows!

  6. Goetze is the only player (in my opinion) that could replace Santiago Cazorla..almost same height, technical ability, shooting and passing..Santi only beats him in ambidexterity and Goetze makes that up with his age.. given that Santi will be 31 next season then why not?..

    1. Nope, in my opinion LW should reserved for Rosicky’s successor, Reus or Draxler for the no.7 shirt please

  7. Is this even a question?? Goetze is one of the brightest prospects in world football who’s already a proven performer on every stage…
    A technically sublime, young, creative attacker who’s agent is questioning his current club’s belief in him? If Wenger’s read this at all surely he had to change his pants…

  8. Only if he is cheap. Pretty stupid not to sign someone of that calibre if they are cheap. Better to us than a rival. But at the moment, there is no point and pretty sure he has quite a price. If he was cheap Man City would be all over him.

  9. We need a world class striker and 1 or 2 world class DM and play a


    Schnid……..lars bed

    Ramsey. Wilshire. Ox


  10. Let’s be honest. There only one guy who can replace Santi and that’s Isco.

    Gotze has been hit and miss and has been heavily criticised.

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