Should Arsenal go back for Zaha if Willian leaves?

Should Arsenal chase Zaha or has the ship sailed?

It feels like Arsenal don’t have a limit on how many players they need to sign and how many positions they want to strengthen at.

The club has been linked to more than 50 players in the past month, but they have somehow failed to sign a single one. Although that is expected to change soon with Nuno Tavares, Albert Sambi Lokonga and Ben White looking likely to join up with their new squad members this month.

Strong judgements can only be made after the transfer window closes on August 31. Arsenal need to work not just on outgoings but incomings too, which is crystal clear.

One such player, who looks to be available on the market is Crystal Palace’s Wilfried Zaha. Last month, it was reported that the Ivory Coast international has his heart set to leave the Selhurst Park in the current shop window.

The Gunners came close to signing him in 2019, but eventually moved for his international teammate Nicolas Pepe, after getting priced out of a move.

The million-dollar question is should Arsenal go for his signature again this summer? Gabriel Martinelli is expected to miss the start of the campaign due to his involvement in Olympic Games with Brazil.

Although Nicolas Pepe impressed at the latter stages of the last Premier League campaign, he has been largely underwhelming at the Emirates Stadium. Bukayo Saka’s England will be expected to reach the final of the European Championship on July 13th, and thus he may also miss the start of the new season.

As a result, Mikel Arteta might just have two fully fit wingers in Reiss Nelson and Nicolas Pepe (considering Willi*n leaves the club). That is far from an ideal start to the campaign.

I would have happily taken Wilfried Zaha at Arsenal, but his signing might impede the “project” we are working on of signing young players with huge potential. He’s already 28 and would have little to no resale value.

But looking at the more positive side, he can massively improve the current Arsenal squad, no doubt. He is still one of the best dribblers and carriers of the ball in the league.

His Carries into Final Third and Penalty Area is impressive at 1.83 and 1.69. He has also drawn 3.38 fouls from the opposition per match which is an exceptional number in world football. Players like Zaha immensely help a team when they are sitting on a low block. The 28-year-old is one of those players who can make a difference on their own.

Crystal Palace’s Ivorian striker Wilfried Zaha (L) clashes with Arsenal’s Brazilian defender David Luiz. (Photo by JULIAN FINNEY/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

The Crystal Palace star’s defensive numbers are also impressively good, which proves that he can adjust to the ‘Arteta style.’

There are many positives as well as downsides to acquiring the services of Wilfried Zaha this summer. Do you think Arsenal should chase him? Or do you think that we should sign a younger profile than the former Manchester United man?

Or are you one of those who are satisfied with what we already have on our plate?

The attacking wing position is clearly not a priority. But if the correct opportunity comes, then Arsenal should definitely look at it.

Yash Bisht


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  1. No, because:

    – He’ll be 29 years old in November. I bet Arsenal want a young player with good resale value, unless the player is really special like Aubameyang, Partey and Sterling

    – We’ve got Aubameyang, Martinelli and Nelson for the left wing. If Balogun fails as a CF like Nketiah, he can also be reassigned on the left wing

    1. Auba is no winger, Martinelli is no natural winger, Nelson will leave. We only have Saka and Pepe as specialist wingers, so we need another one, not to fill a gap in the squad but to fight Pepe for a place and that the burden from Saka.

      1. Oxin go check and read Martinelli interview he started as a winger and still prefers playing there. He needs to improve as a CF. Nelson thrived in Germany as a winger. To play as a CF Nelson will have to improve his positional awareness.

      2. – Aubameyang was banging goals from the left wing, before some fans were demanding him to be a CF ahead of Lacazette

        – Martinelli was more dangerous when playing on the left wing last season. He lost the ball many times when he started in the CF position

        – Nelson hasn’t got enough chances to start as an LW and hopefully he will get his chance this season

  2. Well said GAI we don’t really need Zaha.
    I think F Balogun if given time will shine in CF his video with under 23 is really impressive. GAI I think our current forwards will do well next season if we can prioritize getting good midfielders plus a centre back. May L back & R back.

    1. Yeah I also want to see what Balogun can do as a CF. I think we need a new CF since Lacazette and Aubameyang don’t work well together, if they both start in 4-2-3-1

      1. Auba at LW and Laca as CF worked well together while starting together in the previous seasons.

        Only when Laca was dropped to accommodate Willian in the wings, and Auba pushed into the CF role, our attack become toothless.

  3. We currently don’t have enough natural wingers except for Saka and Pepe, who else? i bet none! The likes of Martineli and Auba were brought in as strikers but could help on the left wing. I think, as Willian is going, we better get Zaha but can only be on reasonable price looking at his age

  4. Zaha. Definitely. We should have signed him years ago. Still a class winger, who together with Pepe would would give Arsenal a monster attacking force.

    1. I’ll agree to that deal, if Crystal Palace loan him out for a season and agree to stump up his wage 100%. Oh, they can also include an obligation-to-buy clause when the loan ends for whatever fee they assume to be right, IF we qualify for UCL come the end of the season.

      Else, NO. Thank you.

  5. ‘I feel we don’t need him because of our Project of signing only young players with Huge potential’..
    Reminds of Arsene Wenger’s 2008 refusal to sign Hotcake Andriy Arshavin because ‘it would hamper the growth of Carlos Vela and Theo Walcott’..😕
    Putting the interests of 21 yr olds over The Club as a Whole!!..😒😒..
    What truly is Wrong with Arsenal FC??

  6. Unfortunately Willian won’t leave as long as he insists upon being paid such a ridiculous sum of money…So a replacement…ready-made or not is effectively a moot discussion.

  7. No thanks. Good player but a diving cheat. Would be an embarrassment. Besides, Pepe is now adapting.

  8. No, no and thrice no. No please. I too don’t get why some fans obsess about Zaha. Has he got a very big family?
    He has for several seasons been an ordinary player, standing out only because he is the “flair” player in a dour side. He has always been overpriced . He is 29. People are saying we need wingers. Really? Pepe, Martinelli, Aubameyang, Nelson, (at a push) ESR not enough for you? Let’s throw in the flying wing back Tierney, coupled with the fact that teams frequently play with one or even no wingers (England 1966 anyone?).
    Get a life guys and lets move on from this overrated prima donna…

  9. Funny to see some stats that makes Zaha to appear like a phenomenal player.

    I’ll give some stats too.

    Willock had 8 goals from 14 appearances during his loan spell at Newcastle United. Will it make Willock score 21+ goals next season if Arsenal start him in every league game? Wow, our goal scoring problem is solved. No need for a new CAM anymore.

    Willian’s assist to game ratio was 2 assist per game for Arsenal after his debut against Fulham. Did Willian’s 37 game for us last season produce 74 assists?

    How about that for numbers?

    1. I think this Willian thing is becoming an obsession. Every little thing you bring in Willian. He is not the only player who was ever brought into a football club and did not perform well.

      1. I know nothing of your past comments, Gab.

        But, were you ALWAYS considerate to every other players who failed to perform in the past in your comments?

        If it is a yes, I respect and salute you and not apologize to what i said earlier.

        Unlike the investments the club made on other failed players, a major portion of which went to the players’ previous club that developed them, whatever investment we made on Willian went straight into the pockets of the player and his agent alone.

        I’m quite frustrated with this Willian saga because this might hinder the club’s development for at least two more seasons (as it stands), when THIS ONE SEASON RESULT will define where the club’s future lies.

  10. Diving cheap with a superiority complex

    Theres a reason no-ones bought him and he’s been at palace so long.

    No thanks

  11. The reason why Zaha has been at Palace so long is ONLY due to the fact that Palace for years have been demanding an unrealistic amount of money for him. It has nothing to do with lack of performance or skill. IMO Zaha is a wonderful attacking player, and I should be very pleased. if Arsenal signed him. It’s now or never.
    YES sign Zaha, please.

    1. Most of our fans are masters of Hyping our players!!
      When these players now disappoint them, they start Crying..e.g Ceballos
      Pepe, Saka and Martinelli are the wingers But non has the Explosiveness and Box 18 threat Wilfred Zaha carries!!
      Martinelli maybe, but he still looks Injury-prone..
      Once again, we may wait till Chelsea, Spurs or Liverpool shows interest B4 we buy..
      We did this Thomas Partey!!
      This Club gives me a Terrible Headache!!😕😣

      1. To put Arsenal in the same category as Chelsea and Liverpool….In another comment too, you’ve mentioned Manchester United and Chelsea. Those are clubs playing in the Champions League in the past few seasons and in this coming season too. Arsenal don’t even have the third-rated Conference League to show for.

        Whos’ hyping now, Vinnie???

        Learn to moan like a mid-table club fan, mate.

  12. Perhaps this is the momentous signing we have been told is about to happen????
    pv could let us have him for nothing, with a contract clause that he becomes our manager next season – sounds like a great idea 😂
    Seriously, I would have loved him here, but that boat has long sailed away.

    1. The pv boat hasn’t sailed ken1945. It’s now docked in South London. We can board at any time in the future….with our preferred customer status.

  13. Our fans obsessed about the Ages of Players we want to Buy!!
    Fans talking about a Players’ Resale Value!!☹️
    Isn’t that Funny??😏
    We should be more INTERESTED on what they can do during dier time Here!!
    Will they bring Trophies?

    Sir Alex Ferguson signed
    Dwight Yorke@28 yrs from A.Villa
    T.Sheringham@29yrs from Spurs..
    Dimitar Berbatov@28 yrs from Spurs
    R.Van Persie@28 yrs from Arsenal..

    While Jose Mourihno signed
    D.Drogba@27 yrs from O. Marseille..

    Where these Coaches thinking about Age??
    No!! They thought about Forwards that will be game-changers for them and Give them Trophies!!
    When will This Arsenal of a Club ever Change??😕😕

    1. When seeking THE FINAL PIECE OF A PUZZLE or when the club is perennially one of the top revenue generating club in the world or when the club owner put his own wealth without having to worry about FFP , age and resale value doesn’t matter.

      Arsenal are seeking players for multiple position in their startling eleven. Arsenal had to borrow a 100+ million to pay for their regular operations last season. FFP rules are in place for the past few seasons which wasn’t there when those signings happened.

  14. no thanks, he is a cheat and a hothead, we dont need those traits at our club.cannot see him in red and white to be honest, way too late for that.

  15. 3 years ago yes ,absolutely not now seeing we have Martinelli who IMO will go on to become one of the best players we have seen in the premier league in the last 20 years as long as Arteta stops making excuses that he is slowly bringing him back from his injury and stops holding the lad back .

  16. If Pépé keeps performing improving and getting the numbers of goals/assist for the rest of his contract his purchase in the long run might be vindicated CP wanted around 70M for Zaha if I’m correct all upfront and his number of goals/assists have been very low much lower than Pepe’s.

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