Should Arsenal have sold Lucas Perez to China in January?

It would appear from Lucas Perez’s latest interview in Spain that he has very little interest in returning to Arsenal ever again, and he feels very badly treated by Arsene Wenger. The Spaniard was given very few chances by Wenger after his arrival, and it was obvious after the first half of the season that Wenger was only willing to use Lucas when he had very little other choices, as he preferred to use Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck as centre-forward. So I find it strange that the Boss didn’t cash in on him in the January transfer window when it was obvious that Perez was surplus to requirements.

This is what Lucas was reported as saying in his interview: “They [Arsenal] are not behaving well with me,” Perez reportedly told Dick Law. “The thing of taking the shirt number without telling me to give it to a companion, it seems to me the last straw.

“I cannot continue this way. I have given everything, but that has not been reciprocated, so I can’t stand it any longer. I feel cheated. In February I was not allowed to leave for China with the promise that I would play more and after that I had even fewer opportunities.

“But the shirt number is an ugly gesture. On the trip, Lacazette asked the boss and he accepted. Afterwards, he told me. Last year he [Wenger] told me that he understood that I was upset. I think this season things will get worse, so help me out.”

Now Wenger has a problem in trying to sell Perez in the European market after having a year on the sidelines, so he will find it nearly impossible to recoup the fee that Arsenal paid for him. We all know the Chinese clubs are willing to pay mega money for even ordinary European players, so why didn’t Wenger cash in on him while he had the chance?

Darren N


  1. McLovin says:

    Sell him already!! Let the man enjoy his football career somewhere he can actually play!

    1. kev says:

      The last time when I said had he been French he would not have been treated this way someone told me I was jumping on a bandwagon.Have we forgotten all the terrible French players who were given chance after chance to prove themselves?How many managers gives the chance for players to constantly prove themselves no matter how bad like Wenger?They are quite a lot in Arsenal.He was shamefully and poorly used just like Joel Campbell at a certain point in time.There were matches where due to his performance should have started and yet he was benched without thinking twice.Yet upon all this people will somehow defend Wenger and claim themselves to be smart in the process.

      1. kev says:

        OT:Dortmund are making a last ditch attempt to hijack the Jadon Sancho deal from Arsenal.They are telling the player that they are the best possible team to give him first team chances and can improve his career as a youngster citing Ousmane Dembele as an example.The player wants out because he does not see a clear path to the first team in Man City.Their actions are possibly slowing down the announcement of a deal for Sancho.Jadon Sancho is regarded by many as the best U18 talent in UK.

        1. kev says:

          JUST IN: The Lemar deal is a done deal.Arsenal had a meeting with Monaco today and have agreed to pay the £55 asking price for Lemar.Lemar deal will be broken down into £30 upfront,£20 in achievable bonuses and £5 in additional bonuses.Unless Monaco change their minds like they always do the Lemar deal is as good as done.It’s like his signing will be completed next week.

          1. Remember Resource? says:

            Exactly what I said like a month ago. You guys should trust me from now on:)
            And no Sancho is not being hijacked. The deal is basically done. He’s a gunner.

          2. kev says:

            Lemar is as good as done as Arsenal have agreed today to pay Monaco what they want.It can only be scuppered now if only Monaco chane their minds.
            Dortmund are making a last ditch attempt to hijack the Sacho deal.That attempt was made today hence why the delay of the announcement of a deal.They’re using Ousmane Dembele as an example why they can give him the best chances.However, the fact that the guy wants to move to London means we’re likely to sign him.

          3. Jack reacher says:

            You did keep up the good work??

          4. sanmi.marvellous says:

            Don’t worry, I believed you from the beginning. Many believe David Ornstein (BBC) only. When D.O reports, the player medical or photographs should almost be going on. That’s why he can’t be wrong. At that stage, even Mirror will be sure of the deal. But fans need info in between the deal.

  2. ade says:

    Sell him now, if he is good many clubs will bid for him,

  3. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I hate this subject each time i come across it because it pisses me off, i feel for Perez. Wenger did treat him very badly, Wenger has no excuses, when called upon, Perez performed a lot more than Welbeck and i’ll even say Walcott because of what he added to the team. Goals and assist. Just sell him back to Deportivo even if it’s for 5 million pounds i don’t care! just let the guy go so he can be happy and treated the way he deserves to be. This is all on Wenger! so just let him go for whatever amount clubs offer. You took the guy from a club he was happy at and performing well, promised him and fed him lies and he did his works perfectly and still gets treated this way. you can’t just snatch a player’s happiness like that for no reason. you got him in the first so let him go now, whatever losses you count from his sale is all on you Wenger!! Get it right its on you!!

    1. kev says:

      News out there is that he feels cheated by Arsenal.Deportivo even want to offer him a 10 year contract and I think they’ve made a bid of around £9 for him.

  4. Simon says:

    Wenger please sell Lucas, it is after all your own mistake for buying player in the last minutes and he is not used.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I hate how poorly Lucas was treated by Wenger. He wasn’t given a decent chance. I think Wenger didn’t want to sign him in the first place. Wenger waited too long and just got him to appease the fans

    Lucas should be sold so that he can be given a chance at starting 11. He should leave for his benefit. He also wants to leave

    We have gotten rid of Sanogo, Wilock and Szczesny so far
    I think the following should be transferred for different reasons:
    (also consider Gabriel and Ellen)
    We can raise money to fund better players and save money from salaries to pay new players ie Lacazette (approx £200,000 pw) and Kolsanic (approx £150,000 per week) & current players ie Ozil (salary raised to approx £250,000 to £300,000 per week)

    We need to get rid of average quality players, players we don’t need, players Wenger refuses to play.

    1. funkyrith says:

      Jenkinson – might stay for his wages and English quota
      Campbell – injured, stays
      Wilshere – injured, not many offers
      Gibbs – English quota calculation

  6. TH14atl says:

    To the original question of should he have been sold in January – NO. He should’ve been in the first 11 or at least featuring as part of the Top 14.

  7. kenya01 Ars fan says:

    Ooh boy played realy well when given da chance. I can almost guarantee he will make laca average dats wat he does to the so called world class ozil,arshavin, played out of position laca playing in da wings….. The list so long….

  8. Mobella says:

    I feel for him. He should definitely have played more. I like his directness and should have played ahead of welbeck. I read his interview about taking his shirt number with informing him. I don’t think he should be upset about that. He had made clear he wants to go several times even while the season still on. There must be an agreement to sell him therefore he was not included in preseason tour. IMO he is trying to reduce the transfer fee and easy for deportivo.

  9. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:

    What’s Wenger’s problem with forwards called Lucas?

  10. Top9 says:

    Lemar is happening! Lemar is happening!! Lemar is happening!!!
    William Carvalho should be next because we need a proper DM

  11. John says:

    The dude needs to shut up……yep Wenger treated him badly……….now what does he really want going forward?……..take a pay cut and move on?……or shut up and work hard and fight for game time……..he is not very professional here……Campbell…….Poldolski …..and a lot more got treated worse……..Coquelin almost quit football………because of no first team game time………he needs to talk to his coach behind closed doors…….

  12. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Unfortunately, I don’t think we will get close to the £16-£17 million we paid for him. We may take a loss

    But as I said it’s better to sell him for his benefit and there is no need to pay someone if we don’t play him often. Especially with us getting Lacazette and hopefully Lamar and having Giroud, Alexis, Iwobi, Welbeck. Lucas is surplus to our needs unfortunately

    I wish Lucas well. He didn’t deserve to be treated the way he was. His treatment reminds me of how Wenger treated Podolski

  13. Ian wrights bruva says:

    Should have sold him to a Chinese club, what Chinese club would that be? Were they queueing round the block for him, don,t recall hearing much.

    Perez has not been treated well and not given a fair chance.

    I am not a wenger heater vut this does not show him in a good light. Play the fella or let him go.

  14. Jack reacher says:

    Why is everyone attacking re source he’s predictions are coming in, even if he gets he’s information from internet who cares I like reading wat he passes on if lemar comes people Gota eat sum pie ye no who ye are oh and I must say Perez is just as good as walcott in my book and if true about he’s jersey Jesus that’s not classy but we see prop media they love hammering arsenal muppets,?

    1. John0711 says:

      I will be happy if resource states we are next in for Goretzka, Lacazzete, Lemar and goretzka would be amazing however im worried wenger will again be wenger

  15. Rkw says:

    Why isn’t the whippet looking to move on? He’s clearly a bench player if Lamar comes even if Sanchez goes … Oh forgot no team outside of china would cough up 140 grand a week for his limited services … Makes shearer’s contract at the beeb look reasonable!!!

  16. ade says:

    Re source, great job

  17. Shortboygooner says:

    @resource any chance of a article on deals we have or will be making. Alot if arsenal fans follow this page and would love it if we had and idea or solid I formation on Wenger deals.

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