Should Arsenal go all out to beat Tottenham to 50m star midfielder?

Ross Barkley is heavily expected to move clubs this summer, but should Arsenal be making an effort to sign him?

The England international has been told by Everton that he can leave the club, having refused to sign an extension to his contract, with only 12 months remaining on his deal. The Blues are claimed to be in want of £50 Million for his signature, but will likely be forced to lower their asking price as the window draws closer to it’s end.

Barkley is currently ruled out of action for up to a month, with him expected to be fit to return just over a week before the transfer window slams shut on August 31, but with a lack of pre-season action he may take time to build-up match fitness.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham have all been credited with an interest in his signature, and we are the latest team to be thrown into the speculative hat as a possible destination.

We are currently overwhelmed with options in the middle of the park, but do have a few average players that could be improved on, as well as having the likes of Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez currently into the final season of their contracts.

Barkley has shown he has the talent to play in a top side in my opinion, and I think Arsene Wenger would get a great tune out of the 23 year-old, and he could possibly become a worthy replacement for Santi Cazorla given some time.

I know those are big boots to fill, and there isn’t many players on the planet who we believe is ready to take over from Santi, but we need someone who could potentially do it, and I see Barkley as a player who can find some amazing balls and dictate play on a good day, and maybe (just maybe) Arsene Wenger could get a consistent tune out of him.

Is Barkley good enough for Arsenal? Could Wenger turn him into a superstar?

Pat J

Updated: July 21, 2017 — 4:46 am


  1. Yes we should go for him and it looks like spuds are in for Mahrez too.

  2. Cazorla has to be replaced with a midfielder that has ball control, vision and skills like Iniesta, Xavi and Messi. I think Barkley has not reached that level yet.

    Rather than getting him, Arsenal had better chase Jean Seri again, or Verratti. Arsenal has to improve with better players, not with standard players that they already have.

    1. Be honest dude, how much of Seri have you seen. Not including youtube.

      I’ll go first – I want Goretzka to arrive and besides his youtube clips I’ve seen him in two games recently at international level. And only heard about him because of our links a few weeks back. Don’t know much besides the very little I’ve seen. So it’s easy for people like us to take a look and show how blind the boss is or how stupid other fans are, because we’ll never know if it is ourselves just as foolish.

  3. We don’t need him, let’s get goretzka instead.

  4. Yes….he’s better than Ramsey and he’s english we could also use him to push Walcott, Gibbs and other under-performing English players out

    1. He’s Nigerian dual national and it’s debatable, whether better. Personally I think Koeman would bite your wrists off for that swap.

  5. …and may I add that he scores goals….beautiful goals at that

  6. He, like many of our English lads, haven’t progressed since 18. He’s free next summer.

    Goretzka is half the price and twice the player. Get him!

  7. Barkley’s believe it or not, because Ripley thought it sounded far too strange.

  8. i dont understand why wenger is delaying with the goretzka deal…guy is apparently standing at 6’2′ tall, thats taller than all our current central midfielders, he a baller and got good technical ability, passing range, ball recovering and on top of all…HE IS CHEAP! bid 25m GBP and we got our man barkley is way overrated more than even our own jack…

    1. You do know that just about every other top team in Europe is looking at him – and he basically has a slot at Bayern if he wants it. You must also know Schalke have said they are not selling him. How do you think AW can just make a phone call, waltz in and sign him so causally as you are suggesting?

  9. I agree with the others. Goretzka would be an amazing addition. Just what we need to complete our central midfield.

    Lemar and Goretzka are all we need.

  10. I think we need some one who in the Viera Mold in the Middle. Some one like Kante .
    We are after mahrez and Lemar, But If we keep Sanchez and Ozil, the where will Lemar Play.Unless we sell Sancez

    I do not name any player who is a World Class Midfileder, but I know we are lacking in that area

  11. Barkley not needed, has talent but not consistent, would be a waste of money, i would rather gamble on young Willock or Jeff (and beef them up). If we are looking for a midfielder look at Goretzka, Jorginho, Gylfi, Kondogbia and there are many others.

    Lemar deal is wasting time and allowing other teams to snatch up decent alternatives, which may even provide us with better results

  12. there is no doubt that we need a midfielder with the ability to dribble, fast but having a good players is not only enough ,hard training for stamina ,strength as a team to continuously press on the opponents not to give them time and space to settle and win the ball, go fast to the goal destabilize the defense , fiercely fight around the goal to create a space and shoot on goal with the strong power and on target needed and wenger also has to be hard and serious for the accomplishment of we have seen with such a spirit even with the defence all reserve we won FA CUP

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