Should Arsenal have waited instead of extending Arteta’s contract? (Opinion)

Arsenal agreed new deals with both Mikel Arteta and Jonas Eidevall whilst both had plenty to play four which they should have been concentrated on, and while it didn’t hamper our women’s side, the men’s results have gone downhill.

It seems strange that the managers would get new deals when they should have been concentrated on their football, but the club clearly wanted to solidify their security by extending their deals.

It was said that the club didn’t want any uncertainty for incoming players or current squad members, and to make sure that everyone understood that the club was looking to continue to build on the current direction that we have been headed in.

While they may have believed that it was the right timing to start to work on their summer transfer movements, with us seemingly having already began negotiating for players such as Marquinhos and possibly Aaron Hickey (depending on which reports you believe to be true), our form in the division has seemingly seen us throw away our chances of securing Champions League football from an extremely strong position.

We now sit two points behind our rivals in the race for fourth, with Spurs goal difference meaning that they just need a draw to secure their place in the elite European competition for next season.

Some fans are rightly fuming at our recent dismal form, with us losing six of our last 11 outings, with our downfall coming after we had moved into fourth place whilst holding at least two games in hand on each of our rivals for that illusive spot in the table, and the finger is naturally pointing towards the Spaniard for blame.

The timing of that contract now seems absurd, but do you believe it will have had any effect on how our recent fixtures would have played out? Would it have changed the mentality of the manager or his players?


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      1. Haha Dan I always hear Arsenal women’s team are good so get him on board see what he can do, couldn’t be any worse than the matabore 😂

        1. Yes they should have waited until after the summer transfer window at least.

          Ot I’m never a fan of bringing on payers just to take penalties Arsenal player kitting the side down again, Ramsey missing the only pen for Rangers to miss out on Europa League.

          Fair play to Rangers though lower quality players than ours but full of Scottish grit and fight.

          1. Fair play to Glasgow Rangers. It makes Ange Postecoglou’s performance managing Glasgow Celtic to the Scottish Premiership and League Cup in his first season more meritorious overcoming a 25 point deficet, overhauling a squad with 12 players in with a profit in the nett spend in transfers, with no preseason and utilizing the existing staff at Parkhead.
            Also Unai Emery’s effort to make the Champions League semi final with Villarreal, with a squad valued a lot less than Arsenal’s.

  1. Actually Arsenal shouldn’t have appointed him as Manager in 1st place…
    And even if they did, then they should have sacked him, especially when Conte was available…
    Now you see the difference…

    1. Kedar he was appointed because the club has zero ambitions the kroenkes have no interest in creating a title winning or even title challenging team and anyone who thinks otherwise will be sorely disappointed. Until the Kroenkes either sell up or actually show any ambition then Arsenal can’t be taken seriously.

      1. Why did a super club like Arsenal appoint a trainee manager such as Arteta — a kind of Guardiola lite — when a variety of top managers were available. This can be extended to the last years of Wenger’s faltering reign when the likes of Klopp and Guardiola were available and interested in a position at Arsenal. The Club has lost its ambition and vision since David Dein left.

        1. I totally agree Richard. You get what you pay for
          and Managers salary is nowhere near what you pay some players who can turn out to be flops. eg the transfer fee for Pepe would have paid for Conte for a couple of years. This season was our best chance for years – no midweek fixtures in Europe and Man Utd out of the top four.
          With our history we should be the top team in London.

        2. Arteta lacks maturity to handle stars and an ambitious team.
          That how we lost Ozil, Auba and Pepe…..
          Now, Arsenal cannot even recruit top players for next season and might even lose Saka and others being knocked out champions league……( Only a miracle can save Arsenal )…
          Recruiting Arteta was a mistake but extending his contract is just scandalous….

      2. Arteta is rewarded for collapsing and folding his way into 5th place. Previously 2 better managers were first warned then sacked over their table finishes.

        Dropping standards yields dropping results, unfortunately too many see 5th as progress after falling out of 4th place.

        1. 5th is progress if your West Ham not Arsenal the standards have massively dropped, 13 defeats and a host of limp displays is not progress and with more games next season this will be exposed for what it is.

        2. I wouldnt call Emery a better manager, forced Koscelney, Ramsey and Wilshere out of the club signed players Stfan Lichstiener. Did okay in his first year apart from where it mattered and then led us to 16th in his final half a year that led us to finishing 8th that season.

          Okay he won the Europa had a chance with us and failed so miserably against one of our biggest rivals in an embarrassing and damaging final. That season finished 8th in la liga, got to the semis of UCL where Liverpool toyed with his team and look to be finishing in 8th or even 9th with no europe next season. Villareal have a good team so there’s no excuses tbh.

          1. Raul and Co brought Lichtsteiner in. And as for Villarreal, they have Coquelin who was labelled ‘dross’ here as well as 3 former Spuds – Foyth, Capoue and Lo Celso!! And to reach the CL SF (something we can only dream of) knocking out Bayern and Juve along the way, I’d say he’s done a decent job!

          2. Emery was in 9th place when he was sacked, and Arteta led us to 8th to finish the year.

            1. HH, or Emery ‘s four Europa League titles and one runner up.
              Arteta does have an FA Cup and has finally matched Emery’s fifth place finish.

          3. Man I am sorry but did you really wrote this.
            Arteta has spent 250m in just 2 and half year. That’s more than all Villarreal players combined.
            How did he forced kosc out and Ramsey?? Bring me a statement where by both players claimed it was emery faults they left?? Is it not your kind that always talk about cutting the wages but you were already blaming emery for not giving Ramsey a 350k weekly salary.
            Secondly, emery didn’t left us 16th, if he does bring us a proof of it.
            Thirdly didn’t we finished 8th last season again with the mighty arteta. Which fault was that?? Since there isn’t emery to blame , it definitely the players I guess.
            Where we not at 15th at some point last year before the December streak?? If going by your logic, then Arteta should have be sacked then too.
            Back to Liverpool, after 150m in summer, we couldn’t score a single goal against this Liverpool you are blaming emery for. At least he managed to score 2 goals agaisnt them. How many did we managed in 4games?? Zero.
            Let me guess let blame it on not having strikers, but since we have the best defence in ages, I expected no goals in 4 matches. Considering we spent most of the money on defence. How many did we conceded ?? 8 figures.
            So much for improved defence.
            Lastly, emery has done something Villarreal has never done before in their history, winning them the Europa by knocking out Arteta team to win it.
            Tell me what Arteta has done that has not been achieved by any of our previous managers before in the history??
            The fa cup and community shield. Even Wenger in his declined ages were winning that..
            This is not a dig at Arteta at all, but you trying to make emery inferior to Arteta is just unacceptable.
            Your likes are quickly to point out how young arteta is and still learning his trade but you won’t failed quickly to ridicule other managers just for him to look superior.
            Emery has more trophy more than Arteta has a national team appearances..
            I am not even trying to hype emery here, but Arteta is not a match for him.

    2. What difference? Would Conte have coped with injuries? Has Spurs really been a better team than Arsenal? Even now a miracle can happen and Spurs lose to Norwich as we win against Everton though it seems highly unlikely. . What would you say? Would you still talk of the difference?

      1. We had 4 points lead and just 3 games to be played…
        We should have sealed top 4 against Newcastle..
        A draw against Spurs and win against Newcastle should have sealed CL football…
        But because of this Mediocre rookie manager we are in this situation…
        I really don’t know how some fans can’t see that Arteta is mediocre and clueless manager…
        He is just not good enough to be Arsenal manager

        1. Well, I disagree that Arteta is a mediocre manager. That he has made some mistakes does not mean he is mediocre. It is obviously frustrating that we are in our current position. Arteta was part of the team that got us into a strong position in the first place.
          Considering the season as a whole my view is that getting this squad to 5th or 6th requires a very good manager.

          1. I am amazed at how some fans see this season as progress. Some of the worse football since the days of Terry Neil, damaging defeats to so called lesser teams. This club will continue to drop levels but still the blind fans will excuse it. Injuries? No other club has injuries? Brexit, Covid, Ukraine maybe the reason we are where we are? Get real.

  2. There was a similar article with similar headline few weeks ago.
    Well nothing bad in giving someones opinion, but it has happened already and there’s nothing we can do about it.
    Like we all know, the board is with Arteta not matter the situation.
    So better to move forward than dwelling in the past..
    However I am glad Wenger didn’t pick the call of rejoining this so called rebuild.
    The toxicity would have been unbearable.

  3. It was a wrong timing. Arteta is not the right manager to move us forward. Conte showed his level in football management and tactical supremacy.
    He is a young coach and to leave arsenal in his hand in this kind of league is backward and a big mistake. But what to say, we also have wrong owners…too bad. You cannot assemble secondary school boys and expect them to win English Premiere League. There have to be a God mixture of young and old to et desired results.

  4. I liked the move at the time so would be hypocritical for me to say they shouldn’t have extended the contract.

    In general my experience has been that if you think you have the right personnel, you back them when the chips are down and, more often then not, they’ll repay the faith. Remember the offer was reportedly made after the three losses to Palace, Brighton and Southampton.

    Arsenal clearly think they have the right man. It took moxie.

  5. Its done and we’re back in the Europa quick sand. Let’s be realistic you don’t get from the Europa into the Champions League with your League position, just the winners and Arteta is not capable of orchestrating a Europa win. So my hope is that we finish 8th/9th, no Thursday afternoon football in 2023 and we bring in a winner, someone with actual medals to run the show and make a run for the champions League in 2024. Till then we are slap bang in the kronke mediocre zone.

  6. I said it here
    The extension of Arteta’s contract was well timed. To them it was the perfect timing.
    The truth was he was always going to be offered the contract extension the none of contention was the timing
    We were in top 4 race. With 4 games to go we were on a string of winning runs and the feel good factor was there for all to see..
    So they have analyzed everything and knew we could lose the top 4 to spurs
    Just imagine giving him a contract now with the way that things have turned out that would have been more toxic..
    So the timing of his contract was a PR move that played well for them
    If they wanted to wait till the end of the season they would have waited it’s just a few weeks but everything been considered they have to extend the deal then

    1. Everything about Arsenal is a PR move they even have that club photographer talking as though he’s a spokesman for the club.

      1. Yes, just imagine how everyone is feeling now and offering the contract to him now would be more toxic
        When the contract was given to him and I saw our fixtures I had my doubts because if they were confident about our top 4 chances then the club would have waited till the end of the season by then it’s like rewarding success but they feared things may most likely go wrong and they miss out on top 4 such atmosphere isn’t good for contract extension..
        It’s not easy been an arsenal fan for sure

        1. Gun down I don’t think it really matters when it was offered to him I’d say the majority of fans love him, I don’t understand why, maybe it’s his lego hair, mediterranean charm or his cashmere sweaters lol but it is what it is.

          1. You go on arsenal FB page and it’s the constant flogging of either a tracksuit or a retro shirt even when we’ve just lost a game .
            And yes Kev they love a good old photograph do our boys .

            1. That’s all they do Dan bring out training gear tops shirts etc etc these people rushing out to buy it have more money than sense. Yeah social media kings in fact they probably care more about Social media than they do arsenal.

              1. The love for Arteta by fans is why he was appointed in the first place.
                I am struggling to see who else can survive what Arteta have been surviving ..
                The club knows with Arteta they can survive everything the fans love him so he is a better fit to keep fans blindfolded why they experiment with the club

                1. Put a different man in charge of Arsenal with the same results as Arteta and the same fans who adore Arteta would want him out.

                  1. Do we get better if we sack him? Do we have the fourth best squad in the league?

                    1. My mantra since the complaints began. I bet the Everton fans weren’t impressed by Ancelotti who jumped ship when he thought his legacy might get tarnished and look at who has tried and failed since Ferguson. I’m not trying to defend Arteta at this point but the successful clubs are those who have the best of everything from the owners downwards.

  7. Nothing is right, everything is wrong.

    Arsenal should hire Guardiola and Klopp should be his assistant. If not Klopp we should sign Ancelotti, he knows how to win against teams own by hypocrites who don’t allow women to drive.

    By the way, how can Liverpool players run from August to May and “always” deliver and never get injured?

    1. It’s simple they do drugs mate, did you know ow 19 of the 27 squad players for Liverpool are registered Asthmatic. All so they can get hold of a drug that in a technically enhances stamina, blood flow and oxygenation in the body.

      It’s not illegal and its Liverpool doing it so nobody cares. If it was the goodness guaranteed we would have the COVID cancellation fuss when we would have had to play spurs with a squad of 14 players

      1. Yea James but 1 covid case the rest were injuries and players at Africa cup of nations .
        I get your point on the asthmatic bit
        I watch a lot of cycling and the percentage of cyclists that were asthmatic in the Tour de France a few years back was mind boggling something like 4 times higher than normal .
        Il see if I can find an article

      2. I believe you, football is dirty business. We are getting bread and circus and not asking a single critical question.

  8. It is obvious that the club gave Arteta a Top 6 target at the start of the season. Just go and read the comments before the season even started. Many people were predicting Top 6 and a proper push for 4th place..

    I might be completely wrong but it seems more than obvious that Arteta was given a Top 6 finish as his target and Next season Top 4 push (finish) was the next step.

    It looks like he has achieved the Top 5 target hence why the club was not going to turn around and move the goalpost they set to begin with..

    The way we have limped out of the 4th place finish is absolutely disheartening, it’s made me feel so dead inside since the Spurs game. This Top 4 race has very achievable this season with the likes og Chelsea, Spurs and United also being as inconsistent as we have been. We have let a poor spurs side leapfrog us at the finish line and that is what is very painful to accept. Arteta has to step his game up next season, can’t contoto gave these consistently inconsistent seasons under him.

    But with all that said, he has made a bit of progress even on a grand scale considering how the likes of Chelsea, United, Spurs etc have been poor I take this progress thing with a bit tiny grain of salt. We will see if he has really made any significant progress next season with a Conte now settled at Spurs, United with Erik Ten Hag, Chelsea more settled with a new owner etc.. Lets see how much more money he will be given to strengthen our paper thing sqaud..

    It’s going to be a furnace at the Emirates for him next season if he continues to serve us with these same half baked performances.. He better fasten his seatbelt..

    1. Agree with much of this.
      However, in order to pull out consistently good performances Arsenal need a much stronger squad. Even the strongest sometimes put in relatively poor performances from time to time. What often helps is having a strong bench. Consider Arsenal’s bench from game to game. Which of the players often on there would you say is a potential game changer? It’s usually Smith-Rowe or Martinelli and that’s it. Pepe’s done nothing all season.

      1. “Pepe’s done nothing all season”, because he’s mainly been on the bench! Bit hard to shine with limited playing time.

  9. Yes!!! the very fact that our club, who has allocated considerable time and resources convincing anyone who would listen that we’re serious about competing for things, would actually present him with a contract extension on the heels of a 3 game slide, against some lesser lights, I might add, speaks volumes about their absolute cluelessness and lack of true intent moving forward

    furthermore, the fact that our smarmy boss actually waited until he had won a couple of matches on the trot before speaking publicly about his re-up was such a pathetically orchestrated moment…instead of growing a pair and properly addressing his contractual situation at the time of it’s offering, as he undoubtedly feared the justifiable backlash, he strategically waited until he felt that we were well on our way to securing the final CL invite before revealing what was on offer…what a karmic shite show

      1. Cheers DK…I was placed firmly within the sin bin for expressing my club-related predictive powers(lol)…took my show on the road in the meantime and managed to make some new friends and ruffle more than a few feathers along the way, as you can imagine

          1. Cheers K82…I took a very scorched earth approach while on my tour of the blogging world and I must admit it was incredibly well-received, minus a few hiccups where I might have leaned in a bit too hard(lol)…glad to be back on the JA trail, although I wish it was under better circumstances CL-wise

            1. Haha we’ve all done that mate 😂 yeah I think you should stay on this trail it can be very hostile in the blogging world especially when you don’t share the same views as some certain followers 🤨

  10. We have been through this before and the obvious answer is, any ambitious club doesnt offer a new contract to a manager that has just lost 3 games. Since then the results have been such that we have blown any chance of CL football this season. We have said it before, judged on previous managers in recent years who were sacked, he has failed. He isn’t the manager people are trying to make out he might be.

    1. Cheers Reggie…the fact that Arteta had to publicly announce exactly when it was offered simply highlights his abject arrogance and/or his unjustifiable influence over our absentee landlord and his Bond villian progeny…it’s clear that he was inferring that either he’s such a talented manager that results didn’t matter one iota or, even worse, that the powers that be are so smitten with this tactical halfwit that regardless of what happened this season he was returning for the foreseeable future, with a considerable raise no less

        1. Thanks Reggie…I’m sure that same sentiment won’t apply to a certain contingency of regular posters…too bad, so sad(lol)

  11. Stan likes his passive revenue funds
    So he gives enough carrot to keep the donkeys following..
    But he isn’t going anywhere since he didn’t but Arsenal to be the best. We were
    Added to his mediocre performing sports franchise list for the sole purpose of being a sage and good return investment.

    That’s why since he took the reigns we have slid so far down the pecking order (where it counts – on the field) that I don’t recognise the club anymore. No other supposedly ‘BIG’ club would reward such failure but that’s shows anyone with a modicum of intelligence that this is in fact deemed as success for Stan.

    While he remains at the helm; decisions will continue to be made that are severely detrimental to any kind of footballing success, on the field.

    1. AOT

      Rewarding failure is insane….but that’s what Arsenal do. It’s delusion and pretend management. We are stuffed for years to come.

  12. It is annoying because this is the same way we sacked Emery. We should be patient enough to let this guy work and not regret it when he is using the experience gained somwhere else to perform wonders.
    The team is making progress to be honest.we only need to add some steel to the team.

  13. I think the bottom line is simply whether Arteta will either hinder or help us to attract good players over the next three years.

    The answer, IMHO, is not a positive one considering how awkwardly he dealt with the likes of PEA, Saliba, Pepe and Guendouzi. European Championship would have been be a bonus for him but this is not likely to happen, unfortunately.

    Agents and players alike are aware of this fact and if given the option of playing under Klopp, Guardiola, Tuchel or under Arteta there is no doubt what the outcome would be. Clear, unvarnished truth. Can we take a mulligan?

  14. Arteta is a failure. To reward failure is worse. We will have strings of win some and losses for years now and be out of the reckoning. We are suffering because Arteta acts as an emotional child with players. He was to up his own backside to deal with both Saliba and Guendouzi, and now it is clear that in the games that matter Arteta cannot motivate anybody. Having watched the end of the season performances it’s clear Arteta’s new contract was the most stupid thing on Planet Earth. Now we will be lost in archaic football for years to come.

    1. Perhaps our recent results is related to our paper thin squad, and the fact that several key players are injured or out of form? There are several clubs with better squad depth than us, and a fifth place in the league is close to our maximum capacity this season.

      1. And who is the genius behind the thin squad? When many sane minded folks like myself moaned about the failed January transfer window and the looming disaster predicted, many of u lots shot us down because we were winning games.. Now reality has come to hit u in the face and u have the guts to use what we complained about as an excuse.?

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