Should Arsenal have kept faith in Leno against Crystal Palace?

Why did Ramsdale get in the team over Leno?

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isn’t it, and there is a lot of things to review after our 3-0 loss to Crystal Palace on Monday.

But I can’t help but think had Bernd Leno been in goal for our game against Palace, we may not have conceded in the way we did and as many as we did.

Of course the whole team was to blame for the loss, not just the defence or the goalkeeper, at the end of the day we win as a team and we lose as a team and Palace seemed to want it more.

But there is one thing I failed to grasp and that was that after his good performance against Aston Villa just before the international break, where he pretty much got us all three points at the death, why Leno was overlooked for Aaron Ramsdale. A player who lets not forget made an error against Liverpool that really cost us the game.

I am sure Ramsdale will pick himself up and get back to those amazing and solid performances he did so well to bring to the team during his first few games, but I can’t help but feel that Leno deserved to play in his second consecutive game to be given that chance.

I am not saying Leno wouldn’t have conceded those goals, maybe he would have, but he deserved to be shown more respect and to be shown he can be trusted in goal and not just get the call because our so called “number one” was not available for one reason or another.


All in all, like I’ve said before we win and lose as a team, so we may well have lost either way, but Mikel Arteta needs to realise that Leno too deserves more chances, especially if he will be on the way out come the end of the season.


Shenel Osman


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  1. Clutching straws. I fail to see how Leno would’ve affected our defenders mistakes in anyway..? All the goals conceded were individual mistakes.

    1. I also don’t think Leno could save us. The most jarring mistake was Magalhaes’ inability to stop Palace’s key pass to Ayew

  2. That result had nothing to do with what keeper played ,it came down to p1ss poor tactics and a weak AS5 squad .

    1. You’re right results wise,but it gives us fans a better idea of the dynamics in the squad and other fair competition,Leno did have a good when Ramsdale was injured.whst does that say to Leno?no matter how well you’ve performed when Aaron is fit,he start.not only that,but a hip injury could do with more than a week’s rest.don’t be surprised if he is injured again soon,(a recurrence of the same injury.MA talks up fair competition in the squad but his decisions tell a different story.the same with Partey who could have done with a bit of a break but who is he going to play instead of TP?he obviously doesn’t trust fringe comes down to team rotation, man management…I thought he had learnt from his past mistakes but now I’m not do sure.surely during our good run,he could have given players like Tavares few minutes here and there, to try building their confidence back.i also refused to believe that we couldn’t find a player who could have done s decent job for us until the end 8f the season.

      1. @Saimois
        It seems you forgot to mention Pepe. No matter how well he plays, he’ll be on the bench the next game. It’s been like that for him since the start of last season. Tavares is clearly rusty. Same with Lokonga. When these players are eventually needed, they won’t be able to perform and they will be called trash

        1. Sadly,You are spot on!you can’t expect them to perform well when they barely play.we know that training is nothing like playing games,not only that but because of their lack of playing as you said,they can be rusty and needing few more games to get match sharpness and confidence .lastly,this cannot be good for the moral,knowing that no matter how hard you train,you know you’ll be on the bench.

  3. Leno did pull off a top save at Villa, but has always had a problem with crosses. Also you mention the mistake by Ramsdale that cost a goal against the Mickeys, but forget the mistakes Leno has made in his time with us.

  4. When Arsenal go on a long successful run the fans say the Manager is the Messiah, the players are super stars the owner our beloved father. Lose one game tho and said Manager is a clueless moron, players ought to be flogged to within an inch of their lives while the owner is parastite who hates football. This club sucks. Then if we beat Brighton it will be like “I never doubted the Manager the Players the Owner for one moment”. Cross my heart, my toes my eyebrows.

    1. I think people need to stop attributing wins or losses to an individual.
      When we win it’s a combination of management and player application.
      When we lose it’s also a combination of management and player application during that match.
      This business of “It’s all down to Arteta when he win and down to players when we lose” is juvenile.
      Also when we lose it’s not on the manager alone, the players also have to take personal responsibility for making individual mistakes etc..

      It all should be taken holistically.

    2. What makes football so sweet to many are the rivalry and emotions. Take emotions away and you’re left with an empty sport. Moreover, Arteta has made some inflammatory decisions which will certainly be recalled if all does not go to plan (top four). While I’m not reacting to the result, I do not blame those who are cos I understand the emotions involved. So quit whining and post any ideas you have instead of negatively commenting on the posts of others rather than the article itself

    3. It’s not often that I agree with Fairfan,but on this occasion I do.after the CP game,I refused to blame individuals,I put it as a bad night at the office,a collective no show,and unlike some I am not ready to start questioning everything over a bad game especially after the run we had(bar Liverpool).I also find it ironic/hypocritical or dare I say clueless,that the same people who were praising our YOUNG TEAM when winning are the same hammering them after a bad performance,surely those people know that inconsistency is to be expected ,add to that a thin squad,we are bound to have a few more of them.

  5. I’m not sure the writer watched the game. Ramsdale had literally no chance on the first goal, was very well positioned on the second that was perfectly angled into the corner of the goal, and keepers are always the underdogs on penalties. On top of that, he made no errors. Overall, it would have made no difference even if Almunia was in goal.

    We lost the game because of the performance of Palace, the injuries, and dreadful individual performances.

  6. Shenel writes,” Leno too deserves more chances, esp if he will be on the way out come the end of the season”.

    I wish to ask why “especially”? Would it then, by implication be less important that LENO DESERVES MORE CHANCES, if he were to stay here next season.

  7. Arsenal should have kept faith in Leno, in the first place, and used the 30M spent on Ramsdale to sign a new midfielder instead. Partey’s injuring and the current midfield crisis confirm my point.
    Now we are stuck behind the 8th ball with an undersized, underperforming keeper while our world-class, shot-stopper is about to sold for peanuts – if we get lucky.

    1. RFrancis, Complete twaddle that flies directly in the face of all the facts!

      “Undersized, underperforming keeper” is plainly the single most astoundingly ridiculous opinion of a top player of ours that I have ever read on JA.

      Not a single intelligent Gooner could possibly agree with you about Ramsdale, esp after the incredible season he has had, but IF they ever did agree, I would feel sorry for their lack of intellect, just as I DO ABOUT YOURS.

      1. Here are the facts, jon fox. We couldn’t get a tune out of our top striker, PEA, due to lack of service from the midfield. And what did we do? Swallowed his huge wages and offered him to Barcelona for free.
        Lack of service from the midfield is having the same effect on Laca too; he is set to leave soon for free as well.
        In summary, two top strikers, earning a combined 550K pw, failed to perform under this regime. Clearly, we shot our selves in the foot spending 30M on a luxury keeper, instead of reinforcements for the midfield.
        Remember, goal-keeping was not a pressing concern at the time, jon fox. It’s all about using club resources wisely; this is the key to winning the league.

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