Should Arsenal go back in for this £14m midfielder?

There were many Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the French midfielder Yohan Cabaye, and it was even suggested that the Gunners had made a £12m offer for the Newcastle man, but the accomplished 28 year-old instead moved back to Ligue 1 with Paris St Germain for a reported price of more than £14 million to rejoin his old international boss Laurent Le Blanc.

But it seems that things are not working out in France and Cabaye has registered his unhappiness at being left on the bench at the French giants, especially as he could lose out on his place in the France international setup. He was quoted in the Guardian as saying: “You have to accept being a substitute, but I don’t resign myself to that. In training sessions, I have to give my best and show my desire to play.

“When I am on the pitch, I feel it is not perfect and that I often have to leave too soon. But I know the coach and staff have to make choices and I respect that.

“Have I spoken to Laurent Blanc? No. What do I tell him? I am 28 years old and not new to the job. But I am not satisfied with the situation.

“Am I completely happy? To be honest, no. It is a new situation for me, but I don’t complain. It is the first time I haven’t played regularly for my club.

“With the French team, if one day the national team coach decides to play me less because I don’t play often enough for my club, then I would need to take stock with my representatives.”

He also admitted that he has thought about moving back to the Premier League where he was a regular in the Newcastle side. He continued: “Do I sometimes miss England? Yes. Sometimes I think about it, but I immediately sweep that away because it would cause distraction.

“I am at the Parc des Princes and I need to find the right atmosphere.”

Wenger must have seen some positives in signing the experienced central midfielder if he made a bid, so who thinks Arsenal should go back and make another offer to take Cabaye of PSG’s hands?

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    1. He has been poor this season. Cabaye = Arteta 2.0. He can pass and shoot like arteta bit he is way too slow to tackle.

      1. @arsenalman
        Cabaye is way better than Arteta. His work rate puts both Mike and Flamini to sleep. He’s havin a so-so season so far but he ain’t no slouch…

        1. Arteta aint a lazy player. He is just too slow. Cabaye works hard but like arteta, he is too slownto be a holding midfielder and isn’t particularly strong or athletic. Flamini is a very hardworking midfielder but the problem is that he tackles 2004 style and scares me everytime he tackles.

          1. @arsenalman365
            I never said Mikel was lazy. And I do rate Flame very highly. But Cabaye, when in the groove is miles ahead of them both.
            Still think we should have kept and nurtured young Frimpong. But I guess after he made that quip about Jack, his days were numbered. Lil dude had the potential to be a monster DM for us…

            1. Frimpong left due to knee injuries. He didn’t do a lot wrong on or off the pitch. He had half his career injured before it started. He would have been a beast.

        2. Ny G agree cabbage is streets ahead of arteta..

          On a side note these YouTube ads are more annoying than arsenals injury record..!

          Admin: stop them immediately!!!!!

        1. Mikel Arteta has a different tactical role for a different team. At Everton and his first season at Arsenal, he never played as a dm and had the freedom to shoot and spray long range passes. Arteta can do just as much of the ball as Cabaye. Arsenal are a short passing team. Is Cabaye a better passer than Ozil? No, just different styles and tactics. Cabaye is almost a clone of when Arteta still joined.

      2. This article is off topic as regards what the club needs. It needs, more than anything else, to be properly managed. Just get a proper manager and let him decide who he wants to buy.

  1. Whatever!! As soon as he’s been training with us for a couple of months he’ll get injured anyway, it’s a given!!
    With the lack of adeqaute transfers, (CB and DM), Players playing out of position and favourites playing, Campbell left to rot on the bench, Wenger sticking with Per and now our injury situation seemingly just as sh*te as last year, I’m sick to my gut with the management of our beloved club. Numb is the best way to describe how I feel 🙁

  2. @rvp. What ar*e thumbed you down? one of the wise guys who thinks it’s a blessing Ozil’s out?
    Heard someone on talk sport tonight saying it’s great news! They said that Wenger will never not play him or sub him regardless of form so now Wenger has to bring in say Cazorla.
    The question is can Cazorla stay injury free for 12 weeks? doubt it!

    1. I heard that too. Comment was so bad even Adrian Durham said the caller was out of order.

  3. Yohan cabaye – 28yo
    Cazorla – 29yo…
    Y should we go for him.???
    Is he any better than cazorla?
    And why are we still linked with CAMs?

    1. I know what you mean about the age thing. Us being interested apparently with Alves is completely daft. We have better right backs for a start with Dave and Bane. Bloody sad about Ozil tho. Hes pretty good playing central most of the time. Ive read comments saying that the problem you lot have isnt to do with the players not gelling and comparing to te Saints as theyve bought alot aof new lads. But not all teams/players are the same. Some take longer to gel. Southampton dont have as big a problem with internationals taking time up. You do have an ok side and I think the problems more management. Wenger was once a great manager just like Drogs was once a goal machine. Its time you got fresh,hungry blood thats got experience managing with top European clubs. Wengers becoming a laughing stock and hes making Arsenal one with him now. Your answer isnt to throw more money at every player to pop his head up its to get Wenger out lads.

  4. Good news about Ozil, maybe we will perform better.
    We should just flog that flop.

    Ozil doesn’t deserve to wear the Jersey.

    Ozil, Wenger, Jack,Poldolski, Giroud, Monreal, Mert, Debucy, Rosiscky, Diaby, Arteta, Flamini all out.

    Let’s clean club up and get rib of above deadwood

        1. This Arsenal team is good enough. Its this fact which makes me disslike Wenger so much.

          Even if we get rid of all the players you are asking for, and go out and buy Ibra, Mascarano, Celia kay, Pakistani boy Sumo and Mr Yankess mom. And also close the likes of Henry and Vieira, we would still not change.

  5. Keep Schez, Gibbs, Kos, Chambers, Ramsey, Ox,Theo, Gnabry, Wellbeck, Ospina, Sanchez, Campbell, Bellerin.

    The rest get the FCUK OUT

    1. You want Giroud out? He scored 40 goals in 2 seasons. Thats not gòod enough for bench at least?
      How is campbell better? He has scored 13 goals in 2 seasons for 2 clubs he played for.
      Mertsacker was part of the most successful CB pair last season and Germany international. He’s not gòod enough for bench at least?
      Debuchy was picked ahead of Sagna for France. We just bought him!!!!
      Monreal is a Spain international. He is not even good for bench according to you???

  6. OT:
    Watching a re run of MOTD and City v Roma in the CL.
    Manolas looks great, strong and fast.
    Winston Reid also looked good, very quick and strong.
    Either one of these would be a x10 upgrade on BFG.

    Re Injuries we have 8 players out now, only 2nd to Man U on 9.
    Sanogo and Arteta back on 18th of Oct.
    Walcott and Gnabry back on 25th of Oct.
    Ramsey 1st of Nov.

    1. Winston Reid can’t start for England and Manolas barely makes the Greek national team. That’s like saying that Hummels, Terry, Adams, Bould, Vidic etc should have been sold because they are slow. What a joker. You’re judging Manolas on one game?

  7. People must stop blaming the new players needing to gel, pathetic.
    Look at Southampton after their mass exodus and the better off, hell they embarrassed us on our own turf.
    Wenger and Gadzias out

    1. But you cant judge all clubs by Southamptons standard. They were lucky to get so many new players to Gel. Yourselves/Liverpool/United all bought alot of new players and all in the same boat. It takes time/practice to get them to know each oter, how they play/think. Youve an extra problem called Wenger too. You need management who instills confidence. You need one that can adapt a formation/teams to the opposition youre playing. and till that happens youre buggered.

  8. @craigzwe.
    Wow you have big big clean up plans!
    I agree on some of them, my view:
    Ozil – Yes out, but only if we can replace with a WC Silva, Fabregas etc
    Wenger – Yes but we are stuck with him for now, and who’d come in and do better?
    Jack – No, but he does need more bench time. Last chance saloon this season for him.
    Poldolski – Yes Out, 100k/week for what?
    Giroud – No, aqequate back up sqaud player. He can sit on the bench and watch Cavanni/Welbeck 🙂
    Monreal – No, he’s versatile. I’d say yes if we could replace with Jordi Alba 🙂
    Mert – Most definetly YES. A host of CB’s would perform better, Kos needs support.
    Debucy – No. He’s ideal until Bellerin and Jenkinson come through.
    Rosiscky – Yes/No. divided on this one, but I think hell go at the end of the season.
    Diaby – Yes out, shame but we cant wait any longer.
    Arteta – Yes out but at the end of the season.
    Flamini – No. I’d keep him as cover as he can play DM and along the back line. I’d expect him not to play much though.

  9. Arsenal must not give Wenger any more funds for transfers, save it and let a new manager bring in the players he wants.
    Give the backing to a manager that can make a difference and won’t waste cash on players.

  10. @craigwze. You right about teams gelling being nonsense.
    Look at West Ham as well, Sakho, Downing, Enner Valencia all flying.
    Hull Diame scoring regularly.
    As you said Saints new players hungry and clicking.

    Our new players look up for it, it’s the existing sqaud that need a kick up the ar*e!
    It’s like they dont know the seasons started or believe at all in themselves and more improtantly the manager.

  11. Ozil is luxury. A player who makes a good team into a perfect team.

    Arsenal is a mediocre team, with a mediocre driven Board, Manager and some Akb retards.

    Keep on clapping your hands you stupid Facks.

    1. This has to be a f*ing joke.

      A CAM? We have available rosicky, cazorla, wilshere and even arteta ( arteta true position IS behind the striker, but this is arsenal and this IS Wenger so he now play’s dm)

      I said this a few months ago, WENGER ADAPT OR LEAVE, how deluded i was, this IS a f***ng 600 year old man, this is exactly the same to expect your 70 grandma to start using cellphones computers social networks, IT WON’T HAPPEN because old people is extremely STUBBORN.


      1. You wil look an IDIOT for trying thing’s that don’t work and make the same mistake over and over again.
      2. People will alway’s have critics on your work.

      3. You will eventually get fired.

      If you quit point 3 you have Wenger

      1. Yea ok, its hard for some people to change, but what i am asking myself is. Why the hell doesnt he bring people around him who can help him share this burden of managing this club?

        Wenger is a nobody without Dain.
        Why the hell is Patrick Vieira at City and not working at Arsenal.
        Where is Tony, Denny, Henry. For F** sake they should be at Arsenal working for us.

        The Yankee in the board is no football fan. I am sure, that he cant name our starting line up, let alone some of our former legends. And whats even worse is that he gave apsolute power for eveything to one man who is known for being deluded. Geee

  12. @arsenalman365. Not judging Manolas or Reid on one game.
    I watch football regularly from all over the world and have seen Manolas play many times.
    Clearly Per drives me mad and frustrates me, clearly you like him please tell me why and what postive attributes he brings individually and to the team/back line? he’s tall wont cut it!
    Also dont forget his performance in the WC where Jogi dropped him due to him get ripped apart in the previous game. It’s alll got worse since that day.
    It’s not personal against him, I like the guy but he’s not good enough.

    1. Jogi Low didn’t ‘drop’ him. He publicly said that it was a tactical choice because Boateng is faster. Mertesacker is very good in his own box and defending set pieces. His positioning is also top quality as well as marking and tackling. Koscielny and Mertesacker had joint top clean sheets last season.

      1. That’s because all the other teams were still acclimatising to new managers surroundings etc..
        Hence why it was our BEST and ONLY chance to win the premier league..
        Any defence that concedes 8 once 6 twice and 5 isn’t good enough to win jack shi£ in my opinion and until we rectify that we will never win anything ever again!

      2. They both conceded 6 goals in one game. He is being Droped bec Boateng is more of a Kos and Hummels is 5x the player Merti is.

  13. @arsenalman365.
    Reid cant start for England? he’s Kiwi but eligible to play for Denmark no?
    Re the others you mentioned, compared to Per:
    Vidic not as slow and more agile.
    Terry playing in the Chelsea side, say no more. Also doesnt go wondering aimlessly up the pitch.
    Bould and Adams agree. But both were playing in a better team with a more cohesive back 4.
    Hummels slow? no!

  14. All of us should forget about who we are signing, could be signing or nearly sign whatever..

    The real problem lies with either Wenger or who controls Wenger..

    We have those on here who support Wenger through whatever decision he makes and those that ridicule every decision and those that sit on the fence and want the best for the club and support regardless..

    Whichever side you take whichever opinion you fall down on.. What matters to all of us is the performances either domestically or in Europe.
    So if you want the best for us in all competitions.. You must see that although in past seasons (10-15 years ago) all was going very well..
    But barring the FA cup last season, no one can argue that the team has been gradually losing its stature as a team that can hold its head high amongst the elite of both the premiership and Europe.! Laughing stock was mentioned by some.. We have become an ‘average team’ seriously.. Wenger (or the board) have managed to turn us into a ‘ Valencia or Sevilla’ ‘schalke or werder Bremen’ average teams with no real clout!!!!

    Wenger or the board have to be held accountable…

    We pay one of ‘the’ highest gate prices or ‘the’ highest ticket prices in Europe and yet season after season we are told that money is there to spend but the players aren’t available or the ones available are no better than what we have..we are outplayed by average teams and dominated by good ones and annihilated by the top 3/4 ..
    I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy going on here, but do the board and Wenger take us for being Geordies..???? Do they think we are plain stupid.. Like sheep???? Some probably are on here but the vast majority can’t believe we are spun the same shi£ every season..

    1. Well that’s not what Alexis and Ozil said! Valencia, Sevilla, Werder Bremen and Schalke are rediculous analogies. They all barely make it in the champions league nor have the financial power or fans worldwide. Arsenal also have a miles better squad than all of them. Ivan Gazidis made a promise that we will spend momey in the last 2 transfer windows and delivered.

      1. bro we barely make it in the champions league just like schalke valencia power and fans is the business model not football.our squad is stronger- but doesnt that show our manager is lacking even more- hes under performing

      2. Schalke, Valencia, Sevilla are all 4th spot clubs that get easily kicked out OF the UCL Just like us.

        The only difference is that we have better players.

      3. Look at how Dortmund destroyed us..!
        Look at Dortmund in their league.. 7pts from 7 games or something 17 th position..
        Valencia have been contesting top 4 for the last 10-15 years as have Sevilla schalke etc didn’t schalke beat us 2-0 at home a season or 2 ago..?.. Don’t get the ridiculous analogy..?
        Sanchez came probably because nobody would pay that kind of money.. Don’t forget he played in a superb Barca team that made him look better than what he was.. The only thing he does great is close the opposition down and work like hell..(something all the players should do by the way)
        Ozil left Real Madrid and they won the champions league..!!? He was made to look good as he passed to world class players.. He’s now made to look average because he’s passing to dross in giroud and Sanogo arteta etc .. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s losing faith in the manager..???
        Money available….. You say.. Suarez .. I rest my case!

  15. @ptn. Well said!!
    I am neither an AKB or WO individual I look at facts, strategies key business and in game decisions etc and afterwards analyse and try and understand why the manager may have done things I disagree with. At this point I cannot find answers!
    I agree we have become a laughing stock and the decline of Arsenal club has happended slowly and subtly, It’s like we decline slowly each year so we dont obviously notice.
    You only have to look back to the Invicible side to realise how far we’ve slipped.

    1. I believe this will be the hardest season ever to claim a top 4 spot.. Chelsea, city, Man U.. Then either Liverpool, spuds Everton Southampton or us will contest the remaining positions….

      We will struggle to win the CL group and probably just scrape out of it ..???? To then be annihilated by a proper team ‘again’!
      I also believe this is Wengers final year.. He or the board can’t bring us down much further unless it’s to finish outside the top 6!!

      I can’t get my head around it because the CL has become the norm for us for so long that the Europa league would be such a come down I’d prefer to finish 7th!!!! Then the manager to move on and for us to bring in a passionate manger without the distraction of Europe, someone with the right pedigree and out to prove a point..
      Still have this niggling feeling though that problems at board level contribute to problems on the field ..although Wenger takes most of the criticism .. And picks the team if he had any ounce of loyalty to the fans, if something was going on he should have walked away by now..

  16. @arsenalman365
    So why is it not working?
    Re transfers we didnt finish the job, (only 6 defenders) No DM.
    Other than this I agree it was a positive and pleasing window.

  17. The Ozil injury is sad, but I believe Arsenal will begin to play better now. If Cazorla gets a consistent run of games at CAM, and with Walcott back, Ozil might struggle to get back into the Arsenal setup.

  18. @arsenalman365
    re your Per comments. I know about the clean sheet stats for Per and Kos.
    All i Can say is this shows how good Kos is and at reading Per game, (lack of it).
    I do admit he was better last year, (I still thought not good enough and he worried me).
    This year he’s started horribly. And on Jogi’s comments he was rightly protecting Per to preverse his credibility and confidence. As for bringing in Boateng as he has more pace, exactly what I’m talking about!!

  19. Sanchez——–Welbeck——–Joel*

    Cazorla plays a free role in AMF.
    * or Walcott when he comes back, I’m not convinced with Chamberlain, I though when Walcott got injured that it was the time for Ox to show how good he is. He hasn’t convinced me.
    ** Or Bellerin, Chamber suspended for next game.

  20. Every transfer window we are told we have money to spend but will only be spent if players are upgrades on what we have.
    So how about
    Costa for 32 million, why didn’t we sign him?

    We sell Vermealen and dont sign another centreback, any defender would have been better than no defender! we are 1 injury to Kos or Mert and we are fooked!

    Saying no centrebacks were avaliable is bullocks, how about Liverpools best defender Agger? he was sold for cheap we should have been all over that!

    You dont need to wait for a player to be avaliable to buy them, look at how many players we have lost because other teams bid for our players and we didn’t say know and its not like we asked for crazy money for them (we should have got another 10 million for fabregas and only 16 million for henry??? he should have been double that)

  21. When Walcott comes back, Ozil would have gone back to CAM anyway, so until Ozil comes back we put Cazorla or Rosicky in that position. It’s not the end of the world. Relax. As long as we get Khedira or another guy to join Ramsey at the back we will be fine. Cazorla can cope for a few months.

    This international week will be useful, extra time for Walcott.

  22. Why didnt we just pay a little more and bring Fabregas back? I thought the reason we missed out on him was cause we had to many midfielders.

  23. Off topic. Has gnabr got any defensive qualities? We are crying out for a dm player, could he moulded into the answer? He’s quick strong and physical but I’m not sure about his postional awareness etc he’s coming back soon, (like a new signing) and his typical position is going to be fiercely contested with walcott, sanchez, ox etc. Just a thought as I like him as a player and would like to see more of him.

    1. Gnabry hasn’t got defensive quality at the moment. The thing I like baout Gnabry is he cuts in and shoots sometimes. better of Playing Coquelin in DMF/CMF ahead of flamini for some of the upcoming games, to see if he is good enough. He is more mobile. We got Hull, Anderlecht, Sunderland and Burnley next, those would be good games for him, maybe not Sunderlend.

  24. Reus can play both CAM and winger, so makes sense to get him as we always have someone injured and depth is good.

    I’m getting the feeling we won’t see Walcott, Sanchez, Ozil and Welbeck all on the pitch at the same time, so getting Reus and/or Draxler would really be worthwhile

    Also, Wenger MUST get a top DM and defender.

    IF and it’s a big IF, Wenger spends a good £70-80 million in transfer fees this January we can still be the best team in the PL

  25. until wenger leaves all this is just bs talk..he has been holding the club back now for at least 5 years and he is i am sorry to say an expert in failure as maureen so aptly put it…wenger out is the only true slogan of arsenal FC supporters if that costs 16m to cover his remaining contract it would be money well spent

  26. I wont be surprised if we buy him. He is a typical Wenger DM, short, slow and a ball player. We need a big, tall, fast and hardworking and ball playing DM and there are plenty of them out there!

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