Should Arsenal have tried harder to secure Youri Tielemans?

Like many other PL clubs, Arsenal is keen to make key deals to be ready to answer all the questions they will be asked next season.

For impactful deals, money ought to be spent; however, that’s only sometimes the case. Sometimes clubs get lucky, and finding a player who can offer the desired quality and experience on a free transfer is challenging.

For the Gunners, Youri Tielemans could have been such a lucky move.

Arsenal could have signed Youri Tielemans from Leicester City on a free transfer. Instead, the Belgian has joined Unai Emery’s Europa League-bound Aston Villa. The Belgian had been linked with a move away from the King Power Stadium multiple times, with Arsenal repeatedly mentioned as his next destination, but that obviously never went through.

The Gunners were one of the ‘Big Six’ clubs said to be keen on bringing him on board this summer, but it appears they have moved the spotlight to other targets in recent weeks.

The 26-year-old endured a bad season with a weak Leicester team, but he has been a class act in midfield for several seasons. That should have been too good of a deal for Arsenal to pass up.

Tielemans’ ability to contribute in all areas of the game makes him a useful addition to any squad. He possesses a strong eye for a pass and a fantastic range of passing, and his accurate shooting can contribute to goal-scoring opportunities. He is a skilled tackler and has good technical ability and ball control. His drive and productivity make him a valuable addition to any midfield, giving his team’s defence stability and protection.

Given his abilities and experience, it’s evident that Arsenal will struggle to find a better offer for a player of his age on the present market.

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  1. Absolutely not. Now James Maddison is available we should go for him. Quality player. We will need some squad for the coming season…..we will be fighting on four fronts…..lot’s of games.

  2. Arsenal were never interested in Tielemans. That was a story made up by the media. He’s a good player but lacks pace and physicality and too often gets caught in possession. As for Leicester being a ‘weak’ team well results don’t lie. But if they were so weak why are so many of their players being snapped up by PL and top European teams? Leicester had the most expensively assembled team ever to be relegated and the 7th highest wage bill in the division.

  3. Leicester should have sold him 2 years ago. That’s what happens when you over price players. Take note both Westham and Brighton. Speaking of over pricing. Forget Rice and Caicedo. I’ve watched them both play. They may win one or, at a stretch 2 tackles during a game and make simple passes sideways and backwards. Hardly adventurous or positive. They do however make them selves available to receive the ball, but so do our defenders. They are hardly worth more than £50 million each. I would forget those 2 over priced players and invest £120 million in Jude Bellingham. He would make a real difference and he’s worth the money, and he is a lot younger. If you kept him for 7 years and then sold him, with inflation you would easily get your money back and probably earn a profit on him. Win Win. Edu, please read this and put your business head on. You will get a world class player and make a profit on him. No brainer. Imaging Jude Bellingham playing for Arsenal as a box to box player of a DFM. Aim higher guys, while we have the funds availabe, get only “The Worlds Best” to beat the best.

      1. Is he not too tall for Barcelona? it would be like snow white and the ten drawfs. Anyway all jokes aside, although Barcelona are a great side, they could not afford him as they are in money trouble at the moment and are trying more to sell players than buy expensive ones. Hope Arsenal can get him for £ 120 million, or with a payer swap plus cash deal. He’s worth it, unlike the price for Rice and Caicedo.

      2. Not apparently,he definitely has signed for RM and for nothing like the fees reported. it’s 85M plus adds on, that’s why WH are crazy asking for 120M or a player plus cash (around 90M) for Rice!!

    1. @Daveg Your comments about Rice are just prejudicious and a bit ignorant. It’s okay not to like him but putting out outrageous, reality-defying comments as fact is just wrong. Especially for a person who claims to have watched those players play. Maybe you should do some research before posting? Or maybe I’ll just do it for the JA fam.

      Possessions won (22/23) -334 (1st)
      Interceptions (22/23) -66 (1st)
      Ball carries 592 (2nd)
      Tackles 79 (9th)
      Attacking sequences- 138 (2nd)

      Now I believe he’s extremely overpriced by westham but I prefer sense over sly innuendos. Truth is, whoever buys him will have a legit 38-game workhorse who’s topped other 499 pros in several metrics that’s no mean feat considering how competitive the PL is.

  4. He was over priced and Leicester should learn from that. “”. If Arsenal can get Maddison for £30 million and Jude Bellingham for £120 million. Then that would be a better deal than the overpriced combined cost of Rice and Caicedo. (AKA I pass Sideways).

  5. He will be a regular starter for Villa and would have been on the bench for Arsenal, not that I’m convinced we were ever in for him.

  6. I heard we did try hard for him, he just preferred the Villa project – they are on the up big time.

  7. Did they try at all? I doubt it. I don’t think Tielemans was ever in Arteta’s wish list. Maybe seasons past, but his performances this last season have not done his on-pitch valuation much good.
    Not Arsenal quality.

  8. JUST PERHAPS, and at long last, the constant Tielemans to Arsenal false rumours that have plagued this site falsely – and been determinedly exposed as false by myself – will, AT LONG LAST CEASE!.

    Had we ever wanted him, which plainly we never did – we could have acted. But we did not and were never going to. TRUTHFUL REALITY!

    1. You were right Jon, never coming to us and rightly so.

      And to pull one out of the history bag, just like Tielemans, many on here were screaming for Houssem Aouar for massive transfer fee a few windows back – you remember the name. He just went to Roma for free. Funny how things sometimes turn out.

  9. Tielemans is one of the many players who downed tools during the 22-23 season. Perhaps any interest in him from Arteta cooled since then. That said, whether there was any truth in the transfer rumour remains uncertain.

  10. Arsenal tried to sign Tielemans last summer but although wages were not a problem, Leicester wanted far too mich. We have moved on and now have other targets.

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