Should Arsenal go back to Brighton again to make this summer’s star signing?

Arsenal made Brighton’s Ben White one of his forst big signings, then folowed that up be bring ing in Leo Trossard, and last summer we had a massive tussle with Chelsea for Moises Caicedo before losing out to a record bid from the Blues.

So which Brighton player should we been targetting this summer? Recent months have seen Arsenal linked to several wingers, including Brighton’s skilled dribbler Kaoru Mitoma.

Mitoma is definitely one of the top-notch wingers in the Premier League right now. He’s the kind of winger who gets the ball out wide and has the speed and spatial awareness to outmanoeuvre his opponent and deliver a pass to the central forwards. Arsenal could definitely use someone like that. Oh, and guess what? They might just have the chance to do it this summer.

There’s a hint that Brighton might consider letting go of Mitoma. Looking at their attacking options, it appears they may be preparing for Mitoma’s departure.

The Brighton attack is stacked:

At No. 10: Enciso, Buonnanotte

Right Wing: March, Minteh, Mazilu

Left Wing: Mitoma, Adingra, Osman, Sarmiento

Out of all these options, it’s pretty clear that Mitoma is the best choice when it comes to selling. Maybe Arsenal should think about reaching out to the Seagulls for the Japan international. Who knows? If they make a tempting offer, Brighton might be willing to do business.

Arsenal is apparently considering adding a player with the X factor who can effectively break through strong defences. Mitoma seems to fit the bill perfectly.

Peter Rix


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    1. Agreed! Nico is the one to sign, if he wants to leave Spain. A rising star that can play all over the attack. Mitoma might not be versatile enough, we primarily need a good cover for Saka and he has barely played on the right wing. But he is a good player for sure.

  1. Why do you think we would sell Mitoma.? Last year we made the Premier Leagues biggest profit by any clubs since the league started and that’s without the £190 million we got for Caicedo, MacAllister’s & Sancho! If you were to attempt to buy Mitoma then you would be looking at at least £80 million, you can forget the £50 million I’ve heard spoken about. Tony Bloom wouldn’t sell one of his Aces for anything less.

  2. I agree Liam.I also like Merino who would be the left sided central midfielder we have missed since the departure of Xhaka.

    1. I like Merino and he would add solid depth to the squad. However i think that left 8 is now Rice’s position and we will focus on getting a new 6. For me though i would go all out for one of the two outstanding Germans and give them a free role infront of Odegaard and Rice however that is a pipe dream. Next up would be Eze as hes a top threat either in a 10 or a left wing position if we cant get any of the trio of Musiala Wirtz or Nico Williams

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