Should Arsenal have offerered Welbeck a new contract?

This weekend, Everton and Lazio have been rumoured as possible destinations for Arsenal’s free agent Danny Welbeck.
Even before his latest serious injury, it was unlikely that we were going to offer an extension to a man who has spent too long on the sidelines.

Physically and mentally who knows how our striker will respond to his latest setback. Considering there is no fee involved, it’s worth a gamble for someone.

He lacks the finishing ability to come back and haunt us, but he could prove us wrong for not having more faith. Assuming out transfer budget will be between 50-70 million, we won’t have a lot to spent on a back up forward, especially with other areas of the squad being a higher priority.

So would we not save money by simply hanging on to a man who is probably content to be back up to Auba and Lacca, giving himself time to find his form?

With Ramsey and Mhkitaryan not involved in the Europa League Final, I’d risk him as our attacking option from the bench, given that he’s back in training.

Think about it, if we need a goal in Baku, do you trust Welbeck or Iwobi in the final third?

Dan Smith


  1. Three big injuries in five seasons, and averaging around 6 goals a season, no thank you! I was actually angry when we signed him, because I always thought he was a headless chicken, and I wasn’t proven wrong.

    I really love his work rate though, and he’s a decent squad player at best. If he makes the bench for Baku, that is massive! With no Miki, Iwobi is our only real option from the bench attacking wise, so we badly need Danny.

    Who do I trust out of him and Iwobi to grab us a goal? Neither of them are a goal threat, so flip a coin I guess. If we’re desperate for a goal in the dying minutes, I’d rather bring on Mustafi, and just shove him upfront! He’ll probably score, then give away a penalty!

    1. “I’d rather bring on Mustafi, and just shove him upfront! He’ll probably score, then give away a penalty!”

      Made me lol TMJW 🙂

  2. No however we need a replacement for him, by that I mean a striker with an aerial threat. If we can get a striker similar to Welbeck, who has pace and is an aerial threat but scores more obviously then that would be great, if not I would settle for a giroud type striker, we just need something different as we don’t have a plan b attacker at the moment and if our plan A don’t work we don’t know what to do next

  3. He has good skills and finishing ability, but he had limited chances due to long injuries

    Like Wilshere and Diaby, Welbeck is a talented player but also a regular patient at the hospital

    Arsenal cannot afford injury-prone players anymore, therefore I am against Umtiti recruitment

    1. You’ve credited Welbz with skills and finishing ability… I’d find it rather difficult to read any comment from you after this particular display of ignorance. I think my grandmother knows that finishing and technical ability are two of his worst attributes and she’s been dead before he was a professional…

      Also, how many injuries has Umtiti suffered over the past 2-3 years apart from that one serious injury?

      1. He showed it on some occasions, after Aubameyang and Lacazette joined. I suspect he has learned their finishing styles

        One grave injury could lead to other injuries, especially if the player play in EPL. I think this happens because of the player’s playing style

        Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Wilshere, Diaby and Welbeck suffered from recurring injuries

  4. I would rather see more of nketiah, nelson saka ameachi and john-jules.

    Wish him luck though wherever he ends up, but obviously not when he opposes us.

  5. OT. Admin, when you design the new site would it be possible to link each person’s profile with their email address so we only have one profile each?

    I ask this as the other day I noticed 2 supposedly different people, namely Sikanyiso Zhou and Shambala, both make the same identical post i.e. ‘Ozil is a draw back because his work rate is very low. We are better of without him.He should not start Europa final’. I think both these people are already on this site using yet another name.


  6. This ship has sailed….

    Hope he gets some minutes on Wednesday, then thank him, wish him well…. he might be heading to Goodison….

    1. OT Sue, but I did promise to let you know some facts about “shirts” when I ordered my Emirates cup ticket.

      Living up here in Scotland, I forgot it’s a bank holiday down in brexit land (!!!), so although I could order my ticket, customer services were closed.
      I WILL try again tomorrow, but just in case you thought I wouldn’t bother to follow up…

      I would have liked to have kept Danny for one more season as aback up for midfield and up front, simply because of the players already going, the rumoured ones going out, injuries and the fact that, every time we identify a top player, we are gazumped by the clubs prepared to pay the transfers fees and the salaries.
      We do need stability and, as was proved this season, bringing in five new players made life very difficult for UE to identify his best team and tactics.

      1. Thanks Ken ?
        Yes, I wouldn’t have begrudged him another season, but it wasn’t meant to be…

        So you got your ticket? I think I might go to that too.. I’m having Emirates withdrawals already & we’re not even in June yet ?

        1. Yes Sue, I’ve treated myself to club level, just off the centre line towards the clock end and right at the front, just to see how the other half lives!!!
          I will feel like a little kid, especially when the team come out holding the europa cup aloft in the hands of our captain, leader, top shirt seller and talisman Mesut Ozil!!!

          Ticket was only £22.00 as I’m now decrepit, but will make a long weekend of it with my daughter/grandson.
          By all accounts, there are still club level seats available at both ends and away from the centre circle.
          Fingers crossed for Wednesday, like you I will be hiding away, with the sound down and peeking round the door until we go 3 up, then I’ll relax…hope you get your tickets for the Emirates.

          1. Good on you, Ken.. and why not, hey?! You’ll be a VIP for the day (although you’re always that on here ?)
            What a view you’ll have! You may even come across Phil!
            I know it’s a while away, but I hope you all have a lush weekend!
            My heart will be pounding all night, Ken… I’ll be pacing up & down (very anxiously!) The things we go through!! Haha! I hope you’re right, Ken..that will be amazing lifting that trophy.. it be a night to remember!! ?
            Thanks Ken ?

  7. No he is injured too much, he also not lethal enough to be a stiker ,
    Would have like to see him as a wing back .
    He has speed ..height…and great engine…
    Can understand why he is leaving held on to injurie prone players to long….diaby…rosciky….wellbeck…willshire….ramsey…..

  8. With players ending of contract such as Cech, Welbeck, Jenkinson etc`, the savings on wages could be used to extend Ozil`s contract and give him a little extra !.

    1. Naughty, naughty LCM! The Ozil boo boys will definitely NOT like that comment and I hear they are already getting a lynch mob together for you! 🙂
      On the other hand I thought it was freakin’ hilarious!

      1. Thanks GunnerJack, I`m glad you have a sense of humour aswell, although I dont think they are Ozil boo boys……………………they are blasphemers ! hahahahaha

  9. I’m glad the position is opening up. His position, Ramsey’s position, possibly Mkhitaryan’s one, these are big places in the team. Then maybe Mustafi’s, Monreal’s, possibly Litch’s & Koscielny’s by the sounds of it. All big big positions with proper wages. On top of that we already have room for some wide players. Elneny is another. Some youngsters might take a couple of places, Niles might be counted as cover for Bellerin and then either the same player or another one might take Elneny’s place. I don’t think Danny is worth his wage due to his injury problems, if he could stay fit then yes he’d be useful because himself and the two strikers done some great pressing early in season and they looked dangerous, when we had all our hard working players is when we went on that run, the infamous title challenging run.

  10. I don’t think he has a future at Arsenal. But I do think signing him to a new contract with “reasonable” market rate salary (market rate being defined by what he would likely get at a club possibly interested in him (obviously not a top 6 salary) could have allowed us to sell him on for 5-15 million pounds. It is not like a fit Welbeck would have no value to a midtable team or just promoted team. Instead, we let him leave for free.

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