This is a tricky subject as poor Mathieu Debuchy was unluckily injured soon after joining Arsenal and made only 11 starts for the Gunners last season, and he could only watch from the sidelines as Hector Bellerin stepped up and made the position his own.

The French international admitted that he had become frustrated at the club, especially when he was not reinstated as first-choice right-back at the beginning of the new season. “It is difficult,” Debuchy was quoted as saying. “Even if I had not played a lot last season, in my head I would return to start after my recovery. But, at the Community Shield against Chelsea, Wenger chose him, Bellerín.

“It was a surprise and a disappointment. Let’s say it [leaving] crossed my mind. But I want to be at Arsenal and to take my place.”

Many Arsenal fans may disagree with me here,but I think that Arsene Wenger made a mistake by not selling him on. If we could have recouped even some of the £12 million we reportedly paid Newcastle for him, then Wenger should have made a deal. Now that he is 30 years old it will be very hard to get any resale value in any transfer window in the future.

Simply put, surely we would have been better to have two young players like Bellerin and Jenkinson vying for the right-back spot, rather than have a disgruntled 30 year-old moping about on the bench?

Who agrees?

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    We are wondering what to do with a 30yr old Debuchy, while some certain 30+ yr oLds(fLame and Arteta) are pocketing our midfield money comfortably!

    1. jaweant says:

      After Sagna was arguably the best player of the year we let him go to city where he has been amazing. We could of had Sagna and Bellerin. Debuchy should leave. Even though I like him over Chambers and Jenks, he needs to play and Bellerin is too good to bench right now.

  2. angryblackman3 says:

    I want to win things, Debuchy if fit will be more significant to arsenal than Jenkinson. I want Jenks to turn into an awesome player, but I honestly dont think hes that good. He looks lost and other players blatantly avoid passing to him in those tighter positions. Keep him out on loan and let him develop into a beast with those more violent teams.

    1. angryblackman3 says:

      and I know there will be a parade of people saying we wont win anything this season. If we lose our next game, many of these same people will start to claim relegation battle. It’s kind of cute really… It’s going to be ok guys, we just gotta support them and see if they prove themselves. We could be in far worse situations. I love wenger, but he is a stupid stupid fool sometimes. Let’s find some form!

    2. galaxygooner says:

      Jenkinson is already better than debuchy

  3. ArseOverTit says:

    Bugger off then sulky git.
    Keys to the Emirates for Matthew then. Thought zlatan had an ego!


  4. Tas says:

    Bellerin is just too awesome to sit on the bench but that doesn’t mean Debuchy don’t have a part to play in out team,

    I think Debuchy should play when Gabriel is in the team but not with Mert

  5. davidnz says:

    Debuchy + Chambers.
    should never been bought.
    Wenger refused to upgrade
    Sagna’s contract although Sagna had been
    a warrior for years and stayed loyal
    when others left for riches and glory.
    But last season Wenger paid
    Ryo 1 mill to be useless
    Campbell 2 mill to go on loan
    Sanogo 2 mill to be injured and useless.
    Podolski 5 million to be useless.
    Arteta 3.5 mill to be injured
    Rosicky 3.5 mill to be injured.
    Walcott 5 mill to be injured.
    Wilshere 5 mill to be injured and out of form.
    Flamini 3.5 mill for half a season
    Ox 3.5 mill for half a season
    Ozil 5 mill to be injured 4 months/same as the season before.
    Wenger also panic bought 16 mill Wellbeck
    and pays him 5 mill to be useless and now injured
    Bought Debuchy for 12 mill+ payed him 3 mill to be injured
    Chambers 16 mill paid 3 mill to play half a season.
    This season Wenger gives Walcott
    a 40k p/w upgrade after a season out injured !!!
    Why is Arsene paid 8 mill? What does he do?
    He never selects the team , injuries select the team.
    The coaching staff prepare the team and when
    Wenger speaks to the media its all bland,
    non informative, cliched nonsense.
    Spend the 8 mill on the best coaches and medical staff.
    Just let the head coach select the team and
    let “Heavy D” from arsenalfantv do the comments 🙂

    1. bigperf says:

      Ohhh by the way sagna turned down the contract so point invalid

    2. Billy says:

      This is the most foolish comment I think I have ever seen….

      Wenger is the only man that would have kept us competing the level we have been the last 7 years, especially with the players we have had..

      The season hasn’t even started yet and everyone is having a meltdown, its not the players you sign that win you the league its the 25 players in your squad, the 11 men that start games!

      Every season its the same story of fans crying because real life isn’t Football Manager, we dont give the team a chance even though we are a better side than last year and arguably still the most in-form side since January…

  6. Greg says:

    No debuchy can still play a part in arsenal campaign plans! He is still a good useful right back! Coyg!

  7. Greg says:

    Hector bellerin is our best right back presently no doubt!

  8. Durand says:

    Debuchy was decent quality at CB when he filled in last year. Calm and solid performances.

    Debuchy splitting time with Coq at DM doesn’t seem too bad; definitely instead of Flamini. Otherwise I don’t see him beating out Bellerin for starting RB.

    Newcastle may have guaranteed him playing time, but not at Arsenal. He has 2 choices;
    (1) step his game up and beat out Bellerin
    (2) disguise himself as Ramsey
    Bellerin continues to impress with absolute class, I wish Debuchy the best of luck at his NEW club in January.

  9. Mozart7 says:

    Debuchy is quality, but atm Hector is 1st choice

  10. GoonerG1 says:

    Utter nonsense. We need depth and Debuchy is not disgruntled or moping. We want players who are not satisfied on the bench pushing the starters. Every top team in the world has that. Jenkinson is better off on loan where he can get better.

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