Should Arsenal have bought a top striker? Or are you happy with the ones we have?

The Gunners came away with a impressive 5-0 win in their hands at the weekend, after beating a weakened Southampton side in the FA Cup. It was a match that showed just how many attacking options Arsene Wenger has to pick from when he has a fully fit side; and it’s sure to be a selection headache he won’t mind having.

Despite the strong performances from our players up top, the question does still remain as to whether we need to strengthen offensively with a world class striker. The Gunners come up against Premier League leaders Chelsea at the weekend, whom are showing real strength up top in consistently winning games. The Blues are currently eight points clear in the league and one of the reasons for the gap is because they haven’t been shy on the goalscoring front. Now the Gunners haven’t exactly been short of goals either this season, but one pundit, coach and former player all rolled into one, suggests that had Wenger stuck a big bid in for a world class striker, then perhaps the Gunners would be the ones in the better position in the league.

It’s former Chelsea man Ray Wilkins who is having his say on the Gunners today. This isn’t the first time Wilkins has spoken about Arsenal in the press and his current argument stands on Wenger’s disappointments when it comes to signing a world class striker.

Wilkins argued: “Higuain scored 30-plus goals in Italian football per annum. He would have been the guy I’d have bought if I was Arsene Wenger. I’d have paid £50m for him.”

Wilkins’ comments clearly relate to the Gunners title push last season, in which a dramatic final day saw us finish as runners up instead of Tottenham. But of course second place isn’t good enough when we all want to be winners and perhaps a world class striker would’ve been the answer to our concerns. This is an argument that still runs today and is very relevant to this season as well.

A serious bid of Gonzalo Higuain may have been the answer last season, or perhaps even last summer before he broke the domestic Italian transfer record with his move to Juventus. But focusing more on the current times, which players could Arsenal seriously be eyeing up if it means that a title push is on the cards?

With the January transfer window soon coming to a close, I think it’s safe to rule out any more major transfers for the Gunners, but do the Gunners really need to invest into another big money player, in order to win the Premier League?

The likes of Reus, Morata, Lacazette and of course Greizmann have all been linked with a move to the Gunners this year and they would all cost an extortionate amount of money to bring them to the club. But despite the strong efforts that Alexis Sanchez has put in up front and the performances from the likes of Giroud, Welbeck and Perez, I still think a major talent up front would be the missing piece to the jigsaw, especially when it comes to our chances of winning the league again!

Do you agree with Wilkins or are you happy with the strikers we already have?



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Of course we should have.
    But Wenger is Wenger

    The only way now to get a world class forward is to sell one or two of our good forwards because we have lots

  2. firehart says:

    I’m happy as long as giroud isn’t first choice

  3. Gaurav says:

    If u mean a top top striker… yes ofcourse
    If u mean an average striker… no Im happy

  4. Gaurav says:

    Premier League flops like Falcao, Balotelli are becoming hit at the French League
    I doubt the likes of Lacazette will strive here…
    Look at Janssen…

    1. otunba_007 says:

      Well i will have to disagree with Ray Wilkins as regards getting a striker, to be sincere we all were crying for Wenger to sign a TOP Striker but since he’s started playing Sanchez up top there has been a massive change and come to think of it Sanchez is one of the best in that position given that he doesn’t even play there regularly and he’s also the top scorer in the PL, I believe we’ve always had a TOP striker in Alexis and Mr Wenger didn’t realize it until the beginning of this season. Arsenal just needs to pay him what he demands, we will never get a better striker than him, every other TOP striker out there are happy with there clubs and given the amount clubs spend on fringe strikers, i will rather have Alexis all day every time. what we need is an utility player who can play in Carzola’s position and on the wing and i think we will be fine.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      Janssen, lol. I reckon it’s our fault Spu got lumbered with him. We made allot of noise about him being a Harry Kane type, then Arsene checked him out a few times. Spu must of been aware and thought to themselves, we can’t let Arsenal have a Harry Kane, he ours. Ha Ha, yous fell for the oldest trick in the book, you dumb-ass spuds.

  5. Twig says:

    I’m happy with what we’ve got. We’ve got a deep squad it’s unbelievable.

  6. SUNNY13 says:

    Well on paper the current Forward line we have is really good.
    We can conclude more on this after the Chelsea game.
    To me if Sanchez stays , then we do not need a CF, we may need to look for world class wingers. We need some one whop can destroy opposition , some in the quality of Robben or Bale, Those are hard to get now a days.
    Lets see how we go in these 2 matches against Watford and Chelsea and the decide

  7. AndersS says:

    Buying more attacking strength would be a waste of money, when our problem is giving away chances and goals. That is what needs to be improved.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    It always sounds easier than it is. Napoli didn’t want to sell him up until the last moment, how they got that price for him I’ll never know. One of the best around all the same, but two or three seasons in him. Then you need to allow for an adapting period, even if he hits the ground running it is allot of money for a player at his age. Arsenal just never worked like that, that’s your Manchesters Madrids and so on, Barca don’t even work like that. Juventus got more money than a player is worth, so they paid more money than the player is worth.

  9. Onochie says:

    What these pundits have failed to realise is that Silent stan cannot 50mil and above for just one player. We missed out on so many players,that’s irrelevant now,let’s focus on Watford.

  10. Alexis the Great says:

    If Arsenal had’ve bought Higuain or Aubemayen INSTEAD of Lucas Perez then I agree we would be stronger, but I cant complain about any of our strikers at the moment. Everyone is scoring big numbers except Iwobi.

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