Should Arsenal go for Vieira to replace Wenger?

Everybody knows that Patrick Vieira was a mountain of a player for Arsenal back in the day, but there were quite a few Gunners fans that got annoyed when he decided to go and become a coach at Manchester City when he retired from playing rather than return to the club that made him into a star.

But he paid his dues at City and after four years in training and development at City he decided to become a manager forthe first time, and last November he became the boss at the new MLS club New York City FC, who are also sponsored by Etihad, who also spònsor Man City.

After 32 games in the MLS NYC FC are joint top of the table and the great ex-England star Frank Lampard (who at 38 is only 2 years younger than Vieira!) has been mightily impressed with his old rival.

“‘He’s really good.” Lampard said. “I was a bit sceptical about it because I remember those days playing against Vieira. We did used to have ding dongs,’

‘As a manager I’ve got complete respect for him. He’s got his way of playing.

‘He’s very dedicated to playing out from the back and not many teams do that, from goalkeeper right up to the front. Now all of a sudden we are getting the benefits of it.

‘I see him having a huge future.’

So how many of us would like to see Vieira take over from Wenger, considering he spent nearly ten years playing under Le Prof?



  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Who said that Wenger was going anywhere?
    Deep down we all know that he will end up signing another 2 year extention. ?

  2. georgie b says:

    I always hoped Mikel Arteta would have a place at the club.

  3. Vlad says:

    No offense to MLS, but it’s light years behind EPL, and other European leagues. Vieira is an Arsenal legend no doubt, but I don’t think he’s ready to manage the club just yet. He needs a few more high profile gigs behind his belt to take on something this big. Even Bergkamp, who’s been Frank de Boer’s assistant at Ajax for several years would not be a good fit, IMHO. I want to see someone who’s proven himself at a very high level. Someone who’s managed to win or at the very least stay competitive at both league and CL levels.

  4. chinaka1 says:

    I said something here some few years Ago when Mikel Arteta was still playing for us that he would make a good Manager in future…now that he is assisting Pep at Man-City my prediction will soon be realised.
    On Patrick Viera: yep he will make a good coach but i don’t see it happening after Mr wenger failed to welcome him at the club when he came knocking as he alleged some time ago.

  5. Big G says:

    Only once he has proved himself should we even think about Viera becoming manager of Arsenal and the same should apply to anyone else.

  6. LiveSA says:

    He is certainly on a good path to becoming a well seasoned manager and one day it may be a fair thing for him to come home, after all he is our legend, *the Invincible Vieira*

  7. pubgooner says:

    Not yet ready. His time will come. At present, Joachim Low will be a perfect fit. Attack minded.

  8. pubgooner says:

    OT: Wenger please sign Draxler. He is asking for a transfer. So exciting to watch, the best German player….

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