Should Arsenal have delayed Matt Turner’s transfer until after our opener against Forest?

Matt Turner could be in a unique situation this weekend of making his Nottingham Forest debut against the same players he was lifting a trophy with on Sunday.

It’s an irony the American may have discussed with his peers at Wembley, teammates for one last day before becoming opponents less than a week later.

Given his displays for his nation, the 29-year-old deserves a chance to be first choice at the highest level.

That his first ever appearance in the Prem could be at the Emirates is a unique coincidence, but what better way to prove your ex-employers wrong by then getting a result against them on your first day at your new workplace?

He’s got reasons to be motivated, reasons that Arsenal could have avoided.

Steve Cooper was struggling to have a keeper he trusted in goal this Saturday, and it seems strange that headache would be fixed by his opponents.

Edu surely must have been tempted to delay the transfer by a week, making Forest weaker for our season opener.

Of course, Arteta has every right to expect his team to be good enough to defeat the visitors without the need to postpone business.

Especially if he rates the player so little, he’s approving the sale.

Yet sport can be decided by small margins. I know managers who would be ruthless enough to order the transaction to be confirmed after the fixture took place. If you can gain an advantage, however small, why not take it?

Shouldn’t you give yourself the best possibility to win every match?

We held the cards in negotiations, Forest needing Turner more than we needed the 7 million.

If they had insisted the deadline to accept the deal was this week, I would have called their bluff.

You would have been able to find another club willing to meet our asking price.

If we don’t submit Raya’s loan by 12.00 lunchtime today, Karl Hein or Okonkwo might be on the bench tomorrow.

I expect Arsenal to get the three points, but Turner has the personality to come back and haunt us.

No point realising the mistake after the event, is there.


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        1. Complaining that we sold our second choice keeper, who has played 7 times for us, for a tidy profit? Yeah, that’s moaning.

          1. Maybe we should have messed up the deal to be able to blame edu and the club, get any keeper from the academy to seat in the bench, a home game against forest come on,

            1. Matt will be picking the ball out of the net many times
              Did nothing wrong for us but Raya a massive upgrade

                1. I’ll answer that DAN. Suggesting that a player we are happy to sell for a moderate fee has the capability to earn Forest a result- draw or even win- is not sensible and not balanced but IS pointlessly and irritatingly negative. All sensible fqans can see that on any given day any keeper of Premn level can have ablinder and dent the opponents a goal But that is no reason to suggest its more likely in Turner , esp as he is not even second choice for us now( as we are cool to have let him leave). Its, frankly, a half baked concocted false with not a spot of evidence behind it and no wonder others have also shot it and you down

                  To seriously suggest we should wait to sell Turner to Forest only after the game, is plain daft and lacks any reason or credibility. No wonder others beside myself accuse you , with much justification , of negativity.
                  I find that such a pity in a clearly otherwise intelligent man such as you.

    1. No he won’t I heard he has been unvailed to NForest players. Turner is a good keeper though he wasn’t given much chance at Arsenal.

  1. Am not sure his personality will haunt us, but an certainly looking forward to the American international getting a go between the sticks.

    Think Turner has been hugely underrated, but the gaffer process has to go on.

  2. We should be glad if Turner get many matches for Forrest. But of course, it would be nice if he start his brilliant career in the countryside from week II.

    1. Is Mark better than Raya? Can someone post a little stat between the two? No sentiment please. Be objective.

  3. No it would have looked pretty and we should have more class than that.

    Even if Raya does not sign we have Hein and Okwonkwo

  4. If Ramsdale gets injured before the Forest game we can just plop a traffic cone in goal – would have done the same job as Matt Turner who can be described as being a bit unpredictable..

  5. I don’t see any reason to delay a transfer just because we are playing them first. Delaying until after the match would’ve suggested a lack of confidence in it being a good decision. He’s a good gk but he’s not a great one.

  6. If he starts tomorrow, watch him have his best game ever against us, it always happens, but no he’s gone and we move forward

  7. Good bye to matt but as it is in the prem there is no friends in the jungle.see you tomorrow between the sticks for your new side,good luck trying to stop our men from scoring even if it’s……(glub)…..i reserve my comments.

  8. Dan after thinking about it we have more chance of winning CL than the league which is harder (even more so this season). Lack of reliable CF apart we are as good as any. If Havertz prove to be all that then all the better. I take the bet!

    1. Cool mate
      In many ways I hope your right
      I would sacrifice 100 pound for Arsenal to win CL so it’s win win

  9. It wont matter what keeper plays against AFC …….
    The fifth part of Arteta’s process is to win Trophies !

  10. Didn’t see enough of Turner to actually judge him to be honest.

    OT City smashed Burnley in the opening game….Haaland and Rodri on fire.

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